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  1. ^ What he said. Illustrator has a lot more capabilities (like editing type), but unless you're a professional, Inkscape does just fine. With that being said, if you ever get a chance to get a great deal on Illustrator, GET IT. If you're a student, you can get Creative Cloud for around $20 a month
  2. I want in!
  3. Tulane Tulsa Toledo San Diego State UNLV
  4. When's the deadline for this?
  5. OOH! OOH! Can I play??
  6. I agree about the team episodes. There's something especially interesting about those because they chronicle the dark times of a franchise. I particularly wouldn't mind seeing more like that. These would be very good: The Kotite-era Jets: starting from the Marino fake-spike until the Parcells hiringRams/Raiders last years in LA: LA goes from having two teams to none in one offseason1943 Phil-Pitt Steagles: They had a winning season that year, but from what I read, the two coaches butted heads a lot. Played in the shadow of WWII.(Would be challenging to find living players from that team to interview) JAX-CAR '96: both expansion teams from the previous year reach their conference title games. (another success story, but still fun to watch)
  7. I've grown addicted to that show...along with just about everything that NFL Films does. There's still a few episodes that I hope they do in the future: John Madden Bill Walsh Chuck Noll Junior Seau Darrell Green
  8. This is great work, Mark! I'm curious how it would look if the crest was arched at the top. Are you planning on doing a kit mock-up?
  9. Basketball: -I can't get interested in the NBA no matter how hard I've tried. Love keeping track of the logos/uniforms though. Baseball: -Reg. season needs to be waaay shorter, like 80-100 games, but expand the playoffs. Hockey: -I pretty much like the NHL the way it is Soccer: -I think the game clock should wind down to zero like other sports, with no extra time. Thus the clock should stop when the ball is out of bounds. If elimination matches are tied at the end of regulation, they should go straight to penalty shoot-outs. Football: -I'm all for expanding the NFL playoffs. 8 per conference & no byes, a-la NBA and NHL. -They should expand the International Series to more cities, but do it in the preseason like they did in the 90s.
  10. North Texas Mean Green Football Mean Joe Greene Abner Haynes Brian Waters Lance Dunbar Jacksonville Jaguars Tony Boselli Mark Brunell Fred Taylor Maurice Jones-Drew Michigan Basketball Chris Webber Jalen Rose Rudy Tomjanovich Glen Rice Chicago Cubs Ron Santo Ernie Banks Ryne Sandberg Sammy Sosa Dallas Stars Mike Modano Joe Neuwendyk Ed Belfour Sergei Zubov
  11. http://youtu.be/33yk_QzfyiI I recall seeing a fan try to swing at him as he was walking in the tunnel after he was ejected. My memory has duped me I suppose. Well, minus that one it's still a doc I'd like to see.
  12. My dream episodes: -Last Team Standing: The 1943 Pitt/Phil. Steagles merger, and their climb to a winning record. (Adapted from the book of the same title) -Bulletproof: The rise of violent fan/athlete exchanges (Marcus Smart, Pacers/Pistons 2004, LaGarrette Blount vs.Boise St fans, Peter McNab beats Rangers fan with shoe) could analyze the false sense of security of fans in seats/ lack of accountablity. -Turnpike War: Dissecting the Giants-Eagles rivalry. -The Investigation: The days leading up to, and aftermath of the Mitchell Report, and the players listed -Old Firm: The rivalry between Celtic F.C. and Rangers F.C. and the driving forces behind it: religion, politics and social ideology. -Rebranded: Examines the various changes in uniforms/logos that preceded a rise in team performance (i.e. Denver Broncos (twice), Buccaneers, Oregon Football, Dallas Mavericks, Tampa Bay Rays, etc.) -The Game Nobody Watched: The story of the XFL and the many factors that led to its demise
  13. Man, I miss when Super Bowls actually had logos...
  14. Nice touch on the new logo, pixels! I would try placing the flag over the blade on the right so it looks wrapped around it.
  15. Even though I agree with Kluwe's beliefs, I feel like the Vikings organization was well within their right do make that move (assuming that was the reason). They are a private organization, and if an employee says something that the administration feels might bring negative press, then they have every right to do what they want to. He has the right to his opinions, but he should have been aware of the consequences that arise with speaking out through his team. Freedom of speech only keeps you from going to jail for what you say. It doesn't mean you can spout off whenever you want while you're at work.