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  1. I mostly like the Knicks uniforms now, but the unfinished trim around the shoulders and neckline remind me of the truncated sleeved stripes on the cheap NFL replicas found at low-end stores. Meh.
  2. Of course. If you are spending an obscene amount of money to have your logo on a jersey, the point is for it to get noticed. Sucks for those of us who care about uniform aesthetics, but making ad patches that blend in is not the goal for anyone involved with their creation and it never will be.
  3. Something to keep an eye on as more of these deals are announced: Thus far, every team that has had an event to officially unveil their jersey patch sponsor has displayed a jersey with the actual ad patch. Given that the Cavs are rumored to be one of the teams getting a makeover, I wonder if they'll show a current jersey with the Goodyear patch. If not, that might be a clue that the patch won't ever be used on the current jersey because a new one is coming. Speaking of which: In a weird way, I think it will be much less jarring to see ads on new uniforms next year than the existing designs. After, what, 50 years?, we have an expectation of what the Celtics uniform looks like, for example. But a team with a new design won't really have that familiarity built in.
  4. Sounds like the Cavs have a deal in place for their jersey ad patch with Goodyear: The company has been based in Akron since it was founded in 1898, so definitely some strong local ties with Northeast Ohio.
  5. A bright red square that fills the entire 2x2 area allotted for ads -- on a stark black & white jersey, no less -- is probably the most garish application possible for one of these NBA jersey ads with the current guidelines in place. Sheesh. I guess the silver lining is, unless you're a Nets fan, at least you can take solace in knowing your team won't have the most obnoxious jersey ad in the NBA, I guess?
  6. Bingo. That was the exact path that everyone on the field had to walk for the halftime show. One of the reporters covering the game posted a video in the 3rd quarter showing the mass exodus after Lady Gaga's performance.
  7. Kinda wonder what they'll do with the field. A blue-trimmed logo on a field with those wonky Vikings numbers on the yard lines and purple-trimmed 25-yard lines will look strange to say the least.
  8. Still not a fan of not having conference logos, but at least they figured out that putting the Patriots logo next to the wordmark to be consistent with the opposing end zone is the right move.
  9. I vaguely remember hearing that when the Cavs went to their current set, they asked the league to have gold primary home uniforms, were rejected and ended up just having the gold alt later on. I could be completely misremembering, but if this is the case, it might have been tough for Golden State to do the same for their primary.
  10. Yes, that would make it less obtrusive, which would completely defeat the purpose from the advertiser's perspective. If they are shelling out big money for that space, they want the logo to be as noticeable as possible, aesthetics be damned. Sucks for those of us who care about those things, but here we are. As for the size of the GE patch, I would have to assume it's the same 2 inches across as the Stubhub logo on the Sixers jersey. The moral of the story: If you're a fan of an NBA team and want your inevitable jersey ad to be as inconspicuous as possible, hope they sign a deal with a disproportionately wide (or tall) logo.
  11. I noticed this during the game. What was the deal with the playoff logo being painted on the sidelines where people are walking all over it and it is mostly obstructed?
  12. One of my annual pet peeves: The playoff logos on the field in Seattle say "WILDCARD" even though it should read "WILD CARD." (Houston's field and both networks' graphics were all right today.)
  13. Didn't the NBA sort of do something like this with the Rookie/Sophomore Game in Brooklyn a couple years ago?
  14. I'm not a fan. That italicized version of an already intricate font should be used in limited doses (think big, display type applications), but instead, it's everywhere, all the way down to the play clock on the scorebug. No thanks.
  15. And the crazy part is that it's new turf this year, if I'm not mistaken. The old turf was taken out and was going to be used temporarily at the Hall of Fame game this past summer before the paint fiasco.