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  1. Wonder if that 10/1 date for retail has any effect on when teams that are changing their uniforms will unveil their designs. Seems like it would hurt sales to have a big unveiling in July, then say "and you can buy them three months from now!" The Cavs have done jersey unveilings in October in the past. Wouldn't be surprised for that to happen for them (and other teams) this year.
  2. For those keeping score on these things, Sunday night was the Cavs' 30th road playoff game since 2015. They have worn their road wine for zero of those games.
  3. Cavs are going with navy for Game 1, saving the black jerseys for a later date.
  4. Probably, but that was a necessary addition to the wordmark on the current navy jersey which was added to an existing set with no strokes around the wordmarks. If you're creating a whole new set, there's no excuse for the inconsistency on Day 1.
  5. I'll add to my list of grievances: Why is the CAVS wordmark beveled when "CLEVELAND CAVALIERS" isn't?
  6. It would be a lot easier to evaluate the Cavs' new logos if we saw the entire new visual identity -- including uniforms and court design -- rolled out at once. Brief thoughts for now: - Why use white letters for "CLEVELAND CAVALIERS" in the global logo when white isn't used anywhere else in the logo package as even an accent? - Why does the sword cut off in the background? - Why have a gold stroke around "CAVS" but not around the primary wordmarks?
  7. I think the NBA has a trademark on "The Finals" (plural, no league name) now. I've noticed in the last 10 years or so, at least, the NHL has been very careful to call it the "Stanley Cup Final" (singular).
  8. Yeah, the version with a simple stroke outline, as seen on the front of their black jersey, is much, much better than the wonky 3D/shadow version.
  9. Unless the league suddenly decides it hates money, I don't see that happening.
  10. Interesting that MLB would use pretty similar fonts for the ASG and World Series logos in the same year.
  11. It's not a bad court design, but I think it's a downgrade from what they've had. The old center court logo popped more with the white ball in the background, and removing the red from the key has thrown the color balance off. Again, overall, it's not bad, it's just not as good as what it's replacing.
  12. Interesting that the Browns wouldn't change to the new template given that reports have said one of the big reasons they want a do-over in 2020 is because they don't like the fit of what they're wearing now. If the biggest problem with the fit now is the inflexible numbers, I guess a template switch wouldn't make a difference. Still, it probably wouldn't hurt and it's something they don't have to wait three more years for.
  13. I was happy with the work done by years ago. Not the fastest service, but the quality of work was top-notch. I'd go with them again no questions asked if the need arose.
  14. It might not have generated the most chatter, but the Buccaneers overhaul was interesting because I don't think anyone realized just how significant their changes would be. Maybe I'm misremembering, but I felt like the discussion ahead of their unveil was "some minor tweaks for Tampa," and then we got asymmetrical sleeve designs, chrome facemasks, oversized helmet logos and of course reflective digital alarm clock numbers.
  15. The Rockets are wearing black at home. Weren't we told last year that league rules prevented the Cavs from wearing black at home in game 6 of the Finals? Guess that's out the window?