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  1. I feel like you hear stories of the whole neighborhood living and dying with teams but it seems like they were a bunch of front runners. Teams moving a few years after they win it all shows their loyalty.
  2. It never made sense to me how the more successful teams as far as championships seemed to always be pushed out of town. Philadelphia A's and the Giants were treated like trash to the Phillies and the Dodgers. Granted the Dodgers ended up moving anyway but they had the offer to move to Flushing.
  3. I know the dodgers tried to get a domed stadium in Brooklyn but are there any renderings of the Giants looking for a new stadium?
  4. Its a 9:30 game in london idk if it will be color rush...
  5. I was looking at the TNF schedule and I think there are a lot of Color Rush games. The only game where I saw a team not being able to wear their color rush is Jets vs Bills.
  6. Are the facemasks silver, chrome, or grey? I can't really tell...
  7. Great park but the turf kind of ruins it now IMO
  8. I could have sworn I saw the Bucs in black too.
  9. Yeah they finished a bunch of renovations a few years back, that's how they got the super bowl.
  10. This endzone font is great...idk where it comes from but the Raiders should bring it back.
  11. A washed up Daisuke wearing Doc Gooden's 16
  12. Way too many seats for a professional team that isn't even in the MLS, that also shares the same city with two other clubs.
  13. I don't know if you can renovate every stadium. I would think a stadium like RFK would have a problem with infrastructure that would make it just as costly as building a new one which was part of the reason the Chargers couldn't renovate Qualcomm.
  14. Heavy renovations are the way to go, much cheaper and usually have the same effect as a new stadium.
  15. Could this be evidence of an eventual change to powder blue?