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  1. ltjets21

    2018 NFL Season

    It is ridiculous how the Chargers are playing at 10 am PT for a second week in a row in New England. The league will do almost anything to give the patriots a competitive advantage. There is no reason they could not have played on Saturday or in the late game Sunday.
  2. ltjets21

    NFL changes 2019

    Do you have the entire catalog still? Not saying you have to but it would be cool to see what else is in there.
  3. ltjets21

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    I think it is very interesting that the Rockets Earned jersey is a recolored adidas concept. It probably drives Nike nuts that they wanted to go in that direction.
  4. ltjets21

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    I found a reddit post that said they are going to have Black helmets and pants with a fighter jet logo. This would be a complete disaster! I do not know how to post the screenshot but I really hope it is a fallacy.
  5. ltjets21

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    I wonder how long until we see a tie in with another sports team. I could totally see the Knicks doing Yankee pinstripes unfortunately...
  6. ltjets21

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    This is a local team and a California team with a large alumi base in the area and there are still a ton of empty seats. Every other conference sells out their championship which is why I have such a hard time seeing this game have 14 dollar seats in the corner end zone.
  7. ltjets21

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    What a joke that they are tapping an end zone for a power 5 championship game. More people go to the MAC championship game in Detroit I bet...
  8. Has a team ever worn the same uniform through an entire season both home and away? I was on the gridiron uniform database for the skins, fins, and cowboys and another team always forced them to wear their home jerseys once or twice.
  9. A retractable roof is the best of both worlds. I understand it was pointless in Minnesota but in a warm climate retractable should always be the choice.
  10. Watching this game makes me mad that the Rams new stadium is going to be a dome with turf. I know natural light will get through and the windows will be open but there is just something special about a hazy California night on grass or a nice afternoon. Should've went retractable roof
  11. ltjets21

    Unpopular Opinions

    I do not know if this is unpopular for sure but the Tennessee Titans should have kept their name the Oilers even in Tennessee. That was one of the best brands in the history of sports and it is a shame it is no longer used. They could have even switched to the name Titans with the original colors.
  12. Never thought I would say this but....I like them
  13. ltjets21

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    Teal> Light Blue
  14. ltjets21

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    What is that faded Blue for the Cavs earned?
  15. ltjets21

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    Unpopular opinion Rams Edition Make the helmets a glossy royal and at home have a modern rendition of their current throwbacks. On the road have white horned helmets just royal and white uniforms. Yellow Alt