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  1. The away uniforms needed green numbers and white or green pants.
  2. Any pictures of the golden knights away jerseys?
  3. Center Field Polo Grounds Right Shea Stadium great scoreboard Left Field Teal Tower
  4. This is the best stadium patch ever.
  5. DP....interesting
  6. Why do the Cavs keep wearing Navy in the Finals? In Three Years they are 1-5 wearing them..give the wine at least one go before the desperation to the Black.
  7. When was the last time Boise wore orange jerseys?
  8. No this one
  9. If it is true it's because he wears a VSR-4. I use to wear one when I was little and any time you made contact you got dizzy. I wear a revo speed now and you really have to get rocked to feel it.
  10. The Rockets aren't changing their uniforms?
  11. If the Rams changed their primary log and colors why were the draft hats navy and gold?
  12. Did USC wear their shiny helmets with the chrome facemasks last year? I think they should wear those more often even if they put a grey mask on it, a nice twist on a classic uniform.
  13. White Cleats> Black Cleats
  14. I'm pretty sure the Seahawks aren't updating either, there color rush didn't have the new template.