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  1. This Rays concept would've been beautiful.
  2. Makes sense, thanks. Still want the Mets to get their hands on some of these guys.
  3. Can someone tell me how none of these Japanese players are in the majors? A lot of them seemed to have a lot of talent.
  4. What made Baylor embrace the neon green so much? Was it those adidas zubaz uniforms?
  5. This may seem random but it is raining at the WBC tonight in LA. LA's new football stadium is supposed to be domed but with open air sides. As you know it is March, the same time of year as the NCAA tournament. If the Final Four were to go to LA and something like this were to happen what would they do?
  6. Let's say the Vikings were to make it to the super bowl this year. Would they even bother painting an end zone? Or would they just use the one the Vikings already have?
  7. It is like the Marlins playing at Joe Robbie, sure they played there for almost two decades but it was a football stadium and often all you saw was orange seats. A soccer team doesn't have any business being the primary tenant at an old broken down cookie cutter stadium.
  8. Are the Rams producing any new Navy and Gold merchandise? Just how much rams stock is there?
  9. Did the Chargers say they would be changing their uniforms anytime soon?
  10. Jets go back to white cleats with a lighter green.
  11. Navy and White is Different than Royal and White. Does anyone complain that the Yankees are White and Navy and the Dodgers are Royal and White? The Royals and Dodgers have basically the same uniforms but everyone considers them nice sets.
  12. Who is the little asian guy?
  13. The Rams will be navy and white in 2019.
  14. It looks like some players have Boston on their jerseys and others have celtics.