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  1. Has Oregon officially phased out forest green?
  2. Did the Clippers ever hang their division championship banner?
  3. nfl

    They should use the throwback logo on the jersey on the helmet. Two similar but different logos is dumb...
  4. I guess the Cavs aren't changing their court?
  5. I still like the old logo even if it is dated.
  6. Exactly, so is there any explanation for the new trophy?
  7. Isn't the special thing about that trophy supposed to be that it changes hands every year? Like the stanley cup. Is there any explanation for this?
  8. Not surprised about the black shirts but thought they were going to add some gold...
  9. Have the Cavs released banner hanging unis?
  10. I wanted to get an all navy wahoo hat with the world series patch....they only made the navy block c and the red billed wahoo. Usually teams try to cash out on everything surprised it's not there same with the red block c hat.
  11. Thats green...
  12. Aren't these technically faux backs? I don't think they ever wore black helmet black jersey white pants...They should have worn grey pants and thrown it back to their super bowl appearance.
  13. Were these fauxbacks or throwbacks? I checked the uniform database and never saw a plain white jersey with green numbers...
  14. Not players in the wrong uniform but players in the wrong helmet...Norman in college wearing a speed with a revolution facemask. Bullock wearing the Jets chrome facemask from the color rush game with regular decals...Stange fact was that bullock was signed after the color rush game so they must've given him an old helmet?
  15. nfl

    So much better than the blue topped socks if you ask me....