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  1. I dont know why LA is so ungrateful for getting the Chargers. They are more talented than the :censored:ty Rams and I could see them making the playoffs as they had many games decided in the final minutes. If you are younger than 26 years old you dont have much history with the Rams and family ties to the Rams had been severed.
  2. Keenan Allen said playing in LA would be dope, couldve ticked some people off lol.
  3. They got the Big Mac we got the Big Mick
  4. I believe the Chargers will be more successful than the Rams in LA as far as on-field product. The Rams have not gotten any better under Kroenke and have not made the playoffs since 2004. The Chargers are often more competitive as they were a few plays away from the AFC championship game a few seasons back. The Rams haven't been 500 since Kroenke bought the team and gave away way too much for Goff who is in no way a sure thing.
  5. If the Chargers host a playoff game will it be at the stubhub center?
  6. I think people are giving a little too much credit to the Rams. People are making it out like they are the Red Sox in Boston but many of their games looked very empty.
  7. If the Chargers can play at the Stub Hub Center the Raiders can certainly play at Sam Boyd Stadium.
  8. I dont think the Jets are a good comparison. I'm aware we are the only other team that shares a stadium but Metlife is 50/50 ownership between the two teams. We also have a large fanbase and have been playing in New York for almost 60 years. Sure we have not been as successful as the Giants but we have a fanbase and partly own a stadium. The Chargers will have little fanbase upon arrival and Los Angeles has not supported its teams in the past, while the New York area always has. I think the Chargers would be lucky to be the Jets of LA as I see them more as a Clippers scenario. However, if they are successful next season I could see many jumping ship from the Rams because I dont think their brand is that strong in LA so far.
  9. NBA All-star jerseys should be like the MLB home run derby uniforms. Tell me if the All-Star game ended up in Charlotte that you wouldn't want to see teal vs purple...
  10. Why does New Orleans get the All-Star game so often? I dont think there is anything special about the arena and New Orleans doesn't seem like a huge basketball city.
  11. If the Raiders are going to move to vegas I think they should do it immediately and play at Sam Boyd Stadium. The coliseum holds 55,000 with the tarps and Sam Boyd holds 40,000. If they were to add removable seating they could easily add 10-15 thousand seats in the empty end zone instead of playing 2-3 lame duck seasons.
  12. Im watching now are the helmets white abd brown or white and black? The jersey numbers appear to be black from this photo... Also are these new uniforms or have they worn them this year?
  13. Aren't these uniforms technically fauxbacks? Never did redskins unis have a spear between a stripe and redskins font over the numbers.
  14. Why did no other team try to block the Michael Floyd signining? The patriots have to be last in the waiver wire surprised noone picked him up just to play spoiler.