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  1. As a season ticket holder I would much rather be spared one pre season game and not have to pay to see Jets vs Lions.
  2. I think preseason games should be moved every once in a while to an odd location to get more fans. Who wouldn't want to see Jets vs Giants at yankee stadium? Raiders vs 49ers at ATT? Texans vs Cowboys at the Cotton Bowl?
  3. This seems to be a multipurpose stadium done right, with seats being close to the field and not being a concrete donut. Anyway we can see a return to something like this for Oakland?
  4. He played one regular season game with the Spurs and a bunch of mop up time in the playoffs including the finals. Never scored a point with the Spurs though.
  5. Did they end up wearing the proper throwbacks?
  6. Will the Bulls sleeved black jerseys go back to normal? Also does anyone remember what happened to this idea?
  7. What is the indication that they are going to change to blue and yellow? It is pretty clear they will be blue and white when they change their uniforms. I see a lot of people holding out for some false hope.
  8. Bobcats vs Pelicans
  9. Is the patch on the sleeve going to be blue and white though? I think this would be the same thing as the patriots changing the wordmark on their jerseys.
  10. New York...if you like the :censored:ty teams that I do 1.Jets... Just the fact that Bill Belichick was our coach and then told us to take a hike stands alone along with a bunch of publicity stunts and tough playoff losses. 2.Knicks...Couldn't win a finals in the 90's pretty much a joke ever since not being able to crack a playoff appearance in the Eastern Conference. 3. Mets...Competitive every once in a blue moon but something always goes wrong collapses, hurt pitchers etc. Also always in the Yankees shadow as a :censored:ty organization 4. Islanders...Greatest Dynasty but not much after that...took DECADES to win a playoff series and we cant find an arena to play in. But if you like the Giants Yankees Devils you enjoy watching sports as a NY fan.
  11. Why do the Raiders need a 1.9 billion dollar stadium? I think they can still manage to lower the cost of the stadium by a few hundred million and still fund the stadium.
  12. The Yankees have worn BP hats in games before, I think the pinstripe brim looks better than plain white.
  13. How do votes like this work with the Packers since they are owned by the town of Green Bay? I assume they have a representative but who?