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  1. My point is the teams who have to wear their normal away uniforms but all white are teams with all white options already Jets, Cardinals, Browns, Texans, Rams, and Falcons. All im saying is if you force a team to wear all white and don't feel it is necessary to make a second color rush jersey for a team arrange it so teams who don't typically wear all white like the Patriots, 49ers, Steelers, Lions Etc do. Nothing really fun or special about those 6 teams wearing all white.
  2. Why are all the teams who have to wear all white for color rush teams who normally wear all white? Would've rather seen the Pats in all white because they don't do it.
  3. Memphis needs to go back to those colors.
  4. The Deacon Jones unis would've been perfect for color rush due to the fact that they have to wear all white... Don't see why Nike couldn't have just made a special white version for clash games.
  5. Adrian Peterson has changed from the VSR4 to the revo speed. I wonder how many guys still wear the VSR4 or the Schutt Air...Also, do not know how guys who switch teams still wear the VSR4 like Anquan Boldin is it possible they get their helmets reconditioned? I've noticed when players wearing older helmets switch teams they typically get new helmets, like Steve McLendon changed from the VSR4 to the schutt vengence most likely due to the jets not having any VSR4's.
  6. I love color rush and Thursday night games. TNF basically kicks off the weekend and usually has pretty competitive games also so many teams wear the same thing season after season it is nice to see a changeup.
  7. Has Maryland went away from being Under Armours "Oregon"? All I ever see anymore is the flag helmet, red jersey, and white pants.
  8. Isn't it the same logo they have now just in different colors? Technically they did change the decal last year by making it kelly and chrome. Makes me wonder why they couldn't wear it. Also, Jets have a whiteout scheduled against the Seahawks...any chance they wear the white facemask or white logo then? I highly doubt it but it is a possibility. Wouldn't be surprised to see stripeless white socks either. Bringing up a question of if you can use color rush pants in other it any different for the titans to use their light blue pants on the road as it would be for the ravens with the new purples?
  9. Does anyone know why the Jets didn't use the fauxback white logo? Thought they looked good anyway but was really looking forward to seeing that when the rumors came out. I also eventually want to see the jets use the plane logo from 63.
  10. I dont get why they didnt just make special white jerseys for teams like the Jets,Browns, and Falcons...
  11. One helmet rule is really a buzzkill. So many solid looks like the bengals are ruined by the same helmet, also very disappointed the jets didn't use the white logo. I always wanted to see the jets throwback to that or the plane logo at least once.
  12. Jets twitter posted this..
  13. nfl

    I just want to see these helmets...
  14. nfl

    So the jets aren't doing anything special for color rush?
  15. Is that true?^^^