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  1. Jets vs Seahawks 2008 in the snow...Jets held their own destiny and lost to a subpar seattle team in Holmgrens last home game.
  2. Not really, the Colts are more royal whereas those rams uniforms were on the navy side. Also many teams share similar colors like the Giants and Bills.
  3. Are there any full images of the uniforms?
  4. I hate the new Rutgers uniforms personally, they should've went back to the pre-knight helmet era.
  5. Is that true?
  6. Jay Bruce and Neil Walker have been wearing white cleats for the they get fined for doing this?
  7. Washington used to have 4 helmets white, black, chrome, and gold, each speedflex cost $500 dollars and speeds cost around 350 so they would be spending around the same amount of money for 2 helmets so they do have the money. They also had to pay extra for special chrome and frost helmets...
  8. The Patriots don't color their endzones...
  9. As a Jets fan I can tell you there is nothing special about Metlife, it aint bad has some nice features but its basically just a steel box...
  10. Why does everyone assume all the non techfit adidas uniforms are made by ripon? The entire CFL does not have techfit, I find it hard to believe a company like adidas would outfit a whole league with another companies product.
  11. Personally I think they should have done the Black "New York" jersey for Piazza. Would've also been cool if they did a Marlins jersey of some sort...
  12. Its especially odd in this situation because they made special #42 Jerseys just for the event, you would think they would be smart enough to remove the LA sleeve patch...
  13. Regardless of the quality these were easily the worst grey uniforms in Mets history. Nothing I hate to see more than the same wordmark used on home and away uniforms, the "Mets" doesn't look right on the greys.
  14. Would be a great logo with some tweaks.
  15. Knights and Bulldogs are probably the most popular nicknames that aren't used in professional sports. The fact that not one team in the four major sports hasn't used the Knights moniker or something similar to a knight is suprising.