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  1. I like non circular MLB primaries, and the Dodgers magnet on my childhood standings board looks like this: However, the slightly older magnet board Dodgers logo did feature a circle, so maybe this is a homage to that.
  2. 2017 Topps & Bowman are acting like the circle-around-it logo is the Dodgers' new primary. Which is a huge downgrade, obviously. Hopefully just a case of Topps getting it wrong.
  3. Another one with the original orientation of the Falcons logo. Found it on Twitter and a commenter immediately responded saying the ATL logo was backwards. :-)
  4. I think we have created a collective memory of the original Falcons using the logo faced forward. Actually, it is a very similar effect as the use of the original dolphin-in-hoop logo. We're foisting the later orientation onto the original logo. In both cases, helmet application greatly aids our ability to misremember, but that doesn't mean that there wasn't an original orientation that we're failing to document.
  5. And not just media guides...
  6. Yeah, Topps may not be reliable. What about the media guides?
  7. Gothamite's question of whether this rotation was used sans the slanted MIAMI DOLPHINS text. It was.
  8. From Topps 1969. I think this nearly seals the deal:
  9. I had always thought this too, but the inclusion of text is what gives me pause. I don't think there's a single example of this original dolphin being used with the slanted "MIAMI DOLPHINS" text that is centered over a logo rotated as we assume is correct. Couldn't it be that the official letterhead got it right, and that the orientation of the official logo changed to match the helmet application only around 1970.