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  1. Shockingly and stunningly, I present Brandon Saad...
  2. Running joke on the boards...
  3. I would not use any Gadsden Flag imagery or "Don't Tread On Me." That stuff has been adopted by far-right wingers and its usage, at the very least, would be seen as politicizing the USMNT brand. At the very worst, DTOM and the Gadsden would alienate a lot of US soccer fans because they skew younger and liberal. EDIT: DTOM was used in 2010. But I still think that with today's even-more hyper-political world, it wouldn't go over well. Let Sam's Army and AO have it. That said, I do admire and respect the thought and time you put into this concept. Not a slap-dash effort, and there's a reason for each element.
  4. I respectfully disagree. The Kings' first Edge set was dark and lifeless and looked like a mediocre Sacramento Kings-NHL crossover concept you'd see here. The current set is flawed (pick a damn lane with the hem stripes and go with it!) but is still a much more vibrant uniform.
  5. Meh is a poster to watch in 2017.
  6. What kind of schools have you gone to???
  7. There was absolutely nothing wrong with that jersey, other than debuting it at home. Would have been a fine and appropriate road alternate.
  8. In a vacuum, the Devils look fine. But we don't live in a vacuum.
  9. My wife is making shells and cheese.
  10. The orange numbers don't look right on the white and are an unreadable eyesore on the brown. Then there's that weird contrast stitching on the brown to symbolize the hardworking city or something else patronizing.
  11. False. Makes it harder to watch for fans and much harder for players, refs, stat crews, broadcasters, writers, whoever.