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  1. Done. (The face masks will stay gray. You get the point.)
  2. Why the light blue buttons?
  3. MLB The Show continues to underwhelm. Ugh.
  4. All I ever wanted the Devils to do was add an outline to the yokes to match the sleeve and hem stripes. That's all. Use the old green set as an alt? Unveil a garish black alt? Both fine, as long as the main sets stay the same or get the minor tweak I wanted. Change the set? Noooope.
  5. This thread is stunning. Not only is the work great for MS Paint standards, but it's great in general. Illinois and Iowa are fantastic.
  6. What an absolute mess of a uniform.
  7. Champs? Bleh.
  8. is better than...
  9. That Argos uniform looks... nice.
  10. Read the entry and the comments:
  11. He's also super shady.
  12. This was awesome by the Jags.
  13. Doing what you do in Paint is remarkable.
  14. When they changed a couple years ago, I wish the Raptors would have gone with a cleaned-up the Vince-era uniforms. Really miss the purple.
  15. The concern isn't about the players. It's about the viewers, the refs, and the stat crew, among others.