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  1. Thrift Store Gems 2018

    It's missing the NFL shield, and the green looks a touch too dark.
  2. 2018/19 Soccer Kits

    Arsenal has such a simple, classic, and beautiful look that’s hard to mess up. Puma messed it up.
  3. I hate and resent this concept because it’s so much better than the Browns’ real uniform. It’s an excellent combination of old and new, and gives them the chance to mix and match, which is one of the few attractive things about their current look.
  4. NFL 2018 changes

    25th anniversary season since the 1994 team. Maybe it's the fauxbacks they wore that season?
  5. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

  6. Mitchell and Ness can go to H E C K

    Breathe. Do yoga. Meditate. Chillax. You don’t have to buy the jersey. So don’t.
  7. Ottawa Senators Undecided About Which Logo to Use Going Forward

    Agreed. If they’re going to keep that rich shade of gold in the logo, it needs to be present elsewhere. I’d also prefer for the chest stripes not to go all the way around because it muddies the numbers. But I know that’s an unpopular opinion around these parts.
  8. I'm 32... and I still do that.
  9. If I’m hosting the Rams, I’m going white at home to force them to wear the mismatch. I’m also a small, petty person. (I know why they did it, but it’s a shame they’ve effectively dropped the gold. The St. Louis set with gold pants was a great modern look.)
  10. Unpopular Opinions

    I hate how Nike does the Jets shoulder stripe. After the shoulder cap, it shouldn’t be the same color for the next stripe. Always bugs me.
  11. NBA G-League by Nike (Reigning Champs Posted)

    There ya go. Well done. I know fitting Rio Grande Valley is tough, but you did it successfully. (The old Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees hockey team had what’s believed to be the longest name in sports history.)
  12. @jn8, I hate and resent your Jags and Browns concepts because they are so much better than what the teams came up with.
  13. NBA G-League by Nike (Reigning Champs Posted)

    The Vipers look great but that region never refers to itself as Rio Grande or RG. Everything is Rio Grande Valley or RGV. Frequently it’s called the Valley, and only outsiders call it Rio Grande. (I lived there for five years and would know.)
  14. New Packers Alternate?

    And until the Swooshies prove they can do green, the Packers should never change.
  15. But they actually won the title in their sleeves. Ewwww.