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  1. Do you have an online portfolio and Twitter account? I'd love to tweet the Hawks set and credit you fully.
  2. Richard Sherman as a rookie before the Nike makeover. (If you get a chance, read this about Sherman and the Seahawks:
  3. The logo instantly evokes the team's nickname and is just as clearly a D. It's a really strong and clever mark.
  4. I love how the striping design mirrors the logo. And looking again what I posted, the set is dynamic and evokes action and movement. Combine that with the ingenious Webbed D logo and this uniform would have aged very well. Alas...
  5. Talk of the Ducks going orange reminds me again how they dropped the ball when they rebranded. They'd have a modern classic if this was their set:
  6. The 1990s NBA in one glorious picture:
  7. Slightly O/T, the Bears and/or Nike moving the TV numbers was such a great idea.
  8. The Bears fit three stripes onto their sleeves but the Niners can't or won't. Doesn't make sense to me.
  9. Are the Rams not changing to the new template?
  10. Are the Rams not changing to the new template?
  11. To continue the Maradona thread...
  12. What process? I love the logo but it couldn't have taken more than an hour.
  13. That pants stripe is disturbing.
  14. These aren't bad at all.
  15. I'd make the Cubs' numbers blue on the white set.