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  2. Why did they color in the front of the collar? Looks dopey. I will say, that with a couple tweaks, the Chiefs concept would be solid. It does a good job of adding black to the uniform.
  3. That's really terrific. You rightly made orange the main color and made green and blue co-secondaries. That's hard to do since they don't usually work well together but do here.
  4. At least the Chiefs and Raiders patches are for men who founded their teams and were winning owners with massive impacts on the sport. That's not WCF.
  5. This is an impressive website. I'll give the Lions that.
  6. I know. I just posted it because I found it interesting.
  7. They have gray striped pants, gray plain pants and then darker gray plain pants. Seems a bit much.
  8. Not a fan of the WCF. George Halas deserves that kind of memorial. Willam Clay Ford? Not as much. Other than that, these are fine.
  9. So that Reddit post I linked was wrong. Sorry everybody. Sincerely.
  10. D/P
  11. Gracias.
  12. Do you have a link I could tweet out? Are you on Twitter?
  13. So, how about those hockey uniforms? Pretty sweet, eh.