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  1. I'd be more excited about this if Nike were able to produce shiny silver pants.
  2. Welp, I've learned something today...
  3. I'm hoping it's a throwback alt. Fingers crossed.
  4. Now you gotta wonder where the logo in this "concept" came from.
  5. Are you serious?
  6. Bleep you for pointing that out. Now I won't unsee this. Ever.
  7. The league would've looked really good if it had played.
  9. Anybody else remember the A-11 league and how quickly that flamed out?
  10. Every Browns concept I see like this frustrates me. This is just the latest excellent tweak of their set I've seen on the board, and it irritates me how close yet so far they are from a terrific update of their classic look.
  11. I'm sorry, but your opinion is wrong.
  12. Very good point. Stark, too. I think dropping the black jersey and pants was part of moving on, but not quite.
  13. Sorry to open old wounds. Hahaha. Considering the Super Bowl, the new stadium, the popularity of their throwbacks, and how dated these uniforms are, I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to change soon.
  14. Maybe the same state. Giants-Bills was a close, tight game all the way. And back then, a 47-yard kick (on grass) was no guarantee. What the Falcons did was muuuuuuch worse.
  15. None of those four losses were like the Falcons' loss. But I get your point.