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  1. Desert Knights?
  2. I know opinions can't be 100 percent right or wrong, but you're 100 percent wrong. This is the worst.
  3. Yeah I know. Sometimes "a CFL thing" is quaintly charming. This is just dumb.
  4. The Argos (even with the dumb pants stripe thing) look 10 times better than the Titans. Edmonton looks good too but needs TV numbers (and to dump the silly pants stripe).
  5. The Rams' white-on-white look would be better if they reversed the pants striping. Predominantly blue with a gold outline instead of what it is now would do a better job of mimicking the shoulder cap of the white jersey. (They should wear gold pants all the time, but I think that fight is lost.)
  6. Where's that pic of Homer drooling?
  7. There is absolutely nothing iconic about the current Rockets look. It's boring, drab and unmemorable, and they've never won anything wearing it.
  8. Sooo close. - The gray jersey looks incomplete without the front number. Maybe restore it but lose all the striping/piping on the jersey and pants. - For the blue, put the main logo on the chest and move the secondary to the left sleeve. I think it's time to drop the NL patch. Lose the piping/striping on the jersey as well.
  9. Derp. Thanks.
  10. Are the new Michigan jerseys NNOB?
  11. Correct.
  12. I hope you're joking.
  13. Double post.
  14. Semi-related to the thread, but the Dolphins' identity is really strong. Simple, sleek, modern with no stripe inconsistencies and tied to the franchise's past. Really solid.