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  1. False.
  2. Is there a way you can sneak gray onto the striping of the red jersey? That it's not there has always bugged me about the current set. Other than that, this is excellent.
  3. nfl

    Combine this with the Saints' Color Rush and they are sooooo close to a major winner.
  4. If the Yotes can bring back the kachina pattern, there was no reason the Avs or Stars had to abandon their pre-Edge sets.
  5. The Illinois fix is great. Allows for mixing and matching that makes sense. WV is really good too.
  6. Oregon in school colors is great.
  7. Not entirely sure it's legit. Looks like the logo and stripes have the bacon effect.
  8. I would use the striping pattern from the white pants on the white jersey. Maybe blue and white helmet options as well, because I think the white one looks really sharp now. Other than that, you've cleaned up a sloppy set that has real potential.
  9. Yeah, I'm not lumping the Royals (or any team) in with the Padres. My apologies.
  10. In a vacuum these are fine. Fonts are decent and generally match, and the striping/piping makes sense to create a professional look. But.. come on. This design in navy and yellow like last year's homes would have been good. This design in navy and orange would have been good. This design in brown and yellow would have been stupendously amazing. Navy and silver? Meh. Wasted potential.
  11. Nice but so boring. Why couldn't they commit to the yellow?
  12. So, two Royals jerseys have just royal blue and white. Two have royal and baby blue. Now one has royal blue and gold. The Royals are getting to 2016 Padres territory. If they insist on having a secondary color to go with royal blue, they need to pick between baby blue and gold.
  13. Nah, the red and striping that makes sense distinguishes it. That is a really strong set.
  14. I know why Kentucky lays a claim to the checkerboard pattern but jeez they have to drop it. Two teams with a checkerboard theme makes no sense, and the Vols are soooo much better known for it than UK.
  15. Those would be great if not for the huuuuge collar and the horns/points off the shoulder caps of the white jerseys.