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  1. The Raiders were never going to have first crack at LA because Kroenke wouldn't want his tenant to be more popular than his team. And the other owners like Spanos more than Davis.
  2. I'd consider 2017 instead of 1960. But I love this idea.
  3. Multiple reports say the new LA-bolt logo won't be used on uniforms or the field, and I doubt they'll have time to change the uniforms before next season.
  4. They never needed to change. Alas...
  5. - There'$ an ea$y way to get out of a lea$e. - The fact the Raiders are a Super Bowl contender doesn't matter in this equation or for the franchise's long-term outlook. They aren't turning down a guaranteed shining new stadium for a small chance at a Super Bowl run in a stadium they don't think is viable in a city they want to leave . And, as stated above, if StubHub Center can be a temporary home, so can Sam Boyd. Heck, the Oilers played at Vanderbilt for a year and that stadium holds around 40,000. - Unless you're able to pony up $1 billion for a new stadium, the NFL doesn't care you don't want a move. Sorry.
  6. Agreed 100 percent. This is so visually interesting but not intrusive. It's unique, and would bring some novel possibilities. A Packers endzone at Soldier Field or a Broncos design at Arrowhead would be jarring but awesome.
  7. I would love for this tradition to return for the NFL playoffs. Would add a great BIG GAME visual to the postseason that other field markings don't.
  8. What sucks is how this deprives us from all the throwbacks that should be used during the 100th anniversary celebration.
  9. So I'm not crazy. Well, at least in this regard.
  10. Thread over.
  11. Other than the light blue (and smidge of red), I don't see the Titans taking design cues from their Oilers days. That look means more to Houston, and their time in Tennessee as the Oilers wasn't exactly legendary. Heck, they spent a year of their Tennessee Oilers transition as an unloved team in Memphis, Nashville's rival. (Please don't @ me with suggestions the Texans take back the Oilers name and rebrand. Not happening, nor should it.)
  12. I feel like the St. Louis Cardinals wore red at home in the mid 90s but I cannot find a photo.
  13. These look excellent and are very well done but teal was a big part of the team's identity for most of its existence. In fact, their last (and most depressing) pro season was when they dropped teal for some reason. Add some teal and these are 10/10. And many thanks for doing these. Seeing this concept brought a smile to my face and reminded me of some great memories and fun moments from earlier in my career.
  14. We're getting this again. Honestly, it's not a bad look. (The NFC is the home team and I'd bet the Giants would choose to wear white against the Pats like the first two times they played.)