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  1. This thread is stunning.
  2. What an absolute mess of a uniform.
  3. Champs? Bleh.
  4. is better than...
  5. That Argos uniform looks... nice.
  6. Read the entry and the comments:
  7. He's also super shady.
  8. This was awesome by the Jags.
  9. Doing what you do in Paint is remarkable.
  10. When they changed a couple years ago, I wish the Raptors would have gone with a cleaned-up the Vince-era uniforms. Really miss the purple.
  11. The concern isn't about the players. It's about the viewers, the refs, and the stat crew, among others.
  12. Give me a break. Progress isn't a bad thing. People on this board, and life in general, have a sometimes-regressive fetish for the past. It's tiring.
  13. I see your MJ and raise you... And speaking of MJ, here he is in Converse.
  14. My problems with Columbus' look aren't common: - Their socks don't match the sleeves in any way. I wish they would rectify that. - They're one of a few teams that should have home and road breezers. The red looks good at home but sticks out on the road. I do not want them to promote their alts to primary home and design a road based on that set. The current home and road are very underrated.
  15. If you look closely, it appears the Celtics to Russell's right are wearing jerseys that say Boston.
  16. This thread FTW.
  17. That's the 91-92 Bulls, and the black patch is for Sheri Berto. She died in Nov. 1991 and was an assistant to team owner Jerry Reinsdorf. The Bulls wore that patch all season. I know that's 1991-92 because No. 20 is Bobby Hansen, and he only spent that season in Chicago.
  18. Why couldn't they just change the decals and facemasks? Yeah, the satin/matte finish wouldn't be accurate but not a huge deal.
  19. Everybody seems shocked and taken aback that the Rams would mess up their uniforms, and I don't know why you should be. Well-run organizations don't move.
  20. Are the Rams changing their collar? The image they tweeted has the filled-in collar, not the toilet seat.
  21. I mocked up something similar in Madden. Used these helmets with the current white set and it looked really good.
  22. Even then, things didn't match entirely. The piping was different widths on the jersey and pants.