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  1. JohnnyRfl

    NCAA court database

    Someone please bring a floorcloth. I drool on the quality of your floor textures.
  2. JohnnyRfl

    WNBA Court Database

    I like this, but the lack of visual unity is bugging me a little. Looks like you're photoshopping over other courts (mainly Kodrinsky ones), as is clearly visible in Sacramento and Orlando ones. My honest suggestion is: Pick up the WNBA court regulations and draw a court template, or at least the floor marks. After that, you should work with the detailing for each court separately.
  3. Timeline in Nationstates is a strange thing. Since every sport has its own periodicity, to fit the international calendar, I'll be not following a proper year sequence here. I'll be following seasons instead of years. It means to say no retro uniforms, at least from now (because the amateur-era past of the teams isn't written yet). Format In the season, teams face every other team in a triple round-robin. The first and third legs are played home and away games, while the second leg, in between, will have matches played in a neutral venue. The top four of each division advance to playoffs. Postseason phases are played in series of five matches and the first team to win 3 matches advances to the following round. This applies to Quarterfinals, Semifinals and International Playoff. The Superliga Finals will be played in a series of seven matches. The table is fixed, so Northern and Southern Division champions can't play in the postseason otherwise than in Finals. Between the Finalists, the team with most a better performance in the regular season plays the matches 1, 3, 5 and 7 at home. Season 1 REGULAR SEASON Northern Division Pld W L Win % 1 BC Olympia Lerna 39 30 9 0.769 2 Orissa Basketball 1936 39 22 17 0.564 3 Montecorvina AA 39 17 22 0.436 4 Academica AP 39 17 22 0.436 5 Myrtilis BC 39 17 22 0.436 6 Sunion BC 39 15 24 0.385 7 Isny Valliant 39 12 27 0.308 Southern Division Pld W L Win % 1 Casterwill Roses 39 29 10 0.744 2 AS Virtus 1904 39 26 13 0.667 3 Libertas Basketball 39 25 14 0.641 4 Club Sparta 39 17 22 0.436 5 CA Oeste 39 16 23 0.410 6 AC Kasandora 39 16 23 0.410 7 Azhaar BC 39 14 25 0.359 SUPERLIGA CHAMPIONS Basketball Club OLYMPIA LERNA (1st title)
  4. I really can not say why but how have I never seen this topic before? Oh my God, that's wonderful! The care with the details, the logos are wonderful, the uniforms of an unbeatable realism, even the sponsors at the local level. I am completely in love with Olympique Nantais. Please continue the wonderful work!
  5. JohnnyRfl

    New York Islanders Fisherman Orange Jersey

    Not sure if it's only for me, but your image isn't showing. Maybe if you choose another image host, like Imgur. Right-Click and "Open Link" worked for me. But God, how I wish it had not. What a mess you made here. These waves do not match with anything other than themselves. They are not in the pants, they do not match with the stripes on the sleeves or socks. It's asymmetrical, and in this case, I think asymmetrical is very bad. Also, I can't be pleased by the size of the NOB and the number, looks kind of wrong to me. Try to work better a continuity between the shapes, and perhaps lessen the space occupied by the orange in the pants, to start improving a bit.
  6. Vegas without red is the most gorgeous thing I'll see today. Thanks for it. Looks like you have one white pixel around the Oilers logo below and left. When I look to your Jets concept, I feel it too much american, not sure why. San Jose Shoulder Patch is a beauty. I don't like Kings. But that's not a bad thing, since I really don't like kings identity in any moment of the franchise existence. Otherwise than it, you have a very solid work here. Calgary and Saint Louis are pure magic.
  7. Last but not least. And probably you'll hate this as this is a repost, but is the last time, I promise. Basketball Superliga is the last of my big load of work. I posted this nearly one year ago, and I think maybe its time to update some jerseys. I'm not sure if turning to a simpler template, like the one I posted earlier or taking Hoopladawg87's way and developing an ultra-detailed template. While I think (suggestions are welcome), let's have the old stuff reposted: The League Logo League Map Northern Division Teams BC Olympia Lerna Isny Valliant Academica Athletica Portia Myrtilis Basketball Club Associação Atlética Montecorvina Orissa Basketball 1936 Sunion Basketball Club Southern Division Teams AS Virtus 1904 CA Oeste Casterwill Roses (probably the most NBAish team in the League) Libertas Basketball Club Sparta AC Kasandora Azhaar BC Also, 2017 Divisional Champions got courts designed. I want to develop courts for each team for the current season, 2018-19: BC Olympia Lerna Libertas Basketball Lisander is a small nation, its geographic size is like Maine, so that explains only 14 teams.
  8. Since we aren't in Baseball season, I felt the last one wouldn't be very criticized (these ones are very bland, I know.) Let's keep going. Basketball is the following. This concept is one-year-old but I hate how it feels completely outdated. after the new NBA jerseys appeared with a lot of creative juices overflowing... The logo is a ripoff of a French Team Logo. No, I'm not ashamed of it. I'm not a logo maker and this is for a fantasy nation. I'm of course making no profits. Being a fictional nation, I used a fictional apparel manufacturer to cover my incompetence of making a concept looking like 2009 FIBA Jerseys. After I gather some C+C on the current concepts, probably in the first days of 2019, I'll start with the Basketball Superliga posts.
  9. JohnnyRfl

    Unbranded Basketball Template

    Have I never posted this? Well, it's here. Feel free to use and modify it, if you want.
  10. Baseball is a sport that I don't have that much idea. I originally thought it to be different, ditching the national colours in exchange for White and Black of Ermine Spots, an extra-official national symbol. Ermine Spots represent Stoats (in Portuguese, Arminhos), the national animal. The Ermine spot is the current cap badge. First Baseball Jerseys. Another tentative.
  11. JohnnyRfl

    MLB x Nike Aeroswift - LA Dodgers (21/30)

    This is kind of heresy, but I think it could be the next must in Baseball Uniforms. Maybe in the WBC? a WBC x Nike Aeroswift would be great. Can't wait to see Giants, A's and Marlins.
  12. JohnnyRfl

    Augustine U. Hippos Football Media Guide 2018

    A great concept. I personally do not like this purple too pure. Maybe a darker one would be an improvement. Other minor tweaks could be done in the alignment of the document and in the blending mode of the text, like in the cover, where they don't match with the background.
  13. Então, Jhonas. Umas sugestões de um brasileiro que está aqui há oito anos. Nunca comece sem nada. Traga algo ou a galera não vai te dar atenção. Uma identidade visual bacana já na abertura, um texto bem formatado. Você precisa de um diferencial. Se você começar sem nem sequer um logo bacana (o seu logo só tem texto, isso não chama a atenção não, desculpa), a galera vai te ignorar. Os BRs por aqui estão também na Fedeeração dos Mockups: Outros brazucas aqui, apareçam para dar as boas vindas! @Elece_CP @OlavoP @brunoSkochak
  14. JohnnyRfl

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    What's better to honour Halas than a jersey inspired in one of the jerseys he wore?
  15. American Football, or Football, as you prefer, comes next. There isn't that much stuff. I based Lisander uniforms in the uniforms of Washington State University, just to have good images in Nationstates posts. It will be one who will need a complete overhaul probably.