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  1. JohnnyRfl

    F1 2018 Car Template (MS Paint)

    Impressive. I'd like to have had this during my MSPaint time.
  2. JohnnyRfl

    NBA court database

    I believe you already saw this but... Ugh.
  3. Thank you! Following with the series of concepts, let's give a look at Southern Division. AS Virtus 1904 CA Oeste Casterwill Roses (probably the most NBAish team in the League) Libertas Basketball Club Sparta AC Kasandora Azhaar BC This concludes the work with uniforms. In the next post, I'll bring some results, just because I want to do more stuff.
  4. Okay. Uniforms next. As I said, I'm trying a FIBA approach here, with sponsoring, manufacturer logo and league patch. It's somewhat clogged with logos, but that's exactly the idea. Since I don't need more than fronts of jerseys to present the teams, I'm not doing more jersey fronts. Firstly, the Northern Division Teams: BC Olympia Lerna Isny Valliant Academica Athletica Portia Myrtilis Basketball Club Associação Atlética Montecorvina Orissa Basketball 1936 Sunion Basketball Club
  5. Long time no see, fellow readers and concept creators! Currently, when I'm not working, I can be found on NationStates, managing my nation, called Lisander. I may have posted some stuff from there before, but I'm not sure. For today, I have some Basketball-related stuff. Probably not in the best format to be presented (since I'm irretrievably lazy) and even with some clip-arts recolors and logo edits (Since I'm doing this just for fiction. If you don't like it, you always can ignore), I've been working in SuperLiga. Since Lisander is a somewhat European nation, I decided to go mostly FIBA-inspired. The League Logo League Map Some half-assed uniforms should be up next, probably later today or early tomorrow.
  6. JohnnyRfl

    Two applications for Fantasy Sports

    Hello, Everybody. I was thinking about joining CCSLC Fantasy Sports. And with the leave of dwertman from LPP and LPI, two spots opened. I kept his idea of French teams, because I like french football and I didn't wanted to go that far from the current locations of the teams. The two teams: LPI - AS Toulon Olympique LPP - Stade Biarritz So, any comments?
  7. JohnnyRfl

    FC Barcelona Rebranding

    Maybe my one and only personal dislike on this artwork is the error in displaying the Senyera. Senyera MUST HAVE five yellow and four red stripes (or palls, as they say in heraldry. Apart from this, the project is entirely awesome.
  8. You're making a great work. Huddersfield is way better than the current one. I'm not sure why, but I miss some blue in Newcastle home jersey. I think it would work better than gold. I get used to that blue. And man... That Swansea away... Please send 2 for me, I WANT TO WEAR IT SO BADLY.
  9. JohnnyRfl


    That's a pretty solid collection of PSDs here. I'd like to see templates like Condivo 18, that is the one will be used in FIFA World Cup next year.
  10. JohnnyRfl

    World Premier League

    This is a good idea in theory, but your designs screams the following words: "I AM GENERIC" "I WAS MADE IN 10 MINUTES" "I LOOK MORE LIKE A FOOTBALL JERSEY THAN A SOCCER ONE". I suggest you to develop a lot more of your work. Get a league logo, sponsors, a better template. To the early start.
  11. JohnnyRfl

    The National Volleyball League(9/30 New York logos added)

    1. 2. Stitching. That thing with threads who turn fabrics into jerseys, pants, shorts, towels. You use a thread and a needle.
  12. JohnnyRfl

    The National Volleyball League(9/30 New York logos added)

    Volleyball is not a middle school gym sport. Volleyball is an Olympic Sport. Comparing Dodgeball with Volleyball is absurd. I will not comment on your images, even if I like anime, this is just plain dumb.
  13. JohnnyRfl

    The National Volleyball League(9/30 New York logos added)

    Let me answer you. 1. Volleyball is an Olympic Sport. Volleyball is played around the world. Volleyball uniforms have a common design idea on it. If you watch a high-class game, like FIVB World League, Grand Prix, European Championships or even College Volleyball, you will notice the general idea. Logos on chest, numbers below it. For the same reason, you don't see hockey players using vests or baseball players with horizontal pinstripes. I know what "concepts area" mean, but there's a general design idea to follow. If I post a football jersey without a number in front, maybe changing it by a sponsor, or if I do a TATC baseball shirt for Detroit Tigers, people will beat the crap out of my concept. 2. I have never talked about generic designs. I talked about designs that does not match the general design idea of a volleyball uniform. 3. Volleyball courts MUST COMPLY with some rules. One of them is: The court should be painted in a light color. And " Doesn't every sport do that?". No. Not every sport do that. High-class volleyball never do this, not in the way that this concept is being made. Logos are usually placed outside the playing area, to avoid opposite field invading. 4. I have nothing against Lacrosse. I just don't believe lacrosse jerseys would look nice in volleyball players. His concepts don't have a stitch. Tell me do you ever have seen a jersey without any stitch? If you or the OP don't like my judgement, you're free to report. Just above.
  14. JohnnyRfl

    The National Volleyball League(9/30 New York logos added)

    My 3 cents on it: 1. I don't think "franchise system" works with volleyball. It looks like dodgeball, lacrosse or anything, but it does not resembles high-class volleyball. Look like some college dodgeball work, being too gentle. 2. You should add some stitching on this. Your concepts look like a mix between Lacrosse and AFL (Australian not Arena), and without a single stitch or collar, gets even worse... Number in left chest? Weren't you satisfied and had to throw hockey on this? OMG. 3. Lines this large? Logo in the center Oh, man... I imagine what comes next? Blue courts, black courts? I'm amazed FIVB hadn't banned wood courts. This is not basketball, this is awful.
  15. JohnnyRfl

    NFL Minor League : Columbus Flyers Update

    I'm not a fan of brown, and pairing it with bright green is displeasant to the eye. The general look is shoddy and needs improvement in sizing and more details. Stripes, logos, some tags. I suggest you to try a paint-friendly template instead of keep the pixels in the lines.