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  1. To maintain the theme . . . the Seattle Martins (since martins are actually a thing).
  2. Brilliant! Save the Cranes name for basketball since cranes are rather lanky creatures.
  3. Metropolitans!!!! Sorry, wrong thread.
  4. I think the problem with it as a cap logo (now that I am taking a closer look at the actual logo) is that the M isn't centered within the state outline. That means one of two things would happen if it was placed on a cap, as is: 1. The M would look off center if the logo was centered based on the edges of the state outline. 2. The whole logo would look off center if it was centered based on the M. Either scenario would probably drive me crazy. I think it could still work if: 1. The M was enlarged and essentially laid over the state outline (or at least filled out the outline more). In that case, you could probably center the logo on the M without making it look off center. 2. Eliminate the white outline and the star so it doesn't look as busy.
  5. Yes, I quoted myself. Here are a couple of better looking shots of the old logo. I guess the M did have a white outline back in the day. I think it would look better without the outline.
  6. How about using their old Wisconsin-M logo as the cap logo? This is the best I could find on short notice, but I have in mind the one they used to use on jackets and such, with a more detailed map outline and single-color blue M without the outline (which I couldn't find in a 60 second search).
  7. Not to PilotJack the thread, but those jerseys look off to me. I've never seen a picture of a Pilots jersey where the yellow sleeve stripes are bookended by blue stripes. To further go off topic, this Dooley Womack fellow (on the right) looks an a lot like Will Clark.
  8. Hopefully Tnak doesn't fly too close to the sun.
  9. That damn derailment is the best thing that's ever happened to ol' Tnak.
  10. I didn't notice that before. Maybe that's his rap name.
  11. Something just occurred to me that I find a little hard to believe. Counting the change to the Motre Bame/Germanic set in 1994 as the starting point, this is the Brewers 24th season in navy. Before that, they spent 24 seasons in royal blue. Maybe my perception is skewed because I grew up when they were a royal blue and yellow/athletic gold team, but I wouldn't have guessed that the navy has now been around as long as the royal blue.
  12. I agree with you regarding the Money photo. In my defense, I found the Colborn picture after the Money one. I deleted a picture of a 1970 jersey with the Pilots sleeve stripes and replaced it with the Colborn photo.
  13. Dating myself -- I had that bedspread and curtain set as a kid.
  14. I never liked the cursive "Brewers" wordmark (or at least never thought it looked right for the Brewers). Maybe it's because they'd been using the vertically arched block wordmark and had been conditioned to think the block letters look right. It may also be because I just like the look of vertically arched block wordmarks. I love this jersey even though it looks completely out of place in the Orioles uniform history.
  15. I'm probably the only person around here who would love to be an updated version of either of these uniforms. I really like the simple vertically arched wordmark and think it looks better on a white jersey than on the pinstriped version worn with the BiG. I would also be interested to see how "Milwaukee" looks in the same vertically arched style instead of the script version that was worn with the BiG. Whichever wordmark is used on the road version . . . no powder blue road set!