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  1. That's a good tiebreaker to use.
  2. I forgot about him. I'm not sure I bump Palmer for him, but it's a close call. Agreed. That doesn't seem possible. Then, again, my son wasn't quite 1 year old when he died . . . and he just got his learner's permit.
  3. Very close. I love Ed Reed, but you seem to have overlooked . . . Johnny Unitas. Honorable Mention would be Frank Robinson. I might have put him ahead of Jim Palmer 10 years ago, but Jim has been on Orioles broadcasts long enough to seal his place on the list.
  4. Both true statements . . . with one caveat. In the event of any future affiliate switches, not having the numbers may cause more confusion. Suddenly, NBC Baltimore is at a different place on the dial with a different local news team and ABC Baltimore is in the old NBC Baltimore spot.
  5. Beyond that, I read DSU as being for D____ State University. DeSales is one word, so it seems weird to see the D and the S both included. Other than, this is a nice looking set.
  6. I'm not usually one to question anyone's opinion*, but . . . really?!?!?!?! * -- At least not tooooo harshly.
  7. I'll second this since the Walgreens W isn't going anywhere. That is an absolutely beautiful jersey.
  8. Between the DC and beveled W . . . I'll second this.
  9. I really like the beveled W on its own. My problem with it is that it doesn't really match the original wordmark. First of all, the orientation of the letters in the original wordmark is very vertical (for lack of a better description). The letters are all tall and skinny (especially at either end) and full of vertical lines. Even the A's in the wordmark use vertical lines instead of diagonal ones on the sides. Contrary to that, the beveled W uses diagonal lines for each stroke. A better approximation of the wordmark would be a skinnier version of the W from the Hartford Whalers logo, with vertical lines for each of the upward strokes.. Next, the beveled W has serifs at the top of each stroke. The only letter in the original wordmark with serifs is the S. Even in that instance, the serifs are long enough that they could arguably be considered additional vertical strokes instead of serifs. Both points also apply to the interlocking DC (which I love on it own). The letters in that logo are much more "square" in their orientation than any of the letters in the wordmark. At least the serifs/vertical strokes on the C match the S in the wordmark. If I had my druthers, the Nationals would have kept the beveled W and interlocking DC and created a new wordmark that better matched those logos. Instead, they went in the opposite direction and chased the Walgreen's W.
  10. I had that thought as well. My parents bought a Corolla in 1972, but the late 60s hardly seems like the Toyota era.
  11. That guy has a really closed stance. Seriously, you would think they could have him facing the right direction.
  12. It's terrible. The goalpost in the negative space is clever, but the rest of it hardly reads as two Ts. And don't get me started on the fact that Titletown is one word, not two, despite using two Ts to reference the name.
  13. Look, stirrups!!! An all-time classic . . .
  14. One other observation . . . Hidden behind the line of scrimmage, just to the left of Giants No. 23, is Pete Gogolak kicking the ball. He was the first soccer style kicker in pro football. Jan Stenerud would have joined him in the pro ranks by this point, as he was a rookie with the Chiefs in 1967.