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  1. It's terrible. The goalpost in the negative space is clever, but the rest of it hardly reads as two Ts. And don't get me started on the fact that Titletown is one word, not two, despite using two Ts to reference the name.
  2. Look, stirrups!!! An all-time classic . . .
  3. One other observation . . . Hidden behind the line of scrimmage, just to the left of Giants No. 23, is Pete Gogolak kicking the ball. He was the first soccer style kicker in pro football. Jan Stenerud would have joined him in the pro ranks by this point, as he was a rookie with the Chiefs in 1967.
  4. Is it weird that one of the things that fascinates me about this photo is that Toyota still uses the same wordmark font today . . . 50 years later?
  5. I read an article about him this morning. I had no idea he was only 28 or 29 when he was named head coach at Arizona State.
  6. i wonder if the ownership made a conscious effort to downplay the gun angle. That said, if that is the case, Marksmen is kind of an odd choice for the team name.
  7. In that case, at least it's not a cartoon fox standing on two legs with a rifle in its hands.
  8. It looks good, but what does a fox/wolf have to do with a team named the Marksmen?
  9. Yes, I quoted myself. I forgot to mention that there are also a few stragglers who still use over-the-air TV, which makes the numbers more relevant. As a personal example, my mother's kitchen TV isn't connected to cable.
  10. . . . and with that, Baltimore . . . and some of the old versions . . .
  11. The numbers still carry meaning to some of us oldtimers. My cable numbers don't match the over-the-air numbers, but I still occasionally catch myself referring to the legacy network channels by their numbers out of habit when referring to local programming. That habit is reinforced by the fact that many local affiliates refer to their newscasts using the numbers, at least some of the time.
  12. Both on the road, if memory serves me.
  13. I'll second that.
  14. He certainly should be getting a cut of any revenue if that's the deal that was made. However, assuming that isn't the deal, Tnak isn't the first person in some type of media position to make a bad deal . . . and he certainly won't be the last. Hopefully, with regard to the money he is supposed to receive, he has something in writing to back it up. It doesn't have to be anything more formal than a text or an e-mail written by Barstool Sports Guy. That is enough to form a binding contract. Even absent that, an oral agreement is still enforceable. If it came to that, I can't picture a judge who wouldn't find Tnak's version credible.
  15. Great, now you've made me hungry. As for the logo, I don't have much to add. I mostly just wanted to take advantage of the excuse to post a picture of crab cakes. I agree that it looks more like a shoulder patch. The idea isn't bad, but in the execution, it's really, really bland.