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  1. When the standard is "Better Than This Ridiculousness", you've set the bar pretty low.
  2. This is an interesting theory and it's consistent with the version of the jersey on the right with truncated stripes. However, based on the photos from the draft, the stripes on the new jersey sit higher on the sleeve and follow the cut of the sleeve.
  3. 1. I'm pretty sure Urlacher's stripe isn't cut off. The elastic just bunched up around it. Presumably, if it was cut off, the same thing would have happened on the opposite sleeve. 2. The Lions sleeve again just shows the elastic bunching at the end of the sleeve. 3. The Steelers/Iowa example is easily distinguished as a result of both (a) the NCAA/NFL Nike swoosh placement, and (b) the massive size of the total stripe pattern. The 49ers' traditional stripe pattern takes up much less space than any of the examples shown, including the Bears. Therefore, I disagree with your conclusion that the pictures "actually demonstrate the opposite" (i.e., that the 49ers could not have fit three stripes on their sleeves easily).
  4. Yep. The Orioles played the Yankees in the ALDS in 2012.
  5. * * * LONG POST THAT DOESN'T NEED TO BE QUOTED IN ITS ENTIRETY * * * One small point of correction. The 1996 Orioles-Yankees series was the American League Championship Series, not a first round series.
  6. This one is on the Ravens uniforms. NOTE -- Via a typo, I discovered that there are several Baltimore Ravens pans on the market.
  7. . . . but he did need three stripes on his sleeves!!!! Yes, it was discussed earlier in this thread. I expressed my still smoldering disdain for the election to discard cavalierly a look that had become, in my opinion, iconic and symbolic of the 49ers.
  8. Not to be that guy, but I'm pretty sure a circle can't be asymmetrical. *DUCKS* As for the Oilers logo, I honestly have no problem with the wordmark being non-concentric with the blue outline. I'm not sure if the difference was intentional or not, but it doesn't bother me.
  9. "Yes, Your Honor, the Plaintiff calls eRay to the stand."
  10. A friend of mine had his wedding reception in the Detroit Athletic Club (the building just above the batter's eye). Unfortunately, Comerica Park was just a hole in the ground at the time.
  11. I didn't mention Minnesota because they have the Twins . . . or Arizona because they have the Diamondbacks. I didn't even notice/pay attention to Canada. There were a lot of affiliated teams in Canada not that long ago (Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary).
  12. Nice work. I know it's mostly a product of population density, but I never realized how many more teams are east of the Mississippi River than west . . . and that there are no affiliated teams in North Dakota, South Dakota and Kansas.
  13. A rain delay in SoCal?!?! Preposterous!!!!!
  14. This probably counts as an unpopular opinion, but I think the Royals' dropshadow uniforms looked really good. At a minimum, the dropshadows helped distinguish their look from the Dodgers. Also, in a vacuum, I loved their black hat with the blue bill. The white logo looks really clean on that hat, unlike the Mets black and blue hat, which had a nearly illegible blue logo with an orange outline. It doesn't seem right for the Royals to have a hat that isn't solid blue, but I think it's a really good looking hat.