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  1. That kind of reminds me of the intended home of the Lehigh Valley Black Diamonds in Easton, PA. This is as far as the construction went . . . and it has since been torn down.
  2. I love threads like this. Here are a few. The Brooklyn Dome -- What could have been in Baltimore . . . Memorial Stadium remodeled -- Multi-purpose but not a donut (and a little like Citizens Bank Park to me with the octagon shape) -- A little closer to the final product, but still very New Comiskeyesque --
  3. NFL teams playing basketball in the offseason used to be pretty common. This guy might look familiar. http://www.yorkblog.com/yorkspast/2017/02/05/baltimore-colts-at-central/
  4. That's a solid looking uniform, but I wonder why they don't use the same numbers as the football uniforms.
  5. Ummmm . . . Leon Hess, the founder of the Hess Corporation, was the owner of the Jets. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leon_Hess That said, the color connection is probably a coincidence. Per the Wiki article, he was part of the consortium that bought the Jets in 1963. However, he was one of five partners and didn't become the majority owner until 1973, so I would assume he didn't have sole authority to select the Jets color scheme. Giants Stadium had a large Hess sign for many years. I'm pretty sure that was not a coincidence.
  6. I give the Rays a lot of credit for doing what they can within the constraints of the stadium. i couldn't find any pictures after a short search, but I remember the outfield walls beyond the seats being mostly blank concrete when Tropicana Field opened. The scoreboard, video boards and ads do a pretty good job of covering up most of the concrete, but don't cover everything. Ironically, part of what created that expanse of blank concrete is that Tropicana Field is designed to be a baseball stadium with a roof instead of multi-purpose donut (i.e., the stands are much higher behind home plate and down the baseline, with lower sections of the seats in the outfield). If it was designed like most of the other original domes, there probably would have been upper deck seats all the way around the outfield. Probably chintzy, but I'd be curious to see a mockup of it. To work, it would have to be a pretty muted blue that doesn't scream for attention . . . which rules out the actual team color.
  7. Even with the return to the cartoon bird and white front panel on the home cap, the Orioles have remained pretty traditional since they ditched the sansabelts and pullovers in 1989. I don't see them suddenly becoming the MLB-UA version of the University of Oregon just because UA is based in Baltimore.
  8. Agreed. Thanks. Thanks, a lot.
  9. As someone else mentioned, this is not uncommon in soccer. Case in point -- Thomas Dooley (see below). He was born in Germany to a German mother and US serviceman father. If memory serves me, he never set foot in the United States before playing for USMNT. To me, that doesn't make his contribution to US soccer any less legitimate. I also don't think it was unfair to Colombia that they lost in the 1994 World Cup to a team that included Dooley and Roy Wegerle, who was born in South Africa and became a naturalized U.S. citizen.
  10. Nice logo. I'm not sure I'd go exactly that far, but there are certainly some, um, inconsistencies.
  11. I vaguely remember something about this, but it's mostly escaping me.
  12. I respectfully disagree with your agreement. The top arms (?) of the Y flare in completely different directions on the cap and jersey logos. They flare out slightly on the cap logo and flare in noticeably on the jersey logo. The shape of the N is also significantly different . . . particularly the right side, which is basically a 90 degree arc on the jersey logo.
  13. Mystery solved. Thanks.
  14. This photo was on the Maryland Basketball Facebook page last night. It might just mean new shoes because this one showed up about 15 minutes ago.
  15. Sometimes it's quicker to drive up Charles Street to hit I-83 by Penn Station because Baltimore Street always seem to crawl . . . but your route is much more colorful. My one and only trip to the fine establishments of The Block (which was about 3-4 blocks long in its heyday) was some time in the mid 80s, when I was probably 18 or 19. I don't feel like I've been missing out.