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  1. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

  2. I'm a big fan of the red and green, a very under used colour combination.
  3. 2016 NRL Telstra Premiership

    Region:  Canada Broadcaster: Roger Sports Net  TV:  8 per roundOnline:  Roger Sportsnet/tbcReplays:  Roger Sportsnet Territories: Canada    Region: USA  Broadcaster: FOX Sports   TV: Up to 8 per round  Online: www.foxsoccer2go.comReplays: www.foxsoccer2go.comTerritories: USA   Auckland Nines info and schedule.    
  4. WFA Club Championship (Final Group Stage Scores!)

    Looking good. Some really nice logos.
  5. The Silly Band Names Thread

    Egg Foo Young, the Melbourne garage band? Aussie. Extra Virgin Mental as Anything Packed Lunch Down Down Down Something for Kate TISM (This is serious Mum) Overseas. Santa Hates You Tool The Residents Foetus
  6. Hopefully this rejuvinates some extra sides
  7. Seattle Space Rangers- Australian Football Club

    Nice set up Spanna. Can't wait to see the guernseys.
  8. English Soccer League (Chesterfield Athletic Logo)

    Always gets me with English Soccer how the shields of the clubs have vertical or horizontal stripes yet their kits have the stripes in the opposite fashion. Ala Westminster
  9. Love the new logos. Gridiron South Australia should be the official logo and the Gridiron SA logo should be on the uniforms, while the Gridiron south could be used on merchandise or other stuff. Love the throwback Longhorns set.
  10. Why does it say Gridiron South? And not Gridiron South Australia or just Gridiron with either the letters SA (which could be mistaken for South Africa) or the state outline.
  11. Suggestions. Needs to be known as the CRU - Continental Rugby Union Have clubs in Union areas Have identities that are similar to other Countries, like the MLS has done. But not Saracens due to it's linking heritage. Associate the clubs with Universities and colleges to get a tight foot hole in the clubs areas. Even link up with the NFL side in the area and use their colours. Should work if it is goverened properly
  12. Hand-Drawn Soccer Drawings II: California Soccer League

    Love your work SFGiant. A few touch ups, why not FC Hollywood, it sounds better than Hollywood SC and i would of liked to see Las Vegas branded as LVFC
  13. Mr.Nascar's Paint Templates - Template-Palooza on Pg. 2!

    Where did these go?
  14. Sharks - Australian Rules Football logo

    Yeh i'd say Southport. Things I like about the concept. The shape of the sharks body is similar to a footy It's not over complicated The wordmark presents as if it's the top of the shield It has their vee in there nicely. Things I don't like While not complicated it is with it's two colours, things seem to blend The sharks tale touches the wordmark while it looks fine it is conflicting. Either make it the A or don't let it touch. The outlining on the bottom of the shark and it's fin are way to thick. Two colours is as bland as their Guernsey. My opinions only.