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  1. Some really nice upgrades @gswansea kudos.
  2. Reported that it is 10 dead in Munich. The armed person (could be 3 extra) came out of Maccas and started shooting.
  3. Did the Axe attack on the German train get a mention? Munich,cbs link. Burkina Faso Indonesia and other countries
  4. Yes, but that capital city has it's own colours and there is another team playing out of that state. United are Victorian colours but there is no other team in Vic any longer.
  5. They're not the only club from Queensland though, typical of the big city mentality to do what sell more merch. Remember the Queensland Lions?
  6. I didn't know there were previous clubs named that. I do like Black Jacks very very much. Knights would make a nice identity but i still think Vipers is better.
  7. I was told that the United logo is supposed to look like an outline of australia and victoria? Must have to have your head twisted on a certain angle while sticking your tongue out. Tigers always had a bad logo, the club was good though and were in it from the start............. way to ruin history. Option 3 looks most similar to their old one. The other two look like a newspaper heading. Someone designed a BB in Blue and yellow, i'll see if i can find it.
  8. The NBL has ruines the history of the league. First the Tigers becoming United then the Bullets taking on the Broncos colours to sell a few extra shirts. Those change over logos were appalling.
  9. Poor Bullets, if Eddie wasn't such a schemer they'd still be the same. I loved them in Blue and Yellow, those are the Cities colours. Were you there when they changed the logo?
  10. El Vee Hockey. If they were the only choices to pick from i'd go with Vipers. Other wise Black Jacks or or Aces for me.
  11. The Bullets are trying to capitalise on the State Colours while leaving their City Colours behind. Link with Broncos is a joke. This is their original colours.
  12. Wolves never looked so good.
  13. I don't understand why the logos are outside of the center circle? Why is Cairns blue the same as Melbourne's?
  14. Stole our NYE game and aren't Blue and Yellow. two out of ten. As for the log, it's just as plain as the rest of the new BBall logos. As for the uniforms they use their Maroon and Yellow logo but have blue and yellow striping??? Strange indeed.
  15. I like the Super City logo, but not the white uniform or the side striping on both, it doesn't fell North Shore to me. They wea Aucland Colours, try to represent Auckland but are based in the West at Te Atatu? Here is what they look like currently https://youtu.be/_NF9HfPYsCM Not sure if i'm a fan of the colour change of the Saints either though the new logo is an upgrade on their over crowded current.one. This series is very good and some of your ideas are very outside of the box.