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  1. Vandalian Football League - Albany United F.C. (8/18)

    Thanks for the explanation.
  2. Axl Rose is AC/DC's new lead singer.

    Yeah don't like this at all.
  3. Vandalian Football League - Albany United F.C. (8/18)

    Not so much about your designs as i am very interested in your country and it's history, why are your counties all seperated by straight lines? Are there no rivers or lakes in Vandalia? Would also like to see a North v South or East v West type set up also.
  4. Birmingham Outlawz new AIF team for 2017

    The O in the logo is different on the helmet (looks italic) compared to on the uniform.
  5. Rugby kits 2016

    Always liked the Cheetahs Jerseys, they always seem to be pushing the boundaries. Hull KR are league while the rest of these are Union.
  6. @Spanna65going to bring on Sydney?
  7. Two Rivers Dragons- Australian Football Designs

    Guessed as much, good luck.
  8. Two Rivers Dragons- Australian Football Designs

    That sounds like a good tool. Not knowing much about where your side is from what do the wavy stripes have to do with it?
  9. Two Rivers Dragons- Australian Football Designs

    Are you inferring i don't read? It's a well known fact i peruse...... with extreme caution. Paint has no liquify tool so this is new to me, how does it actually work?
  10. Two Rivers Dragons- Australian Football Designs

    My bad, i know not of this place you speak of. Is it near Frankston? The only thing i would change is maybe a little blue on the bottom of the shorts to tie in with the socks? Not 100% set on it though. Also why are the waves on the top of the red shirts not symetric?
  11. Two Rivers Dragons- Australian Football Designs

    Ahhh the old FFL. I like the second one more than the mainly red. Personally i wouldn't have a Hong Kong side with Chinese colours i'd add white or black to it.
  12. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    You lot realise the likes in here don't count to your overall rep.
  13. City Flags Redesign

    These are two concepts i think cold work for my Home Country, Australia. The first one: The blue on the bottom represents the water that surrounds all of Australia. The yellow is for the sand that stretches most of the coat. The green is for the lands and trees. The top blue is for the clear skies. The star in the middle is the Commonwealth star. The Second one: The bottom yellow represents the beautiful beaches The green is for our lands The top yellow is to represent the sun that beat down on us
  14. Unused Logos and Uniforms

    That was the second incarnation. At first it was Originally going to be called Foootscray - Fitzroy Football Club bt it was to much of a mouthful so they went with Footscray Lions. Fitzroy then wanted it changed.
  15. Introducing the Legends Hockey League!

    The Rattlers tongue should have been sticks similar to the miners picks. Other than that i think most of them are great.