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  1. With that sun behind the ship it looks Imperial Japanese.
  2. Thanks for the information, i never knew this about the NFL. I like the Blue and yellow way more then the Navy and Gold. Still not sold on the shoulder swirl though.
  3. The Rams uniform against Seattle was appalling and the helmet was darker than the rest of the uniform.
  4. If yo have time you can do it manually with dice. If you're interested i'll let you know how. I did it with a Fantasy Aussie Rules league a heap of times.
  5. http://wallpart.com/search?keyword=fumbler I was shocked to see so many pages linked to me.
  6. Mitsubishi anyone?
  7. Foundry Croatia anyone?
  8. llfhockey

    I like number 2 and 4. The numbers on 4 stand out a lot better, 2's numbers could get mixed up from a distance.
  9. Looks good so far. Just a few typos, Sydney with a y and Seoul with an o.
  10. New York Patriots (agree with @Darknes ) Minnesota Muskies -- MavericksBaltimore Blazers, BlastersPhiladelphia ColonialsSt. Louis Flight
  11. Cairns atm. Originally from Melbourne. Have a couchi f anyone wants to stay a few nights.
  12. So it's like elves, fairies and fair Governments then. If you're going to name a club after something mythical or nearly non existent at least go with Dragons or some type of scary creature.
  13. From Australia.
  14. Thundersnow. What even is that?
  15. All good mate, we all have limits. Mine are that i'm pretty bad and only make suggestions. Your latest design i like better that you've made Storm the focal point. The blue is the right shade now and the yellow lightning bolt is my favourite part. I can't think of one club of any code that uses any Melbourne landmarks.