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  1. New York Patriots (agree with @Darknes ) Minnesota Muskies -- MavericksBaltimore Blazers, BlastersPhiladelphia ColonialsSt. Louis Flight
  2. Cairns atm. Originally from Melbourne. Have a couchi f anyone wants to stay a few nights.
  3. So it's like elves, fairies and fair Governments then. If you're going to name a club after something mythical or nearly non existent at least go with Dragons or some type of scary creature.
  4. From Australia.
  5. Thundersnow. What even is that?
  6. All good mate, we all have limits. Mine are that i'm pretty bad and only make suggestions. Your latest design i like better that you've made Storm the focal point. The blue is the right shade now and the yellow lightning bolt is my favourite part. I can't think of one club of any code that uses any Melbourne landmarks.
  7. How about you include the Spire? A very under used logo and it is iconic to Melbourne. Someone created this for Melbourne City i thought it could give you a little spark.
  8. Yes bring back the yellow. The purple seems a bit lighter than their current? The M by itself is a bit Collegiate to me.
  9. That home NYCFC kit is perfection, love the orange socks, love the shadow, love it all. The away nod to the Yankees is a nice touch to the club.
  10. The way i read the op was that you were asking if a side could use a nickname currently linked with the city if the CFL decided to allow a team there. That's not what you asked originally now is it?
  11. I want to know why the op started this thread.
  12. Nice day for it. Would be awesome to see the CFL expand to a 12 team comp though. If they did want to expand? Without heading to the US you could slide an extra side into the Toronto Area with Mississauga or Brampton (South Ontario or East Toronto). London would be another place that could handle a side. Sudbury has a decent population and far enough away from existing sides. Halifax for the Atlantic area. Burnaby-Surrey would take up a spot in the west (East Vancouver or Vancouver Districts) Vancouver Island could also be a west team.
  13. Is this just a wish or might it happen?
  14. You reported me for pointing out you're wrong. Nice. Learn your history, 9 hoops is for the SoL, the Revolution not 13 colonies.
  15. New England Revolution's logo is not the same as the US flag, merely it has similar design elements. Like i posted previously. Why do you not have 5 red hoops and 4 white as the original Sons of liberty flag did? As for @Aggie12 it isn't what you know but how you choose to use it. It isn't my fault i learnt about US History while at an Australian school or that i was granted a yearning to learn of other countries history. Don't pm me your forth right dribble, i don't need it. New England cries for you and your silly rant. The country America still doesn't exist no matter how many times you use it.