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  1. Planetary infographic looks great. All of your graphics are top notch and add a lot of fun to the proceedings. Keep em coming!
  2. NFL Logos by MCrosby - added Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    The Tooth needs to stay.
  3. NFL Logos by MCrosby - added Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Much prefer the pink over the coral. Coral moves closer to colors we see more often. That pink and teal is something you just don't see in as great a way as you've presented it, so I 100% side with pink.
  4. NFL Logos by MCrosby - added Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Beautiful. I think it's the first time someone's suggested a major color change for the Dolphins that I was totally on board for.
  5. Tennessee Titans Logo Proposal: New Helmet Options

    How about making the sword grey/silver? No matter what color you'd use for the helmet (red, blue, white) a significant part of the logo (the way it is now) will end up getting lost on the background.
  6. NFL Logos by MCrosby - added Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    FANTASTIC Broncos logo. Love it. I'd approve it in a heartbeat.
  7. The New XFL

    Destroyers is way way too detailed. When shrunk down (such as on the helmet in the picture above), all the details blur together to become incomprehensible. I think you can easily lose the water and the explosions. If the explosions are important, then maybe change the angle of the ship to a 3/4 view from the front, where the guns are firing forward toward the front of the helmet. Right now, the explosions remind me of Yosemite Sam firing his guns, or some other cartoon character who's so angry he's got steam shooting out of his ears. I like the color scheme, though.
  8. How about the "Strangers" (for Strangers in a Strange Land), or the "Groks" or "Grockets" (from the same book). I'd also accept the "Tripods". Let's bring some old-school intimidation into the league!
  9. I know you're fixin' to do a 20th anniversary post, but something I'd like to see you include with each season is a brief overall historical table showing which teams have the most championships, or have the most overall wins, or other things like that that immediately give you the historical state of the league at a glance. I've been following along since the beginning, but when X team wins, I don't immediately remember if that's their first win, or fifth, or if they've fallen just short multiple times, or whatever. Maybe just a couple of tables ranking teams by championships, wins, home runs, or whatever stats teams like to keep track of over the life of their organization. Great series and I love the pivot on the Reign.
  10. NFL Logos by MCrosby - added Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    The bell is subtle and solid. Nice.
  11. Newbie NHL Redesign +Bruins and Panthers

    Sigh... this is great and only makes me sad that the Jets aren't using this logo. I respect the thought behind the current one, but it's just so boring, and this has so much character. THIS logo deserves to be a Stanley Cup winner at least once.
  12. The Battle of Seattle

    Secondary is perfect now. So much so, that I think it should be the co-primary. Kind of like how the Rangers have Ranges on one jersey and New York on the other, this could be Seattle's home and away jerseys. While an actual team wouldn't go all-in on art deco, in the concept world, it's fun to imagine everything the Mets doing as art deco themed. An art deco hockey mask would be great. Stadium employees dressed in flapper outfits and tux/top hats. The big rink-wide cheer could be something like "here here! as they mime raising a wine glass."
  13. The Battle of Seattle

    Agreed that if you're starting totally from scratch, with no history, that logo would never even make it to napkin sketch stage. BUT... It's part of a storied..? history, and as goofy as it is, it makes it a viable logo. The Canadiens CH would never fly today or even be imagined. Or the Cleveland Browns. Or the Packers. But as much as I might hate the Browns' entire identity, I have to give it up for the history... Hmm... that would actually make an interesting thought experiment, trying to see which, if any, classic logos would even have a chance of being created if there weren't decades of history behind them already.
  14. The Battle of Seattle

    Woo hoo! Nothing better than an epic Sparky thread! And this looks like it's going to put some of the others to shame. I love all the logos you posted above already. My personal favorite is the Krakens, because it's got some shapes we don't see in the NHL, a color scheme that I don't see anywhere else in sports, and some potential branding and iconography that aren't anywhere else in sports. While I love the history and tradition of the Metropolitans, there's already a Mets in sports. Let's have something to where when you hear the name, there's only one possible team it could be referring to. All that said, I love the individual elements for the Metropolitans, but I don't know that they come together in one package. I really love the art deco look of the M, but the S is a completely different style. Sure it's a secondary, but at the moment, it's literally half of all the branding on the uni we're seeing so far, which puts things out of whack (for me). Curious to see how the full wordmark looks in the art deco font, and if there are more elements that reflect the art deco sensibilities to further establish that that look is the primary while the vintage S is for historical secondary purposes.