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  1. US Super League (6/64)

    Nice stuff. Good presentation. Keep em coming!
  2. Uniform concept I made when I was 8

    That said, I like the blue from your original drawing more than the modern one. Listen to GradeSchoolVikings!
  3. Uniform concept I made when I was 8

    LOVE this. I wish I had my artwork from my childhood. I was obsessed with hockey goalie masks (this was the 70's when there was still an entire mask to use as a canvas), and made dozens of my own designs, most of which were probably based on Ken Dryden's mask. I wish I had those. But my family moved half a dozen times before I hit high school, and mysteriously, my artwork and boxes of Star Wars figures and comic books often disappeared... So it makes me happy to see you able to share this. In the interest of completion, you should translate all of your youthful designs to something modern. It has to make your inner 8-year old beam with joy to see it existing and being appreciated all these decades later.
  4. NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (12/32)

    Oh my goodness, the Dolphins is fantastic. Loving this thread, even though the Cowgirls logo continues to make me feel a like I'm a creep.
  5. Westeros Football League

    Nice! I've seen a ton of Game of Thrones/Star Wars/Marvel/DC football leagues by this point and initially rolled my eyes when I saw the title of this thread, but presentation can cure many ills. This is pretty slick and I'm now looking forward to the rest of the teams.
  6. Stags Inline Hockey logo

    First impression was that this was a square-ish leaf logo, like the Maple Leafs. Second impression was a highway sign. My brain is really struggling to see the antlers.
  7. I meant the jersey base. So the team would have four or five different solid color jersey sets (at least, I love mixing and matching!). Black, red, green, orange, yellow. Each color could be for a specific occasion or set of factors, such as "yellow is always on Mondays", "red for games against Original Six teams", "Orange for division games", and "green for holidays and other special days." "Black for everything else."
  8. Looks cool. I'd also be curious to see a couple more versions where the primary colors are the yellow and orange from the other two feathers. Having a fleet of colors would make the multicolored feathers seem more like a deliberate design choice for the team, rather than an odd design holdover based on legacy. (I'm one of those people who love a million alternate uniform sets, even for teams buried in tradition like the Blackhawks).
  9. High School Redesign: The Gators

    My heart hurts for you. Great stuff.
  10. Love it all so far. Following.
  11. Wonka's 2017 NHL Concept Dump

    Cool. I've been staring at these templates since the first time that guy posted in here way back when. The only thing that bugs me about it is the headless horseman nature of it. I know it's a common thing, but with hockey, there's no other blank spots except the head, so it just looks weird to me. I'd have to put a mannequin-style head in it or something.
  12. Wonka's 2017 NHL Concept Dump

    Is that the Sportstemplates.net template? (I'm sure it is). First time seeing someone here use one of those templates (someone that isn't a shill, that is). How do you like it? Worth the investment? Definitely looks nice
  13. Fixing the Adidas NHL mess

    Love Ottawa. I'm always in favor of Rome-ing it up as much as possible.
  14. FBS Concept Uniforms

    Agreed. Wow! This was quite an undertaking. I won't criticize the outside-the-box nature of many of your designs, because that's what I think the Concept forum is for, trying out fun, crazy designs. Some of them, while definitely WAY outside the box, are still interesting because instead of just wondering "what would an entire uniform of scales look like?" you went ahead and actually created it and presented it, for all to see, for better or worse. There are a few unexpectedly interesting designs in there among them, where if you'd just described it to me, I'd have said that there's no way that would look good. But I will agree with those here who say that there is a lot of sloppiness in these, and lots of them look very rushed. If you're actually interested in building your graphic design skill set, go back through these and take a second pass at them, incorporating the feedback you've been given. Don't feel you have to change your design aesthetic, just keep doing you. But a little cleanup and tweaking and patience on many of these will result in much stronger, intentional designs.
  15. National Floor Hockey League

    Neat. Love the logos so far. Only thing I would have done slightly differently is to come up with some other items of gear that would allow you to color and customize for each team. Right now, you just have soccer uniforms, which from a purely design-fan standpoint, we've seen a million times. This is a league you're creating so you can add any sort of item to it you want. Maybe there's a simple set of external leather shoulder pads, or arm/elbow brace or simple leather helmet/visor. This is obviously my personal preference, but if it's a made-up league or sport, I think it's a great opportunity to create unique elements and shapes to design within to set it apart from other sports.