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  1. darkpiranha

    The Battle of Seattle

    Love the Zazzle shop (https://www.zazzle.com/sparkystuff/products), but now I want tons of your other designs, especially the Highlanders!
  2. darkpiranha

    Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2549 Season

    How about: Icarus Station Team name is the Wings. Icarus Station Wings Logo is a W with wings forming on the sides of the W, with some flames added, but still recognizably regular wings, not fire wings like a phoenix. Or W wings laid over a stylized Sun.
  3. darkpiranha

    Middle-earth Hockey League (Moria Forgers 16/18)

    Moria needs a lot more squared-off elements. There's so much design work from the movies and books over the years you can draw inspiration from. Dwarves are very solid and rectangular. This feels a little too fluid and light for what I'd expect Middle-Earth dwarves to gravitate towards.
  4. I like these a lot. I'd love to see full unis and everything else. I especially like how you showed the workpage for Kardex. One thing I think a lot of newer designers don't realize is the amount of work that goes into crafting a logo. 90% of newbies' logos are clearly first drafts of the first idea that popped into their head. I'd also be interested in seeing more of the history of the original logos on up to today (which includes as many of your faux old-timey logos as you want if real ones don't exist). Not knowing what the Lumbermen's historical logos looked like makes it harder to gauge or comment on your current design. The axe logo feels a bit underdeveloped, but like Green Bay or Cleveland, if it's paying direct homage to a historical logo, my evaluation and feedback will be different than if it's a pure modern logo. The Indians feels like the most fully-formed identity of the ones posted here. However, in spite of the history of the name being Indians, by 2018, unless they were as obstinate as the Redskins, the Indians would probably have changed their name. That sort of thing is fun from a fictional standpoint, when teams have to account for fans' aesthetic or social backlash. Make it part of the history of this team. The Triangles feels a little underdeveloped. I get what you are going for, but the triangle as used isn't iconic enough yet. It needs to feel like this is the ONLY triangle that looks like this and it's the only icon that can possibly represent the Dayton Triangles. Kardex, that's a weird team history, and as such, I think you can more stick with the historical aesthetic roots. The new logo looks like the logo the team would have come up with in the 70's that was then abandoned for the retro logo in the 2000's. Go back to the drawing board using your faux old logo and find a way to meld old and new. Look maybe to Juventus' modern update of their logo that still feels old-timey (if you squint hard enough). As to getting responses, maybe make it more clear what sort of feedback you're looking for. Your logos are generally well thought out and cleanly produced, so it's clearly not beginner help you need. If you get feedback, do you normally incorporate that and post updated versions in a timely manner? Or is the feedback you get just something you'll internalize and maybe incorporate into the next newer logos you create? There's nothing you're doing wrong, just nothing really prodding feedback.
  5. darkpiranha

    Washington Warbirds: A New Era for the Wizards Franchise

    Agreed. It would make a killer NHL logo.
  6. darkpiranha

    Introducing: Grace Football League (Edmond added! 5/8)

    I agree in that the lion logo looks like a real, well thought-out logo that some time and effort was put into, while the rest of them have seemed like less and less effort has been put into them. Which is fine, if that's your up-front stated goal and you're not interested in feedback. For this Edmond one, while I appreciate the sentiment behind the tower, it comes across like you spent maybe five minutes tracing the outline of the building. But then you just created some colored block shapes and pasted them on top, rather than drawing them in the proper perspective to where they look like they are part of the building. And there's something weird going on with the rays in the circle. They don't line up. Maybe that's on purpose, but it makes the logo feel really unbalanced. These logos all have interesting inspirations and basic concepts, but there needs to be a lot of refinement before they're ready to go. It's frustrating for the rest of us on this board because it feels like your goal isn't to make your logos stronger, but just to have them out there. Again, that's okay if it's your upfront desire, but don't expect any real feedback or comments or long-term interest if you aren't showing any interest yourself.
  7. darkpiranha

    Discrim's Australian Football Concepts

    Nice job on my alma mater.
  8. darkpiranha

    Major League Hockey: MLS/MLB/NFL/NBA Crossover (DAL Added!)

    I love the Rangers, especially the side panels, but I think you could actually try a non-traditional placement of the chest logo more on the upper left shoulder to mimic a badge.
  9. darkpiranha

    DC Baseball - Nationals alt concept

    When I click on the "This photo is not available" graphic, it goes to your flickr page.
  10. darkpiranha

    Introducing: Grace Football League (Edmond added! 5/8)

    Er... okay. Seems like an interesting opportunity that will be missed, and a bit odd that the league was entirely religious-themed out of the gate. Hope you didn't get spooked by people objecting to the mere idea of faith early on. As long as you're not outright evangelizing in your posts, I can't see any issue with using Judeo-Christian symbology in logo design. In any event, keep it coming!
  11. darkpiranha

    DC Baseball - Nationals alt concept

    New version is much better, and the strongest yet. As to the design progress, I think the point is to show the whole thing and just not delete any of it. That's the most enjoyable part of being on this site, is seeing the evolution of a logo and of a designer. It shows others new here (and even veterans) how to both give and receive feedback and incorporate it. As we've ALL experienced here, especially at first, it's very easy to get offended at comments and criticisms or to take them personally. But sitting back and watching the true superstars here, like Sparky and Raysox, seek feedback and actively listen to it and incorporate it and come back with mind-blowing improvements is truly humbling and inspiring. So ALL of the progress is incredibly valuable, even the stuff you don't necessarily think is your best work. This is a great thread that shows how even the subtlest changes can go a long way towards making a good concept infinitely stronger.
  12. darkpiranha

    Washington Warbirds: A New Era for the Wizards Franchise

    Wow. This is the way you take in feedback and output something that not only incorporates it, but takes it to the next level. Love the new tailfeathers. The only part that keeps tripping me up is the rounded areas at the top of the W where the head connects. I keep seeing the negative space first and it feels like two dots. Have you experimented with making those edges angular rather than rounded?
  13. darkpiranha

    Introducing: Grace Football League (Edmond added! 5/8)

    Did you decide not to have any Christian tie-in with this team? Just trying to gauge the overarching branding goals of the league.
  14. darkpiranha

    DC Baseball - Nationals alt concept

    Looks like a winner (unlike the actual team in DC this year).
  15. darkpiranha

    DC Baseball - Nationals alt concept

    Slightly better, but it looks like you expanded the size of the stitches again. Old version was approximately 5.5 widths, while the new one is 4.5 widths. It's hard to explain, but the brain just instinctively knows what a baseball is supposed to look like, and when it's exaggerated too much in one direction (when the intent is realism, not caricature), it just feels like something's off.