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  1. darkpiranha

    Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2538 Season

    What's the playoff record of teams that have won triple-digit games in a season? At least recently, it looks like teams that have gone for the record have run out of gas in the playoffs. #sad
  2. darkpiranha

    Champions Cup: The Forgotten Champions of Europe

    Agreed! Got my popcorn ready!
  3. darkpiranha

    Brownies Concept

    LOVE your new football. I'm curious what it would look like with the letters even thicker, like maybe 33% thicker. The main thing you'd lose is the laces being the same width as the two letter edges, but I think it would still work. Not feeling the helmet at all. My brain alternates between seeing two different things. One is a coffee cup, the second is a fruit of some kind, with the b looking like a sad stem and leaf that's fallen over and is drooping on the side now. The football logo is strong, and I'd definitely stick with that.
  4. darkpiranha

    Brownies Concept

    A, with vtgco's suggestion of thickening the letters significantly.
  5. darkpiranha

    Major League Hockey: Soccer Crossover (VAN Added!)

    Whenever anyone on these boards says "I can't do nice graphics because I don't have Photoshop", this video should always be the first response.
  6. darkpiranha

    Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2538 Season

    There had better be some Cubs management heads hitting the chopping block.
  7. darkpiranha

    Custom Pocket Pro helmets-Got Any to share?

    Is there any thread in these forums where cool stuff like this PocketPro Helmet site are collected? Custom logos are great, but I want to create merch! I want to see this stuff in the real world. DIY custom sites like this. Professionally printing T-shirts and jerseys. Tutorials on how to go about creating full-size custom helmets and the best way to print decals. I'm sure there's a million things like this that are out there. I would never have thought that customizing these mini-helmets was such a common thing, but now there's a whole world of it. What else am I missing out on?
  8. darkpiranha

    Baltic Superleague: Lithuanian Hockey League (5/10)

    At first glance, the Hidras logo looked like the Canadian maple leaf. Now, I want Canada's official logo to be a hydra.
  9. I love it when a designer has the courage to go outside the box with the Canadiens. That said, the silver is the only part of it that feels off. What about a vintage white? As to Ottawa, the silver is very interesting choice, but I like it. it'll be hard to convey in a flat graphic design, but to me, the silver needs to feel like it's a shinier, brighter sort of silver than a flat grey. The Sens have always felt like they should have a more opulent aspect to them, with shiny metals. But even as is, these are both great.
  10. I want to add ten votes for the Legacy League/Defunct Champions League idea. That's an idea that could expand out to include Defunct Premiere Leagues and all the lower leagues in each country if you wanted to keep it going. It would be especially fun for relatively new soccer fans like me who have maybe heard of some of these older defunct clubs, but haven't had the time or wherewithal to do any deeper research. I know there are tons of teams that were once major players that have gone by the wayside, and this would be a great history lesson in addition to a fun design experiment.
  11. Wave number 1 looks like it's trying to maybe be Godzilla. But not in a good way. Wave 2 looks great.
  12. darkpiranha

    Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2538 Season

    The Majors are my favorite identity you've created so far. I get that you want to maintain a traditional baseball aesthetic and echo existing baseball identities, but after what you've done with the Majors, I'd like the Solar League's marketing department encourage all new teams (and old ones) to explore new creative worlds.
  13. darkpiranha

    Northeastern Pennsylvania Hockey League

    Great series so far! My favorite is the Pucks. Looking forward to more.
  14. GREAT series so far. Can't wait to see where this goes. I echo vtgco in that while the monocolor aesthetic is definitely clean and modern-feeling, I miss the pops of color from the original logos, especially Royal Racing's gold crown. But.... Royal Daring Club also already has a gold crown, so I can see how that can seem repetitive. Anyway, great stuff. More please.
  15. darkpiranha

    Crossover Series - NBA Hockey

    This is a stunning series. Love every single result.