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  1. Looking good! Preds much better. I neglected to mention the right tooth needing to be made white, but you did that anyway and it also helps. What's next?
  2. Love the Oilers. Best of both worlds and differentiates it even further from the Islanders.
  3. I'll let Sparky speak for himself, but until you just posted this about the Long Island Ducks, I'd never heard of them or seen their logo. It's not a stretch at all to think that Sparky came up with this idea having never seen the other one. It's a simple design and kind of obvious when you look at it. When I first saw Sparky's design I wondered why I'd never noticed before that the old Duck mask made a D shape. Sparky has had an impeccable reputation on these boards, so I'd be hesitant to make any accusations of copying.
  4. About Photobucket, yikes! I wish Dropbox or Google Drive/Photos had similar functionality, as I have subscriptions to both of those already. Love the Sens and the Ducks D. Not feeling the Preds yet. It's still too intricate for me. I look at it, and my brain wants to identify the individual shapes rather than see a complete logo. It looks cool on its own, but not so much when it's supposed to be the Preds. Still, top notch stuff, as always.
  5. nhl

    Cool cool. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the Canadiens.
  6. What an incredible series! How have I not seen this until just now? (Probably because baseball concepts are usually the least concept-y of all the sports and I am only a casual baseball fan at best). I love the presentation and the explanations for everything you've changed or tweaked. Fun fun fun. More please!
  7. How could you even think of removing Dalian's traditional yellow! Sacrilege! It didn't need to be changed. (just kidding. There's always one or two purists who complain that a logo is perfect as is, and doesn't need to be touched. I'm not one of those people.) No, great stuff so far. Love what you did with the Dragon Kings and can't wait to see the rest of the league.
  8. Cool stuff. Agree with most of the comments and suggestions above. On the Blues, one of the things that might help is on the staves, to just make the stroke on the inside fill the space. Keep your outside thickness, but eliminate the tiny strips of white on the stanzas where the strokes don't quite connect. That'll likely make it feel a bit less busy. Possibly fill in the top loop on the clef with a sold background instead of it being transparent. And for the notes, I'd try either adding MORE notes and spreading them out in a wider range on the staff and make them smaller, or go fewer and maybe a bit bigger. Making the notes a different color, perhaps white or black or yellow, might help it be less than just a big blob of blue lines and dots. Finally, outside of all of that, because of the placement of the notes and other elements of the logo, it tends to end up feeling like I'm looking at a face, with the notes as eyes, the curl on the middle of the clef as the nose, with the bottom forming a mouth, and the two curls of the staff on the bottom forming an old-fashioned mustache. Bravo if that's what you were going for, but easy to fix otherwise, I'd think. (This may be an issue only I'm suffering from, lol).
  9. I actually really like the Blues' vertical striping for one reason- it evokes a feeling of a marching band outfit, which while not something specifically affiliated with blues music, is still musical overall. Love, love, love the Devils. All three. The Devils have been mired in an overly-traditional style since they ditched the green, and this really ratchets up the excitement level for the team. Montreal is also a design I could really get behind. * * I'm a non-purist, especially when it comes to these concept forums, so I'm in favor of any design that's fun and creative and well-constructed.
  10. Nice stuff overall. The Kings logo is a bit wonky. The prongs look more like Indian headdress feathers.
  11. nfl2 update

    I know it's way after the time for major design changes, but for the Grays, what if the ruff is actually in the shape of the mountain you use for the Billies belly? But in negative. And instead of the wolf just being calm, he's howling. This allows for the wolf head to rotate counter-clockwise slightly to accommodate a more horizontal mountain-ruff. Just a thought. (edited to add: You could actually just continue directly from the wordmark to incorporate the howling idea I suggested, with the mountains informing the shape of the ruff.) The Billies is a unique-ish identity and you have an interesting approach to it. The Grays are another wolf identity of which there are dozens, and comparatively, your take on it, while solid, isn't breaking any new ground. This is why I'm all-in on the Billies right now.
  12. nfl2 update

    Billies. Something about the ruff of the wolf still isn't gelling with me. But in spite of that, I still like the Billies better anyway.
  13. Everything looks great so far! I did the hand-drawn stuff way way back in the stone age, before computers, and I appreciate just how much work goes into them. As with all the really good hand-drawn series, I'd really love to see these turned into full digital images and to see how much your creativity takes off with all the digital tools at your disposal. There are plenty of free options out there. With your attention to detail, and the amount of time and care you obviously put into all these, I think you're a perfect candidate for diving in and learning Gimp or Inkscape and Photoshop or Illustrator down the line. Regardless, keep em coming!
  14. This is magnificent! Except that "unabridged" needs a D.