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  1. Cool. Also on all of them, make sure there are sleeves or half-transparent "arms" to make it feel more like a complete figure rather than like the armless Black Knight at the end of his sequence in Monty Python. I like how it looks in this baseball template, but when I just went back to look at the football one again, it still really bugs me that it's empty arms. Realistic body-less football players don't seem to work as well as empty body baseball or soccer player templates.
  2. Philadelphia Eagles Nike redesign

    Welcome aboard! Changing the wing to the back of the bird on the helmet is an interesting idea that I never before considered, but I really like it. However, it totally doesn't work on the jersey or pants. It works on the helmet because it's an eagle head on the side of a human head. It's really weird to see part of an eagle head coming out of either side of the shoulder, like wings. If you want to experiment with this look, I'd put in the regular eagle wings. The pants... enh.. I don't think it works at all.
  3. Right. That's what I was referencing was that you should do this for all the other templates because I really liked how you implemented it here. I'm not a baseball person, so this specific one doesn't have any use for me, but I'll be curious to see how you handle this in other sports.
  4. OHL Owen Sound Attack logo redesign concept

    I like the wing shape IF you tweak it a bit to make it look more like the side of a maple leaf. It's pretty close right now, but if you made it a little more overt, I think it could be really interesting.
  5. Bomb logo and logo comparison

    I like the cleanness of yours, but it's lacking a level of anger and menace that the original has. See if you can incorporate a little bit more of the exaggeration of the mouth in yours.
  6. Looks really impressive. I think a really important feature I hope you implement or include for all the templates will be the ability to place a logo in one location and it update everywhere else, especially in different angles. If you can figure out an effective warp for the curve of football helmets, you'll earn some fans.
  7. Dice Racing - Introducing the WRS: Crude Race animation test

    Thanks, Sparky. There are tons of great designers here, but it was your vintage Highlanders set with all of the videos and merch and other stuff (and everything you've done since then) that's really inspiring me for this project. As silly and nerdy as some of the things we all create can be, there's something about taking it to the next level (such as with stadiums and merch and yearbooks and videos) that strikes a chord, in me at least. It makes the concepts come alive. I'm aiming to see if I can make the silliest of sports concepts (dice racing) feel like its a real thing that exists in the world. When's your next creation on the way?
  8. Soccer Crests from Around the World (Burton Albion FC added)

    Well, then yours is the clear winner. Great work! That said, I'm wondering if the basic forms of your logo could be tweaked a bit to make it look like a wolf's head. If I squint, I see a nose (the diamond on the bottom), two eyes and two ears, and maybe a ridge on his head. It seems really close to being one of those logos with a hidden logo inside of it.
  9. Soccer Crests from Around the World (Burton Albion FC added)

    Love Wolfsburg! Normally, I'd say it's maybe a bit too stylized for soccer, but the stylization is actually a step down from what they've got now, so this totally works for them. I'm completely unfamiliar with Wolfsburg's logo history. Is this in any way similar to what they've had in the past.
  10. North American Baseball Association

    I like that I see some rarely or never used names on this list. My votes go to: something else for Nashville. Both Cowboys and Sounds have other teams that already clearly "own" that name. Croppers Smoke Waves Herons Gamblers (although this is right on the edge of being too common) Trappers Desert Dogs (this one is a bit clunky, but it gets points for being a team name I've never seen used. Bison Rivercats Pioneers (although I'd keep working on this one) Pines There's a million leagues here. Keep doing what you're doing and make stuff that we haven't seen a million times before..
  11. Dice Racing - Introducing the WRS: Crude Race animation test

    I had two goals for this first animation test. (1) Is it possible to use existing race data (taken from the master Google Spreadsheet I use) and figure out how to make After Effects automatically read that data and translate it into something resembling a race? (2) How easy is it to make an animated GIF and upload it/embed it? The answers to both questions was an exciting success. I'd never attempted to make an animated GIF before, so that was fun. Looked pretty simple to do, and it was. For the animation itself, though, it turned out better and easier than I expected. Please keep in mind that this in no way represents what it will ultimately look like. The final result will be a fully 3D environment, with each of the dice looking something like the dice-helmet graphic I posted a few days ago. There will also be network graphics, stats, sound effects, etc. I have some really elaborate stuff planned for it. The cool thing is that it IS possible to translate the data, create an accurate race, and have those points of data remain accurate with a 3D camera move put on it. For those that have been following along, the below text explains what you're actually looking at.
  12. Dice Racing - Introducing the WRS: Crude Race animation test

    Okay. For now, this is the logo I'm going to go with. Thanks for all the feedback. Keep it coming. It's by no means set in stone. I'm really happy with the straight B&W version. I wasn't expecting this logo to work in B&W. It looks pretty clear even shrunk way down. The greyscale ones still need some work, but I like the lower of the two more. One thing I haven't decided upon yet is if the colors of the logo are going to be locked in, or if it's going to be allowed to be different color combos as the situation calls for. Okay. I'll theoretically be taking a couple of days off from creating anything. I'm knee deep in the finer points of learning Cinema 4D. What I've learned so far: Not really learned, but just had reconfirmed again ten times over. For anyone wanting to learn Photoshop or Illustrator or really any program, it goes without saying that you should lock yourself into a project that calls for you to do things about your current skill level. It's fun to just watch tutorials and learn the generic stuff about these programs, but when you have something specific you're needing to accomplish, it forces you to have to troubleshoot problems and learn the finer, necessary points of the program you otherwise would just ignore.
  13. Dice Racing - Introducing the WRS: Crude Race animation test

    Would you put one in the D's as well?
  14. Dice Racing - Introducing the WRS: Crude Race animation test

    Here's a few more updated versions of the wordmark/font. I can see using the top font for just the logo, and the bottom font for subheadings or more general league text. The main thing I did with the font on top is to make the D's both have angled sides to them. Because of the angle of the R, it doesn't jump out at me that it's been modified. And for fun, on the second one, I changed out the square dot on the actual font with some regular dice dots. It's fun, but it might be a step too far. If this was just a board game, I'd probably be happy to put the dots in there.
  15. Dice Racing - Introducing the WRS: Crude Race animation test

    As I go back through my older Dice Racing stuff, I will be collecting vintage stuff and making it presentable. Here are some older DRL logos I found along with the second track I created, back in 2003. I printed this out and placed it under a paper-sized piece of clear plexiglass, along with a strip of paper that had the logos for the teams competing lined up with their number. The first track I made was back in 1987, but I doubt that still exists. That was pre-computer graphic design days, and was hand-made and hand-drawn. At some point I'll do my best to recreate it for archival purposes.