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  1. Hand-Drawn Soccer Drawings III: MLB-As-Soccer Crossover

    Marlins look incredible.  BOLD.  I'd buy this today if you made it available.  (Hint, you guys all really need to start putting these things on T-shirts and hats... we'd totally buy them.)  
  2. Big XXIV (hand drawn football concepts of the future)

    From a presentation standpoint, It's okay to do it like you have above, but I'd also do an individual image of each of the drawings you've done.  Just looking at this image like this, it's hard to really evaluate.  I can tell that there are details on the jerseys, but I can't make them out.   From what I can see, my first impression is that the concept is interesting.  However, I can also tell that you're going to need to put a little more work in coloring your drawings.  They look really rough, like you only took a couple of minutes to do.  There are a few other hand-drawn concept series, but what makes them just as fun and valid as the ultra-slick computer-based designs is the attention to detail.  They don't cut themselves any slack because it's "just" a hand-drawn concept.  Check out any of TheGiantsFan's series.  Like this one.   He gets the added bonus of not using "I'm just a kid" (he's only 16 or 17) as an excuse as to why he can't put the time and care into his concepts.  He just makes the full effort for every single one and it shows.  So don't cut any corners or give yourself any excuses.  I'm really looking forward to seeing a cleaner version of what you have above.  
  3. Just looking at the title of this series way back when, I ignored it, as I'm not normally a field junkie.  But I checked it out today for some reason and what a fascinating series!!  I'm still not a field junkie, lol, but it really is mindblowing to look back at the games we didn't get.  So many teams that had strong multi-season runs were just forgotten because they didn't make it to the big game.  LOVE this series.  Great job.   I know you don't have any time to do more of these, but I'd love to see an offshoot of this series where instead of there being playoffs, the Super Bowls just featured the top teams in each conference.  How different would many of those games have been?  We'd still get a few identical Super Bowls.
  4. MERCH! Post it here!

    Every once in a while I see someone post a link to where you can order their custom logo on a shirt or jersey, vinyl logo, or something.  If you miss it on that initial posting, it generally gets lost in the aether.  If you've created some merch for your custom logo, post it here.  Preferably, it would be neat if you could post a pic of your logo, a link to the thread where it was originally discussed, and the link to where your merch is.     I know there are tons of logos on here that I'd love to just be able to fire off a quick order for a shirt.     Also, this would be a good place to consolidate all the various sites that allow for one-off or very small run printings of stuff, and the pros and cons of each.   I know some let you just print it directly off of mini-stores, and some require minimum orders before printing, and some put you in a run-off against another design.     If you're not making merch, why not?     (mods, if this sort of thing is frowned upon, please delete this thread)
  5. I kinda love the Stalin/Soviet vibe.  If you're being strictly serious about your redesign, it probably won't fly, but I think it's a fascinating take.  If you stay with this, though, then you almost HAVE to do the rest of your redesign in a similarly subversive way.  Not necessarily other nations, but slightly different than the expectation.  But because this is the USFL, I think it's extra subversive that it's a non-US general.  What are some alternate Stars that aren't associated with America?  
  6. Portland Sawbucks NHL

    Yay!  A new Sparky!  Everything looking good.  My only suggestion would be to make the two tones of green an official part of all the versions.  I love how the logo looks against the dark green t-shirt, and with the "plaid" jersey.  For me, at least, that would help differentiate it a bit more from the Stars and Beavers without having to do anything drastic.  
  7. The NFL (possible) Movers

    In my head, I was thinking it was a straighter sword, like this: http://www.civilwarpreservations.com/images/book/SG172.JPG but in googling actual swords used at the Alamo, I discovered this: http://smg.photobucket.com/user/Nefarioso/media/Album2/sanjacblades.jpg.html So what do I know?
  8. NFL Europe / "If Soccer Clubs were NFL Teams..."

    Beautiful! That's twice in one week I checked out a thread I was expecting to be another lame retread on cross-sport leaguing, but ended up thrilled by what I saw. I know these are soccer teams that are creating football teams and would likely keep their branding identical, but I'd love to see you really have fun re-interpreting a traditional soccer logo for football purposes (Yes, I know that I'm likely committing terminology heresy to many people who refuse to call soccer anything but football, but I'm an ugly American, so I win.)
  9. The NFL (possible) Movers

    Both of these are great. Rhino horn-bolt is inspired. For the Raiders, what if you altered the swords to match more Alamo-ish era swords? That's the only thing that jumps out at me as clashing with San Antonio.
  10. Hand-Drawn Soccer Drawings III: MLB-As-Soccer Crossover

    Awesome! I have to admit when you first mentioned you were next doing a baseball-as-soccer series, I expected it to just be slapping MLB logos on soccer jerseys, like most everyone else does. But this is great. Amazing extrapolations. Early vote for winner of the youngest Creamer award ever.
  11. Space Shuttle Concepts

    Yeah. Sorry, but this went the opposite of what everyone is suggesting. While putting photos or starfield backgrounds inside of baseball uniforms is a fun idea, it's not going to get a lot of positive comments on these boards. Like I said above, you have a really great opportunity to do something cool and creative (and informative), but you're taking the fastest, easiest way out and just slapping something together. I have a feeling that you're new to graphic design and using the various graphics programs, so doing something more in-depth might seem very daunting. But at the same time, I think your overall idea is worth the effort it would take for you to really learn how to use these programs, learn more about uniform design aesthetics over the years, and really give this concept the attention it deserves. This concept board is a great place to step out and try something new, and you'll get great feedback and advice so long as you're sincerely trying to improve. Ask questions! Be transparent in what you know how to do and don't know. Good luck!
  12. Space Shuttle Concepts

    Interesting! I wasn't really aware that each mission had its own patch. That's cool. Great opportunity you have here to educate us. For example, each one could have the name of the mission commander or someone else special (if the same commander did more than one mission) on the back. Also, if you want to get really fancy, each combo could have an image of that shuttle in the background, faded out significantly. Other relevant factoids could be subtly placed along the edges, such as the date and maybe the basic purpose of that mission. Also, the missions span from 1981 (1977 if you count the test flights) all the way to 2011. Uniform aesthetics changed dramatically over that time span, and I think it would be worth it for you to make each design look kind of like it would look in that era. It would be fun to see the evolution over time. Neat idea. Go for it!
  13. World Hockey Association Working Thread

    Buckling up for the ride. Should be fun!
  14. Hand-Drawn Soccer Drawings II: California Soccer League

    Fantastic work. Cannot WAIT for your next series. Hopefully hockey. I also wouldn't mind seeing you create a new sport with some interestingly shaped pieces of gear that allow you to create within new spaces.
  15. Fantasy Football league logo

    I see what you're going for with the minimalist Wolverine's helmet, but I don't think it's coming across as easily as it could. I have to really look at it to see the helmet shape. Right now, I see a bunch of white shapes. The Wolverine part of it looks more like buildings or something rising up from a hillside. Because the stripes get cut off by the banner, our brains don't automatically finish the shape like we would if the stripes were able to continue and fully conform to the shape of a helmet. With that in mind, what does it look like if you just shrink the helmet enough to make it a full helmet? Alternately, have you tried it where the facemask is essentially the bottom part of the shield (replacing the shield) and the Wolverine stripes emerge from the top? So you'd have the banner kind of like it is, with the mask and Wolverine shapes extending above and below forming the shield (with "Elwood City) placed inside the forehead part of the Wolverine stripes.