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  1. Everything looks great so far! I did the hand-drawn stuff way way back in the stone age, before computers, and I appreciate just how much work goes into them. As with all the really good hand-drawn series, I'd really love to see these turned into full digital images and to see how much your creativity takes off with all the digital tools at your disposal. There are plenty of free options out there. With your attention to detail, and the amount of time and care you obviously put into all these, I think you're a perfect candidate for diving in and learning Gimp or Inkscape and Photoshop or Illustrator down the line. Regardless, keep em coming!
  2. This is magnificent! Except that "unabridged" needs a D.
  3. I could not these designs more. Cannot pick a favorite.
  4. Love it. No pupil!
  5. Brilliant series. Looking forward to seeing what you do with LSU
  6. Super slick. Love the presentation and all the individual elements themselves. Feels like an existing, lived-in league.
  7. I like the boldness of these so far. Keep em coming! From a presentation standpoint, I'd consider doing something to separate your uniforms from the background a bit more. Because this template uses the "invisible body" concept, those places where a busy background shows through and around the uniform makes it a bit hard to see and appreciate. Maybe a layer of semi-transparent white on top of the background?
  8. This is BRILLIANT. I could maybe finally root for the Browns. That said, I agree with the earlier comment that he's still a bit Mr. Magoo-looking. Maybe elongate it a bit and make it not so squat. He's looking a bit bald and round right now. See if you can get a sideburn or something indicating that there is indeed some hair up there, just not a lot of it. And the eye needs a bit more work so that it looks like an eye, and not a squint. It all comes together in that one point which makes it look like folds of skin rather than an eye and brow. Only nitpicking this because I think this is worthy of being perfected and presented to the actual team. I think it's the one concept they'd possibly consider that isn't the brownie or a bulldog or a Pantone square.
  9. These are all rock solid, but the Revolution overcoat is particularly inspired.
  10. Late to the party. These are great from start to finish. Looks like a real, existing league.
  11. Agreed. I think you can flip it to better match the original lightning angle and it'll still read as a Blues logo legacy.
  12. 49ers-Cowboys. Penguins-Flyers Cavs-Warriors Arsenal-ManU
  13. Definitely the classic-er Jets logo. The new one is just so bland and static and doesn't foster any sort of emotion or excitement. And that original Jets logo (along with the Nordiques and Whalers logos) are deserving of eventually earning Stanley Cup success. (Sabres and Canucks have at least had their shots in the finals)
  14. I like the overall look of the Sharks, but my first impression is that it's a slug crawling across the logo. Maybe try making the top end of the S a shark's head instead of the backwards fin, and then move the fin to the top left curve of the S, but facing the way it would naturally face.