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  1. darkpiranha

    DC Baseball - Nationals alt concept

    I know you're married to the stitching, but because of how wide they are and how they don't look like what baseball stitches on an actual baseball look like, I see tire treadmarks instead. Going back to the more minimalist version the girl did, those look and feel a lot more like baseball stitches. I'd try to find some sort of happy medium between these wide/thick seams, and actual-sized seams. I understand you really like that font, but there are definitely thinner versions of that same font that would allow you to more organically do the seams like you want and still give that historic look to it.
  2. darkpiranha

    DC Baseball - Nationals alt concept

    Glad you and her have it worked out. As to your comment about no one wanting to work with you, I have to be honest. You are easily the most combative person I've seen on this site (outside of those who come here, get one negative bit of feedback, argue, and then leave forever) and don't seem to be very open to criticism or suggestions. As to partnering with you, you are clearly very litigious about your ideas, and from a legal standpoint, I'd be incredibly hesitant to even brainstorm with you without a full, written and signed contract ahead of time outlining what sort of ownership and compensation would result from any collaboration. But that would really turn my stomach to have to resort to that. The vast vast majority of members here come here for the community, and the feedback, and collaboration, and encouragement and to OFFER free advice and valuable critiques without any expectation of ownership or compensation or making threats of future litigation if a suggestion they made shows up in a logo that becomes an official logo somewhere. You've been a member here since 2004, so I'm just really surprised that you don't seem to have picked up on the vibe of this site.
  3. darkpiranha

    DC Baseball - Nationals alt concept

    Interesting idea, but the execution still isn't there. The stitching on the baseball just doesn't yet look like an actual baseball. I know you say that level of compression is necessary for it to read as a continuation of the D and C, but I have to disagree based on how clean and more baseball-accurate the girl's t-shirt version is. I think it would be valuable for you to at least try to make some more accurate/simple versions of the stitching to see if/when the illusion of continuation falls apart. And in general, I'd advise to slow down the claims of someone 'stealing' your idea. When you've been around long enough, you realize that duplicate ideas are created ALL THE TIME. A sad game I play with myself is every time I come up with what I think is a great idea for a meme or a team name or fill in the blank on something clever, I do a google search to see if anyone has already tread the ground of the idea I had. 9999 times out of 10,000, the search results in hundreds or thousands of hits. An idea I came up with entirely on my own, a brilliant idea, was also thought of by hundreds or thousands of other people before me. Exactly one of these brilliant out-of-the-blue ideas turned up zero hits and I planted my flag and claimed it and made a full video of it. (note, this is separate from ideas that were developed and crafted, I'm talking about just meme-y, clever parodies or jokey things). So I get being miffed that someone else came up with the same idea you did, but her version of it is so clean and different than yours that I'm positive it's just someone else seeing the stitches on a baseball and realizing the flow of the shape can extend out to letters. Yours is very clearly attempting to make it look realistic and to fit it into a specific shape where hers is very minimalistic. Until this thread (and even then, only seeing it today for the first time), I'd never seen your logo, so I'm not sure how someone else with malicious intent would have come across your logo to be able to steal it. Do the two of you frequent some other places where you've posted this logo? In any event, I wish you luck. I'd Google "baseball stitches" to see the endless examples of what more accurate seams look like. I think it would help your design actually have a chance at being noticed by the Nats!
  4. darkpiranha

    Another Set of Basketball Logos!

    Yas queen! Much better.
  5. darkpiranha

    National Hockey Federation

    On the new Cleveland Rock, I'd try to make the round part of the note line up with where the hole in the guitar would normally be. Right now, it's just slightly off. You might not have intended for the note to represent the hole on the guitar, but because it's so close, that's the first thing I thought of, and because it's just slightly off, it looks like it's a mistake. Overall, though, nice upgrades on the logos.
  6. darkpiranha

    AAF Redux

    Atlanta: Big upgrade all around. Only thing bugging me is the different slant angles for the A and the wordmark. if Atlanta Express was flat, no problem, but you have two different angles going. I'd try matching the wordmark to the A's angle. Birmingham: Mostly an upgrade. Agree with the name change and the splash of orange, but the blobby splash isn't the best implementation of it yet. I think you can probably try some sparks instead, or maybe have a glowing orange edge, like a sword has as it's being forged. I also like the suggestion of maybe making the football the head of a hammer. That would provide for great marketing and mascot opportunities. Memphis: Agree with the name swap, but not feeling the new wordmark yet. As stated above, the two different type styles are competing. I'm not getting much of a neon vibe from the Kings part. It's going to be tough to pick one route to go with. The obvious one would be to tie it in with the musical heritage, but then it diminishes all the other ties. You're probably best off just doubling down on pure kingly Kings, and then letting the secondary logos and marketing materials tell the story of all the different meanings "King" has for Memphis. Orlando: Agreed. It's the most ready for primetime.
  7. darkpiranha

    Another Set of Basketball Logos!

    Nice theming between the two, while also giving each their own flavor. Where her crown and head meet up is a bit awkward. Is there a reason why you chose not to have the part in her hair join up enough to at least make it a more natural division between head and crown? I'm guessing that in the non-screened or overlay mode the crown and her skin are more distinctly different.
  8. darkpiranha

    National Hockey Federation

    What does it look like if you flip the lightning bolt. It feels unbalanced right now.
  9. darkpiranha

    National Hockey Federation

    A Roc is a giant bird of prey. How about the Rochester Rocs?
  10. darkpiranha

    MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    Pro-tip (which I'm breaking by posting this response, but I'm doing it anyway!) Rather than revive a dead or dormant thread by commenting on it, send a private message to the creator expressing your excitement about it and wish for it to return.
  11. darkpiranha

    The Battle of Seattle

    Dude... How could you take some already-great logos and make them exponentially better? These are all varying levels of incredible. In awe. The ONLY thing that doesn't connect for me among all of these is the diamond-shaped crossbeam on the Emeralds E. I never not read it as a C with something stuck on it. I don't remember all the iterations of that logo, but what does it look like just making that shape a rectangular-cut extension? But... hat permanently tipped to you, my friend.
  12. darkpiranha

    Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2538 Season

    What's the playoff record of teams that have won triple-digit games in a season? At least recently, it looks like teams that have gone for the record have run out of gas in the playoffs. #sad
  13. Agreed! Got my popcorn ready!
  14. darkpiranha

    Brownies Concept

    LOVE your new football. I'm curious what it would look like with the letters even thicker, like maybe 33% thicker. The main thing you'd lose is the laces being the same width as the two letter edges, but I think it would still work. Not feeling the helmet at all. My brain alternates between seeing two different things. One is a coffee cup, the second is a fruit of some kind, with the b looking like a sad stem and leaf that's fallen over and is drooping on the side now. The football logo is strong, and I'd definitely stick with that.
  15. darkpiranha

    Brownies Concept

    A, with vtgco's suggestion of thickening the letters significantly.