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  1. Agreed. I think you can flip it to better match the original lightning angle and it'll still read as a Blues logo legacy.
  2. 49ers-Cowboys. Penguins-Flyers Cavs-Warriors Arsenal-ManU
  3. Definitely the classic-er Jets logo. The new one is just so bland and static and doesn't foster any sort of emotion or excitement. And that original Jets logo (along with the Nordiques and Whalers logos) are deserving of eventually earning Stanley Cup success. (Sabres and Canucks have at least had their shots in the finals)
  4. I like the overall look of the Sharks, but my first impression is that it's a slug crawling across the logo. Maybe try making the top end of the S a shark's head instead of the backwards fin, and then move the fin to the top left curve of the S, but facing the way it would naturally face.
  5. This series is improbably good. Improbable in that I'd have lost money betting on if these logos could be combined in any interesting way. Favorite series going right now. More please!
  6. Looks great overall! Incredibly dynamic. The only thing I'm still not sold on is the crest. The LA still feels unbalanced and like it's sliding or falling off the rest of the logo! What does it look like when you slant both the letters of LA? Make it basically italic. LA That way, the top of the A is closer to the point of the crest. In fact, I'd try slanting the LA enough to where the top of the A lands where the center point of the crest is.
  7. Agreed with all the comments above. Some really good ideas you've shown so far, but you need to clean up the presentation. It's hard to give good C&C if you don't know whether a problem with a design is at the design stage, or if it's just sloppy work. Great start, though!
  8. team reveal

    Kings looking great. I don't have access to your original look at the moment, but this feels significantly different than what I remember. I recall the Kings being one of the teams I wasn't as sold on as the rest, but you seem to have fixed that with this version!
  9. Nice stuff! I didn't think we needed another crossover hockey league, but I was wrong.
  10. This seems like a fun spark for a concept league. I love the names they came up with for the new states. http://mentalfloss.com/article/58809/us-map-redrawn-50-states-equal-population
  11. Popcorn acquired. Your Cardinals color scheme is what I always thought the NFL Cardinals should have adopted. The yellow really makes everything pop.
  12. team reveal

    Welcome back! Can't wait to see where you take the series this go round. Last time around, it was easily one of the most exciting, creative, and comprehensive series ever presented here.
  13. Easily the best logo swap series I've ever seen. Every one of these is a winner (except Buffalo, but that's only because nothing from Buffalo ever wins)
  14. Updating my logo! I retired from fantasy football in 2012 after a successful 25 year run, but an unexpected opening in the league I founded in 1988 (I've been out of that league since 1994) has lured me out of retirement. So that means the Dark Piranhas are back, and I need to get some merch made before the season starts! And more specifically, that means it's time to update my logo. I've had the current one since 2006 and it's time for a tweak. Here's a pictorial history of my logo from its inception in 1988. While I cringe a little at some of the earlier elements, they are now part of the Dark Piranhas legacy, and while a complete overhaul was an option, tradition wins out, so the new version must pay homage to the history and heritage, no matter how unfortunate some of those earlier choices might have been. A little history to keep in mind before diving too deeply into C&C: Over time, the Dark Piranhas came to represent me in any sports-related endeavor, either fantasy, or coaching little league or playing intramural. While the color scheme has been predominantly silver and black, starting in 2006 blood red was added in various capacities (sometimes a dominant color like in the sample helmet, sometimes only as an accent). The logo itself has evolved from a crude fish-head in 1988, to adding some head spikes and putting it in a roundel in 1990, to a full-body fish with over-exaggerated teeth in 1994, to the sharp, angular style it acquired in 2006. The one consistent element in all iterations has been the pair of gills. The eyes started off a more realistic round before becoming more sharp and angular and basically, the shape of a V, which is what my first name starts with (Victor). In fact, the 2006 version of the logo was reverse-engineered starting with the eye, which was the one element I definitely wanted to keep. I liked the overall look of the 2006 logo, but one consistent problem was my early decision to make the fins and teeth separate elements from the body, almost like paper cutouts. Looks okay in usage or over any color except black or white, which required me to put a stroke on it,but the black stroke didn't work on the body, and a white stroke didn't work on the teetch. Plus those cutout shapes made any stroke look really wonky. It was a mess! The bottom image of the history graphic shows my Oregon-inspired set of helmets and uniforms for 2012 (my retirement season). So here's my first version of the 2016 update: With my latest iteration, I've kept the basic look, but streamlined it and simplified it. First, I reconnected all the fins and added a couple of head spikes back in honor of the 1990 version of the logo. The biggest change I made was making the teeth black. I thought that it would really bug me, but I quickly grew to like it. I also elongated the body a bit and skewed its angle a bit to give it a more aggressive feeling. The three versions above differ only in how the teeth are presented. (A) has them separated as in my 2006 logo. It still allows for a legible stroke. This also allows me to color them white in some usages of the logo, such as over a solid color. (B) has the teeth connected to the 'lips' allowing the entire logo to be self-contained. (C) moves the 'lips' back to where they are more of a suggestion, making the teeth and jaw a more singular silhouette. The bottom graphic just shows how the whole thing looks stroked. I'm more or less happy with it, but I'd very much like to hear any feedback. Of the three versions above, I have a personal preference, but I'll let you guys weigh in. Thanks in advance!