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  1. Buccaneers Concept Revision (Cannon Ball Set Update 5/12/18)

    The shading on the cannonball makes it look too much like a hockey puck at this point.
  2. American Premier League

    Solid stuff. Keep it coming.
  3. Xtreme Football Alliance

    I have to side with @BengalErnst on this one. Anyone that uses any pre-existing NFL, NBA, etc logo in their "concept" is technically taking someone else's hard work and re-purposing it for their own use. I see no difference here so long as credit to the original logos is clearly given (side note: the next time I see the original NFL/NBA/etc logo designer credited in a concept will be the first time). If an original logo's designer objects to this use, then it should be taken down immediately, but if we're only going to allow 100% original designs, then I'll expect to start seeing every design with an official logo in it taken down immediately. As @WideRight stated, the focus of this thread is clearly on uniform design and sports fiction, which Bengal is definitely putting out original concepts. If he was just using existing NFL logos, I don't think anyone would have blinked twice. Let's save the extreme vetting for those users who are just straight up swiping logos and passing them off as their own and not doing anything interesting with those logos on top of that. That said, @BengalErnst just make sure you don't slack off on giving credit where its due, as I'll be the first one to call you out on it. Otherwise, I like what you're doing with these designs. Nice out-of-the-box thinking, and while each uniform design is unique, they definitely all share an aesthetic. You clearly have some ability to use Photoshop. Why not take this opportunity to branch out and at least attempt an original logo. Share it step by step here and ask for help along the way. This is one of the most helpful communities like this I've ever seen, so break out of your comfort zone and make at least one of these logos of your own design. Start with a sketch. Be an inspiration for other designers hesitant to create something original.
  4. NHL Comic Sans Series (Update 5/4)

    O my....
  5. Circular Brackets

    I like the non-faded one. For me, the most dynamic aspect of hockey is the strong color, and the faded one makes the colors more of a hint or afterrhought. The solid color one really reflects the team colors. There's probably a way to incorporate some sort of separation between the circles so that they rounds don't completely bleed one into the other. It doesn't bother me like it is now, but I'd be curious to see it with maybe a slightly darker shade border or something. Also, comparing it to the Conrad's original, while I like the logos on his, I like the curved text on Officeglenn's that follows the angle of the circle rather than everything being upright.
  6. NHL Comic Sans Series (Update 5/4)

    This series is <chef's kiss> perfection. BUT... the actual logo of the Maple Leafs is still too well-designed. If the Comic Sans guy was also designing the logo, wouldn't that also have to be an equally lame execution? Yes, I realize I'm demanding far more work that I don't have to do, but I'm expecting greatness with this thread. Chop chop!
  7. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (Bracket Updated)

    Love it! But this Blues jersey made me nostalgic and sad. Sometimes all it takes is the exact right color combination and distribution of those colors to make me melancholic. This did the trick! I never really loved the old Blues uniform, but I love what you did here. The Blues are one of those teams that have always existed right on the edge of relevance, and their time needs to happen eventually where they win it all. Won't be this year, but this jersey set makes me want to root for them.
  8. Cleveland Indians Rebrand Concepts (Guardians added)

    Napoleons is a great name for a team! Sure, Cleveland (or any major league sized town) would never adopt it, but it's a fun name and inspires an endless amount of ideas and branding/merchandising possibilities.
  9. These are good, and I also have one request. Don't listen to anyone else trying to tell you what your logos should or shouldn't look like. Make the logos whatever you want them to be, which you are doing a great job of so far. Logos made from city initials are only lazy if there is no effort made to make them interesting. Don't worry, you don't have that problem. Should be a fun series to follow as it evolves (hopefully!) in the way you described at the beginning.
  10. ldconcepts' NHL Identity Swap Series (STL/CHI Added)

    Agreed. I'd love to see this implemented.
  11. The Battle of Seattle

    I agree with this. The frog seems like a natural fit for Evergreens. There's no mental disconnect between trees and frogs like there was with emeralds and frogs. Even if you never put a tree anywhere in the branding, if I saw a frog with the word Evergreen, the connection is obvious and solid. Any trees would be gravy. And to further make it a smooth connection, instead of calling the team the EvergreenS, how about just the Seattle Evergreen? That way it implies the trees, but also can evoke the image of an entire forest or environmental concept. Of which, frogs are an even more logical connection.
  12. The Battle of Seattle

    Love everything about it except the EC. The E is coming off more like an F, as stated earlier. I think you're okay with leaving the top of the C as the middle bar of the E, but I'd try just having a full bottom bar on the E extend out from the middle of the C. That way, both letters still share one common element. And I know you've done it with most of your other hockey critters, but the frog is just screaming out to have some sort of skates on. Backtracking a bit, while I like all the elements individually, (emerald, EC, frog), they aren't coalescing together in one solid concept. The Emeralds is a strong name and shape. The frog is a super-strong logo and identity. Maybe let the Battle of Seattle have an extra competitor and split these two up into their own identities.
  13. The Battle of Seattle

    Love the latest combo and agree that the dark jersey needs a dark outline logo with another white outline. For me, this is the optimal combo because seals are grey and water is blue and this combo just feels the most wet and sleek. Plus, the lack of black and orange really distances it from the Sharks. The lack of true green keeps it distanced from the Whalers.
  14. The Battle of Seattle

    I'm torn between the mono teal version (like in the post right above this one, or the black and teal one from a little farther up. One thing I liked in one of your earlier iterations was the grey-green you added. What if there was a little of that on the mono-teal version?