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  1. A's President on AMA just mentioned this about next year... " We have one throwback this year and next year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the club in Oakland we are going to go wild with throwback nights! "
  2. The rule is you have to wear the team color selected by your team, they have to do be a majority of that color. A's are only team to designate white cleats as their color.
  3. and it only happened thanks to the cheapness that was Chris Cohan. Warriors were suppose to change a year earlier. But he didn't want to spend the 500k fee for changing logo. They tried to get league to waive fee since they were forced to drop mascot since OKC stole his name. "Thunder" Warriors even had blowout sale on all the jerseys the season before at the last game because they thought they were changing. Was nice getting jerseys that didn't change the next season for like $5-$15
  4. BP, it's a throwback to old Senators cap.
  5. Midland Rockhounds.. The A's AA affiliate got their rings for their 3rd championship in a row tonight ..
  6. They do have lower leagues. But these were just released so give it time before saying they should be here. Here they are for those interested.
  7. Yea sounds like henry ford health will just be practice facility and according to Conrad jersey will be Ford Cars
  8. you would think more of the ford car, while this is the health care though... their image is
  9. jersey patch for next year? Detroit PistonsVerified account‏@DetroitPistons 4m4 minutes ago Stay tuned at 3 p.m. tomorrow for a partnership announcement with the #Pistons and @HenryFordNews!
  10. "NBA teams will keep half of the money generated by selling sponsorships on jerseys, and that half will be further split in two, with one portion going to the individual team that does the deal and the other going to a revenue-sharing pool. The half that does not go to the teams will be split with the players and will contribute to a rising salary cap."
  11. Yep Warriors switched to white on their own undoing. But when they tried to go back, the NBA declined. With the lax rules on alternate uniforms worn at home now. Today, they may have gotten away with it.
  12. When they did the re-brand they wanted yellow as their home jersey, like they use to have (not to copy the lakers) the league told them no. So since then they have only used the yellow the city throwbacks and the failed sleeve jersey.
  13. Celtics to announce deal with GE to put logos on jerseys
  14. Chris said it will be around beyond this season.