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  1. They scrapped it for some reason. They wore it first game or two and then noticed it wasn't on the road uniform. They returned back home and it was gone from the home uniform also.
  2. Had to be the giant sewn patch that was a completely different color. Jersey bright yellow and patch pale yellow looked bad.
  3. Yea it's real. We heard the Warriors were getting an alt in the new category NBA has where you can have an alt that just has to use current jersey template. Which this does exactly. They dont have the city jerseys this year though.
  4. 2 weeks ago.. all special stuff for the season was. It's all a few pages back.
  5. I agree the thinner line looked better. But it's just a negative correlation of wanting to copy an old logo but at same time not being allowed to. With NBA rule they own old logos and they want only new logos. So it was a chage to make it different.
  6. The A's store did know though? They had a blow out sale on last years BP hat for Black Friday. When asked why only that hat. They said next year BP hat would be all green with elephant. Losing yellow bill. I posted about it many pages back.
  7. @sportslogosnet: Arizona #DBacks will unveil their new uniforms at a press event Thursday, the actual unveiling will take place at 9:30pm ET (7:30pm local)
  8. Not sure if the new batting practice hats have been talked about yet on what actual changes are. But I'm at the coliseum. They have old a's one on sale. They said next year it will still have elephant on it but just will have a green bill instead of yellow.
  9. it's annoying me such a downgrade for a great jersey....
  10. Warriors ring number 2. James Michael McAdoo now has what Steph doesn't. Two championship rings for last season.
  11. Yea it was talked about in a fan focus group not to be mentioned publicly at this point. Someone wrote about it. The team itself asked for them to take it down. Was only meant for the fan focus group to discuss at this stage.
  12. They never had any banners for the first two championships until last year. They only had their 75 championship banner. But when NBA added 3x champions on their jerseys. To not make that confusing they added the first two banners absent of any NA imagery.
  13. Well the BAA I agree with as correct. But just seems weird to change it to saying NBA now. Guess they got tired of answering the question of what that meant.
  14. Warriors raised their new banner.. But my question is. How come they changed the 1946 banner to a league that didn't exist then? Last Year: This Year: