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  1. That's the reason UN-Lincoln has agreed not to have hockey and UN-Omaha discontinued football. No in-state competition for Maverick hockey or Husker football, which are both fiercely competitive in their own right.
  2. Good job keeping the obligatory basketball in the logo. The NBA is really afraid we'll all forget which sport their teams play.
  3. Cleveland Steamers is available.
  4. Since you're putting the Lakers in Utah, you could name the WNBA team the Ladies of the Lake. They could lie about in ponds, distributing magical swords on which we build a faulty system of government.
  5. Reddit ranks their items by upvotes rather than post activity. As such, items that are fresh, hot, new, etc, tend to rise to the top. Discussions that have worn out their welcome sink to the bottom. Plus, there are subreddits (think sub forums) for virtually EVERY topic known to man. Woodworking, beer, history, Star Wars, Bach, organic cotton farming and just about anything you could be interested in. You can subscribe and unsubscribe to subreddits on a whim, so your front page is always customized to your tastes. Think of something like Pandora for your news and interests instead of radio.
  6. Nebraska and Washington (and I think UCLA) have used that tech in that past, although it was a thin mesh cap that could be worn under a helmet, as I recall. Slight improvement to have it embedded in the helmet, but feels like Texas is pulling an Apple move here and just rebranding existing tech to their legions of fan boys. I'm sure it'll be cited as a reason for keeping the peasants at a lower media revenue share in the Bevo Teat Sucker Conference.
  7. It's silly how much some of that stuff costs. Makes me understand (although not condone) why there are so many fakes. Fans just want their team's gear and don't want to be paying $100 for a pair of gym shorts.
  8. I never realized how terrible most of the conference logos are. I don't follow basketball that much, so I'm really only exposed to the FBS conference logos. The MAC is one of the best, IMO, for being a "lesser" conference. Better than the ACC and PAC and on par with the SEC, B1G and XII
  9. I thought Helfrich's motto was "Coattails."
  10. Or "Blame No." Or "One. Make." Literally any other pair of consecutive words would be better.
  11. That slogan reeks of desperation. "We just went 4-8 after making the title game and winning a Heisman only two years ago!!!! What do we do!?!?!?" "I dunno, but we better DO SOMETHING!"
  12. His arms are like four tattoos away from being a black guy.
  13. Or Reds and Redsox. Red's Ox.
  14. This is semi-related, but a lot of colleges have mascots tied to their state's identity. For example, the State of Nebraska is known as the Cornhusker State. Hoosiers, Sooners, Beavers, and a few others are taken from the official state nicknames.