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  1. The only way to make Ball more annoying is to sprinkle in a bit of the human version of a 56k baud modem in a blender, Stephen A. Smith.
  2. He must love his music.
  3. I like the idea. Probably best to keep it confined to certain leagues. Also, consider whether someone drafts a team logo, uniform set, or both. Miami's U logo is iconic. Their current uniforms are a mess.
  4. Most of the teams known for "big splashes" (Oregon) are pretty erratic with their announcements. The traditional teams who typically drop a single alternate (Texas, Notre Dame, etc) each season seem like they unveil during the summer lull leading up to fall camp and the school/conference media days.
  5. I didn't mean Solich (he was a Husker guy first, remember!) but rather the times before Adidas starting royally sh+++g on the face of college football uniform design.
  6. Back before the dark times...
  7. Oh, I'll give you that completely. I just meant the everyday normal uniforms. I don't get bent out of shape for a single alternate game each year. But seeing what they've done to UCLA, among others, makes me concerned in general. It's sad im a way, though, because the QUALITY of the gear is great. I see Nebraska receivers RAVING on social media about the AdiZero cleats and other gear being stupidly light and strong. It's just their design team that needs a slap upside the head.
  8. As a fan of maybe the one P5 team Adidas HASN'T ruined, I don't like their odds. For every Adidas Nebraska set, there are about 17 UCLA all terrain radials.
  9. Ohio has such a great look. Aren't they Russell currently? I think some of the "non designer" brands (ie, not Nike, UA or Adidas) can work really well on simple, classic looks. As in the case of Ohio, if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  10. Some people just want to buy a team jersey for cheap. I get that. It may not be ethical or encouraged, but people also shoplift and pirate movies.
  11. I still want to see them get rid of physical goalposts and use laser beams instead. If the PAT or FG would have hit the uprights, or crosses the plane, it would explode.
  12. Being that this is in the logo subforum, how long until we see Nike Volt/Anthracite pylons, or hydrodipped goalposts?
  13. NASCAR has some inherently fugly design because it's often just a main sponsor's colors/logo and then they just cram as many OTHER sponsor stickers all over the car. It's nigh impossible to have clean, succinct design when you're slapping together random brands like McDonald's, Pfizer, Duracell, UPS and M&Ms.
  14. Wisconsin football looks really sharp. 😉
  15. Oh God, I almost forgot about that game. Thanks for the laugh.