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  1. Thread update to cover general NCAAF offseason news.
  2. pianoknight

    Whatever happened to that "middle bar"-style facemask?

    In the future, football helmets will look like Speed Ski helmets
  3. pianoknight

    2020 Election Logos/Branding Thread

    This campaign brought to you by T-Mobile...
  4. pianoknight

    2020 Election Logos/Branding Thread

    Ojeda's logo looks like a mashup of traditional Hispanic imagery (eagles, etc) and steroid / crossfit / energy drinks, which I'm sure is part of the demographics he's courting.
  5. Those are great helmets. I like the Green Eye of Sauron.
  6. This stripe pattern is atrocious and teams who wear it should be shot dead on sight.
  7. pianoknight

    Football Reclamation Project

    Great work. Anybody know if the Shreveport Steamer ever had plans to relocate to Cleveland?
  8. pianoknight

    College Football Uniforms - 2019

    It's not that they tricked us or lied, it's that they used ultra cheesy marketing speak to explain it. It's like Ford putting a new model of leather bucket seat into next year's Mustangs. And then says, "this leather calls to mind the authentic rippling of the wild Painted Horses' skin as they ran across the American prairies." You know, instead of just saying, "leather seats, with heat and cooling options."
  9. pianoknight

    College Football Uniforms - 2019

    TCU should own Purple & Red. It's such a cool and unique color scheme.
  10. Good point to bring up @dfwabel. It sounds like the idea has support of pretty much all coaches.
  11. I've posted this elsewhere, but think that the only fair way to do this is that referees have to assume Targeting 2 unless it's obviously Targeting 1. That has sort of a guilty-until-innocent vibe to it, but that's basically the current state of targeting calls anyway. If it's awkward and hard to call, T2 and ejection. Just like 2018 and prior. If it's a case where the defender was already moving into position and the ball carrier suddenly ducked or put his helmet first, than reduce it to T1.
  12. I personally think it's a good update. There are many situations where the defender is already mid-tackle and the ball carrier just happens to twist or turn into an awkward position. But there was no malicious intent by the defender. My only concern is allowing referees to judge "intent," so hopefully there will be some accompanying definitions of how to assess the situation. Like a defender launching off their feet, ball carrier is already down by contact, running out of bounds, etc.
  13. Suggestion from @dfwabel to update thread to cover general NCAAF offseason news beyond Targeting. ----------- There's a proposal to update targeting, which modifies the current targeting penalty to a 2-tiered system: Targeting 1 would carry a 15yd penalty, and is not malicious. Targeting 2 is for malicious hits, and carries immediate ejection, plus the 15yd penalty.Insert other media Article also mentions that players who get multiple T2 penalties in a season could face stiffer penalties, which presumably means suspensions or getting benched for multiple games.https://collegefootball.ap.org/huskermax/article/coach-group-wants-ejection-ruled-out-some-targeting-hits
  14. pianoknight

    Stolen Work

    "Support Black Colleges..." by buying my illegally produced merchandise, none of which actually provides any financial benefit to a Historically Black College or University.
  15. pianoknight

    Microsoft Office new icon set for 2018

    Cuz CLOUD. Everything is in the CLOUD* *Actual cloud may vary. Server farm must be located within a strip mall containing at least one Autozone, Great Clips or Papa Murphys.