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  1. That slogan reeks of desperation. "We just went 4-8 after making the title game and winning a Heisman only two years ago!!!! What do we do!?!?!?" "I dunno, but we better DO SOMETHING!"
  2. His arms are like four tattoos away from being a black guy.
  3. Or Reds and Redsox. Red's Ox.
  4. This is semi-related, but a lot of colleges have mascots tied to their state's identity. For example, the State of Nebraska is known as the Cornhusker State. Hoosiers, Sooners, Beavers, and a few others are taken from the official state nicknames.
  5. The one I appreciate is Chicago having both Bears and Cubs. Also, many WNBA teams took their names or colors from their NBA team equivalents.
  6. Yup. Kroger is a classic example. Fry's, Dillions, QFC, Fred Meyer's, Bakers and a half dozen others all have decades (some over 100yr) of history. They'd be stupid to do away with those names. The regional naming allows them to seem local/regional yet still be a massive retail giant. In the case of Hardees/Carls Jr, though, it's a bit odd. Both names are all known nationally, even in markets they don't operate. Just pick a lane.
  7. It's generally an artifact of each brand having its own footprint and customer base. Also, it happens when similarly-sized companies merge instead of one big company gobbling the other up. Personally, I like when they can incorporate branding from both companies. While I despise all things Comcast, their use of the NBC Peacock was a fantastic way to brand the new company.
  8. I can't place why, but the owl's mouth looks off. Something with the negative space and keyline.
  9. As comedian Greg Giraldo might have quipped, "Bill Belichick's soul is so shriveled, black and dead that if you listen closely you can hear it say, 'Whatchu talkin' bout Willis?'"
  10. Steelers helmets.
  11. Same guy must have designed the London 2012 Olympic logo.
  12. The only way to make Ball more annoying is to sprinkle in a bit of the human version of a 56k baud modem in a blender, Stephen A. Smith.
  13. He must love his music.
  14. I like the idea. Probably best to keep it confined to certain leagues. Also, consider whether someone drafts a team logo, uniform set, or both. Miami's U logo is iconic. Their current uniforms are a mess.