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  1. The NCAA should just extend the regular season to 16 games like the NFL.
  2. pianoknight

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Har-bonehead is nothing if not stubborn. Michigan in all white is a far inferior look to the maize pants on the road. But I don't see the Khaki'd Wonder changing his mind on the all-whites.
  3. pianoknight

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Red vs Blue always looks good. Nebraska @ Penn State might be my favorite match up in the Big Ten. Nod to the Huskers over Wisconsin here because we almost always wear the red pants on the road and Wiscy's usually all-white.
  4. pianoknight

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I wish they would. USC-UCLA looks so gorgeous when they do red vs blue. Ohio State and Michigan could do the same thing but with a better shade of blue.
  5. pianoknight

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    After watching the NU-Illinois game, I'm convinced that we should slap the alternate jersey numbers onto the regular set. Alternate Uniforms: Regular Uniforms - Morgan (#8) updated, Williams (#9) unchanged.
  6. pianoknight

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    They should wear those again for the Wisconsin game. The current trophy is Paul Bunyan's Axe, but it used to be the Slab of Bacon.
  7. I REALLY like that wraparound logo on the helmets. It's one of the few times I've seen it where it doesn't look ridiculous.
  8. pianoknight

    NCAAF Playoff - 8 Team Bracket

    I would tend to agree with that, but out of fairness, I think all P5 conferences should play the same number of conference games. 8, 9, 16, whatever. Just make it the same across all five conferences so it's easier to compare apples to apples. For example, the Big Ten has only three non-conference games and the conference has a rule about not scheduling FCS teams. There are some exceptions, as when Nebraska scooped up Bethune-Cookman as a last minute replacement for Akron. But it bugs me when a typical B1G non-con schedule looks something like KState, Tulsa, Cincinnati and the average SEC non-conference schedule looks like Samford, Citadel, Grambling and Florida A&M.
  9. pianoknight

    NCAAF Playoff - 8 Team Bracket

    I believe the ACC moved to 9 games around the time they picked up Pitt and Syracuse to go to 14 teams. Same for the B1G after Maryland and Rutgers joined, although the change took a couple of seasons since schedules were already out. The Pac-10 always played a 9-game round robin, so they just kept it at 9 games when they went to 12 teams, if I recall. I believe the SEC is the only P5 conference playing 8 games. And you're correct about that extra game being basically a cupcake/BYE week.
  10. pianoknight

    NCAAF Playoff - 8 Team Bracket

    The Big Ten plays nine conference games. This year Nebraska plays the 6 other teams in the West division plus Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State from the East. Schedule parity is a hot button issue as the B1G tends to match up their "name brands" more frequently. In other words Nebraska or Wisconsin will play OSU, PSU and UM much more frequently than Northwestern does. Good TV, but makes a meat grinder schedule. Unless you meant the Big XII, which also plays 9 conference games.
  11. pianoknight

    NCAAF Playoff - 8 Team Bracket

    Well, this is in the Concepts forum. And, sure, if a team is ranked #1 overall and loses their conference championship by a fluke, than they should probably get into a playoff. Probably. A plan like this gives P5 teams control of their destiny. You want in? Win your conference. You want a high seed and easier 1st Round game? Win your conference and do it convincingly.
  12. pianoknight

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I liked how NU slapped it on the front of the helmet:
  13. pianoknight

    NCAAF Playoff - 8 Team Bracket

    "The only sure things in life are death and taxes and bracket creep." -Benjamin Frankin NCAAF fans are divided on the issue of expanding the playoffs. While many would like to see expansion, automatic qualifiers and a path for Group of Five teams, there are traditionalists who also argue that expanding a playoff puts less emphasis on the regular season. With those objectives in mind, I set about to build an 8-team playoff model and chart out what it would have looked like over the last several years of college football. This 8-team model is simple: Power 5 Champs get an automatic berth. A sixth slot is reserved for the best Group of 5 Champ and/or Independent team. The final two slots are for at-Large teams. Regarding the location of the games, there are four 1st Round Bowls, two Semi-Final bowls and a Final CFP Championship Game. To accommodate this extra round of games, the CFP Championship Game will remain intact as its own game. The six bowls in the 1st and Semi-Final Rounds will rotate between the NYD6 Bowls currently in place: the Orange, the Fiesta, the Sugar, the Rose, the Peach and the Cotton. In other words, for some years the Rose Bowl might be a 1st Round Bowl and in other years it would be a Semi-Final Bowl. As to the logistics and travel accommodations, deal with it. It's a concept. And truthfully, if a team is expected to be one of the Top 8 football teams in NCCAF, they should be able to swing an extra game or two on the road. If you can't win big on a neutral field, don't play. Finally, the seeding. The 6 Champions (P5 + G5/Indy) are seeded #1-6 based on their CFP ("BCS") rankings. The final two At-Large teams are seeded #7 and #8, again based on their ranking. This can create some interesting scenarios as a highly ranked (but not Conference Champ) team could wind up as the #7 or #8 seed, giving them an immediate match up with #1 or #2. This effectively places more emphasis on winning your division/conference as it's not merely enough to coast into the playoff ahead of a Mountain West champ. You've got to earn that seeding, lest you open up the bracket with a tough game against an Alabama or Ohio State. Here's the sample bracket: Let's look at 2017 to start off. The SEC is a great example of the seeding at work, as #2 Georgia actually won the conference, but #1 Alabama got the 7-seed and a first round game against Oklahoma. Georgia gets the easier path with a start against Wisconsin. Case in point? Win your conference. Also note that UCF is the highest ranked G5/Indy team in play, and because they're sitting at a #6 ranking, they actually move UP a slot over #12 USC. It's middle of the pack shuffling, but UCF gets a first round against Ohio State, forcing USC to play Clemson. Again, this model forces teams to win their conference AND compete for better national rankings. Also, check out Notre Dame and BYU. While they are typically a shoe-in for the best Independent Team, sharing that automatic berth with the G5 does not give them their sweetheart independence deal. Notre Dame was TWICE ranked #11, but were still beat out by #6 UCF and #8 Houston. You could argue that a #11 Notre Dame is stronger than #8 Houston, but it all comes back to rankings. Independent teams will think twice about loading up on cupcakes, or ponder whether joining a conference is a better move. One of the big criticisms of the current 4-team model is that too few teams are represented. With this model - notably the automatic berth for the G5/Indy teams - there are 23 different teams represented (see below) in a five-year span. That's roughly a fifth of FBS. The current 4-team model has only seen 9 different teams represented. By doubling the size of the field, we almost TRIPLE the number of teams playing. Alabama, Auburn, Baylor, Boise State, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia, Houston, Michigan State, Missouri, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon, Penn State, South Carolina, Stanford, TCU, UCF, USC, Washington, Western Michigan, Wisconsin.
  14. pianoknight

    New Travel (Trvl) Channel Logo

    Post of the Month.
  15. pianoknight

    New Logo for Regal Cinema

    The previous (current?) logo looks like a board game to me. All I see is Parcheesi, Trouble, Sorry, etc. with the four-quadrant red, blue, yellow and green. I was glad they're updating it. Until I saw the new one.