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  1. Buc-ees sound like a bunch of litigious nutsacks. Never heard of 'em but if I'm I ever in Texas I'll take my business elsewhere just from this article. Hopefully they don't sue me.
  2. New Best Buy logo

    This font screams Best Western to me. It's not quite exactly the same as the hotel chain, but the font feels overly curvy especially compared to the perfect, sharp angles on the price tag. Plus, I hate how the tops/bottoms of the B are rounded instead of square. That's what makes it feel like Best Western more than anything. I humbly submit that this logo would be 1000x better with a subtle font change. Also added a very slight drop shadow to give some definition, which would likely be a web-only characteristic as drop shadows don't translate well to print media.
  3. 49ers Throw It Back to the 94ers, Unveil Alternate Uniform

    If the NFL thing doesn't pan out, his name automatically qualifies him to be a mob informant or a shill for a labor union.
  4. Considering how long it took them to win a title, maybe they should have worn alts a long time ago.
  5. Non-Referencing of Nickname in logos

    That makes sense. I misunderstood your premise. My point was more along the lines that none of those logos are primary and many are still obtuse. Try explaining why a Sooner is a flag on the side of a wagon. Yeah, I get the claim jumping and homesteaders trying to settle Oklahoma "sooner" than others, but it's still a bit more complex than just a team like Georgia calling themselves the Bulldogs and having an actual Bulldog plus a guy in a Bulldog costume. Put it this way. The SEC can have THREE Tigers and LSU, Mizzou and Auburn can each still distinguish themselves because tigers are very commonly known things. Everyone has their own interpretation and the logo can be a tiger paw (Clemson) without being anything similar to Mike the Tiger or infringing on LSU.
  6. Non-Referencing of Nickname in logos

    This only works when the mascots are simple, readily identifiable and tangible objects. College sports are ripe with more abstract and unique names that are very hard (if not impossible) to make into an easy-to-discern logo. Cornhuskers. Sooners. Hoosiers. Buckeyes. Hokies. Volunteers. Cardinal. Crimson Tide. Etc... You'll never see a logo of a Hoosier and be like, "hey that's a good looking Hoosier," because there is no universal definition of WHAT a Hoosier IS. Compare that to a Bulldog, Tiger or Spartan, which are simple objects even a child can ID.
  7. Scientifically accurate raptors

    I dig it. Needs more purple.
  8. New Best Buy logo

    Oh man, that negative space between the Y and the tag is KILLING me. If they twisted the tag or changed the angle of the Y to make the lines parallel, it would improve this design from "Dumpster Fire" to a passable "Gum Stuck on Your Shoe."
  9. Crosstown Classic Logo Concept

    The font is hard to read for me, mostly because of color choice. The baby blue and white are too close and strain the eyes a bit. I'd suggest swapping one of them for a darker tone, or maybe just adding an extra outline in a darker color between the blue and white to create some space.
  10. Every NCAAF title claimed by Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Penn State, Notre Dame, USC, Michigan or Alabama. 😀
  11. Full list of teams with neon colors?

    This isn't their current set (or name), but it should be.
  12. College Football uniforms- 2018

    Replace the jersey piping with a classic shoulder stripe (only one stripe, to match the pants) and I'm a fan. I actually really liked those pants with the N placed inside the stripe.
  13. Stetson University Unveils New Athletic Logo

    Hey, you guys remember that episode where Michigan State guest starred on Gunsmoke?
  14. Graphics: What if Teams Could Never Change a Logo?

    Bulls look great, lol. Kidding aside, I'm digging the logos for the Cards and Royals. Missouri baseball lookin' retro and sharp.
  15. Seahawks old logo vs new logo

    Unpopular opinion? I like the green vomit jerseys.
  16. Uniform/jersey misunderstandings

    Seawolves looks nothing like the Ducks. And I live in Eugene. That lady must also think all Packers, Athletics, Supersonics and Eskimos logos are Ducks gear, then.
  17. Presenting quite possibly the worst uniform list ever created

    I (more or less) like all of those except the Steelers' Bumble Bees. But even that is cool as a one-off alternate since it pays homage to their history. I realize this is an NFL list, but if you want to talk about some fugly alts go after NCAAF.
  18. College Football uniforms- 2018

    Define "real" university. If Liberty meets NCAA D-I/FBS criteria, then let 'em play. Up until recently Boise State was not much more than a regional trade school and they seem to have had some luck on the football field.
  19. Elephant Logo-Need Feedback

    Amazing update!
  20. Buffalo Bills Mount Rushmore Image

    Agreed. Right now they just look like grayscale cartoons. That's fine if that's the look you're going for, but I'd try to play with the tone and texture a bit to make it look more like stone. Also, Bills' Rushmore, so.... where's The Juice?
  21. Elephant Logo-Need Feedback

    Okay, 5-minute Paint job: First, if you want it to look more fierce, you could drop the pupils in the eyes and make the eyebrows slant inward a bit more. Add more definition of the trunk further up the elephant's face. Right now, his trunk just sort of joins the face in a really vague manner. Put some vertical strokes there and define the trunk more. You could add a few more of those wrinkles, too. Finally, I added the tip of his trunk hanging out to one side. His trunk currently looks REALLY short. Yes, he could be holding it up under his mouth (like when an elephant eats) but it sort of just disappears altogether. Chances are, you'd see a little tip of it sticking to one side or the other. It also adds a little bit of asymmetry to your logo which is NOT a bad thing. Overall, this is a great start!
  22. I had to look both of those organizations up and I've never heard of about 1/3rd of the member schools. I don't doubt your point though. I'm not a hockey fan, so perhaps I need to rephrase. The Big Ten is hockey heaven for major FBS/Power5 teams who also want to play in a conference with basketball, baseball, wrestling, etc... In other words, Wisconsin or Minnesota isn't giving up Big Ten membership any time soon.
  23. Probably similar to the Alabama-UAB situation, although in this case the Mavs wanted to protect their hockey interests, opposed to UAB who just got shut down. In the Alabama case I believe the reagents basically forced the decision on UAB. This one was a bit more mutually beneficial. Nebraska plays in the Big Ten (hockey heaven) and I'm sure they'd love to be able to compete with Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan. That being said, Priority #1 is the protection of Cornhusker football (followed by Ladies' Volleyball) so I can see why they both agreed to the deal. It's a win-win for both schools to safeguard their best sport and not have to compete with each other for recruits.
  24. Las Vegas 51s to Get New Name, New Everything in 2019

    You mean like....