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  1. I'll argue they've fared better in football than Maryland. But at least the Terps brought hoops into the B1G. Rutgers was a money play for sure although their claim to being the birthplace of collegiate football does fit the "legacy" vibe of the Big Ten.
  2. I lost it when he got to Washington.
  3. Fun read. For example, are there more bears (animals) in the world or more Chicago Bears fans? More lions or Lions fans?
  4. The lighting makes that helmet look like Tar Heel blue.
  5. Yuck. I liked the first side until I saw the second side.
  6. Good call. I didn't realize they had those numbers last season.
  7. Curious about the number font. The 52 shown looks like a good blend of modern yet classic, which is a solid look for Rutgers. I just want to make sure the zeroes or fours don't have weird serfis or random slants, etc
  8. The chin strap buckle and the lighting glare cover the lowest serif on the T logo, so at first I thought this was Texas Tech for a half second. And after I got over that shock I realized it looks like a bowling ball.
  9. You mean THE Ohio? Oh wait, those guys aren't the entitled school.
  10. I like the white look for MSU. But I'm a sucker for two tone (technically one color plus white) uniforms. Biased, sure, but my favorite uniforms aside from Nebraska are teams like Penn State, Texas, Oklahoma, the Colts or Jets, etc. Clean and sharp looking every day of the week.
  11. What should they be? The Lakeland Rabbits in Hats? Lakeland Women Sawn In Half?
  12. Still waiting for a complete Shark Jump and NC State to roll out one of these bad boys:
  13. Good example of how the "spirit" or core elements of a team's identity can be slightly modified over time to keep up with new technology, equipment, etc.
  14. I'll take any chance to use this Jamarcus Russell photo. His linemen don't really form a pocket so much as drop into gravitational orbit.
  15. This almost looks like a Senior Bowl where players wear their team jersey/helmet and then generic pants.
  16. Thinking about Woodson in white pants makes me barf in my mouth a little.
  17. Michigan's all whites on the road just look stupid. Screw whatever sense of nostalgia Harbaugh is trying to recreate based on his playing days, the maize pants are VASTLY superior.
  18. Edit - tried replying to the original thread but it kept linking the video from OP's post. Can't seem to delete it from my dialog box on mobile.
  19. Glad they're getting rid of the Crying Ursine. That logo looks like he's yawning tears.
  20. Buffalo?!!? Dear God please tell me we get a Metal Buffaslug. It'll be like a rock version of a Shiny Pokemon.
  21. I hope whomever designed those Circle 7 logos for the ABC affiliates got a hefty royalty check. On mobile so can't post link easily but the ones that look like (7) with a swept seven.
  22. That Ben Franklin one for Philly is great.
  23. That's the reason UN-Lincoln has agreed not to have hockey and UN-Omaha discontinued football. No in-state competition for Maverick hockey or Husker football, which are both fiercely competitive in their own right.