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  1. CrimsonBull9584

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    I don't see a tyrannical owner suing the NFL and trying to move to the fall.
  2. CrimsonBull9584

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    It's professional in the same way the USFL was.
  3. CrimsonBull9584

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    No it is professional football and $15 is a steal for a pro game.
  4. CrimsonBull9584

    Forgotten Rivalries

    Sounds exactly like how the Civil Conflict began.
  5. CrimsonBull9584

    American Patriot League So... this is a joke right? I work in Daytona Beach and I spoke to a guy who works for DME, who runs Daytona Stadium. He told me about this when I was bringing up the AAF in conversation. As soon as he told me I was skeptical since I hadn't heard about it, nor has anyone in the industry that I'm in informed me. So I looked it up and.... this is a joke right? Seriously, everyone involved with this, according to the article is the brother of someone famous from the NFL lol. I mean come on! Also, a rule about not keeling? That is a joke. But what really gets me is that Daytona Stadium is suppose to be a pro stadium. Daytona Stadium has been around since the 70s, barely holds 10,000 people, the locker rooms are half the size of standard FBS or FCS locker rooms and the stadium is in desperate need of repairs. Daytona Stadium, frankly, is a high end high school stadium, has no business being an FCS stadium and never in a million years would I consider it to be a pro football stadium. I don't know what they are selling here, but this league seems like it won't get off the ground at all and if it does, it will not last a full season. I just can't take this league seriously after 1) reading the article 2) going to their website and 3) knowing what I know of Daytona Stadium.
  6. CrimsonBull9584

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    I think Atlanta should go with a gold helmet with a purple facemark. The alternative is to go purple helmets, but I don't see that being a good look. I suppose white could work, but I do see gold as being the logical choice.
  7. CrimsonBull9584

    NCAA Football 14 Teambuilder down

    The Teambuilder page for EA's NCAA Football 14 has been down for over a month now. Several people, on various forums, have stated that they have contacted the EA help desk and have been told two conflicting statements. They have either been told that it will be back up "shortly" or that nothing is currently being done and to check back later. The problem with games that always require you to be online or content that is independent from the game itself, or really any game requiring some form of internet connection will have these problems, when the developers stop caring, you can no longer play the game. I'm really frustrated here because 1) there was no notice that the system was going down, 2) no clear answer as to why it's down or when it will be back up 3) I can't create new teams, and 4) this is our only option. Anyone else use team builder and has anyone else contacted EA regarding this matter? Its been down for about 6 weeks now.
  8. CrimsonBull9584

    Train Themed Team Names

    The APFL was to have a team called the Osaka Express.
  9. CrimsonBull9584

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    I just found this article regarding the military themed names of the Commanders and the Fleet. It's this opening that bothers me: First, it's obvious that the writer does not (or chooses not to) understand what the NA protests are actually about. However, The Western Journal is a conservative publication so that's no real surprise. Second, the implication is that the AAF created these military themed teams as like a counterattack to the NFL? As though the AAF is being more patriotic or trying to gain fans because of this? I don't think that's the reason for the Fleet or Commanders names. But it does worry me if A) this is true on the part of the AAF or B) people actually believe this and start using it as rhetoric against the NFL or other groups. Just seems a little dangerous.
  10. CrimsonBull9584

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    I'm curious on how much advertising CBS will do for this game in the lead up to the Super Bowl and during. CBS would vertically want to advertise the game since they are carrying it, but at what point will they start and to what degree? Are we going to see commercials during CBS NFL games, particularly the playoffs? Will the AAF buy Super Bowl add time? Right now, other than a billboard in Orlando, the AAF marketing is 100% online. CBS and AAF will need to start broadcasting on TV to really get people's attention.
  11. CrimsonBull9584

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    I know this point have been brought up in various ways, but when criticizing/critiquing these names, consider the following: Imagine that the NFL line up for the last 99 seasons has been different than it was. And one day the NFL states that they will expand and they have introduced four new team names that will "represent the city and culture" of their surrounding area. And they are: Green Bay Packers Cleveland Browns New England Patriots Washington Redskins What sort of comments do you think we'd see? "Green Bay's logo is only a 'G'? Fail." "Browns logo is terrible, just a helmet? And named after the guy who founded and coaches the team?" "Why New England? Why not Boston? And for that matter we have a whaling culture here, why not Boston Whalers? These guys don't listen to fan input!" "Redskins have a terrible logo! It should be like a spear or something better." As I see it, the reason we accept the "unusual" NFL team names and logos is because that's how they've always been. We've all grown up with the Packers and we never really questioned it because it's always been there. Had the Atlanta Legends been the team that was introduced in 1966, with Mike Vick jerseys in the '00s, and Super Bowl appearances, we would't think twice about it. And then, the AAF comes out with the "Atlanta Falcons", well everyone would be on this forum saying that Falcons is generic and that they didn't listen to fan input and they failed. There really is no "wrong" team name or logo (excluding the debate on Native American imagery, but thats another dissuasion), it's more about exposure and time. So many pro and college teams have ridiculous names and mascots, but they often get a pass because they've been around so long. We are too quick to judge something new. Are there logos I don't like from the AAF? Yes. But I'm not going to pretend that NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA, or whatever, are any better just because they've been around longer. Let's just calm down, wait for the season to start and then criticize the uniforms. (Which is always fair game)
  12. CrimsonBull9584

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    I'm not really talking about the announcers, I was talking more about the camera crew, tech guys, etc.
  13. CrimsonBull9584

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    True there is no guarantee, but why would CBS pay extra to fly in and out people when you can get the same crew? It would make no sense to film the Super Bowl, fly everyone home and then fly in a new crew six days later. You keep everyone in town and save on those expenses.
  14. CrimsonBull9584

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    I think that the first AAF game will feature the Atlanta Legends at home in Atlanta. This year's Super Bowl is in Atlanta and is being broadcasted by CBS. A week later, CBS will broadcast the first AAF game. Logistically speaking, it makes perfect sense to keep the CBS Super Bowl crew in Atlanta one extra week and have them film the Legends. The CBS Super Bowl crew will be their best crew and you will expect a high quality broadcast or the game, which is exactly what the AAF needs for people to take them seriously as a league. True the Legends are not playing at the dome, but moving the CBS crew across town makes more sense than moving them across the country for the first broadcast. I also kinda think that the Apollos will be the team they play, mainly because of Spurrier's presents in the marketing after the introduction of the league. Given that this league is encouraging betting, I'll bet that is exactly what will happen because it makes the most sense.