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  1. A new Wizards alt?? With no sleeves?? Color me intrigued. Please just be better than Orlando's new stupid alt.
  2. You can vote for Baylor's uniform combo for their first game http://www.baylorbears.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/081816aad.html Option B is obviously the correct answer.
  3. Yikes. Now I think that one is prettyyyyy darn unpopular
  4. Can we try and label all players we add to this? I love sports as much as the next guy, but I'll admit some of these guys aren't instantly recognizable. With that I'll add Shawn Springs. Right team, wrong uniform:
  5. That Magic alt has now taken the title for worst uniform in the NBA.
  6. the number font looks better And #6's hair looks better now I'd say. I'm so-so on the added tats. Will need to see them on the field before I can really give them a fair assessment.
  7. Pudge Rodriguez (although I'll admit that he may have multple "right" uniforms) Juan Gonzalez Josh Hamilton
  8. Agreed. As a WVU fan, this my favorite uniform of ours:
  9. My initial reaction was that the new 4 looked odd: But here's an article as to why it looks the way it does: http://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2016/8/4/12374108/michigan-uniforms-willis-ward-gerald-ford
  10. Looks under the facemask to me, like it's the beginning stages of a horse collar tackle. Regardless, it's a great pic.
  11. that helmet is a 10/10
  12. I don't love the all-white look on the road. Home looks good though, they've improved the maize. EDIT: road should look like this... maize pants and block M on the sleeves:
  13. world series

    Might just be 90's nostalgia but I liked when the World Series logo looked like this: There's too much red and blue these days, it's the championship! Give it some gold!
  14. Looks like he also had the misfortune of catching a nasty stiff arm by Elway. That'd probably be a penalty in today's NFL. Did "hands to the face" exist then? Aw well, I'm sure they'd let John Elway get away with it.
  15. The FBI Building in DC... And also for a campus as beautiful as Georgetown's, they sure do have an ugly library: