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  1. AL Central: None are terrible uniforms, but they seem all pretty dull to me. None jump out to me as a great uniform. NFC West: Rams and Cardinals are both overdone with piping. The 49ers sleeve stripes always look terrible with the ever shrinking jersey templates, and the black alternate is an abomination. The Seahawks probably have the best look in the division.
  2. I'll say again, I think this a terrific jersey. I even like the qwirky number font. My oneeee gripe would be to make the gold look a little more gold, like on the cleats in this pic.
  3. Looks like a campus map to me
  4. USC looks good. I'm not crazy about the funnel look that the collar creates, but overall I'd say they still look as sharp as always.
  5. Way to take the high road. Wouldn't want to hurt any feelings. The internet could use more like you. Welcome aboard.
  6. Milwaukee Brewers. Last night confirmed it: Either commit to the royal blue and ball-in-glove logo or don't San Diego Padres. The All Star break also confirm that the Padres don't know what the hell they want to be. "Navy, yellow, gold, orange, brown: we'll take em all!" - The Padres The Padres are the dork that makes 50+ NCAA Tournament brackets, hoping that just one will be a real winner and sure enough they all end up being duds.
  7. KD in full uniform
  8. 2 thumbs wayyy down on the shticky Stance socks.
  9. Al Horford and Jeff Teague in red, black, and volt:
  10. Possibly unpopular opinion: This uniform is better than what they currently wear.
  11. If I was a Ravens fan, I would cringe looking back at Super Bowl highlights with the nike collar and the all black yoga pants look.
  12. And technically: 2016 Pittsburgh Penguins (all home games)
  13. BUMP 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers (Game 5) And 2015 New York Mets (Game 1) And 2016 New York Mets (Game 5)
  14. The Padres' uniforms today are their best uniforms. Cough no brown cough
  15. Why don't the Cavs just make the blue uniform their official away since they apparently love it so much? Any rumblings on that front?