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  1. Came here to say essentially this exact same thing. Meanwhile, I hate to say it but Dallas looks good. I want to dislike their uniforms so bad but I just can't.
  2. And it's been said before but Michigan needs to bring back maize pants.
  3. I had the same thought. I was the jerk that would make my friends pick a normal combo if they tried too much mismatchy BS. Basically I would have griped hard if one of my buddies picked OSU's combo today in the video game.
  4. WVU going with all-blue vs Oklahoma: Meh. All blue looked better in the Slaton Era: But that could be nostalgia talking.
  5. Lately it seems we only play OU in their ugly alternates blegh maybe they don't take us seriously. BULLETIN BOARD!!!! EDIT: my man Josiah beat me to it. Go Mountaineers
  6. Dear my man, Your fake astonishment bit is not only less original it's also much less funny. Rather than risk going anything close to that route, I instead chose to put my smart ass response in letter form. Hope all is well. Give my best to Beverly (yeah you can give her my best alright yeah yeah *air hump and lip bite*) Okay but for real, be well. God bless. Sincerely, DC in da house w/o a doubt
  7. To me this isn't a good look for Georgia: Too many colors going on, it looks like a hodgepodge of a uniform. If they wanna go black jerseys, they should try it with their rarely used black helmets or break out some red pants
  8. As far as color rush uniforms go, I think the Ravens look good. I like the gold numbers. This jersey might be better than the usual home one. Also I like the pants. Would like to see them with the white jersey or even the black one.
  9. I may be late to this, but are the Nike logos actually going to be on the uniforms? I imagined it was going to be like Adidas where the logos stayed off the on-court uniform. I was pumped that Nike got the NBA deal, but if the logos are going to be that big I have to admit this already feels like a bit of a let down.
  10. Watching WVU play Kansas. And I can't help but think that Kansas would have some great helmets if they went with this logo on both sides: Instead they have the KU on one side, and the giant jayhawk logo on the other. The above with KU on both sides should be their helmet forever. No white helmets, no red helmets, and keep the jayhawk off forever. Between the helmets and the adidas tire tread jerseys, Kansas football has some abysmal uniforms. And the sad thing is they have sooooo much potential uniform wise. They could be great. Instead they look like ass. Both with their play and with their uniforms.
  11. I disagree, I think the older one looks better. Maybe just clean up the wordmarks. The older one had heart. This is how I imagine the new identity being made:
  12. I'd give the nod to the black version, but either are much better than the wacky alternates they've been popping out
  13. Oh god. Navy blue vs royal blue jerseys. I like the Cubs' alts, but not in the World Series. And especially not against a team also wearing a solid color alternate.
  14. Re Michigan State vs Maryland: Maryland is trying sooooooo hard with their all black alts. It'd be kind of cute if it weren't so pathetic. Meanwhile, MSU has their standard away uniforms and they absolutely are blowing the Terps' uni's out of the water. I'll take the simple MSU helmet over MD's bizarre all black chrome flag helmet any day. Im not kidding at all when I say there should be a rule that if you don't win 7 games in the previous season, you aren't allowed any alternate uniforms or helmets. Someone has to take a stand.