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  1. Re Michigan State vs Maryland: Maryland is trying sooooooo hard with their all black alts. It'd be kind of cute if it weren't so pathetic. Meanwhile, MSU has their standard away uniforms and they absolutely are blowing the Terps' uni's out of the water. I'll take the simple MSU helmet over MD's bizarre all black chrome flag helmet any day. Im not kidding at all when I say there should be a rule that if you don't win 7 games in the previous season, you aren't allowed any alternate uniforms or helmets. Someone has to take a stand.
  2. I've seen that noon zinger on Twitter a few times. But it's not like the field gets dark during a night game either
  3. This doesn't get said enough: Boise State's helmets deserve to be executed. They would be abysmal for one game. I can't fathom the thought process behind keeping them for... Idk has it been like 6 years by now? They've had those things forever. Bush might have been President when they first brought em out. Has any human being on the face of the earth ever said that they're good helmets? There's no way right? Any recruit they get isn't coming because of their helmet with the giant chrome bronco logo on one side and the little bitch number font on the other side. They're the worst thing I've seen since 9/11. Ill show myself out
  4. unpopular opinion possibly, but I like this. Especially as a one game alt. I think that logo is awesome. Not crazy about the grey lid, but i can live with it. They at least put an interesting story behind the reason for grey: http://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/look-new-duke-helmets-commemorating-the-1942-rose-bowl-are-making-us-swoon/ FYI, Duke's uniforms for the 1942 Rose Bowl weren't exactly easy on the eyes. I can see why they didn't want to make modern day versions of these:
  5. Elsewhere... Word on the street is that WVU's uniform combo against TCU this weekend will be: Meh
  6. Sparky is a good start, but should have gone full retro. This feels lazy and like whoever came up with the idea to "honor" the '87 team said "eh good enough" Adidas has ravaged ASU's identity just like Katrina ravaged New Orleans.
  7. Wow, I didn't know he was on the Cubs. Long live this thread. Regarding tonight's NLDS... Justin Turner as an Oriole: Rich Hill as a National:
  8. The Mets' white, pinstriped look is among the best in baseball. As for the Giants, I'm pretty meh on their grey uniforms. Hard for me to get worked up one way or the other about them.
  9. And disappointed to see the Orioles in their black alternates. This could have been a great uniform matchup, but alas, here we are with a drab alternate battle
  10. Kicking off the best playoffs in sports (okay maybe that's March Madness, if that counts) with this here thread. Blue Jays going with their alt blues at home. Will they ever wear white or grey if they go deeper? I hope so. The blue is nice, but the grey and white uniforms are top notch. oh, ps, New Era logos are officially here. Boo. Aw well, life will go on. Still sucks though.
  11. nfl

    Can I just take a moment to sing the praises of how great this look was. This look is not only classic-Redskins and the only uniform that should be worn on the road, this is among the best uniforms in all of football. Not only the burgundy pants, but the white socks are back!!! Remember the burgundy pants with burgundy socks look? BLEGH. Just sickening. Also, with the return of the white socks, I wouldn't mind this look again every now and then: Anyways, my point is I'm still beyond ecstatic that they brought back their best look. And then they won! Meaning there's a very good chance we'll see them again! Praise be fellas. Praise be.
  12. nfl

    Redskins are going with their classic look today for the first time in years: white jersey, burgundy pants, and white socks
  13. Fingers crossed that those Miami jerseys are legit. They should keep those forever
  14. What's going on with the Oregon shoulders?? I assume that's just random design and not wings? Oregon is trying too hard these days. Seems their uniforms peaked in the LaMichael James Era and have gone down ever since
  15. Color Rush without color vs color seems dumb to me. I would have had the Jets in all green last night. The color blind folk of the world can listen on the radio.