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  1. Our font is still much worse than Arizona's. No one can out suck WVU's numbers.
  2. I'm assuming both are real and the Hornets one is a throwback and the Nets one is an alternate. Hornets look good. I hope Jordan brand ends up getting the ad space for the Hornets. TWO jumpman logos. Embrace the ridiculousness that is coming to the NBA.
  3. The socks don't even look like socks they look satin pants
  4. The shark coming out of the SJ looks like a Pokemon. That thing is trying way too hard to be cool.
  5. Empty chest = room for ads
  6. The Wild look good. One of the few positives I can find from tonight.
  7. The Capitals look SO bad.
  8. Caps look so out of date. I guess you can't mess with the look that has secured THREE Presidents Trophy banners!!! Hell yeah!!!
  9. The Blues' clean, simple, and classically styled jerseys are fine. Nashville's are poo.
  10. Nashville's leak is pretty underwhelming. I'm starting to think tonight is gonna be a dud. There I said it.
  11. this and RALEIGH have 2 more Stanley Cup banners than the Caps have
  12. Every ad is laaaaaameeeeee there is no salvaging any of these.
  13. 8 pm Eastern 5 pm Pacific
  14. And hey god bless the Caps but can we please get some new uniforms tonight?? The Atlanta Falcon wannabee sleeve stripes can see the door. Give me some horizontal stripes damn it! *pounds on table again* Maybe an updated yolk-less version of these?
  15. Yeah but Alberta's clashes so badly with their identity that it truly tarnishes their look. Tell you what, honor the flag by hanging it up in the arena next to the Canadian flag. Bring back the flaming horse head *pounds on table*