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  1. Looks like this came out a few months ago, but it slipped by me. Perhaps it slipped by others. What do yall think about the 2018 Final Four logo? I gotta say I think it looks sharp
  2. They've tinkered the away/alternate uniforms into mediocrity, but Oakland's home uniform is still one of my favorites: Other good ones:
  3. Regardless of the colors, please just fix the damn nike collar already
  4. I'm disappointed to see the Rams moving towards navy and white. It is a clean look and I would agree it may better than what they have now, but I was rooting for a return to royal blue and gold (yellow). To me, this is the Rams. Especially the LA Rams
  5. I noticed that the Pelicans' dopey Marti Gras uniforms have re-colored logos on them. These are not on the mother ship but perhaps they should be
  6. More shots from Spring Training RA Dickey, Brandon Phillips - Braves: Matt Holliday - Yankees:
  7. Baseball is back. Here are a few early PITWU from Spring Training photo shoots. Clay Buckholtz and Howie Kendrick - Phillies: Dexter Fowler - Cardinals:
  8. Promo shots have that gold jersey being paired with navy pants providing a very softball look: Here's a ton of jerseys/gear for WVU baseball:
  9. These look good, but I'd say there's too much red. To me Kansas is blue first. )That game still stings)
  10. They might as well have. They used to have my favorite identity in the NBA when I was a kid. The trees surrounding the court and on their uniforms, I loved it. Their uniforms were beautiful in the KG era. And the team was actually pretty good! Even their original identity when they joined the league was great. But since then... oh man, it's all been just atrocious. It irks me and breaks the middle schooler in me's heart. Minnesota, you keep searching for something great when you already had it all along: Look at this wood! Look at the trees! It's glorious.
  11. Lime green for Minnesota sounds stupid. Yeah I said it. Atlanta already beat you to the neon punch, it's over you lost. Stick with kelly green as your accent color, you're going to end up switching back to it anyways once neon/lime green goes the way of teal. God what a pathetic franchise. Everything has gone rapidly downhill since they shipped KG to Boston. The uniforms have been abysmal, the play on the court is a joke -- speaking of the court, that's ugly as hell too. I have no doubt in my mind that their new uniforms/court/identity will look terrible also. And once Towns is playing in Chicago and Wiggins is in Houston, maybe their games can finally blossom to their true potential.
  12. It's 2017, we can't find some non-slippery decals?
  13. Didn't you ever see the word "drawer" written tho? Especially the lawyer, I'm sure drawer has appeared in case studies that they've read. "The bloody knife was stashed in a sock in the drawer." something like that. I'm surprised to hear all this, but it is interesting.
  14. Just curious, does anyone else pronounce crayon as "crown"? I do. I've gotten a lot of s for it. I've been bullied into just quietly muttering it whenever the rare occasion happens where crayons are brought up. I guess it's kinda low brow, but it's just always what I've called them. Hah, low brow makes me think of: "oh yeah???" and "come here a minute". Hey, happy Friday guys.
  15. Re the potential new Suns logo on the last page: I like the logo better with yellow but hey that's just me