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  1. oneblankcanvas

    Chalkboard Football

    Anyone know where I could find an eps file with the X's and O's used to show plays... aka chalkboard football playbook??
  2. oneblankcanvas

    EBA - Elite Basketball Alliance

    Man... This series of logos for your league is EPIC!!! Too many good ones for me to choose a favorite. Right up there with Fraser Davidson for me as one to watch on this board. I can see why you didn't post for a while... you were quite busy! Right now I'm currently working on creating logos and uniforms for the fantasy football league that I am in and I see I am gonna have to work at this cuz you sent the bar high! Just one question for ya, what was the typeface you set the Empire State Monarchs logo in? And thanks for the inspiration!
  3. Trying to design a logo for my first Fantasy Football Team

  4. oneblankcanvas

    Go To Fonts...

    Ok, Yes. I agree with you that you shouldn't have go to fonts... (and no I do not) but Andrew went in the right direction as to where I was going with the Massimo Vignelli statement from Helvetica. His work was in no way bland or stale and he used a VERY select handful of typefaces in his work. So thanks Andrew for playing Devil's Advocate and humoring me!
  5. oneblankcanvas

    Go To Fonts...

    I know as a designer there are MANY fonts out there. Some good, some bad, and some just plain ugly (I'm talking to you Papyrus and Comic Sans). But when designing it's said that you go to fonts that you use a lot in your designs. So you have a quiver of top fonts. You may want 5000 fonts, but how many do you really use?? What are some of the first fonts you check out to work with your design when designing sports logos?
  6. oneblankcanvas

    ECHL Redesign

    I really like the Aces logo... Nice job on the type also. I'm wondering what you used for the font, do you start with a basic font in Illustrator and then start tweaking it by adding shapes and such?? I'd love to know what font that was, I have done a bit of design, but never many logos, so this is a new & fun experience for me to get into this new area of design!
  7. oneblankcanvas

    <:: Frostbite Jersey ::>

    Hey I'm new here, but I love the Toronto Maple Leafs home jersey. The logo reminds me of a character from an old SEGA game, ClayFighter (Anybody remember that game?) Great job, I'd definitely rock that jersey!