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  1. NHL Brights Series

    Those Coyotes jerseys are incredible. I love that logo and the colour scheme.
  2. Quidditch logo: Fire Badgers

    Never seen the movies, but this logo is pretty great. Colours make me think it's a monkey or a mongoose more than a badger though. Maybe try adding the distinctive markings a badger has.
  3. Roller Hockey International Redesign: Buffalo Wings

    I think the logo is great, but I'm not sold on the font or the way it fits the interior of the pterodactyl. Maybe try contouring the flat part of the W into a point and giving the I and the back of the N points as well.
  4. Rockford Blackhawks

    My suggestion would be to look at the design style of the Blackhawks logo and apply the shading techniques used within it. It's one of the best logos in all of sports for its simplicity and this logo is a decent start, but can be greatly improved upon.
  5. Designer needed for athletic apparel company

    I'd like to throw my hat in the ring as well. You can view my portfolio at http://behance.net/sm-arts or email me at contact@scotmccormack.net
  6. MLS Logo Concept

  7. Canadian National League - TORONTO pt.1

    I'm from Ottawa and I can guarantee no self respecting sports team here would wear blue and white.
  8. CCSLC Loveline

    Well that seemed to work. She opened up and seems legitimately interested in hanging out and seeing where things go from there. I'm going to leave the ball in her court, let her make the next move and set up a time to meet. In the mean time I'm seeing another girl tomorrow and talking to another couple girls getting to the point where I'm going to hit them up for their numbers to take things to the next level.
  9. CCSLC Loveline

    Oh, I definitely agree. I'm seeing/talking other people, but I've met her already and we got along, so it's a bit different. Just sent her this: "Not really sure where your head is at with us dating, just wondering if you see things between us going anywhere."
  10. CCSLC Loveline

    Ok, so I talked to her this weekend and we chatted, but she seemed busy (coaches alpine skiing and hockey to 4-6 yrs olds, adorable ya I know). So I gathered a bit of info from dating her before and over the weekend, so let's look at the facts: A- She meets guy(s) on dating sites and initially wants something casual (with me anyway), which turns into something sexual, which only translates into fooling around in the shower cause it's that time of week. Either she planned it that way to see what I would do or she has horrible scheduling skills. Maybe hoping by staying casual that it'll be an easy break off if her ex becomes available (I admit, I thought the worst with that one). B- She works as a physiologist in a clinic with mostly older people and immigrants out of her age and interest range. Isn't permitted to date at work anyway due to clinic rules. C- Goes back to her ex, when things between us get too busy, yet even while she's with him is messaging me to hang out. Could be a indication that she's a commitment phobe/unsure what she wants or is testing my level of interest/chase. Could also be an indication of small social circle/unable to meet guys she's interest in, so she goes back with her ex. D- I call her out on the boyfriend situation, she says it's serious, although they've only been going out for a couple weeks (I believe that even if you've been with someone before, relationships reset, especially if there's substantial time between). E- She asks for a break from communication for two weeks (assumingly to allow feelings I have for her to go from attraction to friendship), meanwhile is in the process of getting dumped. F- Randomly notice she's back on said dating site, listed as single, looking for a relationship instead of just something casual as per our initial meetings. I have a theory on this; during the summer I wanted to meet different people, find out what I like and who I'm interest in, so I date casually. As the fall approaches, I'm in more of a frame of mind to do couply things. G- Sometimes takes a while to text back. Could be busy, but responds with one word answers very occasionally. Mostly replies back with detailed answers and asks questions, showing interest. Is very shy and initially had issues with divulging personal details due to some guy she was seeing a year ago who randomly showed up to where she was coaching (creepy). H- Suggested watching a movie at my place when we initially hooked up (which I took as a green light for something physical). Has periodically suggested this over the past few weeks as well. Agreed to go on a date for drinks or whatever when I asked her out last week upon learning she was single again. I - Has a really perverse sense of humour (which I love), for instance she sent me this on my birthday: J- Pros vs cons. Likes Star Wars (I grew up on that), but also likes the Red Wings (I'm a Sens fan, so she's been bugging me in a fun way about Alfredsson). Summary, she doesn't have a huge pool of people to date, goes back to her ex when things between us (and whoever else she was seeing cool off). Seems to act interest when I don't talk to her for a few days/am talking with other girls. Alright, I could go on, but I think that's probably enough to gauge interest.
  11. CCSLC Loveline

    Wasn't stalking her, I've been sick with that bug that's going around and hadn't checked my messages, when her picture popped up. I did ask her out, she said "sure". I'm wondering if should ask over to my place to watch a movie and maker her dinner, since she had suggested that before all that boyfriend stuff or just be casual and go for coffee or beers.
  12. Teams wearing two uniforms at once

    the backwards nike logo always stood out to me. nearly every player had them backwards I don't follow college football, so this might be obvious, but why is the Yellow Jackets wordmark blacked out? Edit: I'm lazy too apparently, didn't see the link.
  13. 4 New* NHL Teams that SHOULD be...

    Excellent job on the jerseys. That home is what the Senators should've gone with for the heritage.