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  1. Oh right, that third jersey. Well, I stand corrected. 2/4
  2. Might as well throw these in - they're certainly forgotten by the team, even if we keep digging them up
  3. It's hockey's version of BFBS. It once had a real meaning, until it got applied to everything. The term came to full-blows a few years ago, Obviously it was coming up before that - I remember the Lightning and Stars bearing the brunt of it, with the Panthers getting some backlash. The Tampa Bay/Toronto connections were too obvious, and too much. In their case, looking VERY CLOSE to Toronto, they might qualify for O6 Dress Up. Then it suddenly started being attached to anyone who didn't wear crazy-RBK stripes and looked remotely traditional. You might be new to the term, but I really think it's lost all meaning as every team gets accused of it sooner or later around here. Is there a difference between respectable and plain? Of course. Doesn't mean that a plain hockey team can't look good. Oh, and I actually don't mind Nashville's piping...until it reaches the blue stripes. It shouldn't overlap them to the bottom, it should end there. I think it almost looks odd without it.
  4. Can we please put this term to bed? It's officially lost all meaning. Everyone has been accused of it, none of them are really doing it. Let's call it what it really is - looking like a respectable hockey team.
  5. I can't find it anywhere, but I can find some of the news articles associated with it. Maybe you guys can track it down. In 2007, before the Edge jerseys were unveiled, Nashville tried a practice with the new jerseys, when they were still super form fitting. There's a photo out there somewhere, with four Preds players in white Edge jerseys, skin tight, while their regular old hockey pants were massive in comparison. The first ideas were truly goofy, and I wish i tucked that photo away somewhere, but I guess not. Anyone else remember this?
  6. This is totally random, but the OC on the Ducks jerseys looks a little bit like a duck. The O being the head and the C being an open bill. I'm sure that wasn't intentional, and it's not incorrect, but now that I've seen it, I wonder if there's a concept idea there.
  7. Your Ducks one is amazing. The organization of the stripes is perfect, and I like the decision to have straight stripes on the sleeves. I don't think I've seen anybody do the stripes where the logo overlaps it. I think that's going to garner some complaints, but I don't mind it. It's bold. Bold enough to work imo. With the Pens, you have too many bumper stickers. I think you've done this with every iteration of this hand-drawn series, trying to combine every era you can into one set. It's just too much. The triangular yoke cutting into the sleeves where it meets stripes then cuffs? And the alt is super busy, made moreso than previous versions with the diamond-plate. I think you need to go back to the drawing board on the Penguins and focus on one major element - 90s yokes or 80s looks, and maybe put the other one into the third jersey. Maybe some food for thought - those triangular yokes were gold for the Golden Triangle of Pittsburgh. They're never any other color. If you can't have a gold yoke, then don't go triangular. The rest of the sets are amazing, as usual. Nashville is perfection, big original Canucks vibe (like, 1970, not the version that is usually used as a throwback) and it's excellent. I think you're trying to do too much with Pittsburgh.
  8. That looks so much better. Just much more natural in general. Personally, I like the blue-heavy B.
  9. why does the logo have to be changed for the blue jersey? Oh sure, the outlines blend in with the jersey color, but that makes way more sense than red shadow and a red body on the eagle.
  10. B looks classic, C looks badass. Take that for what you will. If every other country is going to be red and black, use B. If there are more red/white teams, use C. Context might help you on this one.
  11. It makes an excellent baseball logo. I just don't like it as much on a sweater. For a team that has a dynamic, movement-centric name and has had a dynamic movement-focused logo, a change to something as static as a mountain misses the point.
  12. On this board, it's going to literally be "all of them". So let's just wrap it up now, it's ALL OF THEM.
  13. This is such a perfect opportunity to do the 1977 Kenner Star Wars Figure Box again Kenner couldn't have the figures ready in time for Christmas, so they sold an empty display box, and not only is it super freaking valuable today, it's one of the strangest stories in marketing history Golden Knights placeholder box
  14. I don't think I ever realized it, but I hate every logo mentioned here except that old Packers logo, which I think gets a pass because it's so old and I never think of it as a primary. I like logos that include the sport, but I hate logos that show the sport and NOT the nickname. I find it lazy and an example of a bad nickname - if you can't display it in any way, maybe it shouldn't be your nickname. I learned something about myself. Cool.
  15. Yeah, I know it's a throwback, so they went for historical accuracy - which is the right thing to do for a third jersey. But if they were going to promote it, they need to change the numbers to white. I thought I was the only one who was having these issues.