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  1. The third is perfect, even if a white triangle loses the whole meaning of Pittsburgh's "Golden Triangle". I would toy with leaving it a gold triangle with a black outline, which might work, it might not. The home and road are an interesting mixture, and one I can't believe I haven't seen before. I think on the player mockups, the side panels go too high. They look like the Ducks' side panels that go into the armpit, but on the flat concept they are much lower, like the 2000s-era jerseys were. Maybe this is because those panels are too high, but I think perhaps the sleeve stripes should angle downward, like those 2000s-era jerseys had, to create an up-and-down flow. Having the modern panels with traditional sleeve stripes seems odd, combining the two ideas might make it that much better. Also, I think you should make a blue/white and maybe navy version of your third jersey for special events.
  2. Oh's perfect.
  3. I feel that all of these would look great with Zubaz, which should tell you how awesomely 90s these are. Great work on those last two especially, there's a scary realism to both of them - those totally could have happened
  4. It's a shame that people scream ignorance the loudest. Gotcha. Great series, I'm glad at least you paid attention to such little details, even if the masses scream them down.
  5. I thought you changed the Canadiens logo from an H to an F, Club de Football Canadien.
  6. Didn't North Dakota do that?
  7. Yeah, it's an opt out. A whole "Just kidding!" rip-cord that they can pull and say it was all just experimenting with the brand without throwing it all away. Honestly, I think it's a pretty solid idea in most cases.
  8. As much as I like the Pilots idea, with Flyers and Jets, it seems like aviation is a bit packed in the NHL. Let's get a Navy theme going, build on that, and have it be something better than Ice Breakerz. I think there's something to a submarine theme. Unsung heroes, tough people, impressive job, good iconography...should be easy. But I don't think I've seen more than a minor league baseball team in Connecticut. Really needs to be explored more.
  9. All I'm saying is that we live in a world where this actually happened: If someone can find a way to be offended, they will, and these public franchises want to avoid that as much as possible.
  10. Holy crap this is making the rounds. Uni-Watch shared NFL Memes post on facebook which links to Dailysnark Which cites Fox Sports which includes proper citation and a link to the originals You're going viral, and that's amazing. Finally a good series makes the rounds (I still say too good a series, Buffalo without random terrible silver piping everywhere looks too good, but clearly you've done the right thing by fixing all these teams). Kudos, man. Kudos.
  11. I'm not really sure how you split up my quote so well, so I'm foregoing that. -A 3 decade interregnum is not the century we're talking about in Seattle. There's nobody around to remember it. There's no nostalgia. Nostalgia is such a huge sell right now, and they might try to play on that, but nobody remembers this team to have warm memories. The NHL is better off crafting a new brand, and I think they know that. -But it wasn't NHL history, either. And it was before the NHL really started. I think between the two, it was left out of most hockey history books whereas the Senators were a tremendous chapter in early hockey history (built on the talent of the Silver Seven, but I digress). Ottawa was kept in the memories of the league all this time, the fact that they ever folded was considered a shame. I don't think the Seattle Metropolitans have any of that working for them, first Cup or not. Have an S logo, put a banner in the rafters, and call it a day. -My point with the genericness is not that generic names don't happen, of course they do, but does the nostalgia exist to bring such generic names BACK? I think Ottawa had a civic pride thing with the Senators, and though the Jets aren't all that unique, they were so recent that nostalgia overruled other options - it was Jets or else. -Look, with Metros, all I'm saying is that it's 2017, and it wasn't that long ago that a high school decided against the name Cougars because of the name's association with older women preying on young men. I wish I made that up. Seriously. One person in a focus group gets it thrown out early, or petitions spring up when it's announced...look at all the BS around Golden Knights, there will be some kind of bad press no matter what. I think the NHL would want to avoid anything bad. -You've taken the opposite end of the spectrum with the modern name, and I grant you, that's far worse. But think of something like Maple Leafs. Could that EVER happen today if the Toronto team never used it? If there wasn't an acceptability to it through age, would people be excited about Leafs? And that whole plural issue, Leafs vs Leaves. I just don't think it would be acceptable in our world with excessive sports branding and identity narratives and merchandising. It's a long, unwieldy name that needs to be abbreviated right out of the gate - and I don't think that works well today. -Local junior teams, at least the ones I've worked with, don't know crap about branding. If things like this are still happening, then I wouldn't trust them as a barometer for anything Sorry to write a book. Really, it's just a series of opinions, and it's not like the decision is made over whose side has better reasoning. I just don't think the name is a lock like you do.
  12. I don't think Metropolitans will happen for many reasons: It hasn't been used in nearly a century (Ottawa always had minor league teams named the Senators wearing barberpoles, or at least red/white/black) The original team is a trivia question (not the mythic history of the four? Cups Ottawa won in the NHL) Senators is more specific than Metropolitans (Senators in the Capital, Ottawa. Every city is a Metropolitan area) I can't imagine the New York Mets not wanting a say in this (even if Mets is no longer short for Metropolitans, it's close enough) the NHL has a Metropolitan Division, and wouldn't that be confusing? Metros has new meanings now, and I can't imagine the NHL wants to risk offending people, even if it's innocent It's not a catchy sports name. That stuff worked a century ago and is charming now, you can't just create that now. And I think Totems has the same potential to offend. In the same era as the Redskins and Chief Wahoo cling on for dear life, why would anyone risk testing those waters now?
  13. *facepalm* Because Seattle would have both the Mariners and Sub-Mariners
  14. Clearly the joke went over your head (or perhaps, below the waves), considering that Seattle already has this team:
  15. I want Seattle to have a hockey team based around a Submarine/Navy theme, with the Seahawks colors, logo of a sub breaking through the ice And call them... The Seattle Submariners