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  1. Do we know what Edmonton's white jersey looks like? I could see some changes happening there.
  2. Let's not get hasty. Everyone had to complain until they backed off. Never forget 2007
  3. Well good work, you've all crashed it, I get 502 Bad Gateway.
  4. They're exactly the same, why buy a new one?
  5. Why??? It's no different than the last version, which also sucks.
  6. Freaking Minnesota! You've never screwed things up like this! Just make it a hemline stripe, why is that so freaking hard???
  7. I like the pattern in the gold, wonder how that will actually translate. But I immediately get the sense that they're very...German.
  8. That collar is three levels of absolute GARBAGE! Wow!
  9. Told ya that they went with the Rockies, but man, the rest of it is really stretching for a meaning, and all of it is garbage.
  10. I was genuinely hoping they'd treat red like the Wild (with their green and new white) and Jets and mostly leave it out, but meh, alright.
  11. This hit facebook
  12. I believe that issue was settled in 1980
  13. So many teams who had a chance to fix things... Ottawa Columbus Calgary San Jose Vancouver Washington Phoenix and then the downgrades... Edmonton Nashville Then the total losers: New Jersey
  14. OR are they doing this equal-striping-sized-goodness? It IS their heritage, and the Colorado Rockies seem to be so popular right now.
  15. So Vegas is going to look like this, but with red at the bottom instead?