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    nvm, saw punches post. I think he wants to make himself seem like some sort of intellectual as opposed to some crazy ultra old school egomaniac. Do you even read UniWatch?
  2. HBO green lights Aaron Sorkin "Cable news drama" series

    Fixed. I never caught Sports Night, which I regret, and when I did watch West Wing I enjoyed it. Studio 60 I never saw and based on how long it lasted I'm sure that's a good thing.
  3. Entire KHL team killed in plane crash

    Yep, as I said earlier, the Yak-42 is prohibited from flying through most of the European Community because of those safety issues. However, Belarus is not part of the no-fly zone so they were able to get away with it. This never should have happened.
  4. Entire KHL team killed in plane crash

    Well, that all is very true, but no form of travel is 100% safe and you won't see an NBA or NFL team flying on a plane that is prohibited from flying through most of the EU because of safety problems.

  6. All-Sports Championship Signature Images

    Could I have the other conference/league championships for my pro teams?
  7. USC Pro Combat Concept

    They've won eleven national titles dating back to 1928.
  8. USC Pro Combat Concept

    Same here. I don't mind the BFBS since it's not a real uniform, and it's an extremely good concept.
  9. Division 1 College Conference Realignment

    But they're not. Nebraska withdrew from the AAU.
  10. USC Pro Combat Concept

    As I said, I'd like to see a version with a white jersey and pants. It'd be just as out there as what you've done.
  11. WWE Night of Champions 2011

    Was there ever confirmation that Danielson was actually fired? I've read plenty of sources that say WWE let him do the indy bookings to reinforce the angle. At the same time, I take those sources with a grain of salt since Vince hates the indies and I doubt he'd let even a lowly (at the time) member of the roster have anything to do with them while employed with WWE.
  12. WWE Night of Champions 2011

    They never put a fake "typical future endeavour announcement" on their website before. If this one's fake, it will be their first. Did they do one with Danielson?

    The problem is that if you keep doing it, after a while more and more people will react the same way:
  14. USC Pro Combat Concept

    Disregarding the BFBS, it is a solid concept. The helmet idea is excellent and I like the design on the compression sleeves. Two things I'd try: put the "SC" logo on the helmet and also do a white jersey/white pants version. I feel like cardinal/white/white is something USC's more likely to do, despite black already being used by their basketball team.

    I don't think there's a case here. Not like the Maryland state flag was the Roller Girls' idea... The flag is in the public domain anyway, so any court case would get thrown out immediately.