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  1. I really like the blue/green one and the last one. I can't help but want to fiddle with this, take out the right wing and try to adjust the wordmark to fill the space. The perspective of the wings to the bird head is throwing me off.
  2. I like the logo. Love the Brooklyn script. Iffy on the wordmark above the crest.
  3. ...and the fact that they play in the FedEx Forum. lol. Ain't I a stinker? I was trying to go for a tattered/torn wordmark that was still pretty legible without seeming too gimicky. Their current wordmark to me is the one element in their branding that doesn't seem to fit the rest.
  4. Your work here is good; however the Lakers are in Los Angeles where there aren't nearly as many lakes as there are in Minnesota. So, this is one of those situations where we probably shouldn't get too literal with a logo. Call them the "Lakers" but give them an "L.A." logo. There are more lakes in LA than there are raptors in Toronto, or grizzly bears in Memphis. I also speculate that there aren't many actual wizards in Washington. Adding two lines and two birds isn't all THAT literal. lol.
  5. Memphis Grizzlies: What Can Brown Do For You? A little busy this past week. This is more of a revision, than a redo. I like many of the elements of the Grizzlies brand, but I felt some tweaks were in order. First of all, this is a perfect excuse to get rid of another blue-centric color scheme. Brown, tan and gold is a completely unique look in the NBA. Secondly, I reshaped the logo to make it less cutesy, heart-shaped carebear like. A subtle change to make it a little more "mature." Finally I gave it pupils to give it a little more menacing stare. Uniforms to follow. (Comparison to show the subtle changes)
  6. I really don't want to hijack your thread. This is your concept and it is rude of me to add my own work to it, but here is a quick example of trying to make all of the elements that you want to convey really stand out. Each letter is clearly visible. The bee hive is not an accurate representation of what a real hive looks like, but the basic structure is there. People would identify it as such. This would be my starting point. Then I would play with line widths, possible perspective or skewing to give it some depth. If you want to focus on the bee hive, you really need to nail down the shape and work from there. Look at other artwork for inspiration.
  7. It's generally frowned upon, I guess. It wasn't my doing, you would have to ask the moderators. Another thing that is a frowned upon is taking other's work and slapping it on as your own. Especially without giving credit. Which is why I questioned the bee art. Just some friendly advice. As far as the concept goes...The S-hive logo has some potential. It is a much better direction than before. It still needs to be refined a lot. The C gets completely lost and the overall shape of the hive isn't very pleasing. I think a hexagon C would be more dynamic, or a cluster of hexagons. Another idea would be to not go as literal. Try an egg shape, with black and yellow alternative lines through it. If done right, people will understand what it represents, and it will look more crisp. The key is to have the linework really compliment each other.
  8. So, where did you lift the bee art?
  9. Solid work, but the name implies something else for me. To me it conveys a athlete, or team, that will never been top-tier or elite. Hard to root for that, lol. Los Altos Gatekeepers: We are just ok!
  10. Well, in researching Baltimore clipper ships, the San Diego logo represented the first three sails only. I think it was a bit more clever than many of us give it credit for. There are a lot of different versions with different sail configurations. I still don't think I have it right. I want to create something that is simple, but dynamic. I'm afraid if I try to go more for accuracy, it will either look super busy, or randomly haphazard shapes.
  11. One of the main reasons why I prefer the ship, as opposed to the anchor in the crest, is the color composition and weight. With the anchor, the red is primarily as the base of the crest. I never liked having "CLIPPERS" in white, but there is really no other choice with that anchor. It's just not a good balance to me. What made me initially choose the anchor over attempting the ship is the simplicity. I do miss that, but I really really like the balance of the ship logo. It also allowed my to do my secondary logo, which I love, without seeming redundant.
  12. Well, I am toying with this for the secondary..
  13. annnd because it's not really a clipper ship without a boatload of sails. Which makes the ball lines in the sun out of the question.
  14. Soo...I just can't leave things alone. My original idea was to create a logo with an actual clipper ship. Then I realized how complicated they actually look, and while I think the Tampa Bay Bucs do a pretty good job with their pirate ship, it still seems pretty busy. Too busy for what I had in mind. I got the inspiration bug to take another crack at it. Still aiming to keep it pretty simple. Let me know what you think. In an effort to keep the colors down to four, I ditched the cyan and kept the light cyan.
  15. It looks better, but what would really tie it together is if the grey in the logo was the same lighter blue. Otherwise the grey and blue are competing with each other a bit. It makes the lighter blue look like it is slapped on.