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  1. The year is 1974, new ownership has taken over the struggling Tams franchise. With a new team, a new identity, and unwavering support, basketball in Memphis is happenin' again! Can ya dig it?
  2. There are a few challenges with doing this. I have to add more than two colors to really give it the Vancouver feel, which makes it a bit disjointed. Also, the "M" and "T" get a bit lost in translation if I rename the city to Vancouver. I suppose we could consider this year one of the Memphis Grizzlies. The results ain't pretty. lol. It definitely looks better with the two-toned blue!
  3. Yeah, I don't think the shading is helping. It makes certain elements look like they are floating on top of him. I would like to see what it looks like without it. With a few tweaks here and there, you may find that you don't need it at all.
  4. It was attempted, but it messed up the look of the M too much. Honestly it was a tossup as to whether or not to add that shading, but it helps tie in the other leg/T, so I kept it. Plus the lack of established perspective feels fitting for the time.
  5. Don't forget the T for Tennessee!!!
  6. I've been slacking in finishing the Brooklyn Nets uniforms in favor of this. I had three objectives when creating the new logo for OKC. 1. Retain the shield/crest from their current logo (OKC has told Nike they want to keep the crest) 2. Create a unique color palette for the NBA. 3. Tie in thunder/storm elements into the logo without being overly cliche. You know the drill. More logos/uniforms to come.
  7. Better, worse, the same?
  8. That was actually part of the plan for the secondary, but with the comparison to Perdue, I am reevaluating the whole idea of the locomotive concept.
  9. Ahh... I think I was unknowingly getting inspiration from them. I'll probably reconsider the idea and change that bottom part a bit.
  10. It is intended to be dual purposed. I'm just wondering if the locomotive AND thunder storm with sun peeking out is a bit too...ambitious.
  11. Yes! At the risk of mixing motifs, more will be revealed with the secondary that elude to this.
  12. Some thoughts. 1. The secondary is wonderful! A great use of nautical flags to give the appearance of a basketball. Make sure too zoom in and clean some things up. There is a blue hairline in between the yellow and black on the upper right side. A little on the black on the left side, and some in the corners of the red line near the bottom. 2. Match up the reds better, like mentioned above. 3. Look over the white stroke on the wordmark. There are some miter/clipping (no pun intended) issues with the blue peeking through. 4. The partial logo looks a bit awkward. Without the boat to tie it together, it looks a bit too abstract. 5. See if there is a way to reduce the colors. I don't know if the navy is a part of the color palette, but if it is, that makes seven colors. Not a deal breaker by any means, but if there is a way to convey the same shape in the sails/boat without using the darker red, I would consider with that.
  13. UPDATE: Primary, secondary and wordmark added. Uniforms still to come.
  14. Thanks! I did do a number of teams a few years ago, but my "drawing" laptop got ruined in the middle of the project. I may revisit it again in the future. I think the Mavs are in desperate need of a rebranding. That, or OKC might be next once I find the inspiration.
  15. I really appreciate this take, and the fact that you specifically mention the roundel issue. The NBA is definitely gravitating towards the roundel and to adhere to their silly rule of including some sort of basketball in one of their logos, I did make a roundel for the secondary. But I absolutely agree that the roundel is used entirely too much lately, which is why I wanted to make the primary logo its own distinct shape.
  16. Added the secondary, partial logos and the wordmark. Hope you enjoy!
  17. Stylistically they have shared many elements over the years.
  18. It's a little forced. Incorporating them in the background seems more logical.
  19. How about an over rotation? Interesting how different the "emotion" is in rotating the logo.
  20. Seriously, the Coyotes thing is stupid. The Wolves have essentially had this as their secondary for YEARS, only facing the other way and NOW that it is facing the same way people are flipping out about it?
  21. I figured a Bucks fan may appreciate it!
  22. I think the double blue is what bothers me the most. I would have loved to see them emphasize green more in their logo and uniforms. Forest green jerseys with neon green for the tree pattern and pale blue trim.
  23. Downgrade to the current secondary.
  24. This is also floating around. A very sloppy, haphazard depiction, but similar to the one above. I have to say, if this is true, it is a complete downgrade to the current secondary. The logo is now very bottom-heavy, and it gets rid of one of the best elements of the secondary, the tree line. I also don't know why the wolf is so small and why the gray is so prominent considering how much they emphasized the blue and green in the teasers.
  25. I hope that it is more balanced than that. It is very drab as is, and the wolf is too small.