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  1. The team does wear blue cleats with the retro pinstripe uniforms now:
  2. @Midway My fault man, I made that post from mobile. They show up for me. I'll fix it up! I also agree with the face masks--they should have kept them grey.
  3. New Nevada uniforms:
  4. @Ferdinand Cesarano I agree! Even the Championship Game's broadcast quality and level of play on the field was light years ahead of that first game. No goofiness that detracted from the product on the field. The XFL had what other startup leagues didn't: Good financial backing from the start, a large platform (NBC) in which people could watch the games. Just a lot of issues with the XFL prevented it from really taking off, they should have never mixed WWF talent with the league, at all. I think a lot of people couldn't help but think the league was "rigged," or "scripted" because it was associated with Vince McMahon and the then-WWF. The NFL actually got a lot of ideas from the XFL!
  5. Which teams, when they unveiled their re-brand, made this board go crazy? Off the top of my head--the NFL Nike re-brand, Marlins, Clippers, and Browns made this board go pretty crazy.
  6. Yes, totally agree. Looks like legitimate neon signage you would see around Miami!
  7. They switched navy shades a few years back.
  8. nfl

    They wore these against Houston in 2003, I believe. I think that was the only game they ever wore those socks. Does anybody know why they wore them?
  9. Did not know that! Thank you!
  10. The Rockies' caps for 2017 do look a bit lighter on Lids' website: https://www.lids.com/colorado-rockies-new-era-mlb-authentic-collection-59fifty-cap/20905558 Also, a new cap for the D-Backs? https://www.lids.com/arizona-diamondbacks-new-era-mlb-authentic-collection-59fifty-cap/20905535
  11. So ESPN's new commercial about the College Football Playoff made a mistake... Lol.
  12. Hopefully it does mean something! The navy caps and navy belts on the road was a very nice look.
  13. It appears the Brewers have dropped their pants striping:
  14. Part of me really likes these uniforms. The other part of me thinks that it's just essentially the Buffalo Bills uniforms with a green and silver color scheme. Maybe change up the striping a little bit? Unless you plan on making a series of it and changing the Bills' uniforms.