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  1. MLB by Under Armour

    Hey guys, just decided to show off some of my concepts I have been working on for quite some time! Link to each team (Completed teams in bold): NL: Cardinals, Cubs, Brewers, Reds, Pirates | Mets, Braves, Nationals, Marlins, Phillies | Dodgers, Giants, Padres, Rockies, Diamondbacks AL: Royals, White Sox, Twins, Tigers, Indians | Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Orioles, Stingrays | Mariners, Rangers, Astros, Athletics, Angels I'm a fan of classic uniforms and respecting tradition, but I definitely feel like modern elements have their own niche in uniform design. Modern can look great if done well, and not over-designed! To get started... First team up, the St. Louis Cardinals! Here is the logo package: The home uniforms are true classics, and are untouched--hands down one of my favorite uniforms in the big leagues. The away uniforms are slightly changed, with "St. Louis" being on the front of the road greys, and a navy cap with a red button and bill--harkening back to the 1940's and 1950's. The throwback uniforms are those worn by the very successful Cardinals teams of the "Gas House Gang" era. These will be worn on Sunday afternoons.
  2. Jackie Robinson Day 2018: New Patches and Everyone is #42

    I agree. Only the Dodgers should wear #42 and go no name on the back, but even that's just a maybe.
  3. MLB by Under Armour

    Maybe I can whip those up, but they just wouldn't go with the current packages, you know? But we'll see! The next team up, the San Francisco Giants. A team that recently won the World Series Championship in 2010, 2012, and 2014. Logo package: A couple of changes to the logos: The interlocking "SF" becomes the primary logo. Their secondary logo is their old primary with some tweaks: The gold color and shading is gone from the logo--going with just basic black, orange, and white. Always loved their color scheme of black and orange. Always thought of the Giants as a black-first team, contrary to the Orioles, who I consider as an orange-first team. So that's the way I differentiate them from one another. Gold is removed from the logos, and is also removed from the jersey scripts, numbers, and name on back on the road jersey. No more gold dropshadows for the Giants, anymore.The home uniform remains cream--basically the same. The sleeve patch is also removed--more is less. A modern classic of a uniform, not much needs to be changed. The road uniform features Under Armour's faux-flannel look. They will be the last team to feature this uniform feature. This is sure to make the older Giant fans think of the uniforms worn by Willie Mays and Willie McCovey. The black placket piping is removed, and the collar trim makes a return, and the sleeve trim goes back on the end of the sleeves. The alternate black road uniform is a nod to the 1980's-1990's Giants road uniforms that featured the interlocking "SF" on the chest. I really like the Giants' current uniforms, a lot--they would be perfect if they removed the gold from all uniforms, and went back to their previous away uniforms, which is essentially what I did with my own twist (the faux-flannel look).
  4. MLB by Under Armour

    Yes! Just a minor detail I let slip through my grasps. That is my fault! Hahaha. Happy Opening Day, baseball fans! Today is another new team--the Angels, now reverting back to the city name of Anaheim--the Anaheim Angels, has a ring to it. Plus Angel Stadium is located in Anaheim. Logo package: Navy blue again becomes the dominant color, with red being relegated to secondary status. The color scheme being this way hearkens back to traditional Angels uniforms. The undershirts and socks are switched to navy blue. There are also now two caps: A navy cap with a red squatchee to be worn at home, and an all-navy cap to be worn on the road.The scripts and "A" logo to me, are the best that they have ever used. So those stay--but do get modified. The "A" in "Angels," now matches the rest of the letters in height. Same with the "A" in "Anaheim" on the road jerseys. Also, the halo in all the logos are now yellow--also tying in to their previous uniforms and logos. The triple piping on the home and road uniforms are inspired by the 1970's and 1980's Angels uniforms--the stripes are a lot thinner--better than the gaudy, giant sleeve stripes. The alternate jersey is navy. It is to be worn both on the road and also at Angel Stadium. It is essentially a recolor of the home uniform, just with a white outline around the name on back, numbers, and "Angels" on the front of the jersey.
  5. MLB by Under Armour

    Thanks you guys! I appreciate it! Thank you! And man, something about different colored pants except white and grey makes me shudder! Hahaha. I guess I'm super traditional in that regard. You ask, you shall receive...! Next up, are the Miami Marlins! An expansion club in 1993 that already has won two World Series Championships. Logo package: The colors are heavily inspired by the Miami Heat's "Vice" uniforms. One of the few uniforms Nike has done for the NBA I enjoy... But instead of the bright pink, I decided to roll with magenta, instead.Originally was not a fan of their logos, I have come around on them but only after editing them to be more solid colors and not overly colorful (yeah they are in Miami, but still), it could be executed better. So I simplified the logos and wordmarks.The uniforms have a matching number font with both the "Marlins" and "Miami" word marks--unlike the current uniforms.The home whites have triple piping (like all the uniforms), and are paired with a black cap with a magenta squatchee and brim. The road greys have a slightly darker hue to them in order to help the cyan pop a little more--but they will not be anywhere as dark as the Diamondbacks current road sets are. They will be paired with an all-black cap. The first home alternate has a magenta undershirt, belt and magenta socks. Meant to add a magenta cap, but will get around to that when I post edits at the end... I decided against a magenta jersey because I felt that was way too gaudy, and I did not like it. At all. The second alternate is a black jersey to be worn both on the road and at Marlins Park. The name on back is just cyan. The numbers and word marks are cyan and double outlined with black and magenta. This jersey is supposed to give off a "downtown area" vibe with the bright colors glowing against the black night sky. The Miami Marlins current uniform set is very underwhelming I feel like these uniforms capture the whole "South Beach" vibe that Marlins Park aims for--and does well (besides that home run sculpture).
  6. MLB by Under Armour

    Excellent point. Hahaha. When I get around to corrections, I'll edit it as "Cardinal!" Again guys, thanks for all of the feedback! Next up are the Baltimore Orioles! Logo package: I really dig their current look. In fact, I think it's the best they have ever looked! So I didn't want to change too much. Just wanted to make a couple of things a bit more consistent...I like their white-paneled caps--they have a part of many great teams and have historic precedence. I am a big fan of it, so those are staying. The sock pattern is inspired by the socks worn by those tremendous Orioles teams of yesteryear. Worn by the likes of Jim Palmer and Brooks Robinson.The home whites and road greys are basically unchanged (slightly rotated the "Baltimore" script). A sharp look, and I like the emphasis of the orange script and numbers and lettering. The changes occur with the alternates: The orange alternates retain "Orioles" across the front, but the sleeve piping is changed to white-black-white. The black alternates are updated to be primarily road alternates so "Baltimore" is now on the front of the jerseys, instead of "Orioles." The piping remains just a single orange stripe. The striping on all of the jerseys matches the scripts of the jerseys they're on: Black-orange-black on the home and roads, white-black-white on the orange alternates, and a single orange stripe for the black alternates.I very much enjoy the Orioles current look. There are just a few things I would tweak so I didn't change much at all. Didn't really feel like I needed to.
  7. MLB by Under Armour

    Thank you again for the feedback, guys! I get what you mean! I tried to mimic what they currently do, and what they did in the 1990's. Red at home, navy on the road. @SFGiants58 - HUGE fan of the work you do, and I appreciate your feedback, man! Thanks for all of that, that is awesome feedback. @marlins2017, @coco1997 - As always, thanks guys! Next up, the Los Angeles Dodgers! Logo package: A classic franchise, with one of the best home uniforms in all of Major League Baseball... The home whites are classics, and are untouched with the exception of removing the "LA" sleeve patch. Sometimes, less is more. This is one of those cases. The road greys for the Dodgers get the awesome faux-flannel fabric. "Los Angeles" remains across the front as do the red front numbers. The "LA" sleeve patch and piping is removed to make the road uniforms consistent with the home whites. The alternate grey "Dodgers" road alternates they currently wear are dropped. To me, they are pointless...No alternates for the Dodgers. They never had one with the exception of a badly designed blue alternate worn during the 1999 season--hated how it looked. The cap worn with it was awful as well. @SFGiants58 - I hope that the Royals' uniform piping no longer confuses anybody for the Dodgers because piping is removed for Los Angeles! Hahaha.Classic team--classic uniforms. Simple as that for Los Angeles!
  8. MLB by Under Armour

    I get what you mean by the logo. Hahaha. @coco1997 recommended an eye patch for the logo, which is a solid idea. Thank you, man! I didn't know how that Stingrays concept would go over, but it appears to be a hit! I appreciate your support over the entirety of this series. Up next, are the Cleveland Indians. We are officially 2/3 of the way through MLB! Logo package: Recently, the Indians dropped Chief Wahoo as a primary logo, and announced that starting in 2019, they will drop him from their uniforms. To me, that's a step in the right direction. Also, seeing as this series is set in 2019 when Under Armour takes over, this could be something similar to what Cleveland might wear.The red is darkened from their current shade, to help distinguish them a bit more from the Twins--their division rival.The font used across the logo package and uniforms is the actual font the Indians use--now, it's also used on their uniforms. The block "C" they use on their caps remains, but however is now outlined in white. The socks are inspired by some that they have worn in the past--striped socks go well with what I want to come off as a "modern old-school" uniform set.The uniforms will feature something I really miss about their current uniforms: Placket piping. Always was a feature I liked about the Indians' uniforms, so they make their return.The home whites retain the red undershirts and socks, and are matched with a navy cap with a red brim and squatchee. Also, there is red placket, pants and sleeve piping. The road greys have "Cleveland" in red and outlined in navy--a reverse of their current road word mark. These will feature navy placket, pants and sleeve piping. Navy undersleeves and socks are paired with an all-navy cap. The navy alternates can be worn both on the road, and at Progressive Field. At home, they're matched with the red undershirts and socks, and on the road they will be paired with navy undershirts and socks. The jerseys feature white placket and sleeve piping. Red undershirts and socks at home, and navy undershirts and socks on the road are a nod to the Indians teams from the 1990's. I want Cleveland to truly embrace their block "C" logo, and design a uniform set around that--matching the fonts and whatnot. It's a simple logo, yes--but it is nice, and has a nice, classic feel. This is a uniform set while not flashy, is simple, gritty and straightforward. Matches the city of Cleveland's personality!
  9. MLB by Under Armour

    Thanks guys! I have to admit, when I was getting ready to post those, I was like, "man, people are going to really love this, or hate this. Nothing in between..." Hahaha. Glad it's the former from you three! None taken! Heck, I'm happy with how this series is going. Lol! Super cool to get the feedback that I have been getting. Makes it a lot of fun to post my concepts for you guys! The Pittsburgh Pirates are the next team up. Logo package: The primary logo goes back to a pirate. There is a keystone in the pirate's beard, for the state of Pennsylvania being called the "Keystone State." This logo graces the sleeve patch of the two alternate jerseys. The stars by the "P" on the primary logo's hat are a nod to the "Stargell Stars" worn by the Pirates in the 1970's.The socks go back to their classic three stripe pattern, and will be worn with every uniform. The home and away jerseys go back to being vests. Roberto Clemente, and Bill Mazeroski would be proud. Always loved this look for Pittsburgh.The vests are THE uniform style I still think of when I think of the Pirates. Not that gaudy stuff they wore during the "We Are Family" era. The primary home and away jerseys do not have a sleeve patch because, well--they don't have sleeves. Not a fan of putting patches on what is essentially an undershirt. The first alternate is a yellow jersey, complete with a matching yellow cap that features a black squatchee and brim. The second alternate is basically their current black alternate sans white outlines--which really cleans the look up. The cap they currently wear with their current black jersey is pointless, so I made the jersey now match their iconic cap. Very clean look and more legible, as well. This can be worn both on the road, and also at home. The two alternates are sleeved, because personally, I just don't care for colored vest jerseys. The Rockies currently do it, and it looks awful.The Pirates have an awesome color scheme, and I had a lot of fun making this uniform set for the Bucs.
  10. MLB by Under Armour

    @coco1997 Thanks, man! I tried white wordmarks and numbers with a silver outline on the purple alternates, and it just looked... off to me. Hahaha. But I can always mock it up for you down the road! @marlins2017 I alternated the home uniform between the pinstripes and home alternate, but stuck with the pinstripes ultimately because that's been their staple: Purple pinstripes at home, you know? The next team up: Tampa Bay! In this series, they are rebranded as the Stingrays. Logo package: I always thought "Devil Rays" was a silly name--silly uniforms to boot. Felt that "Rays" was too bland... The latter being named after a ray of sunshine, but yet still have a stingray patch on their sleeves, and a stingray touch tank in the outfield concourse--complete mess of an identity.However, the second uniform set the Devil Rays wore utilized dark green. It looked great (sleeved and sleeveless jerseys)! I wanted to get rid of yet another blue-centric team... ... So I brought back dark green, and also brought in light green, and yellow as a trim color to compliment it. The team names, and numbers on all uniforms feature two yellow lines to bring a splash of color to the uniforms and make them visually more interesting.Bright colors ought to brighten up Tropicana Field a bit more!The home whites are simple, and feature triple piping (all jerseys do). "Stingrays" grazes the front of the jersey. The dark green cap with a lime green squatchee and brim pair with the home whites. The road greys have a slight green tint to them, and have "Tampa Bay" across the front. An all green cap is to be worn with these on the road. The home alternates are a recolored version of the home whites. These will not be worn a lot (maybe to save retinas, a bit... Lol), but just enough as this is a very unique jersey, and will really brighten up Tropicana Field. The dark green alternates are primarily an away alternate--thus why they have "Tampa Bay" across the front, but they also have the choice to wear them at home, as well. A bit of a drastic change to the now-Tampa Bay Stingrays, but this is a nice change of pace for their uniforms. Yes, the uniforms are a bit bold--but they don't have the tradition of the Yankees, Dodgers, or the Cardinals--however, they are an expansion team from 1998, and can afford to be a bit, loud. So that's what I went for. Hope you guys enjoy!
  11. MLB by Under Armour

    I appreciate the feedback, guys! Appreciate it! I tweaked it slightly. There is an emphasis on red more than navy blue. Next up, are the Colorado Rockies. One of two expansion teams added by MLB in 1993. Logo package: The Rockies' uniform set and logos have basically been the same (with the exception of road uniform changes) since their inaugural season. I think it is a bit dated, and not very cohesive with a black vested jersey (horrible), and a purple alternate that has no piping on it. I definitely wanted to change that. I wanted to clean up their look a bit, so I dropped black from the color scheme, and rolled with just purple and silver. The primary logo got updated with the new font, and new color scheme. The secondary logo is simply the new cap logo. The Rockies' cap color goes to purple, and will be worn with all their uniforms.The home uniforms retain "Rockies" across the front. Purple pinstripes will stay. That is a uniform feature that is unique to Colorado. The road greys retain their current placket and sleeve piping, but have "Colorado" updated in the new font across the front. The home alternates are something the Rockies have never worn: A white home jersey sans pinstripes! This is a very, very clean look. This jersey will be worn during Sunday home games. Colorado will retain their purple alternates, however it will feature silver placket piping (unlike the current which feature no piping) which ties the uniform in to the rest of their new uniform set. These will be worn both on the road, at home--at home they will be paired with the home alternate pants. The Rockie,s with these new uniforms will definitely own the color purple in Major League Baseball. I wanted to freshen up their current uniform set, and I feel like I did just that.
  12. MLB by Under Armour

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it! Next up, are the Minnesota Twins--a mainstay in the American League since 1961 after they moved from Washington. Logo package: The color scheme often gets changed, because the Indians, a division rival have the same color scheme. I like navy and red for the Twins, a lot. It has too much tradition behind it to change it. To me, anyways. The color scheme has been used for almost 60 years, now.They recently added "Kasota Gold" to their home uniforms and red home alternate, and I am not a fan of it. So that is dropped... I get that it ties in with Target Field, but it just muddies up their look. Also dropped that road cap they added a few years back with the red squatchee and red brim--another Indians-esque element is dropped.The home whites go back to what they recently wore. A lot of people see this uniform, and think of the Metrodome--which is understandable. However, I seen a uniform that made a seamless transition from under the "Teflon Sky," to under the natural light, outdoors. The road greys retain the cursive "Minnesota" across the front. But in a nod to their previous road uniforms, the script is now red and outlined in navy. No road pinstripes, here--but I heavily considered it. The home alternates are the gorgeous throwbacks they have been wearing since moving in to Target Field. To me, the cream color of this jersey ties in to the use of Limestone way better than "Kasota Gold," any day. Just a terrific uniform. The last alternate, is a navy jersey, with red piping and has "Twins" across the front. This is to be worn both on the road, and also at home. Always was a fan of their old navy alternates.
  13. MLB by Under Armour

    Actually am going to post a concept of that when I finish up, here! I love that idea, actually--maybe they can wear that Wednesday day games, or something. Up next, are the San Diego Padres. Logo package: They have had many different color schemes throughout their history, but my favorite has always been brown and yellow. Not the gaudy stuff they wore from 1976 until 1984--but rather their uniforms from their first three seasons from 1969-1971.I love the piping they used a few years back--double piping on the sleeves, and placket piping and color piping, so those are brought back and used on all jerseys. The socks are inspired by ones worn previously worn by them in 1969. But just with two stripes (to match the jersey and pants piping) instead of three stripes.The home whites have "Padres" across the front. Nothing fancy: With a color scheme as unique as brown and yellow, you want your uniforms to be simple and let the color scheme be the star of the show. The road greys have a slight yellow-ish hue to them--a nod to the inaugural uniform set they wore. A no-frills, no-nonsense "San Diego" is worn across the chest--this font matches the number font. The road font in this manner is a nod to the 1998 team that won a National League pennant. The yellow jersey is a simple recolor of the home whites--this will be worn with a brown cap that also features a yellow squatchee and brim. This will be worn exclusively at Petco Park. The other alternate jersey is brown, with the interlocking "SD" over the heart, and also features yellow numbers and lettering. Simple, but bold. When a majority of people think of the San Diego Padres wearing brown and yellow, they think of the obnoxious, gaudy uniforms worn by them for years in the 70's and 80's, and not the gorgeous uniform set they wore their first three years of operation.Here, I wanted to give the Padres a color scheme they can and SHOULD still own. I wanted to make a timeless uniform set for the Friars in their best known color scheme!
  14. MLB by Under Armour

    Thanks, guys! I appreciate it! Next team up, arguably the most historic franchise in all of MLB: The 27-Time World Series Champion, New York Yankees. Logo package: The primary logo goes to the interlocking "NY," and the top hat logo becomes the secondary logo.The home whites, are THE classic uniforms in the whole game. They are so iconic and synonymous with the team, that often the Yankees are referred to as the "Pinstripes." Their home uniforms are a MAJOR part of their brand. The interlocking "NYs" on the uniform and cap ARE different--but like the Tigers' two "D's," they each fit their application best as is. The current road uniforms are outdated, and reek of the 1970's to me. To me, white outlines around the letters and numbers on the road uniforms work for some teams, but they do not work for the Yanks. Their uniforms also have thick sleeve striping, which the pants lack... So, their new road uniforms are a nod to what they wore pre-1973. And as with Detroit, their road uniforms get Under Armour's faux-flannel treatment to complete a full (much-needed) makeover of their road greys. No alternates for the Bronx Bombers. They are a team deep-rooted in tradition, their uniforms are simple and no-nonsense, as they should be. Nothing fancy, but these are the New York Yankees we're talking about... Two more teams will use the faux-flannel treatment... Both are National League teams. Thanks again for all the support, guys!
  15. MLB by Under Armour

    Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback! Up next, are the North Siders of the Windy City--the Chicago Cubs! Logo package: The sock pattern is inspired from the three stripe pattern they wore from 1927-1956.The sleeve patch on all three jerseys is again home to this particular version of the "Angry Cub" logo that I am a huge fan of.Their home whites are classics--I really dig them. So they are untouched! The away uniforms are highly inspired by the Ron Santo and Ernie Banks-era road uniforms--thin piping and all. Might be kind of cliche at this point, but they really do look pretty darn good--that's why it's done often. The current hip logo on the road pants is dropped... Never was a fan of it. The blue alternates are to be worn just on the road, and are heavily inspired by their blue top road uniforms worn from 1982-1989. I like their current setup of wearing the alternate on the road exclusively, and didn't want to deviate from that. Really like the Cubs current home uniforms. The current road greys and blue alternate leave a lot to be desired, so I wanted to change that.
  16. MLB by Under Armour

    Up next: The Boston Red Sox. Logo package: The primary logo goes back to the style of roundel they used for decades. The socks in the new primary logo are updated to their famous sock pattern (Shoutout to @SFGiants58 for the idea--it's terrific). Also, navy undershirts return to Boston--which I thought were always superior to red undershirts they wear now.The home whites are unchanged with the exception of the socks and undershirts. I loved the road throwbacks they wore against the Padres, recently. I wanted to bring that style back on a permanent basis! There is placket piping on the road uniforms to match the home uniforms, finally. The red alternates return, but with some changes: The navy placket piping returns (should never have been removed), and the 1970's era red cap with a navy squatchee and brim is now paired with the red alternates. I love the Red Sox's home whites--especially with their classic sock pattern and navy undershirts, but I feel like the road uniform could use some sprucing up, the red alternate could use it as well. So I sought out to do that!
  17. MLB by Under Armour

    Man, all of these comments just makes me super pumped! Hahaha. I appreciate all the love, guys. Wow. I posted concepts on here YEARS ago. Hahaha. Was so afraid my concepts would get ripped apart, so I haven't done it since. Lol. Sure glad that I was wrong! Here you go, man: 034f72 R: 3, G: 79, B: 114 I wanted a Brewers concept I feel like hasn't been done before. I wish they'd hire me, too! Hahaha. Thanks! That is an absolutely fantastic idea, man. @coco1997 Thanks for bringing that to my attention! You're right in that it disappears. @BellaSpurs - I see where you're coming from. But I just felt like copper and turquoise just absolutely popped on a black base, you know? Thankfully Chase Field is air-conditioned! Hahaha. @MJD7 - Thanks for the critiques on all the concepts! I appreciate it! @marlins2017, thanks for the support as well! This has been awesome, receiving all of this feedback! I really am super appreciative of it, Just wanted to post, that I have updated the first post with direct links to every team's concepts that I have whipped up. Including a team that has a brand new name as a bit of a teaser!
  18. MLB by Under Armour

    Thanks for all the comments again! I appreciate all this feedback! This is awesome, guys. I feel ya, man. I can definitely see where you're coming from, which brings me to the next thing... ... when I post other concepts after I finish off the other 30, I will definitely upload another White Sox concept with the standard MLB Block number font! With a thinner stroke, as well! Up next, are the Milwaukee Brewers! Logo package: One day, I went by Lake Michigan on a sunny day, and it was a beautiful shade of blue, that had a green-ish tint to it. Thought to myself, "man, that would be a great color for a team to use." So here we arrive at what would be one of the most unique shades of blue in sports--"Lake Michigan Blue." A bold shade of yellow compliments the blue.The primary logo takes a logo most Brewers fans love, the "ball in glove" logo, and the barley from the current cap logo, and are merged in a primary/cap logo that is distinctively, Milwaukee.One of Milwaukee's nicknames is the "Cream City." The Milwaukee Bucks recently jumped on the opportunity to utilize this and add cream to their color scheme when they unveiled their new uniforms, recently. This would be a great time for the Brewers to finally jump on the opportunity to do so, as well--cream is now a part of their color scheme, too.The 1993 uniform scripts to me, are the best in franchise history to me, so they make their return! The piping on all of the uniforms feature barley striping on the sleeves and pants--unique, but still falls within a traditional style of piping on a baseball uniform. The "barrelman" (Owgust) returns as a sleeve patch as well.The home uniforms are now a cream color. This uniform should look stunning under sunlight, especially. The road grey uniforms finally have "Milwaukee" across the front--something that hasn't been the case since 1999. The throwback alternate is a straight throwback from the 1982 American League Champions. Pullovers, sansabelts--everything. Will be worn Friday home games, per usual. The batting helmet will be correct, as well. The "Lake Michigan Blue" alternate will be worn on the road, as well as in front of the fans at Miller Park. This uniform should look great under the natural sunlight, in particular as well. This would be a very unique jersey I feel, like.
  19. MLB by Under Armour

    Yes, that was the main reason for doing so! Can't have them wear too similar of a color scheme. Oh, yeah. It sure will be! Kind of weird to even make concepts with their logo on the chests, now. Hahaha. Thanks, man! I appreciate the feedback! We are officially a third of the way through this MLB series with the next team: The Oakland Athletics! A team that was an original founding member of the American League in 1901, when they called Philadelphia home. Logo package: I enjoy their current color scheme of forest green and "gold." However, I LOVE their old color scheme of kelly green and "gold" more!The secondary white elephant logo is the sleeve patch on all jerseys. All four jerseys feature piping on the jerseys, a nod to uniforms they wore a few years after moving to Oakland from Kansas City. The socks are the classic pattern previously worn by them, and feature their trademark yellow sanitary socks.The home whites have "A's" on the left of the jersey front, features yellow lettering and numbers, with a thick green outline to maximize legibility. This is a nod to uniforms worn by the A's in the 70's. The road grey uniforms have a slight green-ish tint to them. "Oakland" stays on the front. The home alternate jersey is still "gold." However, "Athletics" is now on the alternates, contrary to them having the "A's" logo on the front like they do now. The kelly green alternates are to be worn both on the road and also at home. Simple and straightforward. Kelly green and yellow is a beautiful color scheme. I feel like it is a way to brighten up the identity, and refresh things a little bit.
  20. The Return of Black for Black's Sake (UPDATE: Indians)

    Those Astros ones really pop with the black in the color scheme. Wow. These jerseys are nice for fashion use, but on the field? Glad we are past that phase in MLB uniform design! Hahaha. Keep up the good work, man.
  21. MLB by Under Armour

    Thanks, guys! I appreciate the feedback. Glad you guys enjoy the White Sox! Up next, are the Atlanta Braves! I love their current uniforms--I really do. But I love the color scheme they used during the 1970's... So, why not try and merge them together? Logo package: I got something that I'm really happy with. The sock stripes come from their days in Milwaukee. The color scheme and piping (the pants stripe, mainly) comes from the 70's, as previously stated. The uniforms retain the triple piping, a uniform feature that distinctively belongs to the Braves--at least in recent times. The scripts and numbers are double outlined to match the piping.There are two cap options: A cap with a white front, that is reminiscent of the caps worn by Hank Aaron during the time he hit his 715th home run to pass Babe Ruth. Also, there is a cap, which is essentially their current cap, just recolored with a lighter shade of blue. Home uniform: Away uniform: Alternate uniform: This is a look that I feel like blends eras together in a way that can brighten and freshen an identity, while still looking sleek and modern.
  22. MLB by Under Armour

    Wow, guys! Super humbled... This is awesome. Thanks so much for the feedback! I appreciate it so much, guys. It makes me just want to keep posting and showing off everything I have done! Next team up, are the South Siders... The Chicago White Sox! Logo package: I love their current logos and uniforms. After so many changes (many very drastic), and using so different color schemes over the years, starting in 1991 (with the exception of few games late in 1990), the White Sox have finally found a color scheme and look that works for them. I wanted to keep that the same.The uniforms feature a new number font to better match ones they have used in the past, and to better match the new font on the road jerseys. Also brought back in to the mix are the old sock stripes from the "Go-Go Sox" era, just in the current colors.The home whites remain the same--except the number font, and adding the "Sox Diamond" patch. I absolutely love these uniforms, and wanted to make some minor tweaks that to me, would perfect them. The road greys drop their familiar script, for the "Chicago" font used back during the "South Side Hitmen" era and during the early years of the franchise. The thick black and white striping is restored on the pants--bringing back consistency that is currently lacking. Also added the "Sox Diamond" patch back to the left sleeve. The black alternates, like the home pinstripes remain the same with the exception of the number font. Another jersey I am fond of. Of course, it is to be worn both at home and also on the road as a nice change of pace. Love the jerseys, but I swear they wear them at least 100 games of the year! I really, really enjoy the White Sox current uniforms. They have done some chipping away at their identity over the years, and I wanted to restore their identity to where it was around the time they hoisted the title back in 2005--with some modern flair.
  23. The 1972 Project: VT Update/Arizona State

    Big project ahead of you! Off to a great start, man. Looking forward to tracking this series!
  24. MLB by Under Armour

    Thank you! I appreciate it, man! Up next are the Arizona Diamondbacks! This concept I had tons of fun with. Logo package: I'll begin by saying that to me, their current uniform set is awful--the dark grey road uniforms are bad... Overall, just an ugly, hideous mess. However, there are some redeeming factors: The snakehead logo being brought back on the sleeves, and on their alternates, there is that beautiful turquoise color.So I threw out "Sedona red," and "sand," and made a color pallete with a very Southwestern vibe to it: Black, turquoise, and copper.All jerseys (with the exception of the throwback) have distinct striping on them, and is modeled after their old alternate uniforms--a nice nod to the tremendous culture of the Southwestern United States.The home whites are simple, and clean. The turquoise stands out really nicely on these, I feel like. The road uniforms retain "Arizona" on the front of them, and feature a slightly lighter than usual shade of grey, and has a bit of a brown-ish tint to them--this lets the copper accents really stand out despite the grey base of the road jersey. The throwback alternate is sure to make D-Backs fans reminisce about the 2001 World Series, in which they defeated the Yankees for the franchise's only championship in just their third year in operation. In addition to that, is an alternate to be worn both on the road and at Chase Field. It is a black jersey and being on a black base, really lets the copper and turquoise accents pop heavily. This was a fun concept to whip up! Being a team from 1998, I decided I can be a bit more "out there" with my concept, while sticking to the traditional aesthetics of a baseball uniform.
  25. MLB by Under Armour

    Thanks guys! I have an alternate Reds concept with black included that I will post after I finish the series. And sure, the White Sox will be the next American League team I post! The Kansas City Royals are the next team up. I love the "KC" they use on their caps. I like it a lot more than the "KC" they currently use on their logos. Logo package: I have enjoyed the Royals' increased use of gold in recent years at home. I wanted to translate that to all of their other uniforms, and help differentiate them from the Dodgers (similar with the exception of the front number color). The cap features a gold squatchee (button) on the top of the cap. The cap logo is slightly modified as well: A white "KC," outlined in gold.The home whites retain "Royals" across the front, but is now outlined in gold, as are the numbers and name on the back. The road uniforms have a very noticable blue tint to them--which harkens back to their old powder blue away uniforms. I dropped the white outlines for the Tigers because I feel like it cluttered the uniforms, but I had to outline the "Kansas City," and the numbers and name on back in white, so the gold and grey doesn't bleed together from a distance--a huge problem with the Brewers' current road uniforms. The blue alternates are to be worn both on the road, and at home in front of the fans at Kauffman Stadium. "Royals" is on the front in white, and outlined in gold, as are the numbers and name on the back. The Royals have a very clean overall look. I just wanted to add gold to the uniforms and give them a bit more pop.