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  1. NBA Changes 2017-18

    I really like those Pacers uniforms but the waist band should continue the yellow stripe. It looks incomplete with the blue waist band. I also think it may be a nice but gimmicky look if they made the left tight leg yellow with checkers and the right blue. It would read as a continuation of the stripe.
  2. MLB changes 2018?

    The Rockies posted that on Twitter and claimed it was a Rockies Dugout Store exclusive. It will never see the field.
  3. MLB changes 2018?

    I'm going to go against what everyone else said about the Rox hat. I LOVE it! I really should hate that all of my teams are using the CO flag so much but I will keep eating it up as long as they keep dishing it out. As a fifth generation Coloradan who has now lived outside of the state for a year I will probably never get tired of seeing that beautiful flag on merchandise.
  4. NBA Changes 2017-18

    As a Nuggets fan who grew up with the powder blue and really loved it I think they would be far more stupid to put out a 4th uniform that is powder blue. When you rebrand and make your primary color a pretty distant fourth color you can't use it for an entire uniform. Honestly, their biggest mistake has been keeping powder blue as an outline and a large part of the logo. It should've been completely wiped out if they wanted to rebrand. I'm also not entirely sure this will be exactly what the Nuggets jersey will look like. Conrad obviously know far more than I do but I can't help but remember that Nuggets logo that included red that was leaked by Nike Store. Why would that logo even exist if it weren't going to be used in any capacity. I was really expecting this fourth uniform to include red in a way that either nods back to the 90's look or to the Colorado flag. That would explain the lack of powder blue and it could be included in a way that it is accounted for by some of Conrad's uncertainty.
  5. NBA Changes 2017-18

    The problem with that is that Home and Away no longer apply. These uniforms can be worn wherever teams choose. It would likely make even less sense to call the white uniform of the Bulls (a team which is wearing red at home) the home jersey. Those terms now mean even less than the Nike speak names. If you're going to name jerseys in this new era of 'wear it wherever' they have to be new and consistent. It would be understandable to have a problem with this new system or the names they came up with, but the names had to change.
  6. MLB Changes 2017

    My problem with the patch isn't the WS (which is stupid) or the excess negative space, its the 'feel'. World Series logos always feel very immense, the logo itself conveys the message that this is one of the largest events in sports. I got that same feel from the old NBA Finals logo. This falls flat in that category. It feels cheap and unimportant.
  7. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week 5

    I love that Chiefs Texans look. It isn't the greatest combination aesthetically, but it's two teams that got it right the first time and have kept their uniforms essentially the same. I hope this game looks the same in 2050! Other than that, I agree on the list but would probably move Dallas GB to one and Minnesota Chicago to two while shifting everyone else down a spot.
  8. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    You're about to be surprised by the Nuggets. There is NO WAY they finish below Minnesota, Memphis, Portland, LAC, Utah, and the Lakers. I'd be shocked if they even finished behind 3 of them, let alone all 6.
  9. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    At face value I would rather have the MLS Cup than the SS. However, I would value a SS season as a fan far more than I would if my team snuck into the playoffs and won a couple playoff round on draws and unimpressive wins before taking the cup in an uninspiring Cup Final. The Open Cup is A LOT OF FUN but it is a distant third for me.
  10. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    CSU really shouldn't do this, they have one of the best helmets in CFB. Anything without the horns is bad for them.
  11. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    I want to point out that the Purdue helmets are a cool move for a special occasion. Ross Ade Stadium had permanent lights installed this offseason so Friday night's game will be the first home night game with permanent lighting for Purdue. The lights are a big deal for the football team so I really like the idea of embracing that with a helmet that will look fantastic under them. Hopefully they don't over wear the new lids.
  12. IDK that this is one of the best match ups of the week but it was really aesthetically pleasing from the stands with a great mix of colors. The Louisville helmet is gorgeous in person, pictures do not do it justice at all.
  13. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    No it was there last year as well and is on all three jerseys. It is supposed to look like the pilot or cowcatcher on the front of a train.
  14. Nuggets unveil new uniforms*

    As a fan, I'm a fan. However, I don't like these for my Nuggets. They feel way too similar to the Jazz and Pacers and I'm really going to miss the sky blue. I was born in '94 and the Nuggs have been wearing sky blue since '03, the Nuggets are sky blue to me, it's all I know. We were awful when we wore navy/red/gold and my only memories in the pre sky blue era are drab and depressing. It's certainly going to be a change, hopefully they introduce a classic skyline design and a yellow jersey with either the skyline or even the pick axe and pan from the ABA days.
  15. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    Don't worry, this makes me feel old as well and I'm 23! Saying that playing at Dallas on Thanksgiving is the biggest game other than the Super Bowl really emphasizes what a bunch of losers this team is. Top to bottom, minus Rivers, this organization is a complete disaster.