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  1. That seems incredibly strange to me. I know and work with beekeepers and researchers and in my experience they will move them for free into their own managed hives. If that's the case that is incredibly disappointing. If your exterminator exaggerated to keep the business to himself (definitely not saying he did, I really don't know) that is even more disappointing. Regardless, it sounds like you did what you could to save them. Thanks!
  2. Hopefully I'm not too late on this one. Please call a local beekeeper, they will be thrilled to come collect the bees and move them to a more suitable location in a managed hive. P.S. I'm an Entomologist who specializes in pollinators (specifically bees).
  3. In 3 years Rutgers has won 12 games in the B1G in football and basketball combined. That is impressively bad!
  4. Rutgers really can't do ANYTHING right. There is not a single school in the entire country that is more out of its league than them. This is just par for the course.
  5. dsaline beat me to it, but yeah when your team has been hopeless for almost the entirety of its history and starts hot every year June 19 is late. That Nolan bomb was awesome. Denver has always been a tender box waiting for the Rockies to show any spark and this years team is definitely doing that.
  6. Honestly, being 20 games ahead of the Giants is almost more rewarding than being 20 games above .500. You guys have just beaten the hell out of us for years! It feels REALLY good to have the Rox playing great ball this late in the season.
  7. Awesome, I'll have to look for that. Thanks!
  8. I'll be checking off a lifelong bucket list item tomorrow. The Rockies are visiting the Cubs this weekend and I am going to my first game at Wrigley!
  9. I have similar experience with differentially caring about teams and their respective sports. The difference between the Chiefs and the NFL is the largest but the Rockies have been so hopeless for so long that they have fallen down the list and MLB has remained. Maybe they can change that! Teams 1 Chiefs 2 Rapids 3 CU football 4 Nuggets 5 Rockies 6 Purdue Basketball Leagues 1 MLS 2 MLB 3 NCAAF 4 NBA 5 NCAAB 6 NFL
  10. Wow, I love that City third! I definitely have to buy that, it has that nice casual look to it. The Liverpool shirt really suffers from the white cut-out under the collar. It looks incredibly out of place.
  11. I had a cool uni related thing happen yesterday. I went out to a sports bar to welcome our new colleague from Lebanon. I wore my (new shade) purple Rockies hat to the bar. The game was being replayed because the Cubs are the most popular team in N Indiana. My new colleague knows nothing about baseball but at one point he looked up at the TV looked at my hat and said "Is that your team playing?" I dont think that that would have happened with any other team in the league. I also don't think it would've happened with the old shade of purple. If someone who has never lived in this country and knows nothing about baseball can instantly recognize my hat as being that team's hat that is huge. The Rockies REALLY need to embrace the purple it's a very powerful branding tool.
  12. The Marlins were the one that I was really excited for and seemed like a HUGE deal on the boards. I joined after Buffaslug though, I'm sure that was insanity.
  13. Oh that makes sense. I didn't realize TC came first. I just remembered TopCat and thought he seemed like a good guy and then he was gone. Knowing his track record he will probably reply to this post with an enthusiastic "Thank you, I've been much more careful with my identity this time around!"
  14. I completely missed Yippy, I don't think I ever saw her post in any thread. Reading through these last few pages I also remembered TopCat he seemed like a decent poster what happened? I never actually see what causes bans around here, same with NHJ too.
  15. That was absolutely awesome! The '09 team was so damn fun to watch, definitely my favorite team of all time.