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  1. From Marvin Jones' instagram. Personally, I think this combo is beautiful.
  2. Man, I never thought I could be physcially attracted to a wall.
  3. Michigan's plane slid off the runway on the way to the B1G tournament yesterday. Alternate travel plans did not get their uniforms to DC. Looks like they're wearing their practice uniforms (Maize jerseys, Blue shorts).
  4. Grabbed a screenshot from Lions' video on stadium upgrades. I'm sure it's nothing, but look at the uniforms on the left. The home & away sets appear to have no black, but that Black/Black/Grey uniform?? Link to video if anyone else can catch something:
  5. Chauncey Billups in a Motor City uniform.
  6. I'm just hoping they are waiting for Nike.
  7. From the Pistons intro video last night. Doubt anything comes from it, but a simplistic version would make an amazing secondary. Anyone agree?
  8. Grabbed a couple screenshots
  9. Noticed this while watching Tobias Harris take a tour through the Palace, take a look around 1:25 mark of the video... Is this the design board for the new logo? It wouldn't be blurred out for nothing. 302047
  10. Has anyone else been seeing this script the Pistons have been using this year? The O in Detroit makes me feel like they're finally gearing up for a rebrand, putting the current wordmark on the Bad Boys era logo.
  11. I might like it if there were some red accents.
  12. From a couple of weeks ago, Ilyasova will wear #23 for the Pistons.
  13. Stanley Johnson will wear #3. Darrun Hilliard with #6 as well.
  14. Officially done with high school!!!!
  15. Fall Out Boy is my clear number one above all, a few more of mine in no order are: Panic! at the Disco Paramore Thirty Seconds to Mars Blink-182 My Chemical Romance Linkin Park Imagine Dragons Three Days Grace New Politics