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  1. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    Has anyone else been seeing this script the Pistons have been using this year? The O in Detroit makes me feel like they're finally gearing up for a rebrand, putting the current wordmark on the Bad Boys era logo.
  2. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    I might like it if there were some red accents.
  3. 2015 NBA Draftees/Free Agents w/ New Unis

    From a couple of weeks ago, Ilyasova will wear #23 for the Pistons.
  4. 2015 NBA Draftees/Free Agents w/ New Unis

    Stanley Johnson will wear #3. Darrun Hilliard with #6 as well.
  5. The Celebrate Yourself Here Thread *merged*

    Officially done with high school!!!!
  6. Your Favorite Bands

    Fall Out Boy is my clear number one above all, a few more of mine in no order are: Panic! at the Disco Paramore Thirty Seconds to Mars Blink-182 My Chemical Romance Linkin Park Imagine Dragons Three Days Grace New Politics
  7. What Are You Listening To?

    Fall Out Boy's new album is amazing in my opinion, although biased as I enjoy everything they put out. Here's a couple of my favorites off the album.
  8. 2014 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Saturday: Chargers at 49ers Eagles at Redskins Sunday: Vikings at Dolphins Ravens at Texans Lions at Bears Browns at Panthers Falcons at Saints Packers at Buccaneers Chiefs at Steelers Patriots at Jets Giants at Rams Bills at Raiders Colts at Cowboys Seahawks at Cardinals Monday: Broncos at Bengals
  9. 2014 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Thursday: Cardinals @ Rams Sunday: Dolphins @ Patriots Redskins @ Giants Raiders @ Chiefs Jaguars @ Ravens Buccaneers @ Panthers Texans @ Colts Steelers @ Falcons Packers @ Bills Bengals @ Browns Broncos @ Chargers Jets @ Titans Vikings @ Lions 49ers @ Seahawks Cowboys @ Eagles Monday: Saints @ Bears
  10. 2014 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Sunday: Steelers at Bengals Rams at Redskins Giants at Titans Panthers at Saints Jets at Vikings Ravens at Dolphins Colts at Browns Buccaneers at Lions Texans at Jaguars Bills at Broncos Chiefs at Cardinals Seahawks at Eagles. 49ers at Raiders Patriots at Chargers Monday: Falcons at Packers
  11. 2014 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Thursday Bears at Lions Eagles at Cowboys Seahawks at 49ers Monday Browns at Bills Bengals at Bucs Titans at Texans Washington at Indianapolis Raiders at Rams Panthers at Vikings Saints at Steelers Giants at Jaguars Chargers at Ravens Cardinals at Falcons Patriots at Packers Broncos at Chiefs Monday Dolphins at Jets
  12. 2014 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Thursday: Kansas City at Oakland Sunday: Detroit at New England Cleveland at Atlanta Tennessee at Philadelphia Green Bay at Minnesota Jacksonville at Indianapolis Cincinnati at Houston New York Jets at Buffalo Tampa Bay at Chicago Arizona at Seattle St. Louis at San Diego Miami at Denver Washington at San Francisco Dallas at New York Giants Monday: Baltimore at New Orleans
  13. 2014 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Thursday: Bills at Dolphins Sunday: Falcons at Panthers Vikings at Bears Bengals at Saints Texans at Browns Broncos at Rams Seahawks at Chiefs 49ers at Giants Buccaneers at Washington Raiders at Chargers Lions at Cardinals Eagles at Packers Patriots at Colts Monday: Steelers at Titans
  14. 2014 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Thursday: Browns @ Bengals Sunday: Chiefs @ Bills Dolphins @ Lions Cowboys @ Jaguars 49ers @ Saints Titans @ Ravens Steelers @ Jets Falcons @ Buccaneers Broncos @ Raiders Rams @ Cardinals Giants @ Seahawks Bears @ Packers Monday: Panthers @ Eagles
  15. 2014 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Jacksonville @ Cincinnati Tampa Bay @ Cleveland Arizona @ Dallas Philadelphia @ Houston New York Jets @ Kansas City San Diego @ Miami Washington @ Minnesota St. Louis @ San Francisco Denver@ New England Oakland @ Seattle Baltimore @ Pittsburgh Indianapolis @ New York Giants