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  1. Pava

    Hockey beyond the Iron Curtain...

    It is nice) but trident? in soviet era communists hated this symbol very much, because they fought against UPR(Ukrainian People's Republic) which used trident as coat of arms. Nevertheless, this is very cool idea
  2. Pava

    New Romanian National Team Brand Identity

    I thought it was map of Great Britain But new logo is definitely upgrade
  3. My only complaint is red triangles. Maybe try to make them bigger. Detroit is perfect
  4. Pava

    Bubble Hockey Template (Download link up!)

    This wood be great drink coasters )) May i get Minnesota Fighting Saints. The red one please
  5. Do liberos use away uniform when team play home or something else?
  6. I really like idea. But I have question. Is the sun on left shoulder bigger than on right shoulder?
  7. Pava

    LOGOLYMPIAD 2016 - Event 9 Voting

    Gold: 7 Silver: 11 Bronze: 10
  8. Pava

    LOGOLYMPIAD 2016 - Event 6 Voting

    Gold: 1 Silver: 11 Bronze: 6
  9. Pava

    BK Björken - Swedish amateur soccer team

    It is really nice. God I wish some logos like this in Ukrainian Premier League.)) Its simplicity is great. Are there two variants of shade on the leaf? I prefer straight with straight line
  10. Pava

    LOGOLYMPIAD 2016 - Event 4 Voting

    G: 3 S: 22 B: 14
  11. Pava

    LOGOLYMPIAD 2016 - Event 2 Voting

    Gold: 2 Silver: 15 Bronze: 19
  12. Pava

    LOGOLYMPIAD 2016 - Event 1 Voting

    Gold: 21 Silver: 9 Bronze: 10
  13. Pava

    Warriors High School Logo

    I like it. But arrowhead is a little bit wide