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  1. Gold: 2 Silver: 15 Bronze: 19
  2. Gold: 21 Silver: 9 Bronze: 10
  3. I like it. But arrowhead is a little bit wide
  4. This will be awesome!
  5. B outline. Just realize that helmet is maroon and it won't work.
  6. I like overall look. Except outline on alternate logo. It is kind weird. Maybe try maroon color
  7. It is third team in league with red star logo. other two are CSKA, SKA
  8. Primary logo is too detailed IMHO. Alternate is brilliant.
  9. Very nice logo, uniforms and presentation, It's solid
  10. It is much better than real. Only two teams with black. Good job in fixing F1 teams
  11. I like more gold on nose. But white outline around Red Bull is better than yours decision, IMHO
  12. Renault is beautiful. Honeycomb pattern is sharp idea. It's getting more ineresting with every new team. Great thread, man!
  13. Nice. Yellow outline is better, You should unite this thread with Teams Of AHL Past... Saint John Flames Concept in one thread. I mean it is series so it would be better to see all concepts in one place
  14. Nice update. Any uniforms? Or you will do only logos?
  15. Its is definitely upgrade of Force India livery.