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  1. Do liberos use away uniform when team play home or something else?
  2. I really like idea. But I have question. Is the sun on left shoulder bigger than on right shoulder?
  3. Gold: 7 Silver: 11 Bronze: 10
  4. Gold: 1 Silver: 11 Bronze: 6
  5. It is really nice. God I wish some logos like this in Ukrainian Premier League.)) Its simplicity is great. Are there two variants of shade on the leaf? I prefer straight with straight line
  6. G: 3 S: 22 B: 14
  7. Gold: 2 Silver: 15 Bronze: 19
  8. Gold: 21 Silver: 9 Bronze: 10
  9. I like it. But arrowhead is a little bit wide
  10. This will be awesome!
  11. B outline. Just realize that helmet is maroon and it won't work.
  12. I like overall look. Except outline on alternate logo. It is kind weird. Maybe try maroon color
  13. It is third team in league with red star logo. other two are CSKA, SKA
  14. Primary logo is too detailed IMHO. Alternate is brilliant.