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  1. A lot of missed opportunities (Ottawa, Calgary, San Jose, Washington), but it looks like a few teams that knew they had to get it together, actually did. (Carolina, Colorado). Edmonton and New Jersey both take arguably top 10 sets, to the bottom 10.
  2. Preds- As stated, it is oversimplified. But it's not bad. Blues- I like.
  3. NO.
  4. Don't let all this new uniform talk distract you all from the fact that there is now a professional hockey franchise in LAS VEGAS, NEVADA.
  5. 3 vowels compared to 2.
  6. Nice. I prefer when teams have their own venues. Gives more of a 'territorial' aspect to it all.
  7. I have very, very mixed feelings about this Drouin-Sergachev trade. Yes, we are desperate for firepower and Drouin brings that. But he's also a prima-donna drama queen, which is part of the reason we got rid of Subban. I guess it's not so much that we got him, it's that we traded Sergachev for him. After watching him closely the last couple of years (even before he was drafted) I was looking forward to seeing him bolster the Habs blue line for years to come.
  8. Isn't that Spurs logo just a secondary?
  9. So the Knights' official casino sponsor is one that honors another city?
  10. Am I nuts or does the tail on the Devils logo look different? Maybe it's just because I've never examined the tail on it's own.
  11. I love my team, but man, they gotta be right up there with the worst overall history of logos.
  12. Haven`t we sort of been down this road before with Carolina? They were well supported in the years leading up to and after their Cup win. Now look. It seems that hockey in the south is more of a trend that comes and goes, rather than consistently supported. Don`t get me wrong- I`m happy to see hockey doing well down there. The sunbelt expansion phase was definitely an experiment, and as with most experiments, some fail and some succeed. Tampa Bay is a success. Dallas is a success. L.A. is a success. San Jose is a success. Nashville seems to be a success. Carolina and Florida`s long term fates are yet to be seen. Atlanta was a double failure. Phoenix was a failure. Las Vegas will be a colossal failure within 7 years.
  13. Same. I think the Cavs set, other than the sleeved crap, is top 10 in the league.
  14. Nice!