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  1. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs Uniforms

    ^ No. The Penguins stick had a jagged edged blade with a white stick; the one the Shark has eaten is clearly rounded and brown/orange. Seriously though, seeing the Pens lift the Cup in the black/athletic gold would be nice. Almost as nice as seeing the Sharks raising it in their throwbacks, which isn't really possible. Now that the Sharks have finally made the SCF, were their black unis really cursed?

    Beautiful, but a 4 1/2 hour drive from Detroit. The Eastern Market's pretty cool too as oldschoolvikings suggested. Also suggested above, the Detroit Zoo just completed the largest Penguin exhibit in the world.
  3. Arizona Diamondbacks Script Concept


    Yes- I've yet to see a game but Detroit City FC playing in Hamtramck looks like great soccer. Hope to catch a game this year.

    ^ Yea, it collapsed a couple of years back and has been torn to shreds since. Detroit gets a bad rap and there are some terrible areas, but downtown, bricktown, corktown, greektown, midtown, riverfront are all phenomenal areas. The architecture literally all over those areas is gorgeous. The Churches alone are something to marvel at. There's nothing really noteworthy in Auburn Hills or Pontiac, as they're both essentially residential suburbs. Malls, restaurants, hotels and houses. But fly down I-75 and you're in the city within 30 minutes. Just watch rush hour. I would say a few things specifically to check out: 1. The old site of Tiger Stadium. The original iron fence, remnants of the infield and flag pole still stand. The Detroit Police Athletic League has acquired the site and it will soon transform, so check it out. Michigan Ave and Trumbull, not far from downtown. Nemo's bar, a staple for Tigers' game days is great as well. It's a block from the site. 2. Greektown. A few blocks from Comerica Park, so I normally go there for lunch and a (couple) beverages before a game. There's TONS of fantastic restaurants, so take your pick, but my personal favorite is a small hole in the wall that's easy to miss. It's just a little cafe, but the gyros...my gawd. It's called PLAKA's cafe in the middle of the block. From there, you could probably walk to Comerica and take in the sights. I take the people mover, which is also cool. Maybe hop on that once as well. 3. If you're into architecture, the Masonic Temple is neat. It's just off Woodward Ave in midtown. 4. The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) in midtown is great as well, and your whole family would probably enjoy it. Once you cross into Windsor (which is where I currently live), take the tunnel, not the bridge. Better access, cheaper and normally less wait time. There are several cheap parking options near the tunnel opening, and the riverfront is 2 blocks away. It will give you a gorgeous view of the entire Detroit skyline and the riverfront is several miles of just green space. A few restaurants around the area, but take your pick, as nothing really stands out too much anymore. Our civic government has turned our downtown into a wasteland of nightclubs and shwarma shops. Also very close to the tunnel is the original Windsor Arena, still standing probably for not much longer. Very cool old wooden arena, also known as the barn. Original home of the Windsor Spitfires, and temporary home of the Detroit Cougars (the original Red Wings) for a season while Olympia was built. Nothing marvelous, but I'm a sucker for old arenas, and you may be too. And one thing you absolutely MUST do: Go to either American Coney Island or Lafayette Coney Island. They're right next door to each other, so I'd suggest getting a dog at each place. It's a long dispute about which is better. They're on West Lafayette, downtown, also not far from Comerica. Maybe head there after the Tiger's game, as there's tons of sights on that walk as well. I hope this helps- feel free to message me if you need any tips.
  6. Raccoon Sports Logo and Identity Design

    That's pretty sweet man...
  7. Atlanta Braves Logo-ATLANTA SCRIPT 5/23

    Awesome work! I feel like now after seeing this, the bat should've been there the whole time. The ATL in the pattern doesn't have to be that noticeable, since the 'A' represents Atlanta anyways. It's just one of those semi-hidden features. Cool stuff man. Good work.
  8. Rangers New Ballpark

    All these teams with nearly brand new, still state of the art parks, wanting to replace them just for the sake of having something new. Then we have the A's playing in an ancient, sewage filled dump and the Rays playing in a concrete airplane hangar in the middle of nowhere.
  9. Thrift Store Gems 2016

    ^ Snagged one of those and a white Panthers shown above a few months back at like $6.99 each. They were youth, but my son wears the Panthers one, and the Sharks, may be a men's small, will fit him soon. Regardless, still too great a deal to pass up.
  10. 2015-16 NBA Thread

    I still see the Cavs taking the series, but it will most likely go 7. But the way the Cavs are playing, it's looking like OKC or GS would absolutely annihilate them in the Finals.
  11. Coyotes announce AHL affiliate's move to Tucson + team naming contest.

  12. 2016 NFL Predictions (post-FA)

    If only Vegas allowed betting on that
  13. 2016 NFL Predictions (post-FA)

    Here is my prediction: Patriots win the Superbowl That is all.
  14. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    You know what I mean. They've been in the playoffs 6 of the past 8 years. Would you rather your team make the playoffs consistently or be a perennial bottom feeder?
  15. 2015-16 NBA Thread

    I'd be happy if any of the remaining 4 teams win it. My least favorite of the bunch would be Toronto. Just being a Pistons and Detroit fan in general, it's very hard to root for anything Toronto. The Cavs...I mean the city of Cleveland is dying for a title of any sort. You've gotta feel for that. I think they'll destroy Toronto, and have a solid shot against either GS or OKC (especially). The Thunder...I've always hated the whole pick up and move from Seattle thing, but that wasn't really anyone's fault except that cornball owner. Plus I like Durant and Westbrook. My prediction would still have to be Golden State. They'll win the next two and probably drop game 4 or 5, but they'll take it in 6. They're the best built for a 7 game series, they're deep all around and been there done that.