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  1. Green and gold.
  2. Lillard is an absolute beast, and McCollum is solid as well. But I feel that they overachieved yet again. I thought last season was a fluke, and I figured they'd fall back to earth this season and miss the playoffs. But they went on a tear to finish the year and ended up facing the steamroller that is the Golden State Warriors. They have no front court whatsoever. They're not far from seriously contending but they gotta get Lillard some help.
  3. This. Their current unis are among the blandest to ever grace a baseball field.
  4. I think Utah's got this with Griffin out. They would then play the Warriors next round assuming SA and HOU advance, right?
  5. Nice!
  6. They're definitely looking like one of the best teams out West, along with Anaheim. The way things are shaping up, that might be our WCF.
  7. With Griffin out, it might be yours for the taking.
  8. I'm pulling for the Bucks in the East. They could honestly take out anyone (in the East) in a 7 game series. I took them to beat the Raptors and so far they're manhandling them. If they had Parker, they'd really do some damage. If they can keep this team together and stay healthy (big if), they'll be a serious contender in the coming years.
  9. The piping, random click-and-fill uniforms are better than the the retros? They're among the worst in the league. I agree the logo is better, but the word marks are horrible primaries to begin with.
  10. If they were wearing their 'retros' it would be even better.
  11. Wow, I can't believe I didn't know any of this: In 2013, Swift refused to vacate his foreclosed home, which had been bought by a new owner. The new owner bought the house in Sammamish, Washington, in January 2013 for half the price Swift paid in 2006.[8][9] Swift eventually left the home, which was reportedly riddled with animal feces, guns, bullets, beer bottles, and garbage. Observers also noted old letters from some of the top college basketball programs in the country trying to recruit Swift, before he went straight to the NBA from high school.[10] In October 2014, police raided the house of Trygve Bjorkstam, an alleged heroin and methamphetamine dealer, who had a collection of 18 guns. They found Swift living in the home, and in possession of a sawed-off shotgun. In November 2014, police charged Swift with unlawful possession of a short-barreled shotgun.[11] On January 8, 2015, Swift was arrested by police for involvement in an armed home invasion attempt. Swift claimed he was high on drugs at the time of the incident.[12]
  12. In my case, if the Lions left town, the identity and history would probably be left with it and we'd get an expansion team within 5 years, ala Cleveland Browns. So in the meantime, I'd just take a break from watching football and free up a lot of Sundays. Far less remotes thrown at TVs, cursing, etc. The new team would probably win a Superbowl before Lions 1.0 win a playoff game anyways.