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  1. hettinger_rl

    Pretty sweet job.
  2. Patriots aren't bad. They definitely need some refining, but still. Atlanta on the other hand....woof.
  3. That Sharks jersey is perfection.
  4. Yes
  5. Pittsburgh's awesome. I agree light blue should be added somehow, but VERY subtly- maybe just in the city crest itself. Even though it's part of the city seal, black and gold is what you think of when you think of Pittsburgh's colors.
  6. Awesome job on the Rockies. They've got such potential with that identity and unique color scheme, but choose to put out one of the most bland and generic sets in sports.
  7. They're fairly pricey though. $20 on average plus another $15-20 to ship?
  8. I went to St. Alexander and we were the Crusaders. Colors were navy and gold (essentially yellow). It closed about 4 years ago, so no website or anything, but I remember when I was in Kindergarten (1990) until grade 6, there was a logo of a Crusader on a horse similar to that of the old Cleveland Crusaders of the WHA. Then in 1996, after the Pistons rebranded, they went with a similar flaming horse head but the bottom was squared off to sort of look like a knight chess piece. I thought it was cool because I was a Pistons fan.
  9. The Celtics beat the Rockets....
  10. It's cool nonetheless, but I think it would be better served as an alternate.
  11. V2 for sure. Interesting.
  12. That's a beauty.
  13. Is this an absolute done deal? Like San Diego couldn't come in tomorrow and say "Hey, here's your stadium money?" Not that it would ever happen, I'm just curious.