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  1. I like it.
  2. At least they'll be good for something. And getting our respective favorite teams a few extra points a year.
  3. Me likey.
  4. One of my buddies was attempting to have a McDavid vs Austin Matthews 'Who's better?' argument with me the other day, to which I replied:
  5. Man, I know they're basically just BFBW but if those Clips unis had the old Clippers script on them, they might actually be nice.
  6. The PR movie definitely has the potential. Hopefully not a complete bomb.
  7. Ditto is indeed around. I've got 3. 2 from Pidgeys and 1 from a Ratatta.
  8. Nice job. Big Windsor Express fan here, but not a fan of their clip-arty logo. You improved it vastly. Also, the Saint John franchise is now called the Riptide. It works, with the Bay of Fundy tides and all, but Mill Rats was cool.
  9. Fantastic. Fully agreed on them needing to embrace the Civil War theme the rather than having a generic unoriginal set. The one thing that I don't like is the numbers. Looks very out of place on a set that's shooting for a historical theme. Other than that, A+.
  10. The logo is not great, but not bad. It does the trick. The name is terrible and bush league. Desert (as terrible as it sounds) would have at least been meaningful, as would Silver Knights, with Nevada being the Silver State. It also sounds WAY better than Golden Knights. Within a year or two, everyone and their dog will be referring to them as the Vegas Knights, which sounds fine. The color scheme seems pretty nice. Gotta wait to see how they utilize it on a jersey before a final verdict, but so far so good.
  11. "Hey Nicky! I'm workin on the sign. What's the pro hockey league called?" "No clue Ace, just put Professional Hockey"
  12. I never heard that combo. I heard black (or slate grey)- gold-red Red still may be a trim color.
  13. Probably some of this:
  14. Am I the only one who saw these and thought "What's different?"