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  1. Wow- that Padres set is fantastic. My only criticism is that the dark brown is too dark, almost black. Getting a real Pirates vibe from it. Maybe just a tad lighter and these would be perfect.
  2. I just now realized that there's an A inside the Coyotes' paw logo...
  3. You completely missed my point. I understand they are homage to the community, but they're not locale specific.
  4. Oilers isn't really a direct homage. Yes it refers to the Alberta oil fields, but I mean, you could use the name Oilers in half of North America. Same with Jets. You can't have a team named the Dallas Canadiens, Maples Leafs or Canucks. You could have the Dallas Flames, Jets, Oilers or Senators (would be weird, but what the heck)
  5. New Orleans just keeps stealing from Charlotte...
  6. The fact that the Saginaw Spirit have been around for 15 years makes me feel very old.
  7. My point- had you read my whole post- is that a new team that makes the playoffs 3 of it's first 5 years including a Cup final, would normally garner some significant interest and generate a fan-base in any market that cares, especially when said team WINS the Cup 3 seasons later. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems they've accomplished more in their short existence than some teams with double or triple the tenure. If they hadn't gone to the Cup final at least once, they would have been the Atlanta Thrashers first. It's a bad market. Carolina is a basketball, football and racing region. Not hockey. It won't work. It's the same with Phoenix. If it hasn't by now, it won't.
  8. Nice. I especially like Montreal. I've long said that I think the NBA would thrive there.
  9. In their first 11 seasons in Carolina, they were consistently good. They went to the Cup twice, including one Cup win, and another ECF. Sure, they've been garbage since 2008-09, but there were issues before that. They accomplished enough in their first decade to cement a fan-base in any market that cares. It's obvious the market is the problem.
  10. Honestly though, what else is there to do besides gamble and see shows that I could see here? If it's the warm climate, I'd rather go somewhere with at least a beach.
  11. My wife's been bugging me to go to Vegas for years and I've brushed it off because it's really not my thing. But now that the NHL's coming, I'm thinking I might catch a game when the Habs come to town.
  12. You just took the London Knights' logo....