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  1. Done. You still have the Sabres yellow alt showing.
  2. Yes. They finally found a look that's unique and works for them and now they switch?
  3. That's a pretty specific place to put the logo. I would guess it's legit. And unless I'm seeing things, there looks to be a dark shoulder yoke as well.
  4. I've only ever visited Comerica, PNC, Rogers Center and GABP. PNC is by far the best. Comerica's view is nice as well, but maybe I'm just too used to it to truly appreciate it. Rogers Centre has literally no view, but when the roof is open, looking straight up the CN Tower is pretty cool. I've heard St. Louis is quite nice.
  5. Nice work. Hopefully the Ducks go with the mask logo. Yes, it's 'cartoony' but it's much better aesthetically and more marketable than a D.
  6. My dad passed his fandom down to me, which he got from his dad. My grandpa came over from England, originally settling in the London, ON area, and got into hockey. At the time, Rocket Richard and John Beliveau-era Habs ruled the NHL, so I guess that's why. Had he come right to Detroit, instead of 10 years later, I'm sure he'd have become a Wings fan, with Gordie and what not.
  7. No, except when I was a kid, I didn't know any better so I rooted for teams that either had cool nicknames or nice uniforms. The NBA was Charlotte Hornets, NHL was Florida Panthers, NFL was the L.A. Raiders. Then I turned about 11 or 12 and actually started caring about sports, and my hometown allegiances kicked in. Not the same thing I know.
  8. Lurch played in the NBA?
  9. No sir, born in 85. But you get my point.
  10. I get why they completely ditched the horse theme. It was associated with the darkest days of the franchise. The end of the bad boys and the horrible 90's teal. BUT, it was still front and center for the 2004 title and the couple of winning years before and after. I feel like ditching it completely is a bad idea. It gives some form of identity, other than just your generic insert team name onto basketball logo. The one shown above looked great on the shorts and is light years better than that stupid DP logo.
  11. I'm a fan.
  12. I think they'll take a game. A monster night from Thomas, coupled with that insane perimeter defense. But Cavs in 5.
  13. That's great.
  14. First, Wendy's put mayo on my very clearly requested no-mayo burger, and now this.