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  1. Tigers- Cobb, Kaline, Greenberg, Cabrera (I chose Cabrera over guys like Trammell, Horton, Whitaker because he's gone into the upper echelon of Tigers history in the past couple of years, although those guys are more than deserving) Canadiens- Maurice Richard. Beliveau, Lafleur, Plante. RIchard and Beliveau are locks. Very tough to leave out guys like Harvey and Larry Robinson, but I think with Lafleur, he was basically the face of one of the most dominant Habs eras (70s). Plante is iconic as well. Pistons- Isiah, Joe Dumars, Ben Wallace, Dave Bing. Lions- Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson, Dick Lane, Bobby Layne
  2. I'm down with the name. I normally don't care for state names, but in this case, like Arizona, it could get the whole state behind it. I'm not sure what the logo is supposed to be. At first I thought it was the outline of the state, but tilted. But it's not. That needs some work. But the name's cool.
  3. That needs to be a full time third. It's good enough to be the basis for a full set, but the logo's a bit dated to be their primary.
  4. Snagged an Adidas Lebron James Miami Heat black jersey for 99 cents! Looked like it was never worn.
  5. Pardon my ignorance but what's the difference?
  6. I'm reading all these forecasts that have the Bulls at 7 or 8 in the East. They're the least-deep team in the East. It's Butler, Rondo and Wade. No one up front.
  7. Vipers is a great name. Also rolls off the tongue. Las Vegas Vipers, which I'm sure everyone will shorten to Vegas Vipers. And this is one of my favorite logos of all time:
  8. Right- any even though the amenities are plentiful at Staples, they'll always be second fiddle to the Lakers. They could win the next 5 titles and it wouldn't matter.
  9. Clippers doing pre-lim research on possible arena once the Staples lease expires: http://clutchpoints.com/report-los-angeles-clippers-will-search-potentially-new-arena-los-angeles/
  10. Wow- that Padres set is fantastic. My only criticism is that the dark brown is too dark, almost black. Getting a real Pirates vibe from it. Maybe just a tad lighter and these would be perfect.
  11. I just now realized that there's an A inside the Coyotes' paw logo...
  12. You completely missed my point. I understand they are homage to the community, but they're not locale specific.
  13. Oilers isn't really a direct homage. Yes it refers to the Alberta oil fields, but I mean, you could use the name Oilers in half of North America. Same with Jets. You can't have a team named the Dallas Canadiens, Maples Leafs or Canucks. You could have the Dallas Flames, Jets, Oilers or Senators (would be weird, but what the heck)