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  1. Looks like a seal with legs.
  2. I hope they come up with something that sticks. Everything the Wolves use gets so dated in a matter of a few years. I loved their original set, as bland as they were. I feel like using those as a base and giving them a bit of character and energy would work well. I hope to baby Jesus that it's not something like the Hawks' set.
  3. I was in Cincinnati last summer to catch a Reds-Tigers game and GAB was great, I don't understand the flak it gets. Beautiful riverfront as well. I took a stroll down to Paul Brown, which I'm sure is awesome inside, but from the outside it's very dull and generic. Aside from a few flags on lampposts, there's not much around to tell you that it's the home turf of the Bengals.
  4. Regarding the Sens- That is all.
  5. You should've said "Yes, I'm the small forward".
  6. I've honestly always thought that SLC would make a good NHL market. They've embraced the Jazz, and have always supported minor/semi-pro hockey well, at least as far as I know.
  7. Foley wants Golden Knights to be 'the team of the Rockies' http://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/1244311-foley-wants-golden-knights-to-be-the-team-of-the-rockies
  8. What an idiotic comment. We only torch downtown when we win or lose in the Finals, not the first round.
  9. I think it was deeper than that. He caused some issues in the locker room. In the long run, it'll hurt, but Weber gives us a leader and a better shot to win now.
  10. Can't find any listings under your name... I'd love to get my hands on that Michigan.
  11. That was right in the feels. I think I even had a couple tears drop. Can I put forth a motion to replace crying Jordan face with crying Subban face?
  12. I ate 5 paczkis today. Not proud, but proud.
  13. Bergevin, what are you doing? Edit- Just picked up Dwight King. The Cup is ours. Vanek to the Panthers. Decent move for the playoff push being a point out of a spot.
  14. Cavs are deeeeeep. 2 starting caliber PGS and 2 starting caliber C's. Do they start Bogut over Thompson now?
  15. Snagged a youth XL Red Wings Lidstrom jersey yesterday. Home red, with the C. $7.99. It was on the same rack as a Pistons promotional giveaway jersey which was $6.99. Someone messed that up.