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  1. The Montreal Forum is still standing as well.
  2. The Grizzlies were about 2-3 years from being sustainable. Vancouver absolutely exploded in 2003-04.
  3. EAST Cleveland Cavaliers. The reigning World Champions kept their core together and I imagine some more minor moves to fill holes, but the Cavs should be right back where they left off in June. 60-22.* Boston Celtics. There will be a rat race for the Atlantic division crown between Toronto and Boston, as both teams will feast on the 3 other sub-par clubs all season long. Al Horford will fit in nicely on a team that features a lot of good, young talent. I see Boston winning over 50 games for the first time since 2010-11. 55-27. * Indiana Pacers. Going completely under the radar for the most part, the Pacers may have done the most for themselves this off-season, flipping George Hill for Jeff Teague and also adding Al Jefferson and Thaddeus Young to a squad that already features Paul George and Myles Turner. They appear to have one of the best starting lineups in the East and also have the depth to go along with it. 54-28. Atlanta Hawks. There seems to be quite a bit of parity in the southeast division, but even after losing Al Horford, the Hawks are the best of the bunch. Dwight Howard has had a massive fall from grace since leaving Orlando, but seems to fit more naturally in the East. There will be a bit of a transition phase for Schroder in the starting slot, but once things get rolling I see the Atlanta taking the division. 47-35.* Toronto Raptors. Essentially the same squad that took the Cavs to 7 games in the ECF, the Raptors will pick up right where they left off. The Atlantic Division crown is no longer theirs, but the Raptors remain one of the East's elite. 53-29. Detroit Pistons. Andre Drummond will be a year better and the rest of the squad is extremely well-balanced. They made some minor off-season moves to add some depth, which I think will pay off and equate to a few extra wins. 47-35. Washington Wizards. The Wizards finished just outside the playoffs last year, but with one of the best back courts in the game, they should get back on track. Plus a couple of playoff teams have taken steps backward. 44-38. Milwaukee Bucks. Injuries absolutely ravaged a Bucks team that had high expectations last year. A very solid, young starting five coupled with decent depth should make them a playoff bubble team - as long as they stay healthy. 42-40. Orlando Magic. The Magic are moving in the right direction, but are not quite there yet. A lot of young pieces in Payton, Fournier and Gordon plus the additions of Serge Ibaka and Biyombo to a weak front court will help. They do have the makings of a dark horse and if everything comes together just right, they could even make a push for the top in a very mediocre division. 41-41. Miami Heat. They still feature a few solid pieces in Whiteside, Dragic and Winslow, but losing Luol Deng, Joe Johnson and especially leader Dwyane Wade will hurt their depth. 40-42. New York Knicks. They've got a good starting five (assuming Rose and Noah are well enough to play the majority of the season), but absolutely nothing beyond that. They could surprise some people, but I think these will be the same old Knicks. 38-44. Chicago. A team that just 2 years ago was considered a legitimate title contender is now essentially Jimmy Butler, Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo. Who knows how well these guys will mesh. It also doesn't help that they play in a fairly competitive division. Charlotte Hornets. Jeremy Lin played well last year, but they've got Kemba Walker to fill that void. They managed to hang on to Batum, but losing Courtney Lee and especially Al Jefferson will be huge. An extremely thin front court keeps the Hornets from duplicating last year's success. 28-54. Brooklyn. Their best player is Brooke Lopez. Enough said. 21-61. Philadelphia. The (distant) future looks bright in Philly, with guys like Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel up front, but it's going to be a while before anyone takes them seriously. 11-71. WEST Golden State Warriors. Featuring the scariest line-up in the league, the Warriors appear unstoppable. 69-13.* San Antonio Spurs. In their first season without franchise cornerstone Tim Duncan, the Spurs are still extremely well equipped win 60 games. 60-22.* LA Clippers. The Clips were thrown off the rails by injuries last year, but if they stay healthy, they're fully capable of balling with the rest of the big dogs in the West. 55-27. Utah Jazz. The Jazz appear to be the best team in the league's worst division. A bit more depth up front would help, but Gordon Hayward, Rudy Gobert and Derrick Favors will all be a year better and adding veterans George Hill and Joe Johnson to the mix will definitely work in their favor. 46-36.* Houston Rockets. Addition by subtraction in getting rid of Dwight Howard and adding Ryan Anderson, Nene and Eric Gordon adds depth to an already deep team. The Rockets could really surprise some folks. 50-32. Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizzlies were a team that was absolutely decimated by injuries last year and barely limped into the playoffs. Adding Parsons to the same core that's been competitive the past few seasons should get the Grizzlies back into the thick of things. 48-34. Oklahoma City. Losing one the best players in the game to your biggest rival is a critical blow to a Thunder team that looked like a possible title favorite had Durant returned. They still feature one of the best point guards in the game who is good enough to carry the team on his back. Still, the Thunder barely sneak into the playoffs by playing in a division with much parity. 44-38. Portland Trail Blazers. The Blazers really surprised me last season. I thought after the mass exodus of free agents last summer that they'd be among the worst in the West. Damian Lillard carried the team to fifth place in the West. With the Thunder now knocked off the top, the Northwest Division is there for the taking. However, I don't see them having quite the same success two seasons in a row. They have no depth, especially up front, but manage to sneak into the playoffs. 42-40. Dallas Mavericks. Adding Bogut up front and essentially replacing Parsons with Harrison Barnes should keep the Mavs fairly competitive, but playing in the league's toughest division won't help their cause and they miss the playoffs. 40-42. Minnesota Timberwolves. With one of the scariest duos in the league in Wiggins and Towns along with a lot of other solid pieces, the Wolves are quickly getting closer to becoming a serious force in the West. If everything comes together just right, they could make the jump into the playoffs in a very wide open division. The more likely outcome is that they improve on last year's record substantially but still fall just short of the playoffs. 40-42. Sacramento Kings. The Kings appear to have adequate talent, but have failed to put it all together in seasons passed. With no major positive roster moves, I see the Kings right where they left off. 34-48. New Orleans Pelicans. The Pelicans were trending up big time, but losing Anderson and Eric Gordon give them a massive lack of depth. Anthony Davis is one of the best big men in the league, but they also play in the best division in the league. 32-50. Denver. Filled with guys that showed some serious potential last year, the Nuggets seem to have the pieces in place for the future. 30-52. Phoenix Suns. After a very successful 2014-15 campaign, the Suns just couldn't get rolling last year. After a quiet off-season, I don't see any improvement. 25-57. LA Lakers. They're better with Luol Deng, but the Lakers are extremely young and thin. 15-67. PLAYOFFS EASTERN CONFERENCE Cleveland over Milwaukee 4-0 Boston over Washington 4-1 Indiana over Detroit 4-2 Toronto over Atlanta 4-3 Cleveland over Toronto 4-2 Indiana over Boston 4-2 Cleveland over Indiana 4-3 WESTERN CONFERENCE Golden State over Portland 4-0 San Antonio over Oklahoma City 4-0 LA Clippers over Memphis 4-2 Houston over Utah 4-2 Golden State over Houston 4-1 San Antonio over LA Clippers 4-3 Golden State over San Antonio 4-1 FINALS- Golden State over Cleveland 4-1
  4. Pardon my homer-ism, but:
  5. There's not many of you.
  6. I mean a cookie-cutter traditional template is better than a cookie-cutter edge color-by-number template, but still, have some originality.
  7. The Jazz uni isn't bad, just bland, like the franchise itself.
  8. Prediction time: AFC East New England 11-5 (They go 1-3 without Brady, 10-2 with him) NY Jets 9-7 Buffalo 8-8 Miami 6-10 North Pittsburgh 12-4 Cincinnati 11-5 Baltimore 8-8 Cleveland 3-13 South (aka the co-worst division in football) Indianapolis 9-7 Houston 8-8 Jacksonville 8-8 Tennessee 4-12 West Kansas City 11-5 Oakland 10-6 Denver 9-7 San Diego 8-8 NFC East (aka the co-worst division in football) NY Giants 9-7 Washington 8-8 Dallas 7-9 Philadelphia 5-11 North Green Bay 14-2 Minnesota 10-6 (Losing Bridgewater is huge, but Hill is efficient enough to get by, plus they have the best RB in football and a stout defense) Detroit 8-8 Chicago 6-10 South Carolina 12-4 Tampa Bay 7-9 Atlanta 7-9 Nawlins 5-11 West Seattle 13-3 Arizona 12-4 Los Angeles 7-9 San Francisco 5-11 PLAYOFFS AFC New England over Cincinnati Oakland over Indianapolis Pittsburgh over Oakland New England over Kansas City Pittsburgh over New England NFC Arizona over Carolina Minnesota over NY Giants Green Bay over Minnesota Seattle over Arizona Green Bay over Seattle SUPERBOWL- Green Bay over Pittsburgh
  9. I think the old unis were more fitting with the brand, other than the piping. The striping looked like waves. It needed some TLC, but they should've just cleaned it up instead of moving to another generic template. They are nice nonetheless. Also, I'm super unfamiliar with the QMJHL and this logo set is sweet. Is the cannon logo still gonna be around?
  10. There is a definite resemblance to Gary Bettman, so it could work.
  11. NFL Week 1: Carolina at Denver Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta Minnesota vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Philadelphia Cincinnati vs. NY Jets Oakland vs. New Orleans San Diego vs. Kansas City Buffalo vs. Baltimore Chicago vs. Houston Green Bay vs. Jacksonville Miami vs. Seattle NY Giants vs. Dallas Detroit vs. Indianapolis New England vs. Arizona Pittsburgh vs. Washington Los Angeles vs. San Francisco
  12. A trip down memory lane.