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  1. Move them to Quebec City.
  2. T. Kosty's OHL Redesign (Owen Sound Alternate Added)

    The Spits Remembrance Day unis are great.
  3. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    The new Shark is definitely better, as much as I like the old one. It's more refined, modern, sleek, aggressive and insert adjective here. The old uniforms were vastly superior to the new ones. I would find a balance between the two and create a new set with the new logo and old uni.
  4. I'm pulling for: 1. Washington 2. San Jose 3. NY Islanders 4. St. Louis 5. Dallas- I don't hate the Stars, I actually like the team they've put together, but I have a distinct distaste for all things Dallas- Cowboys and Rangers especially. But I'd rather they win over Tampa, Nashville or Pittsburgh, My gut feeling? Pittsburgh.
  5. OHL Owen Sound Attack logo redesign concept

    Very nice. I agree, the other bear looks like it was molded out of clay and the clay started to melt.
  6. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    Isn't Charlotte actually the Queen City?
  7. 2016 NHL Off-Season Thread

    I despise these corporate named sports stadiums. I know in this day and age we'll probably never not see it again, but I miss the Boston Gardens and the Chicago Stadiums and the Great Western Forums and the Joe Louis Arenas and the Tiger Stadiums.
  8. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    It honestly stuck me weird how unrefined (is that a word?) that old crown was. I honestly thought it was mountains when I was a kid. Even now, at best it looks like one of those paper crowns you find inside those party crackers. The new one at least has some refinement.
  9. The Shield is the New Roundel

    Not just roundels, but circular logos in general I think.
  10. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    I dig it.
  11. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    It's a fine logo, but why bother fixing what isn't broke? The leaping panther is a SOLID primary logo and looks fantastic on the front of a jersey. Just use this on a 3rd jersey or a shoulder.
  12. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    Their shield is a great logo. This is...It's terrible. I used to just think it was mountains on top of a basketball.They were atrocious when they sported this thing.
  13. Didn't some dude that played for the Jays actually write it on his eye black? In Spanish, but still...who does that? And expects nothing to come of it?
  14. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    Not next season, or the one after, but any "official" word on the Warriors' after their move to San Fran? Will they keep the Golden State moniker?
  15. 72Freebie's CHL Redesign(Ottawa 67's added (13/60)

    All absolutely fantastic. Looking forward to the Spits.