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  1. He played 33 last season and scored over 15 a game. I think if Unibrow had stayed healthy last year, they'd be back in the playoffs as they were the year before. They had a deep team, with Gordon, Ryan Andersen, plus Asik was still serviceable.
  2. I think if they would've held onto Eric Gordon this year, they'd be a 7th or 8th seed. Add in Boogie to that, and you've got a decent triple threat.
  3. That frontcourt is among the best in the league now, but the Pels need a backcourt. Go after a big fish this summer.
  4. I spent the weekend in Montreal and checked out a Winners store. Managed to come across a Mitchell and Ness Randall Cunningham green Eagles jersey on the clearance rack. Price tag at 129, reduced to 25. It's a size small which normally wouldn't fit me, but it fits more like a medium which I can deal with. Regardless I wasn't saying no to that beauty. The flying eagles on the shoulder are what got me. Looked like this:
  5. This has to be a joke, right? You've never seen Cheers?
  6. Julien will be a definite upgrade at coach. We still need a scoring punch up front.
  7. They did have a nice court. I liked them as well too. They were sort of my 'team B' to the Pistons for a few reasons- the name, identity, and they were always the underdog to the Lakers and Spurs. I liked their original set (I've got a blue Garnett jersey), the 2nd set was good (I wasn't crazy about the script, but at least it was unique), but everything since has just been generic and bland.
  8. Good eeeevening.
  9. Lime green?????
  10. Excellent.
  11. Sorry to divert a bit, but on the topic of the Wild, why did they build a new arena when the Target Center was less than 10 years old? Too basketball specific?
  12. Version 1. I dislike city nicknames on unis (Motor City, Rip City, etc.)
  13. Agreed.
  14. Any truth to the Coyotes' brass visiting Seattle and Portland?
  15. Yeah, 'cursed' sort of insinuates that the teams had multiple occasions to win, and failed. If you never get there- you're not cursed, you just suck. Padres- 2 WS appearances, steam-rolled in both. Chargers- One SB appearance, also blown out Bills- 4 straight Superbowls= 'cursed' Sabres- 2 Cup Finals- lost one in very controversial fashion.