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  1. As much as I hate the Bruins, they could make a case for having the best primary set in the league. Although they don't need an alternate, this new one is much better than the outgoing. It seemed incomplete.
  2. Even the lockers themselves look NBA sized. No way suitable for hockey gear.
  3. That's gorgeous. Although I do like their current scheme, it's definitely not utilized properly.
  4. Ran across a youth Ottawa Senators original home white, which I'll normally snatch up and give to one of my sons. Being a die hard Habs fan, I couldn't. It's only one step below buying a Leafs or Bruins jersey.
  5. Nice...but I think the Texans would go Oilers, not the Titans.
  6. It's going to be hard not to root for the Cubs, but I think they'll just...Cub. I despise the Rangers and Red Sox, highly dislike the Giants and Jays. As much as the Indians are a rival to the Tigers, I don't hate them as much as the other teams in the central. I've always felt more of a empathy for Cleveland in general as opposed to a dislike. I don't mind the Dodgers. I like the Nats, Mets and Cubs. That being said, I gotta go: 1. Cubs 2. Indians 3. Nats 4. Mets 5. Dodgers Any of those, and I'm happy.
  7. That's honestly pretty sweet. The star might be a tad over the top, but beyond that, 5 stars.
  8. You sir, are a disgrace to loyal fans everywhere.
  9. They seem to have a decent product, but the problem is it seems like a constant revolving door. They groom these guys, and by the time they're good, they're gone. Keep Domi and Duclair around. Make some moves. Be good at hockey.
  10. Anyone but Boston, San Francisco, Toronto or Texas. I wouldn't mind Cleveland, Baltimore, Mets or L.A., but I'm really pulling for the Cubs or Nationals. That being said, the Red Sox strike me the most as the team can go the distance.
  11. Nicely done!
  12. The Montreal Forum is still standing as well.
  13. The Grizzlies were about 2-3 years from being sustainable. Vancouver absolutely exploded in 2003-04.