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  1. 2013-2014 NHL Uniform & Logo Changes

    Nice work, Sabres! You had everyone going there for a second. Those never-ending teasers and then the Ott reveal...flawless execution. Oh. It's real. Okay. Sweet. Cool. Yeah.
  2. Fox Sports 1 vs ESPN

    The mock trial segment on ESPN's College Football Final is just the worst.
  3. 2013-2014 NHL Uniform & Logo Changes

    I'd rather have them mismatch and produce a quality road sweater than try to match the home and produce a piece-of-junk. Having a quality road sweater at the very least will make it simpler for them to tweak the home to match in the future if need be.
  4. Reverse jinxes are cool because it's a win-win for the bitching party in that the result is either "Oh I was just jinxing my team so they would win" or "HAHAHA you heard it hear first my team sux ballz I knew it since Game 1". I'm glad I stayed out of this thread during the game or it would have ruined the fun.
  5. Coincidentally I had just been becoming a fan of these guys after watching some of TSN's YouTube videos and listening to their podcast. I'm excited to see these guys come to the US, although I can't imagine how much it sucks to have these guys stolen from you if you are a Canadian.
  6. The 2013 NHL Season Thread

    I'm all for Columbus making the playoffs over Minnesota after this pathetic performance tonight. I loved how the Minnesota announcers were talking like the Wild making the playoffs was a sure thing even when they were down 2-0 early in the first period. Now they are less than 24 hours away from potentially completing the biggest late-season collapse in franchise history.
  7. The 2013 NHL Season Thread

    San Jose's win has made Minnesota's path to their first playoff berth since 2008 much simpler. If Columbus loses on Thursday or Minnesota wins on Friday, the Wild are in. They hold the tiebreaker over the Jackets (21 ROW to CBJ's 17).
  8. The 2013 NHL Season Thread

    The Wild are on their way to an eighth seed and they might miss the playoffs altogether. To be honest, I'd rather play Chicago in the first round because I don't want to play Anaheim again in the playoffs. I also don't want to stay up until midnight to watch a team lose in the first round when they could be finishing their early exit from the playoffs by 10 at the latest.
  9. 2013 NCAA Tournament

    Not surprisingly, "Rick Patino" is trending on Twitter. Unfortunately for the human race, the man who just acted like a bomb went off when fireworks exploded is named Rick Pitino.
  10. 2012-13 NCAA Men's Basketball Thread

    I know I'm a few days late, but did anyone notice that old man in the front row stand up and give Henderson a stern talking-to? I think that was the best part since it went so nicely with the students going absolutely nuts in the background.
  11. The 2013 NHL Season Thread

    Unfortunately for Blackhawks fans, Harding had to let up two relatively easy goals early in the game, allowing Backstrom to come in and save the day for Minnesota. Normally he waits until at least the late second period to let up multiple goals in succession, killing any momentum the Wild have and giving the game away.
  12. 2012-13 NCAA Men's Basketball Thread

    Ok, so I knew this would happen, but I was temporarily blinded by the 3 wins to open up conference play. The Gophers have now lost 4 straight and are on their way to another NIT at-large berth. They might even win the championship game this year.
  13. 2012 NFL Season Thread

    This is just an ugly game all around. It's a fun game between two fresh teams, but it just feels so wrong. From what I've seen today, I'm thinking whoever ends up sneaking away with the NFC Championship will get beaten down in New Orleans.
  14. 2012 NFL Season Thread

    Are you going to bash Atlanta for letting "Frisco" make a game of this now?
  15. 2013-2014 NHL Uniform & Logo Changes

    I used to hate the green third jersey. For a while I wanted the Wild to go back to the old green uniform and make the red jersey their third. But the "wheat" has grown on me and I would now welcome a white version of that jersey as long as the red becomes the third again. I think some look at the wordmark chest logo and immediately think "gross", but there really is nothing to hate about the jersey. The striping is simple and consistent throughout the entire set, the stars in the logo pays homage to the state and to past Minnesota hockey, and the laces tie it all together. It's not the greatest uniform ever to grace a rink, but it's something I think the Wild can build on to make their set more consistent and "classic".
  16. 2013-2014 NHL Uniform & Logo Changes

    It would tie together a previously-haphazard set and make the team primarily green and white. Just make the red jersey the third like back in the pre-Edge days and the look would be drastically improved in my opinion. Green and white is a simple yet unique color scheme. Just look at how well Houston pulls it off: If executed correctly, the Wild's 2013-14 set could become a modern classic.
  17. The 2013 NHL Season Thread

    I'm excited to see all of the new talent tonight in the Red vs. White Minnesota Wild scrimmage, which is apparently sold out (tickets were free, but still...). Are any other teams holding intrasquad scrimmages before their first games this weekend? Only if you do so after losses and during the playoffs.
  18. So was their title game performance... Congratulations on being the 5,000,000th person to make this joke in the hour the story's been out! Wow, what a Gen Y yuppie.