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  1. A question from a friend. What is your occupation?

  2. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    he'll always be a force boy to me, i've watched him grow as a player since he was 17, so it sucks to see him go. Unlike some other big name players who left the force, I won't be booing o'connor when he comes into nib this year. James O'Connor - Melbourne Rebels
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. In my opinion your profile good.


    cherry desks

  5. Your Favorite Teams?

    you thought Man U were fake? wow, America really is in its own world! Yeah I've seen that clip, It's just weird, I would bet every male in Europe, Civilised Asia (South Korea, Japan etc.) and Australia knows who Manchester United are, It's hard to be that good at the world game and go unnoticed.
  6. Your Favorite Teams?

    Green Bay Packers - Well, I got into the NFL after playing Madden 08, through which I learned all the rules. There is a mode in Madden called 'Superstar' where you create a player and play as that player. My guy got drafted to the Green Bay Packers, and the rest is history. Western Force - Been a season ticket holder since day one, and have watched this team through all its highs and lows. and I have only ever missed one home game (vs. the Sharks, 2009). West Ham United - I have only recently started following soccer, my interest started when I watched Green Street Hooligans a couple of years back, and I have gone for West Ham ever since. Vancouver Canucks - My cousins live in BC, and this is there team, so I go for them too!
  7. Your Favorite Teams?

    you thought Man U were fake? wow, America really is in its own world!
  8. could i request a ban for a user named fowlza

    He has made an account just so he can spam me. He also has another account named fowlza14

  9. Supermarket Packaging Changes

    When I was in NZ and AUS I basically lived on Maggi. The chicken flavo(u)r was disgusting! It tasted nothing like the chicken flavor here in the US. But I enjoyed the "oriental" flavor, which tasted much more like the chicken flavor over here. While I was in Hawaii a couple of months ago, I tried nissan brand chicken flavoured noodles. They were great!
  10. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    oh that is so wrong... Agreed, those are some short shorts. i can never see him anything but an england uniform. i was six when he kicked that drop goal to win the world cup and it absolutely crushed me
  11. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    oh that is so wrong...
  12. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    super rugby fans will know what i'm talking about:
  13. Supermarket Packaging Changes

    Australian brand maggi has changed the packaging for it's instant noodles range. Definitely an upgrade, although the taste definitely isn't! The old one is on the left.
  14. *Hello my na,me is George Stubbs Im looking for a Graphic Design to help me design uniform for my new sports uniform brand call Validation Athletics also need a logo for so it can be my stamp like the Swoop is for nike. If you are interest in this project but let me tell you i do have a small budget this is an energing business not rich yet. Email me