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  1.   Damn! I was getting all excited because I was going to finally see the White SUV in person next week. So much for that I guess. 
  2. 2015-16 CHL uniform/logo thread

      I remember they didn't choose Tropics because they didn't want the franchise to seem like a joke. Meanwhile, the franchise has been nothing but a joke so far.
  3. 2015-16 CHL uniform/logo thread

      They now have a contest to design their new jerseys for next season.
  4. New logo for Cici's Pizza

    I'd say this is a downgrade for sure. Even though their previous logo looks very late 90's, early 00's, it still looks fitting for what the brand is. Also, what the hell is with those uneven and overlapping triangles? It looks like a pizza when you put into a box and throw it around for 10 minutes.
  5. New Subway Logo

    I wish that they would have either made the logo yellow or at least kept some yellow in the updated logo.
  6. Ground Control Loses Major Tom

    Oddly enough, I just added this to my playlist the other day:
  7. NFL Merry-Go-Round: Relocation Roundelay

    That will be good, however the London, England bargaining chip will be the new craze.
  8. Bring Back NHL2K

    I only really enjoyed 2K6, the rest of them were pretty bad though. But saying that, I wouldn't mind if 2K still made hockey games. Not that I would play them, but it puts the pressure on EA to make the best possible hockey game they can. I would still like to see some features added such as a few more vintage jerseys and a couple of features that I've seen other sports games have (such as options to relocate your team in be a GM mode and and retro teams).
  9. Kathleen Wynne, Ontario Premier and winner of the Orville Redenbacher look-alike contest says that the LCBO is well suited to sell the sweet leaf in Ontario once it's legal. This move would certainly make some people's beer runs more interesting.
  10. Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

    As cool as that sounds in theory, I dont think 95% of people are excited to see a bunch of 80 year olds playing rusty instruments and Carol Channing...that would cover the halftime shows up to IX.
  11. 2015-16 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Doubt it. The snow will ruin their 8 pounds of makeup and the cold air will chap their lips too much. The only way they will show is if the NHL dumps Coors as their Stadium Series sponsor and replaces it with those chapstick egg things.
  12. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    OH G-D NO!!!! But knowing how things are now, I would honestly not be surprised either.
  13. FanDuel & DraftKings

    I was really hoping that DraftKings would sponsor the Jay and Dan Podcast for a third time, dammit!
  14. What to do in Chicago

    That's why I was leaning towards staying towards O'Hare, since we can just take the blue line to downtown, then take the red line to Wrigley, unless there is a faster way that I don't know about. Oak Brook was more just in case there wasn't much available hotel wise near O'Hare. Likely the only time that we'll use the car would possibly be to the White Sox game so we can leave for home right after.
  15. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Coaches in Flint have been reinstated and sign new 3 year contracts.