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  1. Since I really had fun doing this last time, I figured that I'd give this another go. 1- Juice- Logic 2- Closer- Ne-Yo 3- The Last Stop- Dave Matthews Band 4- Shake It Out- Florence + The Machine 5- Gold Digger- Kanye West 6- Let’s Kill Tonight- Panic! At the Disco 7- Dreams- The Cranberries 8- Hooray, It’s L.A.- Blindside 9- Weatherman- Dead Sara 10- For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic- Paramore 11- Out Of My Head- Fastball 12- Dreamer- Supertramp 13- Wonderwall- Oasis 14- My Sharona- The Knack 15- Ready to Run- Dixie Chicks 16- I’m Gettin’ Stoned- Eric Church 17- Erase Me- Kid Cudi 18- If Everyone Cared- Nickelback 19- Swallowed In the Sea- Coldplay 20- Starships- Nicki Minaj
  2. Thought the name US Cellular Field sounded stupid for a stadium? The new one sounds much more stupid. By the way, their company logo is the perfect way to symbolize how their season has been going since mid-May.
  3. 2017 Memorial Cup logo:
  4. Niagara Ice Dogs 10th anniversary logo:
  5. New Saginaw Spirit 3rd jersey. It seems to be based on their outdoor game jerseys from a few years ago.
  6. Evander Kane arrested:
  7. Saginaw Spirit 15th Anniversary logo:
  8. Dubai. It's the Vegas of the Middle East!
  9. MLB: Best: PNC Park and GABP Worst: Tropicana Field (I didn't find it that bad, but it's nowhere near the same level as most of the other parks that I've been to), Sun Life Stadium (way to big for baseball and average attendance usually around 10,000). NHL: Only been to ACC, Buffalo, and Barclays so I don't have a best or worst. I will say that Barclays isn't as bad as everybody makes it out to be. OHL: Best: Kitchener Aud, Budweiser Gardens, WFCU Centre Worst: Compuware Arena, Kingston Memorial Centre
  10. Too late.
  11. Just took a look at this thread for the first time and just wanted to say that you're killing it. All of these jersey designs are amazing! As a CHL fan I wish all of the teams had jerseys looked as good as these designs. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see what else you come up with.
  12. A&W Root Beer: the logo and can designs are both different and even the taste is a bit different. I find the US version has a stronger vanilla taste to it and is less watered down.
  13. Judging from what I've read or seen about him, his parents have (or had) money and I think he does a bit of work for them, but other than that I don't think he does much. He certainly doesn't have the lucrative job that Marlins Man has. He also has his "I'll catch baseballs with you for $500" thing, and he's written a couple of books, but I think that's it.
  14. He has since posted his side of the events leading up to last night: