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  1. The Rays should paint the outside walls of the Trop sky blue too: Then they'll finally get that new park that they want.
  2. At this point, I don't know why this surprises me.
  3. Both of those sound pretty good. Unfortunately we don't get any of those up here in Canada. However I'm probably going to Atlanta this summer, so I'll certainly try and find the Moo-hoo while I'm down there.
  4. I picked up some single beers at Meijer while I was in the States this past weekend. One of the ones I got was one that New Belgium made as part of their tie in with Ben and Jerry's (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale). I've had several beers that are supposed to have a hint of chocolate or that are chocolate based, but none of them have really had that flavour, at least not like this. It actually tasted like cookie dough too. Either way an excellent beer in my books. Still got several more that I need to try, but this one will probably be the best one of the beers that I got.
  5. I knew the Avs were bad, but holy crap! *cue Yakety Sax*
  6. This sounds like it's about to lead into a click bait article. But in all seriousness, this was a really sweet moment. Kudos to the Blues organization.
  8. If I wish I could unsee it, why would I want to see it in the first place? As opposed to someone else's Toronto? Also, I don't even live in Toronto.
  9. I agree, however I'm slowly starting to wonder if sours are an acquired taste too. The first few I had I didn't like but the last couple that I've had I actually enjoyed. They didn't have that "dry mouth" feeling that I had after drinking other sour beers.
  10. I was going to create a beer thread, but then saw this one and figured I'd continue it since it isn't that old. I personally like to try new beers as often as I can and because of the recent boom of craft breweries opening up in Ontario including several in my hometown (and 12 within a 30 KM radius), I've had the chance to try a few hundred different beers. I wouldn't go as far as considering myself a beer snob necessary since I personally enjoy some of the more mainstream beers such as Budweiser, Miller, Canadian, etc. But at the same time, don't like most light beers and wouldn't go near them if given the choice to. Also, I don't have a problem with IPA's as long as they aren't insanely bitter. If they aren't too bitter, they can actually be enjoyable, otherwise they are disgusting.
  11. So if Canadian teams not winning is McSorley's fault, then how come the Jays still won in 1993? If he put a curse on Canada after the '93 SCF, then the Jays should have lost since the SCF was in June and the World Series was in October.
  12. And this one isn't really a Christmas song (other than the name in the title), but was always played a lot for me around Christmas.
  13. 20.
  14. Just curious, what program you use to create these? I've wanted to create some of my own, but I've never been sure how to do it.