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  1. Someone should really tell that #BANG guy that the Stars already got eliminated.
  2. Rangers New Ballpark

    The new ballpark is set to open in 2021. The agreement with the city of Arlington ends on January 1st 2054 (the same day that you can cash one of Homer Simpson's cheques).
  3. Rangers New Ballpark

    Found this on Twitter.
  4. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    Yet another mobile phone game is getting their own movie. I can't wait until a couple of months from now when they announce a Flappy Bird movie.
  5. Rangers New Ballpark

    It looks like we might starting to enter another era of teams leaving their not so old stadiums and new stadiums being opened every year. Teams such as Atlanta, Arizona, and Texas don't really need new stadiums, but I can understand why Atlanta and Texas want new ones (I don't think anybody can understand that whole Arizona thing from a couple of months ago). I just hope a lot of the other teams don't start jumping on the bandwagon that they need to replace their stadium because it's 20 years old and only has 60 luxury suites or something like that.
  6. Atlanta Braves New Stadium

    Knowing Atlanta and their stadium history I wouldn't be surprised. Out of the 5 stadiums that they've had/have, not one has made it past 30 years, and I'd honestly be surprised if Phillips Arena did because they've finally realized how stupid it was to put all of their suites on one side.
  7. Two more reasons why I'm really enjoying the playoffs this year.
  8. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    I would have assumed that hbgoo was actually the rapper Desiigner, except I doubt he would have and broads in Atlanta due to his panda fetish gone overboard.
  9. 2016 NHL Off-Season Thread

    So is everybody just going to call it The Pizza Box?
  10. Instead you'll get 9 PM CST start times.
  11. I second that. If the Isles can shut down Tampa's top line and can get a few by Bishop in the process, they could win this. Otherwise I see the Bolts wining.
  12. Plus on top of that, it's now going into overtime. I wonder if we'll get another rant later.
  13. 2016 MLB Season

    I don't think you know what a leap year is... Winning in one leap year doesn't qualify them to be The Official Team of Leap Year'sTM.
  14. 2016 MLB Season

    This article is a bit more detailed on everything: Either way, this whole thing is incredibly stupid. $187 Million to upgrade a stadium that they won't be playing in 13 years from now. On top of that, when 2028 comes, they will probably want more money to build them a brand new state of the art ballpark since the $187 Million still didn't satisfy them enough. Jesus!
  15. Regional Chapters of the CCSLC

    Minnesota? They got both Purple football and Purple Rain.