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  1. Why are you so upset about the Sixers' process? They should be good this year, assuming everyone stays healthy. Simmons, Fultz, Embiid is a nice young trio to build around. Embiid looks like a generational center, and is certainly the NBA's most entertaining personalty, plus the Sixers improved by 18 games last season despite Simmons not playing a second. They netted 3 potentially really good players in this "process". That's a positive.
  2. The Lakers had to pick Lonzo, especially after trading Russell. He should make the Lakers better. But we aren't making the playoffs this upcoming year, despite Lavar's declaration. If Lonzo can actually lead this team to the playoffs in his first season, then the Lakers would have the steal of the draft.
  3. Mexico is playing really poorly today. Why couldn't they do that against the US last week? EDIT: And as I say that, Mexico has significantly improved its play in the 2nd. New Zealand is screwed. Mexico looks dominant right now.
  4. Oh, definitely. But I think George wants to play back home in LA and specifically with the Lakers. That could be the reason why his agent told the Pacers he's gone next summer.
  5. I am not happy about the DLo trade. I know the Laker fanbase was split on DLo, but I liked him. I think he has the potential to be a great PG in this league. I hope he becomes an all-star in Brooklyn. I am thrilled about getting rid of Mosgov's ridiculous contract though. Can't believe someone was willing to take that off of the Lakers. I know that this move was made with the future in mind and that we essentially just turned Mosgov and Russell, into the 27th pick, Lopez and Paul George (assuming he signs with us next summer), which is a good trade no matter how you look at it. I just hope now the Lakers do not trade for PG13. Do not move anymore young players. Not when it's clear George is going to sign with the Lakers when he's a free agent.
  6. I don't really like the stars on the sleeves but... HOOPS. The Hoops are back. I'm definitely buying this jersey. The USMNT just needs the Waldo kit back, and this is what the US should always look like.
  7. I'm completely okay with this. It'll be good for the Clippers to finally have a place of their own.
  8. In addition, I'm pretty sure all the NFL teams who had that 3 helmet stripe look, used to use 3 individual stripes for a long while. My authentic Cowboys' helmet (circa 2004-ish) definitely has 3 individual stripes, but I know in the present day the helmet stripe is just one piece.
  9. This is so strange. All of it. Like what? What were the Broncos thinking? Why don't they use clear vinyl for the non orange/white parts like every other team in the NFL? I simply don't understand. This is utterly bizarre.
  10. Then the Cowboys white uniform qualifies as an iconic look. It's certainly one of the NFL's signature uniforms. I think some people in this thread are equating iconic = good, which isn't necessarily the case. However, I'd be thrilled if the Cowboys ever saw one of your Cowboys' uniform concepts and decided to adopt them.
  11. If Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid are healthy, they'll be a blast to watch.
  12. Just because my team has done so in the past doesn't mean it was the "ethically" right thing to do nor does it absolve my point. There has never been, in the modern era, a top 3 player in the league, join a current championship winning team in order to chase a title, especially a team that his couldn't beat. Regardless of whom I support, that is the definition of a bitchy move. I'm sorry, but if you're a Warriors fan (not you specifically rams), why does it bother you if people are rightfully complaining about Durant's exodus to the league's best team? You're champions, regardless of anyone's bitching. Just enjoy that. The rest of us have a right to pointlessly complain. FTR, I was against the Malone and Payton signing in 2004 (hated both of those players. Malone is a douche-canoe of the highest order) and the Nash (admittedly only because I knew he was a shell of his former self).
  13. You keep reiterating this like it's actually similar at all, but the two situations are nothing alike. I really don't understand why you keep interjecting this false statement. LeBron and his friends created a superteam on a previously non-contending team. Durant joined an organically created championship winning, 73-win team who was 5 points away from being back-to-back champions. There is a massive difference there.
  14. Congratulations to the true Warriors fans. Winning two titles in three years is special. Enjoy it. Really happy for Curry, Klay, Iggy, Livingston and Kerr. I have a ton of respect for those guys. But, Draymond, King of the Whiny Bitches, and Durant, Mr. Gutless himself, can f*** off forever.
  15. Even among Cowboys fans, Skip Bayless is hated.