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  1. You should know something that I've learned about our fanbase: I've come to realize that Cowboys fans are idiots. There are some still complaining about taking Zeke because they don't think he's good enough to warrant the 4th overall last year and think it was "terrible value". These same fans also complained about drafting Fredrick in 2013 too, citing it was a reach when we could have had later. And even a year later in 2014, Cowboys fans complained about taking Zack Martin over Johnny Football. Just let that last one linger for a bit.. All 3 of those players have something in common: they are all-pro, pro bowl, elite players. All 3 are among the best, if not the best, at their positions in the NFL. I would think fellow Cowboys should realize this and trust our current FO, giving their tremendous success. But I do agree with you in that this was a good pick. I trust the process and I think Taco is going to end up being one helluva football player. Plus Taco is one of the best nicknames ever, and his twitter handle is even better: The Supreme Taco.
  2. We got Taco. Good. 2nd guy I wanted after McKinnley.
  3. Goddamnit, Atlanta. I wanted this guy for the Cowboys.
  4. Plus Martin and Winston, that's a playoff caliber offense there.
  5. I really want the Eagles to pick someone their fans hate. It'll be hilarious to hear the boos. Please make it happen.
  6. Wow, Chicago, wow. LOL. Gave up 3 players for this guy.
  7. I do too. I still prefer royal blue and yellow, but this is a fantastic helmet.
  8. Beastmode is officially a Raider.
  9. Looks like we're back in the Premier League. Gotta play better next season though in order to avoid relegation again.
  10. I've never seen a player so valuable to his team as Westbrook is for the Thunder. This is insane. When Westbrook is on the floor, OKC looks a quality team; when he's not, they look like a 20-win lottery bound team. And the NBA really needs to outlaw fouling players away from the play just to put a poor free-throw shooter on the line.
  11. Uh, they've never stopped being the #2 team in LA. The Lakers still draw higher TV ratings than the Clippers and more support despite the Lakers' terribleness. The Clippers need to blow this up. They're never going to do better than the western semi-finals with this current squad.
  12. Count me among those who've never heard of Barstool Sports before the Tnakening.
  13. Unbiased fan here: pause the video at 0:01/2, and CP3 grabs Gordon for a split second, but the NBA rarely ever calls that. Pause that video at 0:03 and 0:04, Gordon is clearly grabbing CP3's left arm and keeping it there, which would be an offensive foul. If anything, they're both fouling each other. From 0:05-0:10, there is no foul here; that's just a good defensive play. We should be glad the refs let them play instead of calling ticky-tack fouls.
  14. I'm curious, are Giants fans sick of opening against the Cowboys just as much as Cowboys fans are?
  15. That is one good looking helmet.