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  1. And for the record, Kaepernick actually is a decent QB. - 40th all-time in completion % (ahead of Hall of Famers such as Dan Marino, Dan Fouts, Warren Moon, Roger Staubach and John Elway) - 2nd all-time in interception % (meaning how picks you throw versus how many passes you throw), behind only Aaron Rodgers. - 45th all-time in touchdown % (ahead of Hall of Famers such as Warren Moon, John Elway and Troy Aikman) - 16th all time in passer rating. - 32nd all-time in yards/attempt (ahead of Hall of Famers such as Warren Moon, John Elway and Brett Favre. Plus he's ahead of current franchise QB's Andrew Luck and Matthew Stafford). So I don't buy this notion that he isn't good enough to play QB in the NFL because he's much better than some current starting QB's. He's paying the price for voicing an opinion/displaying an opinion that others do not agree with. Teams simply don't want to deal with press associated with Kaepernick and/or don't agree with his politics.
  2. Wait, hold up. How in the world does Kaep have a questionable/shady past? He's never been in trouble with the law, never been in trouble with the NFL for performance enhancing drugs nor for drugs of any kind for that matter. Is it just because he voiced some opinions about the country that ended up costing Kaep his job? That is a ridiculous assertion.
  3. Russell was phenomenal tonight. Unfortunately, Kyrie was even better. (And LeBron too). I like where our offense is heading, but they still cannot play any defense.
  4. Sucks to lose them both. Carr was a solid #2 and Claiborne was excellent when healthy, but he was never healthy.
  5. LOL, because Tony Romo played in one series against Philadelphia last season, he earned a $64.11 bonus. Not even kidding. This is hilarious.
  6. I wish so too. He still might... kinda. The Cowboys are offering him an one-day contract to officially retire as a Cowboy, something we only do for Cowboy greats. I hope he accepts the offer. He is a Cowboys legend and one of the best pass rushers in NFL history. It's only right he goes out a Cowboy.
  7. I will generally "like" a team because of their uniforms but mostly in the sense that if they're not playing my favorite teams or one of my team's rivals, I will generally root for them in a neutral game. Like take a game between the Vikings and Lions. I have no particularly strong feelings for either team, in either direction, but I will root for the Vikings in this matchup because I like their uniforms better (it's probably just because of the purple). In addition, just because I hate a team, does not mean I hate their uniforms. I absolutely detest the Celtics, Eagles, Giants, Redskins, Packers and Steelers. However, I do quite like their uniforms, or elements of it. The Celtics home and away's are gorgeous. The Eagles and Redskins have fantastic helmets. The Giants away uniform set is among my favorite in the NFL, top 5 for me personally. I love the Steelers color scheme and their black and gold color rush jersey. Plus the Packers have a solid and classic, uniform set. On a side note, my hatred of the Celtics and Eagles have caused me to never wear the color green. It's literally the one color that I can't stand. I actually don't even have any articles of clothing with the color green. Seriously.
  8. The uniform in your avatar is far uglier than this Steelers' uniform. If it weren't for my healthy hatred of the Steelers, I'd probably own this jersey.
  9. He's endeared himself to us for being an excellent QB, first and foremost, displaying an uncommon toughness at the position (like this one time where he punctured a lung, broke a few ribs, and came back into the game to lead the Cowboys to a comeback win, on the road, over the Harbaugh-Era 49ers in 2011), and the rare ability to create something out of nothing, or to create "magic", if you will. Couple that with Tony being a really likable guy and a class act to boot, it shouldn't really be that difficult to understand why he's so revered by Cowboy fans. This might be a little boring, but here are some stats of Romo that others have compiled that both show his underrated greatness and why he's never won a title with the Cowboys. The last 3 really emphasize the Cowboys' true weaknesses (hint: it's not Romo and never has been Romo). - Most career passing touchdowns in franchise history - Most career passing yards in franchise history - The only QB in NFL history with 3+ TD’s and 0 INT’s in 4 consecutive road games. - Holds the longest streak of consecutive games – including playoffs – with a 60+ completion % in NFL history. - The first QB in NFL history with 2 different streaks of 17+ games with a 60+ completion %. - Has the 4th highest career completion % in NFL history. - Has the 3rd highest passer rating in NFL history. - Only QB with a 135+ passer rating in 6 games in a season. Only 2 other QB’s have had more than 4 (Peyton Manning and Steve Young, both with 5) - The only player in NFL history with 4+ game winning drives in 4 consecutive seasons. - Highest 4th quarter passer rating in NFL history. - Holds the NFL record for the most consecutive road games with a passing TD (41). - Tied for 3rd most seasons in NFL history with a passer rating over 90 (9). - Tied for the 4th longest streak in NFL history for consecutive seasons with a 60+ completion % (10). - Tied for the 2nd longest streak in NFL history of consecutive seasons with a 60+ completion % and a 90+ passer rating (9). - Set the NFL record for highest passer rating in the month of December (133.7). - The 9th QB since 1960 to lead the NFL in completion %, YPA and passer rating in the same season. - One of 3 QB’s in NFL history to have a 60+ completion % in 15 games in a single season. - 4-1 TD/INT ratio in the playoffs. - 5th highest postseason completion % in NFL history – 65.3. - 6th highest postseason YPA in NFL history – 7.9. - 10th highest postseason passer rating in NFL history – 93.0. - Only QB in NFL history with a 140+ passer rating and a 78+ completion % in a road playoff game. - Only QB to lose a playoff game with a 125+ passer rating. The others were 68-0. - Only QB in NFL history with a 113+ passer rating in the regular season and a 120+ passer rating in the playoffs in the same year. EDIT: And dfwabel is right in that another reason for the attachment for Romo is that most of us remember that nightmare of a QB carousel that we endured beforehand. Romo gave us Pro-Bowl, All-Pro level of play from the QB position that we hadn't seen since Aikman.
  10. It does suck. I knew this was coming, but this has hit me harder than I had originally anticipated. He's my all-time favorite Cowboy player. I'm just young enough to only remember the twilight of 90's trio; I don't have many memories from that era. Due to that, my main childhood Cowboys memories are of the Dave Campo/Bill Parcells years. You know, the time when Quincy Carter, Vinny Testaverde and Bledsoe were the best QB's on the Cowboys. I remember watching Tony's first real game action in the second half against the Giants in 2006, and excitedly telling my dad, even though he was right there watching with me, "I think we finally have a QB! He looks like the real deal." It's really disappointing that the Cowboys couldn't build a team around Tony until it was too late because his body began to fail him. I hope that in the event that the Cowboys do not win the Super Bowl next year, whatever team Tony plays for does. He deserves it.
  11. Just beat Horizon: Zero Dawn and I really enjoyed it. The game didn't bring anything new to the action-adventure genre, but it had an awesome story, really fun and challenging gameplay, and superb graphics. Definitely one of the prettier games I've ever played. It's worth a look, if you enjoy open-world, rpg, action-adventure games.
  12. Yeah, complete conjecture. Rapoport is literally just making that up. The Cowboys would never trade Romo to an NFC East rival. Or another NFC team, actually.
  13. Can't believe a professional football team is going to trot themselves out on the field with this mismatched uniform. Absolutely hilarious.
  14. Agreed. The gold is going to ruin the look. Just remove it and it's a nice uniform.
  15. Oh, that's going to be terrible. The Rams will have to wear their navy gold jersey's with this new look. Couple that with the nasty silver-green pants of the Cowboys, oh man. This is would be in the running for ugliest game of the year, if it weren't for the fact that the Jaguars helmet and the Buccaneers exist.