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  1. Rockstar Matt

    2018 NFL Season

    This is a poor take. Rodgers is one of the greatest QB’s to ever play. I’d argue he’s the best passer the NFL has ever seen. Brees, (who I like more than Rodgers, personally), isn’t anywhere near the quality of a QB as Rodgers. Like seriously. It’s not even close. Rodgers can make every throw that Brees can, but Drew cannot make every throw that Rodgers can. And I say this has someone who hates Aaron Rodgers.
  2. Rockstar Matt

    Lakers Officially Unveil New Uniforms for 2018-19

    Looks like a damn fashion jersey.
  3. Rockstar Matt

    2018 NFL Season

    Another effing 8-8 season on the way... Fire Garrett and every non-running-game-related offensive coach. This team needs a culture change.
  4. Rockstar Matt

    2018-19 NBA Season

    Ingram is going to go off this year. And LeBron is a Laker.. Still a super weird sentence.
  5. Rockstar Matt

    2018 NFL Season

    Mayfield is a damn good QB. Browns look like they finally have their franchise QB. Derek Carr is... not
  6. Rockstar Matt

    NFL 2018 changes

    New Orleans needs to design their uniforms around their color rush set. It is absolutely stunning.
  7. Rockstar Matt

    2018 NFL Season

    Cowboys should go OC or Head Coach in the 1st next year... Jokes aside, I bet we go WR in the 1st. Dak isn't playing well, but he isn't the only one. The coaches aren't being creative with their play calling or play design in the passing game (check this play breakdown from Brian Baldinger; where is Dak supposed to throw this ball?!), And the players are not executing the plays well either. It's a bad mix. Can't have horrendous, predictable play design coupled with a QB who doesn't throw with anticipation well (my main complaint with Dak) and WR's who can't get open. Even proof of how bad the play calling is, Zeke right now is leading the league in rushing with an absurd 5.7 y/c, despite only average 16 carries a game. The Cowboys are 1st in yards BEFORE contact (indicating that the o-line is balling in the run game right now). Dak is averaging 30 attempts a game. It's inexcusable. The Cowboys are 16-0 when Zeke gets 25+ carries and Dak throws less than 25 times. We're 7-12 in all other games. I know those last two stats can be a bit misleading because if we already have a big lead, of course we're going to pound away with Zeke, but still. I know you aren't entirely serious but to be fair, look at these stats and tell me who's the better QB? Player A - 60% comp, 6044 yards, 41 TD's, 19 INT, 87.3 QB Rating, 6.78 AY/A Player B - 66% comp, 5661 yards, 50 TD's, 8 INT, 101.6 QB Rating, 8.13 AY/A This during Wentz' (Player A) and Dak's (Player B) first 25 career games and includes most of Wentz' outstanding season last year. It's easy to see why we thought that. Dak's numbers weren't just better than Wentz' stats, they were top 5 all-time. Only Hall of Famer Kurt Warner had a better start to his career than Dak. Obviously, this is the Dak we have had since (62% comp, 1828 yards, 8 TD's, 11 INT, 73.4 QB rating, 5.17 AY/A). During my research, out of qualified QB's (min 250 attempts and during career games 26-35), Dak is ranked 52nd out of 66 QB's.. Not good.
  8. Rockstar Matt

    2018 NFL Season

    The season is far from over, but the Cowboys are 30th, or 31st in every major offensive statistic aside from running the football. Only the Bradford-led Cardinals and Nathan Peterman-led Bills are worse. Linehan needs to go, but the Cowboys gotta start thinking about possibly drafting another QB. I still believe in Dak and I think under a different OC and offensive system he could thrive, but he has not been a good QB for 11 games now. QB play, along with play-calling/game planning, are the primary reasons for our offensive struggles. Dak simply hasn’t performed at level good enough to overcome the other inefficiencies on the offense. It’s also fair to mention that the Cowboys do have the leagues 3rd youngest team. So growing pains are to be expected, but this offense is disgustingly terrible. Honestly, my two hopes for this season are: a.) win a Super Bowl (which seems about as likely Jerry reliving himself of the GM position) or b.) The offense plays so poorly that both Linehan and Garrett are fired, Richard becomes the new HC and he hires a young, modern OC who transforms this offense for next season. What’s so frustrating too is that we are wasting a near-championship caliber defense (top 5 in nearly every statistic and tied for 1st in yards/play against). If our offense was just league average in the passing game, we’d be serious championship contenders.
  9. Rockstar Matt

    2018 NFL Season

    This is gonna be a long season... You’d be hard pressed to find an offense worse than this in the NFL.
  10. Rockstar Matt

    2018 NFL Season

    It’s all about execution for the Cowboys offensively. The plays were there to be had. The Cowboys should have put 30+ but due to bad penalties (they were penalties too, not a criticism of the officiating), and some missed plays (drops, and a couple of poor throws), the Cowboys weren’t good offensively from the 2nd to the 3rd quarter. They do have the 3rd youngest team in the NFL, so this is to be expected. Gotta clean it up and our offense will be good. (Linehan still needs to go though.) Our defense is legitimately an elite unit. Top 5. Finally. We haven’t had one since I was 12 years old (‘03). They are good enough to make a deep run into the postseason. Now the question will be can the offense be good enough to capitalize on the opportunities this elite defense will give us.
  11. Rockstar Matt

    2018 NFL Season

    Yeah, I get you. I understand both Davis’ viewpoint and his teammates. I’d be mad if I were one of his teammates, and personally, I would have preferred if he just stayed on the sidelines for the rest of game (street clothes, or in uniform but clearly not coming back in, doesn’t matter) then told his teammates and coaches of his intent to retire after the game. But it is only a game, and a game that can cripple, or even kill, its players too. I’d be alright with being labeled a quitter if I had millions in the bank and my good health to walk away to.
  12. Rockstar Matt

    2018 NFL Season

    He released a statement after the game. Can’t fault him if he didn’t physically feel right or feel like he belonged out there due to physical limitations. He could have ruined the rest of his life (look at Shazier as an example) by playing further. I don’t think he went about it in the best way he could have, but if he doesn’t want to play anymore, then he made the right decision.
  13. Rockstar Matt

    2018 NFL Season

    Coming from someone who does not like Aaron Rodgers... He’s the greatest QB of all-time, IMO. I know Brady has the championships and Manning has the personal stats, but Rodgers is better than both of them. He can make throws that no other QB in NFL history could even dream of completing, and Rodgers does it routinely.
  14. Rockstar Matt

    2018 NFL Season

    I’m ready to let go of Linehan. I know Carolina has one of the league’s best front 7’s, and this wasn’t going to be an easy game by any stretch of the imagine, but jesus this play calling is atrocious. Way too predictable.
  15. Rockstar Matt

    2018 NFL Season

    That Bears’ defense (front 7 especially) is about to be nasty. They could be a dark horse for the playoffs this season. The NFC as a whole looks to be ridiculous this season. So many good teams.