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  1. Cant say I hate them, but so...many...jerseys..
  2. not denying its similarity, but the official version for the raptors wont be black and white
  3. Jays: Hell yes Leafs: Yes Raptors: Content with the current ones, but a change will be good since they've had the current design for almost 15 years
  4. I quite like them, simple but good. Much better than the suns unis.
  5. Barely a week into the season and ive seen more color on color and home teams wearing their road/alt unis at home more than ever before.
  6. Speaking of bucks, they had to cancel the pre season game last night mid way through the first quarter because the players were slipping everywhere on the new court lol.
  7. Rockets, Raptors, Kings, Mavs Dont mind the Bucks but a new uni without red would be nice.
  8. just saw a better pic of them, craptastic stream quality free i will say that the stream made it look worse than it is here it is:
  9. final thought night..why in the world do they give them basketballs to hold, they're here to show off the freakin jersey
  10. a swing and a miss i miss their previous unis already
  11. Pat Burke is there, this is all worth it now!
  12. are they serious with the teasing, just show the damn thing already lol
  13. Im fine with the name Raptors, they just need new jerseys imo. Also the whole "canadas team" isnt gonna make a difference, i dont know why theyre keep trying to push this.
  14. Astros being that high is a joke. Also Jays and A's are the 2 best sets in the AL imo and should be seeded way higher. Dont agree with Tigers being top AL, but I agree with Cards as the top NL.