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  1. sayahh

    Atlanta Hawks Unveil New Uniforms, Court for 50th Season

    These aren't the same drop shadow numbers as the new Lakers jersey numbers, right?
  2. sayahh

    U.S. Space Force Logo Vote

    Star Wars should sue them because they own the trademark to Force (probably).
  3. They do, but the on-court socks are by Nike.
  4. sayahh

    On the subject of the Lakers’ Giraffe

    Lakers PR: yeah, THAT's why there's a black stripe on the purple jersey; the black represents the giraffe's spots!
  5. Thanks for sharing; the shorts, though, are disgusting.
  6. For those of you who wanted side panels, be careful what you ask for.
  7. I hate logos on the waistband, but I had no idea that it would've been nothing compared to the hack job they did on the purple jersey.
  8. Dammit. It's like they've postponed Christmas for me.
  9. Wonder if they're going to unveil it at LeBron's school grand opening or back in Los Angeles.
  10. sayahh

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Is this Ariza Phoenix Suns jersey new or just a throwback? Thanks.
  11. Or old replica jerseys that were always a bit "off"...
  12. Like this? Edit: or did you mean with a bluer purple?
  13. I think it may have changed, but VERY litttle.
  14. Really want them perfect? Remove that Swoosh and reinstate the Jerry West logo