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  1. I know that you're sworn to secrecy regarding logos and uniforms and possibly even signed away your right to admit or deny, but for you personally, is it better to know and have to keep it a secret or not know and be surprised like a kid on Christmas?
  2. They probably can't add the Nike Swoosh yet, but Cavs and Rockets jerseys look unchanged so I'm not sure if they made a mistake or forgot to change it back and thus accidentally leaked this.
  3. Love Eddie Jones. Too bad he didn't win a title with the Lakers.
  4. Thanks for this. Just remembered that I had to go to the ATM machine XD
  5. Is that black or really dark blue?
  6. Not a bad roundel, but the spacing between the stars is bugging me.
  7. Just went back and checked a supposedly leaked all-NBA list, and it was pretty accurate. The first team was spot on, second team was off by one (Wall ended up on the third team and Thomas ended up on the second team), and third team was off by two (one if you don't count the Wall-Thomas swap) and Deandre Jordan was voted in instead of Karl-Anthony Towns.
  8. That's very interesting since KCOP is a MyTV channel right now and, IIRC, co-owned by Fox. Why would KTLA want to give up CW programming? It's its strongest in years.
  9. I like this Pacers wordmark better. Well done! But it would appear that you've also changed the numbers font. It's not a dealbreaker, but I think the previous numbers were better IMO.
  10. No idea what Sinclair has planned for KTLA other than compete locally against FOX.
  11. According to this photo sent in by a reader named Brett Knowles to UniWatch, it's going to go back to purple. Not sure if primary logo or not, though.
  12. To each their own, but these aren't better than the current set, although they might be better than the Clipper's.
  13. Rockets did it but it was preplanned and they couldn't stop it. Also, this is a special situation where Nike's taking over for Adidas. Can't remember if any teams did it when Champion took over, when Nike and Starter and Puma joined the fold, and again when Reebok took over.
  14. Don't forget Minnesota.
  15. Pacers? Unless there's only the alternate logo that came out already. I remember there was going to be a surprise team with changes next season, but not sure if it was logo, uniform or both.