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  1. 2015? Lol
  2. They don't carry Adidas logos except at the All-Star Game. Edit: They also didn't put ads on in-game Adidas uniforms.
  3. Which is why an advertisement by another automaker would be such a coup d'├ętat.
  4. Do real Swingman jerseys have the Larry O'Brien Trophy gold tabs on the neck?
  5. First one looks great! Second one's racing stripe overlapping the neck trim looks weird. Plus it looks like it might be a Lakers alternate.
  6. Milwaukee too?
  7. Or their stunt doubles
  8. If you post this in "requests" or even the general section, you might get more feedback
  9. I'd wear bed. It's pretty amazing what a small NBA Logoman can add to a jersey. Still not happy that they moved it to the back...
  10. It's an odd choice to add gray to the Pistons jersey, especially to replace the blue, but it's not bad. Would it be possible to made the "Detroit" wording a little bigger? I know that there's limited real estate, but maybe stretch it vertically to make a larger mark fit?
  11. Here's a checklist:
  12. Is Matt Barnes the only player to play for all four California teams? If not, then is he at least the first player to play for all four who's won a title?
  13. There's a Chick Hearn one I found on Google but didn't know how to link to it. It's not from 1990-91 so it's probably from 1989-90 or earlier.
  14. Lakers concept looks sharp but the shorts too reminiscent of Celtics pattern.
  15. I got dizzy looking at the bubbles (?) In the font.