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  1. My Little Pony sigs

    Can I get Chicago Bears, Blackhawks, White Sox please
  2. New Marlins Uniforms?

    where's bucket so I throw-up
  3. Sportslogos.net NFL uniforms updates

    don't forget the bears and packers throwbacks from this season
  4. Paint Users Paradise 2.0

    you need to add buffalo's new one to
  5. NHL Designs

    great job on the concepts, also where can I get the the full body template from.
  6. NCAA Jersey Redesign 1

    are you going to add more uniforms, if not what program did you use to design them.
  7. New Orange Bowl Logo

    Um, you do realize that that is what Discover's logo looks in the first place, right? Besides, I like it better than that goofy smiling orange. Yes. I am not from another planet and know what the Discover logo looks like. The competing element of the "O' in the Discover logo combined with the actual orange right above is distracting. I like it......it's about time for a change
  8. Favorite Baseball Uniforms

    My favorite ones are the south park designs. where can i get one of those at?
  9. Football Field Template - Photoshop

    Any chance of doing the nhl stadiums also