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  1. Jacksonville Jaguars

    Hell to the no. Why? so they can be like the 14 other teams that have blue? Teal should never leave the jags
  2. NCAA March Madness Jersey Wallpapers

    Fantastic, thanks man.
  3. NCAA March Madness Jersey Wallpapers

    Can I have a number 11 White Miami Hurricanes one please?
  4. Atlanta Braves Concept

    I think the logo is good, and I also think the Atlanta road script is a lot better than what they have now, but I'm not too happy of the colors chosen.
  5. Stadium Designs

    Wow, this thread inspired me to create one of my own.
  6. St. Louis Cardinals Modern update

    Added the original colors.
  7. St. Louis Cardinals Modern update

    Here's what I have as of now... Didn't want to get completely away from tradition.
  8. College Football Revamp Madness!

    Please come up something unique with Miami other than the split U design that EVERYONE does.
  9. Tampa Bay Lightning New Logos

    It even looks worse on the jerseys..Looks like a power supply company rec league team.
  10. Tampa Bay Lightning New Logos

    This is terrible.
  11. anyone know what's going on with this logo?

    That PITT one was trying be used as the updated modern version of the older Panther primary one, but it didn't sit well with PITT fans and was known as the sea otter. It's basically disappeared on merchandise and the "PITT" took over.
  12. College Football Series

    I really like ASU, but I don't like anything with the split U design. It's nothing personal, I don't even like it on the current uniforms of Miami. I especially don't like the green helmet cause I don't like the right side of the U being white. It looks really off.
  13. Carolina Wolf Spiders

    I'm thinking you might have to add a body or some legs for it to look like a spider. The name still gives me the creeps though.
  14. iPhone and iPod Touch Wallpapers for all

    Could you do one for a Blackberry Torch 360x480 please? Can I have a Miami Hurricanes one: 1: Orange background 2. The U Logo: http://graphics.fansonly.com/schools/mifl/graphics/logo-U.gif 3. Jacory Harris, Sean Spence, Ray Ray Armstrong Thanks man.