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  1. I love the clash kit for South Hampton beautiful kit.
  2. Nike can burn for what they did to PSG, but that Inter kit is beautiful.
  3. The Feynoord shirt is a blantant Timbers copy, but it does look beautiful.
  4. I loved this set from San Jose, and think of it as a rare example of the white jersey being better The Canadien's road jersey is too bland. I Wish they would have kept this for the last 70 years I don't like either of Dallas's edge era uniforms. I love the Rangers blue jersey with the stripes beeing separated. Carolina no explanation needed.
  5. If the striped went all the way across the shirt it wouldn't be as bad.
  6. The best part of that picture is the helmet.
  7. Shea Weber Theo Fleury Sergei Zubov Eric Staal
  8. Yes please
  9. reminds me of this
  10. Good God that is horrendous. What Nike has done with Barcelona's home kit in the last few years has been pretty good, but This takes Nike to a new personal low.
  11. Matt Murray Bobby Clarke Eric Lindros
  12. Pavel Bure not in the Black, Red, and Yellow Canucks jersey Does this count Peter Forsberg with the Nordiques and Shane Doan with the Jets.
  13. Bobby Orr in The wrong jersey, and wrong number Alexei Kovalev played five seasons with the Penguins from 1994-2001, and played 20 games with the team in 2011 When Jarmir Jagr wore this jersey it was still an alternate, and had yet to been promoted to full time away jersey. Alex Ovechkin played in this uniform the first two seasons with Washington before the Edge era
  14. All in favor of Nike never making a football kit again say I.
  15. The yellow kit is bland, and isn't that the same blue kit from last season.