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  1. The yellow kit is bland, and isn't that the same blue kit from last season.
  2. This was the last year for the Whalers, and the first for those Oilers. That season their home jersey had a shoulder yoke which only lasted one season.
  3. Here are a few of my favorite uniforms from the NHL. There is a uniforms I like that aren't very popular so I won't post all of them. I loved the Sharks first Edge set, wished they never changed them. I loved this Canadiens jersey wished it would have stayed over the last 70 odd years. I thought the thrashers had some pretty good jersey. I liked their red alternate the most, but I'm probably the only one on this forum who likes it. I never cared for the Whalers in Green, but I loved their final uniform in blue.
  4. This matchup only could have happened twice. The Penguins wore that jersey till 2001-2002, and The Blue Jackets first season was 2000-2001
  5. I also loved the Edge Islader jerseys wished they would have kept them.
  6. I like the Bruins home and away set as is. I think it's the best set in their history, and one of the few teams in the league with a better away jersey.
  7. I'm the only one who would ever want this. I want the Penguins to replace athletic gold with the metallic Vegas gold(not the khaki from the edge era uniforms), and put the Vegas gold emperor penguin logo on the shoulder.
  8. Saw this in a documentary about the Penguins 50th season called Pittsburgh is Home. The Last years of the Stanley Cup era jerseys, and the first year of the sharks. It's not the best quality but can be found about 1:02:43 of the video.
  9. Nice Red Bulls kit, has their other one been leaked yet.
  10. It's not as bad as the previous jersey, but the day Nike no longer makes the US national team kits cannot get here soon enough.
  11. I love this set.
  12. I don't like league wide removal of all 3rd jerseys for next season. As for The Devils getting new uniform.I will refrain from judgment until I see what they look like
  13. Since we are talking about the Bufaslug I love the logo, and the jersey is my favorite hockey jersey ever,
  14. Barcalona's kits would look a lot better is the sponsor was in yellow, or had more yellow in general.
  15. I cannot stand the name of several MLS Teams Atlanta United DC United Sporting Kansas City Real Salt Lake(The worst offender of them all) All of these team just copy the names of bigger European clubs.