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  1. All the graphics look really nice. Congrats raysox!
  2. Good to have you back Morgo. I've always really admired the talent in these hand-drawn concepts. The Predators look really nice. You've managed to make that alternate logo look really good on a bright sweater. Ottawa looks fantastic. The only suggestion I have would be what OSM61 said; flip the home striping so that there's a bit more gold.
  3. Bump. Anything on LA?
  4. Thanks for all of the comments everyone. You all are right about the Sharks, the logo is a little oddly cut off. I will update it soon with the full-body shark logo or some variation of it. In the meantime, here is the next concept. LOS ANGELES KINGS - 5.16.2017 Logos: Okay, this is probably the most original logo for a team that I have done thus far and I'm really looking for some constructive criticism. It originally started as an update to the inaugural crown logo, but morphed into something of its own. Purple (or Forum Blue) and gold, in my opinion, is the best color scheme for the Kings and personally one of my favorite color schemes in all of sports. I do like actual gold, "Vegas Gold," more than "Athletic Gold" when done properly. Take the Pittsburgh Penguins and the NFL's St. Louis Rams for example, both had really nice shades of gold initially, but over time they devolved into a washed-out khaki color - mostly because of uniform manufacturers not being able to produce accurate metallic applications. Nevertheless, the Kings deserve a team decked out in bright purple and shiny gold. The logo features two shades of each color to give some dimension. I am very set on the dual purple in the logo, but the two shades of gold could be compromised into one, which is actually what occurs on the uniforms. Uniforms: As I have just mentioned, the uniforms feature only one shade of gold which is the darker more metallic version of the two. I used a bold but classical striping pattern, perfect for a team with a long and unique history that is still a fighting force on the ice today. Since the Kings have never had a lasting identity, I figured doing something a little classic and a little flashy fit in well for a team given their convoluted logo and uniform history and their storied on-ice success. The number font is slightly different from what the team currently uses. I've always found the current font to be a bit blocky but still sorta liked the general feel of it.
  5. I really like the idea behind the 'C' Ohio. Maybe in that empty space at the top left you could fit in a feather instead of a baseball or star.
  6. Haven't updated this in a bit. Any more comments on the 'Canes, or, any other team for that matter? Next up, we have: SAN JOSE SHARKS - 4.27.2017 Logos: I was very disappointed when I saw that San Jose released a new alternate logo but did nothing to their primary mark. Now, I'm not sure if they intend to phase out the primary in favor of one of the new alternates, unfortunately orange is still being utilized in the color scheme. Teal and orange works great together obviously, (see: Miami Dolphins) but the Sharks use really dark, murky shades of those colors. Besides, teal and silver work just fine on their own, along with black and white, there's really no need for an additional color. The primary logo features the partial shark logo without the 'S' on the bottom. I for one, think it looks incredibly forced and is a fine logo without it. The colors are slightly altered: elimination of orange and black, a lighter teal, and a slightly green silver (think Dallas Cowboys). The alternate is simply a recolor of San Jose's "shark fin" logo. Uniforms: I drew inspiration from the Sharks' inaugural uniforms, which, are arguably some of the best first-season uniforms in sports history. The hem stripes frame the logo better than a traditional flat striping pattern and the number font from the Sharks' late-90s/early-2000s set makes a comeback along with the angular sleeve stripes from their alternate of that era.
  7. It's good, but I really think this is one of those logos that could benefit from actually dropping the shading. I'd love to see just a "flat" version. And, in the 'H' logo, am I the only one that sees two penguins hugging while stargazing?
  8. I can't believe I missed this. On that note, I miss TNak. Can't we bring him back? Enforce like a 3 post a day limit? In all honesty, I don't really think he deserved all the flak he got. I mean yeah, he was loud and boisterous (I mean, as much as you can be on an internet forum) but honestly, he was provoked often, and heavily. You can't bait a guy like that and not expect him to blow up.
  9. Replace the orange with copper and the royal with navy and you've got a winner.
  10. Really not much to say that hasn't already been said; these are all incredible. Stellar work. And the template is just downright sexy.
  11. Thanks for all the kind words everyone! Next up: CAROLINA HURRICANES - 4.16.2017 Logos: I really like the general idea of Carolina's logo brand, but I think the logo tends to be a little flat and washed out. I tweaked this logo a while ago and it was actually featured in one of my former NHL Series' that never got finished. It's obviously the same basic idea, I just wanted to make it a little more dynamic. The colors have been adjusted slightly; the red is deeper and the silver, bolder. I attempted to add some Carolina Blue into the color scheme, attempting to shoehorn it in with the red and replacing the red, but it just didn't look right. Overall, the Hurricanes have a nice color scheme, red and black always works. Uniforms: Carolina has one of the most bland, boring, and digressive identities in the NHL. They had some pretty unique inaugural uniforms but for some reason, decided to play O6 dressup and have no sense of uniformity between the home and away sets. My attempt at fixing this was basically to bring back an adaptation of their original pattern. The italic number font and name work well with the logos so I've decided to bring them back. The 'CH' logo was an attempt at a shoulder patch, both letters adopted from the 'Canes current wordmark.
  12. St. Patty was the name of the user, I believe. It's a great logo. He even had some hats made up with the logo sewn on. That Panthers concept is actually really good. It's a great update to their old unis. Although, I'd like it better if you used the striping pattern, or something similar, to the Panthers' inaugural jerseys. And yes, the striping pattern is very common but it's nothing like Idconcepts' concept.
  13. ARIZONA COYOTES UPDATE - 4.15.2017 Well I went back to the drawing board on the Coyotes hem stripes. I tried to simplify the pattern while still maintaining that Kachina style. I did attempt to recolor the uniforms to eliminate the turquoise as suggested, but honestly, I really like that addition. NASHVILLE PREDATORS UPDATE - 4.15,2017 I removed the guitar stripe pattern from the hem and made the bottom stripe thicker to match the top. Also, I moved the shoulder numbers and logo up just a bit and recolored the pants to navy. Funny thing is, I never intended to color the pants yellow. It was just an oversight on my part. I'll post the next team either later tonight or tomorrow.
  14. Just a quick bump. I saw this got moved down pretty quickly.
  15. Alright, I got hung up playing Horizon: Zero Dawn when I got home from work. Sidenote: Fantastic game, I highly recommend it. Anyway, the Nashville Predators are up next. NASHVILLE PREDATORS - 4.8.2017 Logos: Nothing really has changed here. I actually really like the Preds logos. The only alteration is the outline to the alternate guitar pick logo. So, not really a change like promised in the outline, but I did say some were very minor. Case-in-point, the Nashville Predators. Uniforms: Nashville got really close to doing everything right in their rebrand, and, for the most part, I really like what they've put together. Yellow is a fantastically underused color in sports and even moreso as a primary color. So nothing has changed on that front. What I did eliminate was the horrific Bettman apron that has mostly been abolished after half the NHL added them after the Reebok takeover a few years back. A few elements that I really like that Nashville uses are 1) The sharp collar/shoulder stripes and 2) The guitar strings. These elements, however, are used in the wrong ways. Those sharp collar stripes are reminiscent of teeth and since the Predators' logo is like, 50% teeth, I think that they should be better represented on the uniforms. The guitar string striping doesn't really work on the numbers, I've chosen to move that pattern to the hem stripe where I think it fits a bit better. The old number font makes a return, which is, in my opinion, much better than the font that the Predators currently use. Thanks again for viewing!