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  1. Heitert

    NFL | Cleveland Browns Primary Logo Rebrand

    On the one hand, I think it's great; the font looks good, the eight laces are inspired, and of course the helmet stripe imitation is bold. On the other hand, it kinda looks like the vintage Burger King and Dairy Queen logos fused together. Just an observation.
  2. Heitert

    4 Major Sports Refresher - TB Rays 5/28

    As for the Chiefs, I'd be interested to see the background white and use the yellow as the highlight. The Magic, the third attempt, I think was the best idea for them. The extra colors don't really work.
  3. Weak goal to end double OT. Welp, let's see if Vegas can close out tonight or if L.A. is gonna get back in it.
  4. 1. Change uniforms 2. Trade Ovi 3. Profit
  5. Heitert

    The NFL (8/32; Patriots added)

    Good move to change the location of the GSH, I always thought it was too cluttered on the sleeves. You've also done a great job eliminating most of the additional sleeve mess by moving the TV numbers. The only thing I dislike about the concept is the helmet, which I get, but I'm just a fan of the wishbone 'C.' I will say, though, it looks good on the uniforms.
  6. Insane game. Vegas needs to find an answer for Quick in L.A., now.
  7. Heitert

    The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    Accurate representation of Blues fans. Except they didn't even make the playoffs this year.
  8. I love everything about the Golden Knights. That atmosphere looks like a lot a fun in which to play.
  9. Well, regardless, here are my wishful thinking picks: West Nashville in 6 Winnipeg in 5 Vegas in 7 San Jose in 6 East Tampa Bay in 5 Boston in 6 Washington in 5 Pittsburgh in 7 West Nashville in 6 Vegas in 7 East Tampa Bay in 5 Pittsburgh in 6 Finals Vegas over Tampa Bay in 7 [Insert 'Change my Mind' meme here]
  10. Sorry if this has been answered or is obvious (but I looked for it!) CCSLC doing the Bracket Challenge this year?
  11. Heitert

    Logos that Look Alike

    Same here. It bugs me now.
  12. The side panels can work, just not like the 2002 Bills where you see a different striping pattern from helmet, to jersey, to pant. Here's what I mean. There are probably worse offenders (outside of the NFL, I'm sure), but this was the first to come to mind.
  13. Broncos: The problem with the side panels is that, from a side view, the colors don't flow. Even though the Broncos' current uniforms are lackluster and dated, they've allowed for the side panels to be a continuous stripe down the pants. Also, I'm not a fan of the navy to royal gradient. To me, it reminds me of one of the preset options for a bank card. I will say, the jerseys look nice. Patriots: Definitely like this one much more. Other than the mismatched stripes on the helmet I'd say the Pats is a home and road are looking pretty sharp. I'm even a fan of the alternate and Color Rush. Oh, and just a note: The helmet logos look a tad small (for both teams).
  14. Heitert

    The NFL (8/32; Patriots added)

    TItans: The best thing about this concept is the helmet. I love how the 'T' is centered and the flames wrap around and man, would It be nice to see Tennessee use a silver (and stripe-less) helmet. I The uniforms are also really solid, I even dig the treatment on the numbers for the home and alternate. Navy and grey pants are the way to go! Jaguars: The all gold helmet isn't really doing it for me but other than that I really like what you've done with Jacksonville. The all black unis are great and I could see the Jags using them frequently. Packers: This one is pretty interesting, to say the least. I don't dislike it, though. I agree that the NFL doesn't need TV numbers and I like the creative approach you've taken. I just feel like the concept needs stripes somewhere. Falcons: Love everything about the Falcons except for the helmet treatment. The gold is great but my issue is the gradient. I would stick with the red helmet, black facemask and call it a day. Oh, and the black pant alternates are spectacular.