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  1. Replace the orange with copper and the royal with navy and you've got a winner.
  2. Really not much to say that hasn't already been said; these are all incredible. Stellar work. And the template is just downright sexy.
  3. Thanks for all the kind words everyone! Next up: CAROLINA HURRICANES - 4.16.2017 Logos: I really like the general idea of Carolina's logo brand, but I think the logo tends to be a little flat and washed out. I tweaked this logo a while ago and it was actually featured in one of my former NHL Series' that never got finished. It's obviously the same basic idea, I just wanted to make it a little more dynamic. The colors have been adjusted slightly; the red is deeper and the silver, bolder. I attempted to add some Carolina Blue into the color scheme, attempting to shoehorn it in with the red and replacing the red, but it just didn't look right. Overall, the Hurricanes have a nice color scheme, red and black always works. Uniforms: Carolina has one of the most bland, boring, and digressive identities in the NHL. They had some pretty unique inaugural uniforms but for some reason, decided to play O6 dressup and have no sense of uniformity between the home and away sets. My attempt at fixing this was basically to bring back an adaptation of their original pattern. The italic number font and name work well with the logos so I've decided to bring them back. The 'CH' logo was an attempt at a shoulder patch, both letters adopted from the 'Canes current wordmark.
  4. St. Patty was the name of the user, I believe. It's a great logo. He even had some hats made up with the logo sewn on. That Panthers concept is actually really good. It's a great update to their old unis. Although, I'd like it better if you used the striping pattern, or something similar, to the Panthers' inaugural jerseys. And yes, the striping pattern is very common but it's nothing like Idconcepts' concept.
  5. ARIZONA COYOTES UPDATE - 4.15.2017 Well I went back to the drawing board on the Coyotes hem stripes. I tried to simplify the pattern while still maintaining that Kachina style. I did attempt to recolor the uniforms to eliminate the turquoise as suggested, but honestly, I really like that addition. NASHVILLE PREDATORS UPDATE - 4.15,2017 I removed the guitar stripe pattern from the hem and made the bottom stripe thicker to match the top. Also, I moved the shoulder numbers and logo up just a bit and recolored the pants to navy. Funny thing is, I never intended to color the pants yellow. It was just an oversight on my part. I'll post the next team either later tonight or tomorrow.
  6. Just a quick bump. I saw this got moved down pretty quickly.
  7. Alright, I got hung up playing Horizon: Zero Dawn when I got home from work. Sidenote: Fantastic game, I highly recommend it. Anyway, the Nashville Predators are up next. NASHVILLE PREDATORS - 4.8.2017 Logos: Nothing really has changed here. I actually really like the Preds logos. The only alteration is the outline to the alternate guitar pick logo. So, not really a change like promised in the outline, but I did say some were very minor. Case-in-point, the Nashville Predators. Uniforms: Nashville got really close to doing everything right in their rebrand, and, for the most part, I really like what they've put together. Yellow is a fantastically underused color in sports and even moreso as a primary color. So nothing has changed on that front. What I did eliminate was the horrific Bettman apron that has mostly been abolished after half the NHL added them after the Reebok takeover a few years back. A few elements that I really like that Nashville uses are 1) The sharp collar/shoulder stripes and 2) The guitar strings. These elements, however, are used in the wrong ways. Those sharp collar stripes are reminiscent of teeth and since the Predators' logo is like, 50% teeth, I think that they should be better represented on the uniforms. The guitar string striping doesn't really work on the numbers, I've chosen to move that pattern to the hem stripe where I think it fits a bit better. The old number font makes a return, which is, in my opinion, much better than the font that the Predators currently use. Thanks again for viewing!
  8. Okay, all of these are absolutely adorable. That little octopus in the wagon got me. Brilliant.
  9. Thanks for all the comments everyone! I think you all are right about the hem stripe being a bit cluttered. I'll fix that soon. In the meantime, I have a Predators concept that I'd like some feedback one. Ill post it it as soon as I get home from work.
  10. I really like Buffalo. It's a shame that Montreal has a monopoly on chest stripes like that (ignoring Florida's update) because that concept is spectacular. I feel as though Calgary would work better with a flat shoulder yoke and maybe a yellow 'C' on the home jersey. I really like the striping pattern however. Scrolling through these comments, I see that the Carolina concept is quite popular. I guess I'm in the minority, but it really doesn't work for me. It's a nice idea but when executed it just doesn't look quite right to me. In my opinion, Chicago has some of the most overrated identities in all of sports. It irritates me that their home and road uniforms aren't as well, uniform, as they could be. Your concept does a nice job at fixing that. Although, I can't help but to feel the home would look better in red. The upper arms could stay black and I still think it would work. But having the Blackhawks not own a red jersey (in the modern era, at least) doesn't sit right with me. Colorado looks pretty good but I can't help but to feel it would look much better with the mountain-esque striping continued on the hem like it does on the Global Series jerseys (which, by the way is very nice. No complaints there.) The GS Ottawa jerseys to me feels a bit plain. Maybe a shoulder yoke or alternate logo on the shoulder would help out. Columbus, I have mixed feelings about. I really like the new striping, but part of me feels as though it doesn't flow well with the current arm piping. The other part of me likes the mix of the two, though. Maybe if the piping stopped at the top of the stripes? That may shift my feelings toward liking it fully. Great stuff here!
  11. Good evening CCSLC! Now, I do believe that this is attempt number three at redesigning the NHL. However, I am determined to actually finish this time. Unlike other failed attempts, wherein I would design one concept, post, wait for C&C and then move on, this time I've actually completed almost half of the NHL in preparation. I've been working on this project for the past month or so, I've really been having a lot of fun with it and I'm moving at a pretty steady pace so I feel as though I can actually make it through the league. What I really wish for this thread is a lot of active discussion, comments, and critique so that I may hone my skills at designing. I'd like to keep this organized, so I'll get started with some guidelines of what I'll be posting. Also, as a note: I haven't found an Adidas template compatible with the program I use (PAINT.net) so I chose to simply use the Reebok Edge template found in the Paint Users Paradise thread. I have, however, added an Adidas tag to the inside that I drew up. Outline All teams I complete will have some alteration to their logo and/or color scheme that I will point out with each concept. Note: These changes could be as small as a color adjustment to a complete logo overhaul. I will only be posting two uniforms per team: Home (color), Away (white) No team will use more than two logos. This is pretty standard in the NHL. However, we do see teams with all kinds of logos with their set. If I include a logo in the set, it will appear on the uniform. I see no need to include more since this is simply a logo/uniform project and not a complete identity project. NHL shield logos will be recolored in respective team colors. Teams will be posted in no real order, simply which concept I would like comments on at that time. Please, no comments just requesting the next team. Some critique on the concept would be appreciated. Okay, first up: ARIZONA COYOTES - 4.3.17 Logos: I really loved the Coyotes inaugural set. The kachina pattern was very unique to the team and even though it made it's debut in the 90s, it wasn't a concept that was overbearing or gaudy. However, and, as unpopular an opinion it may be, I really like Arizona's current logo and uniform set. I have made some changes to the logo, though. Replacing black is a darker brick red and I have turquoise to the color scheme, drawing inspiration from the art of the Pueblo which is wherein the initial kachina pattern derived. The alternate 'A' paw logo underwent no changes other than, of course, the color scheme. Uniforms: Again, the kachina pattern was my favorite part of the Coyotes inaugural set. The logo to me was fine, but I actually like the current better. I tried my hand at a custom kachina pattern that is only adorned on the hem as I thought that adding it the the sleeves as well made it a bit busy. If you look closely, you'll notice that within the pattern are crossed hockey sticks in the darker brick red color. The shoulders stripes are very loosely based on the current uniforms. Thanks for checking these out! C&C is greatly appreciated!
  12. Ya, know, I kinda like this. I'm a sucker for oversized helmet logos (when done correctly). I like the stripe pattern on the sleeves and the starburst on the pant stripe. The only thing that I would consider changing is the number font. It just seems too bulky to me. But other than that, this is a pretty solid concept.
  13. These are all really nice. I love the Arizona concept, it's a great marriage of their inaugural sweaters and the current ones, which, I personally like, however unpopular an opinion it may be. For Anaheim, I'd flip the hem stripes so they go in an upward direction. Other than that, they look great. Boston is nice, too. No complaints there.
  14. Think of it this way: appearance is the first step in appeal. When you're attracted to another person, usually their appearance is the first thing you notice, or are drawn to. Same goes with food; you eat with your eyes first. I could even argue video games. Why do most pick up a video game? They saw a trailer, demo, or design element that they were attracted to. The same can be said for sports teams. You are first physically drawn to the appearance of the uniforms or logos and then to the play of the team. Hell, I like the Minnesota Wild to this day, 90% based on their astounding logo.
  15. It's a definite upgrade. However, I'd try to sneak in some lines to indicate bristles on the end of the brooms. Right now, they kinda look like plungers.