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  1. Think of it this way: appearance is the first step in appeal. When you're attracted to another person, usually their appearance is the first thing you notice, or are drawn to. Same goes with food; you eat with your eyes first. I could even argue video games. Why do most pick up a video game? They saw a trailer, demo, or design element that they were attracted to. The same can be said for sports teams. You are first physically drawn to the appearance of the uniforms or logos and then to the play of the team. Hell, I like the Minnesota Wild to this day, 90% based on their astounding logo.
  2. It's a definite upgrade. However, I'd try to sneak in some lines to indicate bristles on the end of the brooms. Right now, they kinda look like plungers.
  3. Falcons - The helmet looks much better with the logo flipped like that. Texans - Something seems off on this one, I can't really put a finger on it. I think that maybe the Titans logo just isn't the best option for the logo switch. I think you could do something with a team that uses an animal mascot as their logo. I would try the Bears and use the star shape from the Chicago flag as the eye; I think that would look pretty decent. Colts - I've always sorta liked that Colts logo. Don't get me wrong, it isn't a good logo by any means but it has some 90s charm, which is always nice to see. Jaguars - The Jags as the Bengals works perfectly. You did a nice job on this one. Good choice not making the jaguar spots continue down the entire helmet. Chiefs - I really like the Chiefs as the Jets, really good work there. I have to say my favorite helmet is the '98-present version. It just works really well. Cowboys - Dallas is really awesome, I could definitely see that helmet used by some minor league or semi-pro team. Broncos - I would use a colored helmet for the Broncos, since the 49ers do use a gold helmet. I think navy could work, now that it's considered Denver's alternate color. Though, orange could also work since the Broncos use navy as their helmet color currently, It's really up to which looks better. Lions: I'm not quite sure the Lions works as the Steelers. The tri-Lion logo just looks off, and you'd lose a lot of detail in the logos if applied to a helmet like that. Packers: The 'GB' does look a little weird here, but to no fault of your own, it's just an awkward letter combo to be stylized in such a way as 'NY.' Have you considered doing a different team for Green Bay, a team that would lend itself more easily to stylizing the letters in the same way as the Giants. Maybe New England? That way you can still use the lowercase 'n' like the Giants and just extend the bottom of the 'E,' which would look more natural. Another question: Do you have a specific system or logic for the team switches? Or is it just by which team you think would fit best for each swap? If it's the latter, there's definitely nothing wrong with it, I just wanted to know your thought process. I gotta say, my favorite of this series is the Chiefs as the Jets. It works so well and looks like it could be used for an actual team. I like this series a lot. Keep up the good work.
  4. Yeah, with the falcon wings I would maybe flip them vertically and then rotate them about 25° and extend the wing to the front of the helmet. So, far though, this is a pretty decently series. I love all these team matchup/switches I've seen over the years.
  5. This is a really nice series. I love the Devils concept; it's unique but timeless at the same time which is quite an accomplishment.
  6. I've been eyeing this thread for awhile now, knowing that I'd inevitably post because mental health is and always will be a very important topic to me. I commend those that have shared their stories, as difficult as it may have been. I started typing my story, but it's proven to be very difficult. So much has happened over the last few years and I can't find myself able to put in into coherent text. My depression has caused me to lose jobs, relationships, friendships. It's really overwhelming. I spent five years in college to become an educator and I got a job a few months after graduation that I immediately had to walk away from because it was toxic to my health. I'm actually going through a deep state of depression currently and I told myself that I'd use this community as an outreach, but it's actually proven to be much more difficult that I imagined. I'll try again later if I have a better mental health day in the future
  7. For someone who struggles with mental illness, such as myself, she was a huge inspiration. I know that to most, she'll be remembered for her role as Princess Leia, but she was much more than that and it really hurts hearing of her passing.
  8. These are fantastic! I believe someone else, already said it, but I'll reiterate--I love how in-depth this series is! Keep up the great work; I'll be sure to be following this thread.
  9. Gotcha. That makes sense.
  10. Wait, I remember the "Young Gunz" from when I was about 17; I'm turning 25 in two weeks. How the heck do you remember the short-lived pseudo-group?
  11. Dallas vs. Minnesota Kansas City vs. Atlanta Detroit vs. New Orleans Los Angeles vs. New England Denver vs. Jacksonville Houston vs. Green Bay Philadelphia vs. Cincinnati Miami vs. Baltimore San Francisco vs. Chicago Buffalo vs. Oakland Tampa Bay vs. San Diego NY Giants vs. Pittsburgh Washington vs. Arizona Carolina vs. Seattle Indianapolis vs. NY Jets Like this Quote
  12. Minnesota vs. Detroit Washington vs. Dallas Pittsburgh vs. Indianapolis Tennessee vs. Chicago Jacksonville vs. Buffalo Cincinnati vs. Baltimore Arizona vs. Atlanta NY Giants vs. Cleveland Los Angeles vs. New Orleans San Francisco vs. Miami San Diego vs. Houston Seattle vs. Tampa Bay Carolina vs. Oakland New England vs. NY Jets Kansas City vs. Denver Green Bay vs. Philadelphia
  13. New Orleans vs. Carolina Tampa Bay vs. Kansas City Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland Baltimore vs. Dallas Jacksonville vs. Detroit Tennessee vs. Indianapolis Buffalo vs. Cincinnati Chicago vs. NY Giants Arizona vs. Minnesota Miami vs. Los Angeles New England vs. San Francisco Philadelphia vs. Seattle Green Bay vs. Washington Houston vs. Oakland (Mexico City)
  14. Cleveland at Baltimore Houston at Jacksonville Denver at New Orleans Los Angeles at NY Jets Atlanta at Philadelphia Kansas City at Carolina Chicago at Tampa Bay Minnesota at Washington Green Bay at Tennessee Miami at San Diego San Francisco at Arizona Dallas at Pittsburgh Seattle at New England Cincinnati at NY Giants Like this Quote
  15. Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore Dallas vs. Cleveland Jacksonville vs. Kansas City Miami vs. NY Jets Philadelphia vs. NY Giants Detroit vs. Minnesota Carolina vs. Los Angeles New Orleans vs. San Francisco Tennessee vs. San Diego Indianapolis vs. Green Bay Denver vs. Oakland Buffalo vs. Seattle