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  1. I guess I'm weird because I think the current Preds logo is one of the better NHL logos. Hell, it's one of my favorite all-time sports logos. I never did like the skull.
  2. Y'all just miss the "Babe of the Week" thread.
  3. TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING - 7.17.2017 Logos: Let's face it, the Lightning haven't had a good set of logos in awhile. Personally, I liked their short-lived second variation of the Bolt used for just five seasons from 2007-2011. That being said, it wasn't without its faults; the font wasn't great and the bolt itself looked kinda wonky with the thick navy highlight. Also, I've never been a fan of navy and black used together. I've completely done away with black and darkened the blue just a bit to compensate for the lack of black. Silver and blue is one of my favorite color schemes and it fits well with the Lightning's identity. Tampa Bay seems to have a tough time deciding whether to use their city and team name in their logo, only their team name, or none but then just add the city name to the away uniforms because. Personally, any variation of the Lightning logo I've seen, concepts or otherwise, seems really empty without some sort of wordmark to go along with the logo, so "Tampa Bay Lightning" is utilized similar to the Bolts' inaugural logo. Uniforms: I went for bold on the uniforms, something Tampa has also had a tough time deciding whether or not to do. As much as I love Tampa's 90s set, black and all, I decided to create something new. Inspiration did come from the current (or, I guess last year's now) alternate, BOLTS jerseys. Essentially changing the piping on the shoulders to lightning bolts. I messed around quite a lot trying to get the application right. Initially I went with straight across bolts but then attempted to do something Flyers-esque and curving the bolts which led to the single-color shoulder numbers spilling over the stripes, much like Philadelphia. An italic font is used for the name and numbers to match the logo.
  4. nhl

    Honestly for the Kings I would just use the crown logo.
  5. Sweater? Like Christmas? It's an Adizero new lightweight, cooler, stronger technology. Decreasing crest weight by 46%, number weight by up to 60%. Featuring Adidas Clima technology to maximize air circulation with materials that are 133% more permeable than current on ice fabrics, 27% stronger in burst testing, and 72% tougher on abrasion testing.
  6. nhl

    Buffalo looks gorgeous. I really wish those sweaters were real. I'd buy one in a heartbeat.
  7. So, since we're sorta on the topic of Pokémon, I think we need to figure out who all plays and is into the competitive scene (something I've been trying to get into for awhile)
  8. nhl

    The Canucks really work like this. Of course, anything is better than what they currently wear.
  9. Blues' road:
  10. Which is weird because I thought they were going out of business too?
  11. The Capitals, while clever with the 13 stripes, looks more like a soccer jersey. If you're dead set on the stripes, I think the Weagle logo would work better. Columbus looks good, I'd like to see more red in the road sweater but the home is great. The Blues are gorgeous. I'm a fan of their current uniforms but if they had switched to these with the Adidas takeover I wouldn't be upset in the slightest.
  12. Man I love the fleur-de-lis idea for the Blues but it is a bit cluttered. For starters the treble clef is a little misshapen. I understand that you needed to make room for the petals of the fleur-de-lis, but it looks a bit wonky. I really like the Wild and Senators logos and the Sabres, while clever, reminds me of Dallas because of the skull. Toronto is clever and so is Winnipeg but I can't help but feeling that the Jets' logo looks unfinished. Something about the white space makes it look empty. Colorado is nice but honestly, I like their current logo more. It's not your fault, I've seen many similar concepts but they all fall short in some way or another. I think the problem is the balance, which Ian why the Avalanche use the circle behind the logo. Also, the eyes are immediately drawn to the black puck.
  13. I was actually wondering that myself. In a perfect world, the button would appear on the replicas like the Rbk tag and then the on-ice jerseys would have nothing.
  14. Also, can we all just appreciate the Central Division for a moment? I mean look at this! They've got: Red, yellow, kelly green, forest green, royal blue, navy blue, and maroon. Basically all the colors of the rainbow and without any black (which is a cop-out uniform color, save for Boston and I guess Pittsburgh. Just for comparison: Atlantic - Four red, two royal blue, one navy, one black. Metropolitan - Three red, two royal blue, one navy, one orange, one black. Pacific - Two black, one gray, one royal blue, one brick red, one orange, one teal, one red. (Admittedly a pretty diverse color scheme, but altogether too dark.)
  15. By the way, I went to work and this thread was at around 120 pages. Y'all crazy (myself included). Overall, I'm actually pretty happy with what Adidas has done. The Good Carolina and Colorado are absolute perfection. Vegas actually looks really nice. Minnesota looks great. I just hope the road matches. The Bad New Jersey isn't that great, but seeing the full uniform with the sock stripes makes it look pretty good. Honestly if they switched the black to green, I'd be more than okay with the missing hem stripe. Nashville is underwhelming. There's not much more to say about that. Ottawa and Washington still look like crap, but they always have so that's more of a lateral move. Every other team is either a lateral move or hasn't changed anything significant to propel them forward or drop them back. So honestly, sans some collar issues and thin striping patterns, I don't hate the takeover.