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  1. The Pointless Realignment Outpost

    Another Serious Reel-Line-Mint.... If this rumor is true, and Notre Dame has incentive enough to go to the Big Ten, this is how I see it playing out.... Big 10 11 16- Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Northwestern, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, Rutgers, Missouri, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Pitt (16) (Notre Dame would pull Pitt along with the others rumored) SEC- Florida, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Arkansas, South Carolina, Kentucky, LSU, Florida State, Miami, Georgia Tech, Clemson (16) (SEC would try to match the Big 16 and raid 4 teams from the ACC, two more Florida schools and rivals of Georgia and SC with GT and Clemson) PAC 10 16- USC, UCLA, Stanford, Cal, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State, Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, BYU, Fresno State, Nevada, UNLV, San Diego State (16) (Like the SEC and Big 16 the PAC 10 will try to become the Pac 16. Utah and BYU would be obvious choices, basically in the same market, but good sports programs, big money, good academics and huge fan bases. Nevada and UNLV also bring in the Las Vegas and Reno markets and a semi-large fan base. SDSU brings in the other large city in California with San Diego and Fresno or possibly SJ State would be that last spot. They would like Boise, but they go to the Big 12.) Big 12 16- Texas, Texas A+M, Baylor, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, Colorado, TCU, Houston, Boise State, Colorado State, UTEP, Rice (16) (The Big 12 also wants 16 now, they obviously add TCU who was left out before, Houston for that large market, even if most of their fans are UT fans. Same with UTEP and Rice, schools in larger markets in Texas. Colorado State comes along too. Boise State is the wild card, not a large market, out in the middle of nowhere, but have the success on the field and they have fans all over who root for the "underdog". They could keep these fans when they move to a larger conference.) ACC- BC, Maryland, Virginia Tech, Virginia, NC State, UNC, Duke, Wake Forest, USF, UCF, ECU, Memphis (12) (Once Again the ACC screws over the Big East. They pull USF to make up for the loss of FSU and Miami. They also get UCF, ECU and Memphis, who the Big East would also love to have.) Big East- Louisville, Cincinnati, Syracuse, WVU, UCONN, Buffalo, Miami-Ohio, Ohio, Akron, Temple (10) (The Big East tries to keep hold, which will be hard once Memphis, UCF and ECU head to the ACC. They raid the MAC. They take the school with the largest endowment, student population, and in the largest market in the MAC, Buffalo. They also add the other Eastern Ohio teams with football history and can keep up in basketball, Ohio, Miami and Akron. Temple also comes back just football. Basketball will still be 16 teams. Each team will play every other team once, with one "rival" they will always play twice a year. (Cuse-UCONN, Nova-G-Town, Louisville-Cincinnati, Seton Hall-St. John's, Providence-DePaul, WVU-Marquette Ohio-Miami, Akron-Buffalo) These can change if new rivals develop over time or when teams become more or less dominant.) C-USA- Tulane, USM, Louisiana Tech, UAB, Troy, Arkansas State, MTSU, UL-M, UL-L, North Texas, FIU, FAU (12) (Some of C-USA leaves, but they get some up and coming schools from the Sun Belt) Mountain West/WAC- Wyoming, AF, New Mexico, New Mexico State, San Jose State, Utah State, Hawaii, Idaho, SMU, Tulsa (10) (After losing a lot of the talents the two conferences merge. They then add SMU and Tulsa from C-USA.) MAC- CMU, WMU, EMU, NIU, Ball St, Toledo, Bowling Green, Kent State, WKY, Marshall, Army, Navy (12) (After being raided by the Big East the MAC gets back Marshall, gets the new FBS team in WKY and convinces the two service academies to come in.)
  2. Division 1 College Conference Realignment

    I know you are an Akron fan, and I am a University at Buffalo fan, but there is no way Akron gets in before Buffalo. UB has more students (28,192 v. 27,380), a larger endowment ($410M v. 133M), in a bigger market size (1,170,111 v. 694,960) and is a member of the AAU, which Akron is not. There are only 3 AAU members that field a FBS football team that are not in a "Big 6" conference; Rice, Tulane and UB. The only thing I think Akron has over Buffalo are better athletic facilities, especially the new stadium. That is obviously a major factor, but I think UB would get in before any other MAC school. Also, WVU would not get into the Big 10, they are not an AAU member, which is a requirement to join the Big 10. Syracuse, Pitt, Rutgers, Iowa State and Mizzou are.
  3. Sports figures you have met.

    Jim Kelly: One of my favorite athletes of all time for obvious reasons. I volunteered at his charity, Hunter's Hope, event. He went around to all the volunteers, talked to them for a while. A nice guy, but even if he is an I doubt he would be one to volunteers for his charity. I got a picture with him and a personalized signed football that I have displayed in my bedroom. Rick Martin: I met him at a radio station function at a local restaurant. I was only 8 or 9 so I sat on his lap, got a picture taken and had him sign a card. He also talked to me for a while about hockey and why my favorite player was Dixon Ward and not him. Seemed like a nice guy but I don't really remember it happening. I have "met" others at signings but nothing more than having them sign a card/picture. I also see many "famous" athletes at work. I work at a supermarket and notice them often, mostly Bills since every single Buffalo Bill lives in my town or the one town over. Pat Kaleta(only Sabre that lives near me because he was born a town over from me), Marcus Stroud, Steve Tasker, Lee Evans, Peerless Price, Justin Jenkins, Fred Jackson, Chris Denney, Paul Posluszny, Trent Edwards, Kawika Mitchell, and many more that I can't remember right now. However I do not usually talk to them because I am at work. I also have seen Marshawn Lynch and his posse at Dave & Busters.
  4. Division 1 College Conference Realignment

    I do think that if the Big 10 adds a team it will come from the Big East, most likely SU or Pitt. And Notre Dame is more than just basketball in the Big East, it is basically every sport but Football. Also, do not count out UB from the Big East competition if they do expand. They are a great academic university, they have an expanding campus and student body, and bring a large market to the Big East, Buffalo, NY. Marshall brings a small town. However, Memphis and UAB do bring a large market, but I believe that UB and Memphis will be front runners because they are more in the Big East Territory. Don't count out Navy, Army, UCF and ECU. I believe they have a shot also, UCF could be the front runner because of their huge market and student base.
  5. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    I'm probably wrong, but isn't that his stint with Cleveland? Well that is what I get for trusting captions on pictures.
  6. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    -Cal Ripken Jr. with the AAA Rochester Red Wings. -Eddie Murray with the Angels. -Frank Robinson in many uniforms Jackie Robinson playing football at UCLA.
  7. post pics of your jerseys here

    STOP right there. China = As Fake As Fake Can Get That is what made me nervous. But almost everything is made in China. However the jersey looks authentic to me so I am just hoping I got a good deal for an Authentic.
  8. post pics of your jerseys here

    That Posluszny is definitely fake. I figured that, but I couldn't point out what was fake about it. What makes it defiantly fake? There is nothing fake about that jersey, I have the same exact thing bought directly from the bills store. Completely identical. I will try and get pics up soon. When I bought it online ($74.99) it said that I bought a replica. When it came I was happy to see a Authentic. Something seemed sketchy though. The packaging was from China but the jersey looks legit to me, so I was not sure.
  9. post pics of your jerseys here

    That Posluszny is definitely fake. I figured that, but I couldn't point out what was fake about it. What makes it defiantly fake?
  10. post pics of your jerseys here

    Finally I remembered to take the pics.
  11. post pics of your jerseys here

    Here are the ones I have. Baltimore Orioles Replica Home Uniform #10 Adam Jones Baltimore Orioles Replica Alternate Uniform #21 Nick Markakis Buffalo Bills Replica Home Uniform #83 Lee Evans Buffalo Bills Authentic Throwback Uniform #51 Paul Posluszny USA Hockey Replica Home (Dark) Nike Swift Uniform #18 Chris Drury New York Mets Replica Batting Practice Uniform (Un-lettered) Oakland Athletics Early 2000's Home Uniform #4 Miguel Tejada Toronto Maple Leafs Replica Away Jersey (Un-lettered) Buffalo Sabres Late 90's Home Uniform #39 Dominic Hasek I will try to get some pics of the jerseys I have here on campus in the next few days. They won't be good quality though because I only have my crappy cell-phone camera.
  12. Arena Rafters & Banners

    The Bisons have the retired #'s on the wall, and the championships on the banner on the wall, both updated this year. Sabres Accomplishments, now updated with 07 accomplishments. Sabres retired #'s The Bills honored (not retired, only #12 is retired) #'s are up on the wall like this example of the most notorious Bill of all time.
  13. Arena Rafters & Banners

    The Indians have these hanging in the concourse for the WS winning teams. I'm not sure if they have anything else around the stadium. And these in the RF bleachers honoring their retired #'s. Fenway has these banners for the AL East/AL/WS Champs.
  14. Oklahoma City . . . Sonics?

    Sure will screw things up..... Oklahoma City should switch divisions with Golden St. Putting the Warriors in the Northwest, and the Sonics in the Pacific Oklahoma City in the Pacific? Yeah, because that makes more sense. Here's what I think: Pacific: Golden State, LA Clippers, LA Lakers, Portland, Sacramento Midwest: Denver, Minnesota, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Utah Southwest: Dallas, Houston, Memphis, New Orleans, San Antonio Portland moves into the Pacific, making it a true Pacific Division. And although it's still rather stretched out (geographically), the Midwest with these 5 teams still makes more sense than the current Northwest Division. The Southwest wouldn't need to change. Heres a better idea Atlantic Boston, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Washington Southeast Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, Memphis, Orlando Central Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Indiana, Toronto Northwest Denver, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Portland, Utah Southwest Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Oklahoma City Pacific Golden State, LA Clippers, LA Lakers, Portland, Sacramento Oklahoma and Texas are a natural rivalry so is NO and Texas Milwaukee and Minnesota are a natural rivalry Atlantic is the NE Corridor Toronto is close to Detroit Someone has to come east to replace Milwaukee I guess Tank wants Phoenix contracted ...and San Antonio.