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  1. The more I learn the more I agree with this. Somewhat interesting development that makes a lot of sense: PRO's main Facebook page has updated to show their now well-recognized "play button" logo in Argentine blue. This comes ahead of the 2017 midterms and the start of the primary campaign season. The party is now a national force, looking to continue to be considered one of the two biggest forces in Argentine politics despite its newness. It wouldn't shock me if this was part of a rebranding strategy, at least with the national party, to more squarely compete against the main opposition nationally, represented both through the PJ and the FPV
  2. Having a great time combining my academic/professional interests in politics and my design/athletic aesthetic interests while studying abroad in Buenos Aires. Spending this month researching/writing about the political communication/aesthetic/marketing of the center-right political party in Argentina, known as "PRO" (for Propuesta Republicana, "Republican Proposal"). The founder/leader of the party, Mauricio Macri, was elected Argentina's president in 2015 under the slogan of Cambiemos ("Let's Change"). He previously served as mayor for the city of Buenos Aires. Macri was elected mayor of Buenos Aires in 2007, when PRO was still just a local party in Buenos Aires. "BA" is by far the most important cultural/political city in the country, it can often seem like there isn't much else beyond the capital if you were to watch the news/sports or talk to a resident of Buenos Aires about "Argentina." As a result, PRO/Macri were basically able to make the jump from a local to a national party in 2015 without much extra work in other cities. PRO's branding strategy is really fascinating to study/witness while living in this city. They adopted yellow as their color, complete with a distinctly soft sans-serif font. Not long after, the city government developed a new branding identity with a very similar yellow scheme and font, both for "Ciudad Buenos Aires" (more official/public service and "Vamos Buenos Aires" (more event/cultural based). The subway system was rebranded in yellow as well. There was actually a legal challenge to this a few years ago from the opposition party. PRO has successfully marketed itself as part of a "new politics" of "management" and "efficiency" through it's public policies and effective use of social media that's often criticized as impersonal, geared toward the rich, naive, etc. by the left in Argentina, which is represented in the very traditional/Peronist parties and alliances of former presidents Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and her late husband Nestor Kirchner and their Justicialist Party/Front for Victory electoral alliance. Look at some of these images, it's almost hard to tell what's for the political party and what's coming from the local government.
  3. Old logo wasn't even consistent in its application of flag details. Uruguay's sun has face and ray details, while Argentina's, known as the Sun of May, has none of the details featured in the official flag. Things you notice after spending three months in Buenos Aires.
  4. Madden 18 first look trailer features a clip of a Ravens defender in purple socks.
  5. 90s baseball aesthetic speaks to my soul.
  6. ha! the navy/gold logo appears on the helmet bumper.
  7. "WCF" is unfortunate, but I think VERY livable with. Huge fan of bringing back the blue pants, but only if they were to have been smart and gone with white-topped striped socks. Oh, and put "DETROIT" on the sleeve of the white jersey instead of Lions. But whatever.
  8. Read the room dude!
  9. For all NFL teams to wear white shoes. Oh and mandatory high socks in baseball.
  10. Wrong belt and undershirt color from the inaugural season MVP Baseball 2005 game. They also had high blue socks at home which was very strange. One of my first uniform-related memories.
  11. One can dream...
  12. Not any version other than 17, not sure if it's possible to do that in the recent versions.