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  1. That's been the case for two years now. (as it should be)
  2. DeFrank

    MLB changes 2018?

    We all love to talk about sports design. We love to go *all the way.* talking about the tiniest of details. The most minuscule aspects. I don’t believe you can really, fully talk about the Cleveland Indians road uniform hat/jersey combo without talking about that part of Chief Wahoo. You should ban ban any discussion of the Cleveland Indians at all if you’re going to ban one, critical part of it. We can’t really engage sports design otherwise.
  3. DeFrank

    MLB changes 2018?

    That’s kind of the point. i’d love for a mod to explain to us how someone is supposed to talk about the shade of red in Chief Wahoo without talking about the shade of red in Chief Wahoo. Or the cartoonishly large teeth. Or the feather. Or the logo origins. Or how people perceive it. Either ban ban any discussion of any Native American themed sports identity or allow all of it.
  4. DeFrank

    MLB changes 2018?

    Talking purely about the logo’s aesthetics without talking about what it means is such a bad-faith exercise. You wouldn’t do that with any other logo. No analysis of the aesthetics of the Colorado Rockies “CR” interlock is complete without an acknowledgement of the fact it combines city name and team name. No analysis of Chief Wahoo is complete without an acknowledgement that it’s a horrifically racist caricature. You can’t talk about the bright red skin without talking about the bright red skin.
  5. DeFrank

    MLB changes 2018?

    I find it so so so stupid that the policy of these boards is that one can praise racist logos but one can't criticize racist logos.
  6. DeFrank

    Unpopular Opinions

    I like the Weagle a lot but it's always bugged me how incorrect the point/spire/(actually a statue) is...
  7. DeFrank

    MLB changes 2018?

    Don’t get me started. Can’t stand the Nats still having the all start patch beyond 2018.
  8. DeFrank

    Unpopular Opinions

    I was a big fan of the screaming eagle logo. Although I would imagine a blue/black/bronze Weagle could look good:
  9. DeFrank

    Unpopular Opinions

    The "federal" color schemes of the Caps and Wizards were great because they were DC-specific without being generic RWB.
  10. DeFrank

    Teams Due for a Rebrand

    My favorite team, the Washington Re<MOD EDIT>
  11. DeFrank

    Nuggets Evolved: Unveil New Logos, Colours, Uniforms

    I am of the opinion that every single nuggets uniform has been very bad.
  12. DeFrank

    Nuggets Evolved: Unveil New Logos, Colours, Uniforms

    You’re stealing valor from coacher42
  13. DeFrank

    Nuggets Evolved: Unveil New Logos, Colours, Uniforms

    Thank you for your service and bravery
  14. DeFrank

    Ask A Moderator

    @CC97 Chris, I think you ought to change your mind about this. At the very least, "people not being able to be rational or logical when discussing" this issue can be <MOD EDITED> on the back end rather than preventing anybody from engaging in a substantive discussion about something that is so so so prevalent and important to the topics of this forum which we all care so much about.
  15. DeFrank

    Ask A Moderator

    We ought to allow for Native American nickname/logo discussion on ** It isn’t “political.” It’s respect and dignity-based. Is banning discussion of other forms of racism in historical sports branding “political?” Seriously, would we ban discussion of a nickname or logo that disrespected black or Latinx people?