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  1. You're right. My bad. Looking back on the Gridiron Database it looks like this is the first time they've ever worn their normal blues against the Redskins on Thanksgiving.
  2. It's not the first time! This was unusual because the Cowboys wore their normal blue jerseys. Typically when they've played the Redskins they wear their throwbacks. In 2002 it was color on color... on at least two other occasions they wore blue and Washington wore white.
  3. Great town. Spent a night near there on a day off from working at a summer camp. That filter captures the feel really nicely!
  4. I just searched my name and this came up. Yes, that was me. How the hell did you recognize me?!
  5. Talking past each other. I was confused as well. Above image looks like white pants as opposed to standard grey, but if you look very closely at the sleeve stripes you can tell it's just the light playing with our eyes.
  6. All three Redskins super bowl wins happened in the white over burgundy look. From 1979-2009 the Redskins primarily wore white over burgundy. It's their look.
  7. Rob Lowe gets it!
  8. The "P" is definitely covering more of the "h" in the first photo.
  9. I'm surprised I haven't seen more comments about how friggin' terrible the turquoise looks when touching just black or grey. Looks like TRON went to the Southwest. This set is hideous, and exactly what MLB doesn't need.
  10. Strong branding from the Harvard professor campaigning as a "referendum candidate" that pledges to resign once he passes a "democracy fix" bill with the mandate of running on a single issue.
  11. The Logo is horrifically bad, especially when juxtaposed against what is by all accounts an extremely well made introduction its all very weird.
  12. The contrasting stitching and decision to use the BROWNS pant wordmark PLUS a short stripe are the two things I don't like. Without those, this would be Nike's best rebrand, mostly due to consistency. Also... orange socks with brown pants please. Lets not screw this up.
  13. Woah. This already looks incredibly dated.
  14. Can't seem to find pictures but there was a commercial a while back for a camera company with a game between the Chargers and Patriots in which the Patriots wore that combination.