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  1. This thing with the NFL uniforms is really getting on my last nerves. Let's be honest here. Those white St Louis jerseys just don't look all that good with either the navy pants that they pair with navy socks for the leotard look, and the same thing with those current white pants. The Rams should petition the NFL to allow them to wear their C-R yellow jerseys in the NFC Championship game instead of those ridiculous white St Louis jerseys that really don't bode well with either pants. Then the Rams could have the option of pairing those yellow jerseys with the white pants with the navy striping and blue socks and it would look like they were the 1955 or 1956 LA Rams. The NFL went above and beyond in the 1994 season by allowing the SF 49ers to wear their throwbacks for add'l regular season games, playoffs, and Super Bowl game vs the SD Chargers. It's bad enough that we have to look at the Saints in those all black leotards. Why double the torture? * The white pants have that navy striping along the sides, unlike the 1950's look.
  2. That is spot-on correct. Myself, I didn't like those. I like their throwbacks with the red helmet and black jerseys.
  3. The NFL had already told the LA Rams before the season that they may wear the 1994-1999 throwbacks as many times as they so choose. The Rams only wore white for home preseason games and the first two home games to beat the heat.
  4. No, that's only your own opinion. Take those silly navy socks off them when wearing the navy pants and you'd have an huge improvement, but then again the Spanos' have totally ruined that clubs uniforms since taking control of the team from Gene Klein back in 1984. In recent years the only times they looked really good was in 2009 for the AFL-50 Legacy games in the opinions of most.
  5. I would've beee incredibly surprised if they Rams has chosen the white. First off the weather isn't a factor. Secondly the Rams are not thrilled with how the gold trim in the white jersey looks, but they feel it's at least tolerable if they have no choice until the official uniform is changed. Thirdly, the Rams are a top NFL club and I doubt very much they're gonna wanna wear the ugly white uniform set. That would be like sending out a statement saying "perhaps if we force you to wear your navy jerseys your luck might be bad enough that's we could possibly beat you then."
  6. The RAMS will NOT be wearing white against the Cowboys, and I have no idea where on Earth you're getting such erroneous information on that. The 'throwbacks' as many call them are no longer alternates, they ARE the primary uniforms. The only reason the white jersey set was worn for the first two LA Coliseum home games was due to the September heat. This is what was announced just prior to the start of the 2018 season when the RAMS received their league approval on their second attempt.: (At Dallas) It was the first time the Rams wore those dark jerseys with the new white-horned helmets, which was a change made for the 2017 season. Needless to say, the look was not well received by fans as Twitter erupted by ripping the Rams for even considering that uniform combination. Fortunately, that look won’t see the light of day again. The Rams have announced that their new primary “color” uniforms are now the (royal) blue and yellow throwbacks, which they’ll wear for five home games in 2018. They were granted permission to wear them as much as they wanted, but they’ll wear white for the first two home games to minimize the impact of the sun and heat. Hopefully . . . we can now put this never-ending issue pertaining to the RAMS uniforms right down the Johnny Flusher. * * * SOURCE: The Sports Wire (appl)
  7. On the first concept, and if it were only for one game I could live with it if you used the socks from the second concept but perhaps modified them to have the striping match the jersey stripes.. Also, I'd like to see Nike make the belt on the pants red like the days post-merger. On second concept, no thank-you.
  8. It's time to dump the one-helmet rule when it comes to wearing throwbacks.
  9. OldSchoolVikings . . Your boasting is plentiful, but until your Vikings get some white striped socks (with striping as similar to the jersey sleeves as possible), to wear with those purple pants I wouldn't sing too much praise to the consistency of the Minnesota Vikings uniforms. Purple socks with purple pants? Not good.
  10. The red socks debuted in 1981, I liked the white ones better that had the exact striping that the sleeves did. The charging Bison logo was enlarged in 1983, looked so much better. Never understood why KC downsized their KC helmet logo in 1974, it just never looked right as they have no centre helmet striping. As I've said many times, the Bills blue face mask DID NOT look good with the blue jerseys, ONLY when wearing the white jerseys. Just take a look at Fergie in the bottom photo.
  11. ARTnSocal

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    I too am looking forward to see what the J-E-T-S do with their uniform change this upcoming spring. We often speak about socks that NFL teams wear, and I've long been wondering why we're not seeing NIKE make different belt colors on the pants like what was once so common. For instance, take a look a the old NY Jets uniform set with the kelly green belt, from back in the day when their logo was pointed and looked like the shape of a football instead of a rugby ball with the present oval shape. That green belt really accents those white pants. Below is a very rare AFL color photo from the early 60s, 1963 to be exact, as the J-E-T-S had just changed their nickname from TITANS in what was their final year of playing home games at the Polo Grounds as Sonny Werblin had just purchased the team. They only wore this logo for the 1963 season and changed it again for their inaugural 1964 season to commemorate the opening of Shea Stadium. The following rare color photo was taken at their 13-OCT-1963 away game in San Diego who was donning their Pacific Blue jerseys (no powder blue until 1966)
  12. and while we're at it, PANTHERS . . . BRING YOUR SILVER PANTS BACK READY !!!! You've got 3 weeks to do it. Most of us are mono'd out!!
  13. ARTnSocal

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 13

    Your version works for me, and also reminds me how I clamor for all clubs who wear throwbacks at home how great it looks to change to the retro logo at the 50 yard line. I wish Buffalo would have done the same for the JAX game. Playing on field turf shouldn't matter as it didn't in Detroit when both the Vikings and Bills played emergency home games at Ford Field and also changed the end-zone colors. BTW, Miami really blew it IMO when they were eligible to of undergone their uniform change this past season. They should have just gone to these present throwbacks based on their 1966 season, added optional aqua pants which they didn't have in 1966 and just changed only the Dolphin from the 1966 version as it looked way too clipart-like, whereas the tweaked 1997 Dolphin looked so much better. Leave the sunburst as it was in 1966 with the correct shade of orange, and FGS get some white striped socks for when wearing the aqua pants. Several Dolphins players have repeatedly said they wanna wear the throwbacks permanently, as have their fans on social-media. I really think they blew it this past off-season. The Dolphin w/ the 'M' helmet was damn cool. I also remember those diamond end-zones from the Orange Bowl years at the time of the merger, I think the Chargers had those diamonds too in that same era.
  14. ARTnSocal

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 13

    I'm in complete agreement with you regarding pants colors clashing, whether pants of color or white ones. When the Rams played at Seattle and their mono-navy home uniforms, which would look so much better with either white or the wolf gray pants, I couldn't believe that LA chose to wear their navy pants and navy socks. Watching that game made me dizzy. We called it the Navy Bowl. In soccer, the UEFA Champions League, the World Cup, and in the Euro's neither the shorts, or socks can have the same or nearly same color (Ex: navy blue against black is a no no). But . . . it's the HOME team that has to either change to make alterations or switch to their 2nd or 3rd kit if anything clashes with the opponents kit(s). If anything does but it's not the shirt, then the shorts or socks from their away or 3rd kit may be used as the away club doesn't have to be forced to make any changes to either their away or 3rd kit ... If their away kit clashes but the 3rd kit doesn't, then the home club leaves their kit as is and the away club wears their 3rd kit. What I really hated was Green Bay and Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl some years back and both teams were in their same bright yellow pants. That to me was too much of a clash, especially in our present tech age of HDTV and many in 2K or 4K clarity. Now that most clubs have a C-R, many a throwback and/or alternate uniforms, then for example the away team -----> (opposite of Champions League rule) would have to change their pants color. Green Bay was the home team so the Steelers would of worn their C-R black pants or white (if they had one), and the Packers would have remained in the green over yellow uniforms. By those soccer competition rules it would have looked really cool to see the Packers in their green jerseys but w/ their white color rush pants, BUT . . with the green socks they normally wear w/ their yellow pants, NOT those solid white socks they wore w/ their color rush white on white.
  15. These right here should have been totally LEFT ALONE!! This was a perfect example of making a uniform change just for the sake of making one (Seattle too from their second set, but that's a whole 'nother story) Had they just let them extend their life there'd be no reason to even be having this conversation thread.