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  1. That's not necessarily true Mr Orange n Iowa. Back around 1-July when all 32 clubs had to submit to the league whether they'd be wearing their color or white jerseys for each of their 8 home games does not (and someone correct me if I'm wrong on which color) lock them in as to whether it's their regular, alternate, or throwback color jersey. Also, socks and pants are an open option up until game week, so the Rams could wear their Royal Blue or Yellow jersey, I do not believe they're locked in UNLESS the deal they got from the NFL was that the royal blue throwbacks are worn 5 games at LA Coliseum. Either way, they should be able to decide which pants and socks they desire to wear, KC already knows they're in white jerseys. However after much protesting to the NFL by the Rams on behalf of the fans, the League made an exception to them regarding the royal blue throwbacks. Upon that NFL exception it was announced that LA would wear the white jerseys for the first two home games, royal blue throwbacks for the 5 home games, and the yellow color-rush for games in SF and the Mexico City (home game designate). So .... if they're locked into wearing the yellow jerseys as was announced in summer (which I doubt the NFL would force upon them) they should still be able to wear whichever pants and socks that they so choose, IF the NFL insists on the Rams having to wear the yellow jerseys even with this switch of venue. My guess is they still will wear the yellow jerseys as that is also considered a Los Angeles Rams throwback jersey from the 1950s. If so, stay tuned regarding pants and socks. I like Ben in LA's preference of white pants and blue socks with the yellow jerseys.
  2. Whoooahhh ... my bad!! That was a typo too BJ. Jon Garland is from Hart High and his hometown is right here in Valencia, CA ... where I live. Ya got me fella! * bows head in embarrassment *
  3. I hate to burst your bubble there Mr Bears and White Sox fan, but the Houston Oilers had long worn what I believe is the same exact number font as da Bears for as long as I can remember. I had always noticed them for being one of the very few teams without block numbers and just like the ones da Bears wear and I really liked them for those teams. Also, the Denver Broncos have worn a similar number font since their late 90s rebrand, but has a slight variation to what da Bears have long had. Since I assume you're a SOX fan I will tell you that the 1906 throwback jerseys they wore for at least one game in 2006 are among my favorite MLB turn-back-the-clock uniform sets of all time. * This (Jon Garland) photo from the 2006 season is the only photo I've seen of those 1906 throwbacks and it's simply awesome! If I had to guess I'd say they probably wore them at home against the Cubs in interleague play.
  4. Those solid colored Honolulu blue socks still ruin the look of the HBlue pants, nothing has changed there. They need white socks with HBlue Northwestern striping as is on the jersey sleeves and now ya got something there. Solid silver socks won't remedy this issue either.
  5. The Cardinals desperately need to return to their prior traditional jersey without those stupid and dated shoulder yokes. The Bills had them from 2002-2010 and when they went back to our classic look in 2011 it was a great relief The look of colored pants when paired with white jerseys that have those shoulder yokes just kills the look. Perhaps that's why Tampa Bay mostly wears their white pants with the white jerseys. Then again someone forgot to tell TB that if it ain't broke don't try to fix it, because their 1997 rebrand and Super Bowl winning uniform set was one of the premier uniforms in all the NFL, and since ruined! Cardinals at Raiders (2001) Falcons at Cardinals (2001)
  6. Ahhh, yes they have. They wore them for the preseason game against the Raiders in Oakland back in August. While it wasn't a regular season game they still wore them as they're still in the official catalog and their equipment dept does stock them. IMO those Honolulu blue pants looked better back in 1998 only due to the silver socks, the pant striping is better on the 2018 pants. The current HBlue pants would look so much better if they still had had silver themed socks to wear with them like they did back in '98, instead of the solid Honolulu blue ones which just give that terrible leotard look. They could have Northwestern styled silver socks with the HBlue striping. Why don't these clubs with med/dark colored pants don't take socks seriously as part of the makeup of the uniform, it just drives me nuts! (Exception: NE, NYJ, KC, WSH, CHI) Out of all the new permanent uniforms since NIKE took over in 2012 I view MIN as having the best, but they just kill those purple pants by wearing sold purple socks and look like purple leggings. All the Vikings need are white socks with striping similar to their upper jersey sleeves and they'd look totally dope in those purple pants!!
  7. They Colts did for a few road games in 1995, they even used the correct socks, and looked awesome!
  8. They normally wear black numbers on the road, tonite they’re the throwback silver numbers.
  9. Now that one I totally agree with. (with the white or black jerseys) The leotard look was awful the time that they went with the black socks.
  10. I disagree. This should only apply to the Giants and Jets since they groundshare, and in 2022 when the Chargers host the Rams it should also apply IF the Chargers wear their powder blues, and the Chargers are still based in Los Angeles by then. Hopefully not, they need a fan-base, something they're not gonna get in LA. Only reason USC and UCLA should and do is because they groundshared for a great many years up until the Raiders moved to LA, so that tradition had already begun and was always quite popular, plus both universities are based in Los Angeles.
  11. New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Correction Canzman . . The Dolphins are going mono-aqua. Aqua jerseys and Aqua pants. Terrible choice, but that's what they had announced they were doing.
  12. I think the Eagles look far better in the midnight green pants. . The Steelers block numbers are far superior to those italic ones, so I agree. Needs their wordmark below the shield, lose tho logo from the jersey front.
  13. ARTnSocal

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    Don't know where you're getting 2013 from. NIKE took over in 2012 (NOT 2013) . . Reebok final season was 2011 when they did the Buffalo Bills re-do. If the J-E-T-S keep the current theme and only tweak it then I hope they revert back to the pointed football shaped logo and get rid of the oval-shaped rugby ball. I never understood the reason behind that.
  14. ARTnSocal

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 7

    INFRARED . . While I and all the others very much enjoy reading your weekly column, I think it's safe to say that you're about the only one who doesn't like Baltimore's purple pants. Myself, I absolutely love them and reading so many of the others posts they too seem to all feel the same way. Now if you wanna burn something, the Ravens Deli Mustard pants from last seasons singular game would be the ones, also with the black stripeless pants of the Saints and Ravens. While you're add it with your bonfire please throw Green Bay's throwback set in there, they're just awful. I did like the one with the circular jersey numbers from those blue jerseys w/ khaki pants when they were allowed to wear that brown helmet w/ gray facemask. Power to the purple pants!! I for one think they're totally awesome and am only sorry that it took them twenty two years for them to be introduced. If only the Vikings had some nice white stripped socks for their purple pants they too would have a hit.
  15. NOT with those same white socks that they were wearing yesterday. They need some kind of red themed socks, similar to what was worn in 1994 for NFL-75