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  1. MLB 2016 Changes

    Pretty sure Céspedes jerseys last year didn't have the accent on the e. I like it. 
  2. anyone else not able to see the older images?  
  3. NFL Changes - 2016

    Now if the Jets would only update their template a bit and change to kelly green... I'll be happy
  4. New Subway Logo

  5. New Subway Logo

    New logo just appeared during the intro of the Vikings v Seahwaks game on NBC
  6. Marlins blue jersey

    I actually detest the green walls. I like the color but it looks awful for the walls. Been to a bunch of games there, feels like I'm on a green screen set... About the blue jerseys, I have a source who said the marlins were planning on wearing these blues jerseys however they scrapped the idea. To me it seems they're testing it out with the first pitch people and a give away they had were it was a blue marlins soccer style jersey during the world cup.
  7. 2014 MLB Changes (logo, uniform wise, etc)

    for the Low Crown cap lover out there
  8. 2014 MLB Changes (logo, uniform wise, etc)

    yup, noticed that too! I like it!
  9. College Football 2014 Season

    These new helmets remind me of hockey goalie masks
  10. College Logo Changes 2014-15

    I know Miami announced they'll be getting new uniforms, new logo was not mentioned.
  11. Racing Stripes on MLB Jerseys

    I wish theyd come back but the Mets have too many alts at the moment with the black gone i can finally enjoy my metsies
  12. NBA Changes 2013-14 Season

    Uniforms look great, but damn Tyson blew out my eardrum!
  13. 2013 NFL Season week by week uniform match-up combos

    I love my Jets but the Nike Green jerseys just look awful... The sweat boxes make it look black and the non-sweat areas look brown in the sunlight. Kelly Green needs a comeback or at least a lighter, truer, green then what they have currently a fix of the stripes would help too
  14. New Yahoo! logo(s)

    yeah however at the end of the 30 days they'll unveil one new official logo. from the video the common theme looks like simplicity, which isnt a bad thing
  15. New Yahoo! logo(s) first of many it seems...