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  1. TaylorMade

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    As a Sonics fan, the first thing I noticed about the OKC hat was that it said '08
  2. TaylorMade

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    I wonder if any players will take the pins off and put them on their lapel.
  3. TaylorMade

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    Yikes on bikes https://www.lids.com/nba-draft
  4. TaylorMade

    KC Royals Show Off 2018 Turn Ahead the Clock Uniforms

    They'll be facing the Mariners in these:
  5. TaylorMade

    New(?) Logos on NBA "Mash Up" hats

  6. TaylorMade

    G-League Stockton Kings Unveil Team Logos

    That... whatever it is coming off the s ruins it.
  7. TaylorMade

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    OKC, Denver, Detroit, Jazz, Wizards
  8. TaylorMade

    New Nike WNBA jerseys

    Same with the Storm.
  9. TaylorMade

    The Battle of Seattle

    Hate to pee on the parade, but "nor'westers" are definitely not a thing. However, us Seattleites are pretty proud of being from the "great northwest," so what about the North Westerners?
  10. TaylorMade

    2018 MLS Kits

    Another look:
  11. TaylorMade

    NBA G League Changes 2018-19

    Plus G-Leaguers can brag about it. "I play for the Knicks." "You play for the New York Knicks? I've never seen you in a game." "I play for the Knicks, all right."