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  1. I've never been a fan of center fields that are walled off like that. Feels too claustrophobic and lifeless to me. It was the one thing that rubbed me wrong the worst about the concepts I saw, but I couldn't quite put into words why. I think it's a combination of those two that irks me.
  2. I get it. I usually say Newburgh because no one knows Montgomery or Walden. My grandparents lived in Wappinger's Falls. I was born a year before the trial, so I missed it. Another five comparisons, starting with one that was really hammered when the design was first announced... Couldn't find an image of him wearing it for the monologue, but Kenan commonly wore a Blackhawks jersey, and it was the first place I'd ever seen it, so it's always associated in my mind.
  3. I really do like it, but think that the bottom half is a bit too much/pointy/similar to the Hornets. What I'd love to see is someone who takes the text off, then finishes the outline of the basketball around, making it a circular logo with just the snout and ear of the wolf breaking that, then wrap the name around that. I think that would be a vast improvement. With that and a shift of the basketball lines, it would also help removing the tension points. Oddly, the images except for the one I just posted won't show as images, so I'll have to pothole some links. Anyway, looking at the other options... There's the Decepticon Timberwolf. I think this is designed by Don Bluth. I... think this is a raccoon. Is "Grupooma really just Brandiose trying to fly under the radar? In the end, there's clearly only one winner. On a side note, the text from this entry looks... incredibly familiar. At first I thought the old MLB Playoffs logo, but now that I look back at it, it's not that.. Something about the mixture of the arched lettering with the two tapered lines on each side with the smaller text. You consider the Warrior and Nets to be disappointments? I know the Copperplate Gothic is rough, but the rest of the Warriors identity I always saw as a good update on a classic, and I thought at the time the Nets were a triumph of design, and I've definitely seen it be successful as the team has gone from less than an afterthought to becoming a fashion statement.
  4. Other people already beat me to the Hess thing. I never made the comparison, and when I read about the ownership of the team, I couldn't believe I didn't notice before then. I mostly quoted you because holy crap, you apparently lived, like, twenty minutes away from me. As for the Browns, I never understood the talk about this bringing them into the future, because the lettering and stripes on the pants reminded me of a pair of old workout pants my dad had had since the 80's. The style looks dated to me, if anything. Others... EDIT: Apparently the original Bart image I used was replaced by the website with a download link. Sorry about that. Fixed now.
  5. I couldnt' agree with you more. Tampa Bay looks good, and they should continue with that look. Their logo is another subject, of course. However, I'm not talking about China having a classic baseball look. I'm talking about them having a look that has a specific cultural background that doesn't fit their cutural background. You brought up Real Salt Lake. The term "Real" is a tradition in soccer, taken on my numerous teams in Spain who have received patronage by the King. It's a Spanish word. Why is Utah, a state founded by white Mormon missionaries, whose population is mostly made up of English, Scandinavian, and German ancestry, using a Spanish word that's a tradition in Spanish soccer? Their Hispanic population at the time the team was founded was less than 20%. That's not the lowest amount, but high enough to give yourself a Spanish identity? I could see Chivas naming themselves "Real Los Angeles". They're almost 50% hispanic and it's a large part of their cultural identity. Heck, they could have paid homage to the owner's beloved Real Madrid by calling themselves "Royal Salt Lake", but the use of "Real" is strange and has been rightly ridiculed for years. THAT is the comparison I see when I look at China in Old English lettering.
  6. Unless there's incredibly bad winds, rain shouldn't get in anywhere where it would cause a problem... right?
  7. It's tricky, at least for me, because of my personal belief that (for the most part), socks, undershirts, and cap crown should match. While there are a few exceptions to the cap part of this, such as how good the Indians look with red undershirts and socks, there's only one exception to socks matching that doesn't look super awkward, and that's Boston. Of course, it's not perfect, but good. Well, I think there's a solution to all of this... I agree, but not from a standpoint of seperating the white pants from white socks. I agree because I think that starting in the cap/shirt color at the top of the sock and transitioning makes the difference much more aesthetically pleasing. Back when Stance was announced and there was all this talk about socks, I drew up what I'd thought everyone's socks should look like in this new era of foot-coverings. I never finished the Diamondbacks and forgot about it, so I never did anything with this. I think this solution to the White Sox will look great. And, of course, Boston should always wear their old stripes. Same for Baltimore. (Disclaimer. While, yes, I said having tops of the socks match the shirt and cap works well, not every sock with a different top is meant to match the shirt and cap.)
  8. Hmm... I suppose it's a matter of whether you think the aesthetics of the uniform should fit the country, or just be a good baseball design. Yes, Old English is a classic baseball aesthetic going back to the Athletics, Tigers, both Boston teams, etc. But I suppose that when we take it to the realm of international cultures, I feel like it has a more disctinct cultural link than, say, cursive or varsity block. Honestly, most of the Identities are rather simple and plain, just attributed to whatever team. But this one just feels different because it's much more complex and less generic. It does look beautiful, especially in these colors. But it's based on old European caligraphy and original block print lettering of a completely different alphabet and even way of writing than the primary Chinese written language. Even if not the brushstrokes, maybe something akin to the lettering on their basketball jerseys. The problem is, I'm struggling with where to then put the Old English, because it does deserve a spot. Italy's looping script works so well for them and looks beautiful, although replacing the I would be nice. The Netherlands would be a great fit, but they've kind of built up their identity, and I'm unsure how the cap logo would work. Most other teams rarely show in the tournament, and it would be a shame to not have it around. On a side note, why do some teams use their name in their native language, but some don't?
  9. In a vacuum, it's a great look. It's just a weird fit for China. It would fit better for a European team, especially Great Britain. Why doesn't China have a paint stroke C in the style of the 2008 Olympics type? That would fit so much more.
  10. I'm on the opposite side. While I have a soft spot for the print logo for its use behind home plate and find that it does have its place as representing the interlocking NY off of the cap or uniform, I wish they'd focus more on the primary, and was happy to see just how much it was featured at the New Stadium, especially the spot on the awnings, much like it sat in the original Stadium. It's really tough. Both sleeved and sleeveless look so good. It's hard to pick just one. Same with the old sleeveless Reds and the Big Red Machine look, or the current Red Sox Ted Williams look vs. the 70's Carlton Fisk look. It's hard to choose one perfect look for the teams. On the subject of these, the parts are all wonderful, and make for a beautiful uniform. Sadly, the execution is waaaay off. The A and front number look like they're sliding right off this thing, the vests are cut more like a sleeveless uniform, the back number is set in position to leave room for a name, and the pants look like they've been wrinkled up rather than cut for the socks. Fix all this, and you'd have a beauty.
  11. Yankees are pretty set in their ways, only going throwback for something as monumental as Fenway's 100th. The Red Sox have had their home look forever, and their best different throwback to go to is their 70's pullover, although there's still a chance. Pirates have a dozen more recent throwbacks to go with. I think the most probable choices in order would be... -Cubs. They love throwing back to those eras, and they have the ballpark to do it. -Giants throwback to New York, either while visiting Citi Field or in a rivalry game with the Dodgers. -Phillies replacing the current Sunday throwback. -Nationals throwing back to the Senators. -Royals throwback to the Monarchs. -Reds throwback for opening day. -Dodgers throwback to Brooklyn, either while visting Citi Field or in a rivalry game with the Giants. -Rays throwback to the Smokers. -Padres throwback to the PCL. -Orioles throwback to Orioles or Browns. On a side note, something I feel stupid about not thinking about until just now... Between WBC games I was watching, a Spring Training game popped up. We'd discussed the pros and cons of wearing usual whites/grays vs. the ST uniforms, but I hadn't thought about the idiocy of wearing navy jerseys in the Florida/Arizona sun. Most teams/the umpires plan their outfits to avoid wearing dark during the day. Is the fabric really that good that it doesn't get unbearable?
  12. @ColeJ, I went around figuring out how to dscuss what you said, but nothing sounded right. So all I'll say is that I'm very sorry for the situation you had to live with in your life. Although I find it very different from the situation at hand. I was also originally a defender (or rather, someone who gave him the benefit of the doubt), and I think recent statements have made it obvious that I have no issue condemning him now. The difference is not that he was given the benefit of the doubt because of his fame. It was because if these had been three normal schmucks, one would likely have not had a representitive to make a statement that he absolutely was not driving, leading a number of us to believe there was some evidence. And unless they had a family member who wanted the truth to be known and didn't want to just bury it to avoid dragging out things any more, no one would have ever known. That's the difference.
  13. In order... Honorable Mentions: Tigers current, Homerdome Twins, Giants current, Big Red Machine Huh... Well... considering you've had everything rationally explained to you and your reaction was simply... "No.", it seems you're just enjoying being contrarian. There's a difference between "Screw the rules, I have rings" and grandfather clause. The primary is from an era where primary logo wasn't always directly translated to the uniform. It's also at a time when the primary logo was an art form before teams decided to just get lazy and slap their cap logos out there. Even today, it's not the only logo to feature a color or element that doesn't show elsewhere.
  14. I've dealt with those with mental illness in my family, in my congregation, and in... other relationships. I've seen the bad. I've made hurried phone calls to make sure someone gets to my girlfriend before she did something hasty because she couldn't take the pressures on her in a low period. I've also had an alcoholic aunt often make attempts on her life because the family wasn't giving her enough attention, the same aunt who gorged herself on diet pills to convince my grandmother she had cancer and kept her son out of school convincing him he was always sick so she could have him to herself. Not everyone who does it is a pitiable innocent suffering from mental illness. And that story I related was my friend's take. He knows more about the person's situation and status than I do. The whole point wasn't to discuss suicide at all. One of the arguments in favor of the patch was the feelings of the clubhouse, that they'd lost a brother and it didn't matter what he did. Mourning can be tempered based on circumstance. That clubhouse can change their feelings based on Fernandez's actions. I'm one of three people who are named after my parents' best friend, who was killed by a public official who was drunk and coked out of his mind as he drove up a one way street. I watch them suffer to this day. A few weeks ago, I spent the 32nd anniversary at his mother's house, because despite the fact that she suffers over this loss every day, it's hardest on that day. There is no excuse for Fernandez's behavior and he does not deserve to have his number retired. I don't care if you spin it as a cautionary tale. A retired number is an honor, and he doesn't deserve any honor. Looking at the uniforms as I watch the US take on the Dominicans, I thought about the difference in template to the new stuff. Got me thinking. When UA takes over, do the panels and sweat tails disappear? Are they proprietary to Majestic? Got so tied up in the logo discussion, I didn't think at all about the actual features of the uniform.
  15. Perhaps the sleep deprivation due to bronchitis has gotten me to be too lawyery in my thinking. Obviously, OJ's actions are inexcusable, but I find it hard to feel Fernandez's were any less inexcusable. And of course, a lot of people who end it are plagued with mental issues. I'm just saying that a person's close relationship to someone else doesn't mean that grieving is blind.