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  1. Here ya go, @OhiOsFan17. That's more like how long it should take. EDIT: Oops! Forgot the Harridge Trophy for 1983.
  2. Jeez. And I thought last time's gap was embarrassingly long. Sorry, guys. It's been a rough and busy month. @clonewars2008, the Junior medals gave me a little trouble because there's far less information on them than the Olympic ones. Hope these are to your liking. Also, you'd missed a couple East cups there. @MBurmy, I'm sorry you guys didn't make it further. Would have loved to have seen you win the whole thing... or LA... or Colorado... or really anyone else. @simtek34, I've never had conference trophies for the WNBA because I couldn't find any pictures or information on them, but this sent me back and I was able to get what I needed!
  3. I'm sorry, @Mybug, this took entirely too long. Got this done on Monday, but didn't realize I didn't upload and post it, and then every time I tried to, something would come up. Some of the numbers you gave me weren't right. There was a missing Astros division win and a non-existent Saints division win. Here's the image with everything.
  4. Silent Wind of Doom

    MLB changes 2018?

    Huh... Isn't Wahoo supposed to be gone by the game next year? Maybe they'll lean into the rock branding in the time leading up to the game. There were options. Much less stupid options. Gary Carter doesn't get his number retired by the Mets because the Hall wants people to remember the Expos but Thome can put a logo on his plaque he might have worn during the one month the two coexisted in Cleveland. Really representative of his career. Always good to have a fact checker. Thanks. Got halfway through that list and forgot a team, so I went to look up all the Florida NCAA teams, forgetting that I started the sentence talking about pre-Dolphins team.
  5. Silent Wind of Doom

    the admiral

    What ever happened to logocast? I started listening to it regularly at work and suddenly it disappeared off the face of the earth with nothing about it that I could find at the time.
  6. Silent Wind of Doom

    the admiral

    *sigh* Well, this explains why I couldn't like his response in the MLB Uniforms thread. It's pretty simple, and those in power have explained that they felt they had no choice and pretty obviously stated they were planning on making policy decisions to reverse this. It might have taken a few days to a few weeks, but it would have gotten done. Any fighting against it would only serve to give evidence to why they shouldn't do it. All anybody had to do was be calm and let it happen. I hope that the response hasn't colored that decision. We'll see how it goes.
  7. Silent Wind of Doom

    MLB changes 2018?

    Makes me wonder how often contrasting catcher's gear (gear that's not a team color) has been worn by players. I can think of one obvious instance. I love it. Was disappointed there were no references in the new ballpark to the one distinguishing mark of the old one, not even rebuilding it in the concourses like how the Busch Stadium II scoreboard was erected in the walls in Busch Stadium III. I had not earlier noticed the line above the crown. Is that meant to be an ermine cap, or just the stitching of the patch that was used rather than stitching along the complex top of the crown? I actually dig the look of the crown with a blue ermine cap. Would be a lot easier to reproduce. Dat outline, doe! It's the same at Texas and half the US. Football will be chief there because it's a football town. It has less to do with the team's history there and more to do with the SPORT'S history there. Florida had the Gators, Seminoles, Hurricanes, Owls, Bulls, Knights, Panthers, and Rattlers long before the Dolphins. The people love football so they'll support it even if the team's no good. The A's color scheme is god tier. Often people clamor for the lighter colors, but I think it's served very well by the contrast between dark green and light yellow. It emboldens both colors and also contrasts well against the white. But that being said, my favorite color schemes are the schemes that contrast. Dark navy and white. The same with red being a middle shade. Blue and orange and purple and yellow, which are color wheel opposites. The dark green, yellow, and white mix much like the navy/red/white. The lighter green is a beautiful shade, but I don't feel it has the same contrast as the dark green. To be honest, I'd like to see it used with black for another team. Perhaps if a new team were to be put in Portland or Vancouver. It's hard to tell at that scale, but is that the newer version with the white and yellow piping? Because that should never see the light of day. Different worsts. New York and Boston have loyal fans that the voters consider pricks. Do the people in Chicago call Jordan a traitor because he isn't an owner for the Bulls? It had nothing to do with Jeter I think the majority of Yankees fans know that. I'm not sure how many Marlins fans know that, though. Loria screwed the team with his contract. Stanton's no-trade agreement gave him the power and he made the decision. For some reason I can't like this post. So consider this a sixth like.
  8. @DiePerske Oh dear. Forgive me. I was celebrating the win too much and, while I did make the file a week ago, I didn't realize I hadn't posted it yet.
  9. Here ya go, @ThierryH14. I didn't see any US Open wins in their history.
  10. I... honestly... had no idea that was happening. I could certainly give it a try. And I knew your name/avatar looked familiar. I'd already put your sig together in April of last year... But your request has changed since then (and I updated the league's trophies/logos and such), so let me update...
  11. @pHiL Kizer, I actually already put together a UConn banner. Someone requested it and I used that as a base to do ones for both teams seperately. But you're definitely gonna have to limit the sig a bit. Not just because the image limit is 5, but because that thing is getting to be a beast.
  12. Oops. Forum has changed since then. I updated it.
  13. @bernie57 Here ya go. Directions for adding sigs are in the first post of this thread. @Griff 3man I had the trophy, but it took a little to get the logo down.
  14. C'est la vie. There's always next year, @DiePerske Here you go @bernie57...
  15. Oh! Crap. Sorry about that. Here's the fix: And I get that. I'm a Dolphins fan, but I only get to watch one or two of their games a year, actually following the Giants and Jets more closely because that's the market I'm in and the games I get. I celebrated the last two Giants wins (although who they beat was also a factor) and include them in my own sig. Speaking of predictions not followed up on... did they?