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  1. I think it's "Celebrate Maryland Day", not celebrate "Maryland Day". The typeface doesn't really make the parsing there clear. Huh. I thought it was an "ATM Machine" thing, where it doesn't work when you spell it out. I'm curious what your stance on RBIs vs. RBI is, since it's the same matter. Given it's a score bug, I imagine it's more focused on showing off the team colors in a graphic than being the exact representation of a team's cap. That's how baseball works. It's a streaky sport. Somewhere in all this the Bucky Dent game came up. The Yankees didn't perform as well as the Red Sox all year, but got hot at the right point. Same for the Phold, which happened long before divisional play. The playoffs reward the hottest team, not the best. Nobody really cares anyway. But it's that way across sports. If anything, baseball is the best in terms of quality of play, especially compared to football and basketball. If anything, it's the height of play. The novelty shouldn't be in players who never get to see each other facing off. It should be in players who never play together being on a team. And it's bragging rights for your league. Carl Hubbel's famous performance was less that he got to strike out players that he didn't normally see ("How cool is it that Hubbel got to face Foxx?!") and more than Ruth, Gehrig, Foxx, Simmons, and Cronin were on the same team one after the other in the lineup to make that moment happen. I'm rooting for New Orleans and Vegas, although those are good options as well. And the World Series should already have all the meaning in the world because YOUR TEAM IS IN THE WORLD SERIES!!! But, in truth, I think playoff series are plussed by having met earlier in the season. It gives it a bit of a rematch feel and you have something in your mind to go back to. It's like 90% of things in this world. There is no right answer. There is no perfect setup. Records do not accurately show what is the best team. High-record teams can feed on crappy teams while two incredible teams in a better division may have a lower record as they face each other and better caliber teams. And you can't compare the record of a team in one division to a team in the other division because increased inter-divisional play means you don't play the same teams, even if interleague weren't a thing. If you wanted a pure race, you'd go with the pool method mentioned above. But even that doesn't give you the best team, because more than most other sports, baseball is built on luck. It's the bounce of a ball. One team wins in Cleveland while another doesn't because of a seagull or a swarm of midges. One team visits Wrigley while the wind blows in and another while it blows out. Fan interference costs one team a bases-clearing double, keeping the runner on third. And that doesn't even bring up injuries. If that seperated the division winner from a team sitting at home, it's unfair. Sometimes the best team wins the division, sometimes it doesn't. I'm confused by your beliefs as your expressing them. It sounds like you're defending the idea of a pure divisional race not for better and fairer competitive balance, but just because of the arbitrary title of "champion" sounding better in the playoffs. If the second team in one division is better than the first in the other, then I agree with the earlier statement that an imaginary line drawn in the sand does not benefit the sport's integrity holds true. The marathon nature of the season is meant to iron out the highs and lows, but it still doesn't work 100%. People talk about the NBA regular season meaning little, which makes sense because over half the league gets in. But with baseball, I don't know how you can say that. A few teams get in, and that season is where teams punch their ticket. I remember coming down to the end of the season just out of the playoffs and remembering a game in St. Pete where Damon dropped an easy fly and gave up the game. How things could have been different with one or two games back that had been lost over stupid stuff. In the end, my way of looking at all of this is less from a competitive view and more from a cultural view. I want divisions because I like being a part of the American League East. I love seeing the Red Sox multiple times during the year, and have never grown tired of the series. If anything, more meetings means more people get a chance to visit the ballpark. I love that Baltimore hates us for invading their home and the Jeffrey Maier game. I love the history we have with Tampa whose rise knocked us out of the playoffs for the first time in over a decade, and the role they've often played as spoiler over the years. I love the jeers hurled from the Bleacher Creatures towards Bautista, who played the game back by offering to throw a ball to the fans then turning around and running to the dugout. And we get to play more of these games where we double our gains in the standings. The recent realignments have also troubled me for the same reason. Interleague Play was an event with it's own logo. It was special. Now, it just happens to happen every once in a while. I'd prefer even leagues with two weeks of interleague. The two-Wild Card system, though, is a good step. People complain that the divisions don't mean anything, but this actually punishes those who don't win. Even if you win that one game, you've burned your ace for the upcoming series. I went back and checked to see how things would be different with the old system. On the plus side, Montreal would have made the playoffs in 1996. On the other side of the coin, the Marlins would be down a championship, their two wins likely the only thing that kept them alive as long as they've been here. Now they have a level of hope, whereas there might not even be a team there. Speaking of which, rather than the moment and series that saved baseball in Seattle, they would have hit the buzzsaw that is Cleveland. Mattingly never would have seen the playoffs, and the team wouldn't even get in until 1998, if Big Stein hadn't blown up the team before then. Arizona wouldn't have been around to create an iconic world series. The Angels would still be cursed. Aaron Boone would be a nobody and there would be no comeback to reverse the curse. There would be no Rocktober. And it's hard to look at all the moments that have been made possible only under the current system and want to trade them in for something else. Of course there would be other moments, and historical records wouldn't be exactly the same under different circumstances, but we'd lose so much. So many fanbases would be left with nothing. I don't think we've oversaturated the playoffs at this point, so I'm in favor of there being more of it. Things evolve and change over the years. It's just the fact of the matter. Except for the most intense rivalries, teams really go in and out of them over the history of the sport. In the 70's and 80's, the Yankees and Royals faced off a number of times, and while I wasn't around yet, I'm sure the two fanbases hated each other. Now... it's just another series. Nobody thought twice about the Angels until they became the only team to have a winning record during Torre's tenure, leading to a lot of fear and hate in the 2000's. Outside of my team, look at what an event Blue Jays vs. Rangers has become, even thought they're not in division. A few years ago, it was just another series. The Reds are no longer in the same division as the Dodgers, but instead they're now facing the Cardinals a number of times a year. The two teams exploded into a brawl over a friendly tap on the catcher's gear. What... what state do you live in? What I don't get is why this is necessary at all. Looking at the teams this is compared to, they have wordmarks that link up. All script on the Marlins' jerseys never cross that line. So, who cares if they're spread out or in fractions of an inch? You don't end up with a weird gap. It looks exactly the same!
  2. Man, what a year this has been. Sorry I've been so spotty. @DiePerske, I just decided screw it on the trophies, since there's so little information... @itsmb8, I was just able to fit everything. Didn't think I would at first. You didn't specify on BM, so I just included the Bundesliga wins. @AliesjeMacDee, I wonder who your husband is. @Crabcake47, the first thing I saw was your avatar, so I was going to congratulate you, before I saw the sig and your name and realized who you were. Sorry, man. I also updated everything as I've made the logos and colors more accurate across the board. You posted this as I was writing this, so lemme go set this up.
  3. I'd rather we leave the flannel in the past for them, especially given how much their colors pop off the white, but I'd love to see someone photoshop an old-style tomahawk onto the current home to see how it looks.
  4. Huh. They skipped them over until the second month. Weird. Must've wanted their first run at their home field to be with their beautiful classic whites.
  5. Actually, I'd meant before the change to the road cap. I prefer the 1993-2013 version. Although at least we can both agree that the current look is a miss. Looking through the Braves' April, it looks like the only alt they wore were the Navy alts on the road. Did they ditch the creams and reds, because I didn't hear anything about it. I guess the tomahawk is in full force now.
  6. Seriously, I agree with Bucfan. It may be a historic look, but that doesn't necessarily make it better than the current look. I think the current look (or at least the look before the Road changes) is one of the best looks in the sport. And it's got some history behind it too, seeing a championship, two pennants, and the Moneyball era. It was worn by LaRussa, Eckersly, Henderson, Giambi, McGwire, Canseco... Okay, that list starts to fall apart towards the end, but you know what I mean. Jeez, time has taken a bat to the legends of the A's over the last twenty years. I'd compare it less to the Nationals. I wouldn't want the Twins to return to the off-balance old script, the Yankees to return to outdated navy on gray, the Angels to return to halos. And while I wouldn't mind seeing the Reds or Pirate go to vests, I know that opinion would be unpopular here. Not to mention the criticism of the "Dodgers" gray alt, which has got a lot of history. V03's right about the 70's swinging A's set is beautiful. It could be a Blue Jay's-esque success. The current set is so good, though. I'd rather see it as an alt in the vein of the Pirates and White Sox. Same way I'd like to see the Boston 70's uniform.
  7. For the record, the Yankees have a set schedule.
  8. Hey. This gives me a chance to address something I had trouble with in the past. I have much of these trophies from doing PSG for someone in the past, but the Champions, D2, and Coupe de la Ligue all have such a modern design. They can't have that long a history. Do you happen to know anything about their past designs, or when they changed? I couldn't find anything back then. I'll get your guys's things done soon.
  9. I noticed it looked redder, but thought it was just an error in the graphic or prototype. Didn't think of it being purposely colored to match. If that's the case, then I'd rather not see it worn with the standard jersey. I'd like to see the Orioles pair this with a Stars and Stripes style uniform, the wordmark in the style of the flag with an orange outline. They could wear it for June 20th, July 6th, July 30th, or September 13th. Bwahahaha. I was in a rush because I had to go and take care of something, and grabbed the wrong socks. That explains why I swore that when I checked when the conversation originally came up that it was flecked white over navy. Those socks are the same navy as the rest, with white flecking over it. It does look like a different shade of blue from a distance. Also in my rush I'd missed the helmet. I... I can't argue with them being objectively very attractive. The only ones I'd like to see actually adopted full-time are the Diamondbacks (which in my opinion are the best of the bunch), the Cubs on the road, the Padres with their alts, and maybe the Astros at home. I would love to see them on display for one special event, though. I know a lot of people prefer teams to look like themselves during the All-Star game, and that team photo with everybody in their homes or aways together is a thing of beauty. However, as they're already showing off different cap designs, I'd love to see these helmets worn for the All-Star Game. They would never be seen during practice/photos/intros anyway, only being seen during play. Not that they're all perfect. The Nationals have a bit of goofy charm, but that's a goalie's helmet, not a game-use baseball helmet. Go with sublimation rather than outright printing in full color. Pittsburgh's diamond plate fits the city well, but it would fit the Steelers better than the Pirates. The Pirates already have an identity, an a design should be based more around piracy than steel. I'm not sure how to put this in to practice, though. Maybe sublimated crossed bones behind the P and folts around the helmet like a bandana? Or ships wrapped around either side? And the Tigers' stripe doesn't work as well in white. It looks more like a cow or someone who bumped into wet paint a bunch. I'd love to see the team introduce a little orange at home with sock stripes similar to the ones that inspired the name to begin with. Maybe, then, the orange striped helmet will fit at home, albeit with a white logo. This gets me thinking about what the other designs would be. Golden Gate bridge around the Giants with the center span going under the logo? Silhouettes of minutemen for Boston? Mets gotta have a skyline. Probably the same for Chicago, unless you go with fireworks and pinwheels. Blue Jays could get maple leaves similar to the Cubs' ivy design. Crown for Kansas City. Minn and Pat on either side of the Twins' logo. Disturbed waves for Seattle. Imagine a pale gold head around the top of the Brewers' helmet. The Rockies on... well... the Rockies' helmet. I ain't touching Cleveland and Atlanta with a ten foot pole. And, to bring it full circle: Maryland flag for Baltimore.
  10. Phew. What a week. Took the bride's sister to LaGuardia, so I'm finally all done with my best man responsibilities. Articles are sourced to secondary sources, as the policy is to establish notability. I misspoke last time in using the word "source". I meant secondary sourses. There are generally few secondary sources for images. Given that, and the fact that usable images needn't prove notability, if an image is sourced, primary sources are generally used instead. Like a free recreation of a copyrighted image may link to that image. If need be, I can source back to the Getty images I've been using, showing my work. I've never done this in the past because... honestly your the first person to show concern about it. I'd be more than happy to update things. I've gotta run back through and do that anyway, since there's a current issue being discussed and arbitrated, so to speak. A recent Supreme Court ruling has thrown into jeopardy the current way they are being licensed, so I may have to go through any make changes on each/reupload a few that have been moved to Commons back on the English site. I totally understand the concern. It can be problematic. It's the Batman Problem. Yeah, you can have someone out there, and they may be doing things right and serve the greater good, but the risk is that people without the best intentions and/or ability see this and try to do the same. And I'm not quite sure if you've felt the description of the Oakland image was problematic or not, but let me address it. By a third of the way into the month, Khris Davis wore yellow Stance striped team socks for every game except for with the away grays. Rajai Davis wore green stirrups with yellow sanitaries every day, except for the first game where he wore white sanitaries. Sean Doolittle wore green Stance striped team socks every game he pitched in besides the first series. Jharel Cotton wore Stance plain green every game that he pitched in. Adam Rosales and Chad Pinder both worse plain green every game they were in. Every sock was worn with almost every uniform. Any socks included would be correct, albeit not the only correct option. Hence the most reasonable option seemed to be to go the route I was going to, showing the different options. I love the inclusion of Lord Baltimore's banner in any sports identity, but this feels like it's lacking a bit of orange to feel like it fits the identity better. The flag's on the sleeve patch, but that's in an orange roundel. This doesn't look like it matches, but I'm not sure how to solve it. Having the edge of the rim being orange could work, but it would likely look terrible. Maybe instead of doing this having the pattern sublimated on an orange bill would work better, or changing the colors to being O's colors. On a side note, I earlier saw the talk about the Padres' socks adding a new color to the identity. I had to go to the Stance store to see if the stripe on the Pirates' socks were white or gray, since the photos look grey. I realized that it's white, but when worn and the fabric is stretched out, the white spreads out and you can see the dark fabric below. Seeing this made me decide to go look at the Padres' socks and see if the same effect was happening there, white stripes mixing with blue fabric. It's actually something completely different when looked at closer. Rather than a new blue, the Padres' stripes are a mixture of their silver and white, mixed together in a digital camo pattern. Although stretching does cause some blue to show through as well.
  11. Eh... The topic is "Uniforms that are better than their current uniforms", not "The best uniform for each team", which I... I think that exists... doesn't it? Do we need to make that thread? XD So, technically, any Padres, Diamondbacks, and Clippers look is acceptible. Oh, and a bit tongue-in cheek, but how great would it be if the Avalanche and Hurricanes looked like this...
  12. Sorry for the delay, but the wedding is over now. Things have calmed down. Time to get back to work. @Bulldog, here's your sig... But now that you specified you were looking for championships only, there's plenty of room for everything...
  13. Dangit. I knew I forgot one. An obvious, yet controversal one...
  14. Son of a whore. Chrome crashed and I lost my first draft. Anyway, that was a heck of a lot easier than attempting to divine your meaning as I was originally trying to do. I completely understand your point. Sourcing is important to articles, even if the policy can be problematic in rare cases. However, images are not handled the same way as article text does. They are attributed to creator and licensed correctly, but not always sourced. Generally they are judged on their veracity the same way we would challenge an images veracity in this community. Sure, famous images may have third person sources describing them, but the majority would be harder to find. Especially since a number of images are photos taken by the uploader. Articles must pass the notability test, but images need not. They need only be free, although people can challenge the necessity of an image and put it up to discussion. A goodly amount of images in the sports world are unsourced as there are few places other than here that would write an article about them. Sadly, Fearless Leader has not written about the Stance options. In fact, I was hoping to post soon my observations about prevailing patterns in design use. Are the style guides open to the public? I thought there were a select few around here that had access to them. If everything's there, then I'd love to point to it, although I know that a number of inaccuracies and outdated information tend to plague them. That's how we got the Brewers webbing, no? And I'm sure it would just show the various options available if they're in there, not what's actually worn by the team with each uniform. And that doesn't address the people who just bring whatever they want and wear it. In the end, I'm trying to show the most accurate thing to what's on the field.
  15. I was in the process of trying to think of ways that one could come to that conclusion, and was going to write them out, but decided to just cut to the chase and ask. How so? There. That's so much easier. XD