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  1. Oh! Crap. Sorry about that. Here's the fix: And I get that. I'm a Dolphins fan, but I only get to watch one or two of their games a year, actually following the Giants and Jets more closely because that's the market I'm in and the games I get. I celebrated the last two Giants wins (although who they beat was also a factor) and include them in my own sig. Speaking of predictions not followed up on... did they?
  2. Heh. Are you from Quebec City, or just a fun guy to have at parties? The Padres?! That's a taaaaall order.
  3. Don't forget that the announcers have been saying the crowd was more than a third Caps fans, and who knows the amount of Vegas fans that stuck around and were not previously fans of other teams before getting one.
  4. When I saw someone call out a congrats to Ovechkin for winning, I was trying to figure out a way to post that (whether suggesting it was him accessing secret information to defeat the Knights or something). You gave me the perfect opportunity. It's a classic, although "Betrayal" will always be my favorite.
  5. @Crabcake47 And that right there is why you always remember the words of Yogi. "It ain't over 'til it's over." Congrats, man.
  6. Silent Wind of Doom

    MLB changes 2018?

    I dunno. I feel like Timeless means it doesn't need to evolve. I actually take back what I said about the Yankees uniforms not looking like something an expansion team would be introduced with. I'm watching Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals and as I look at the Golden Knights' jerseys, I realize that an expansion team today wouldn't wear something like that. Expansion teams don't often go with timeless looks. They go with what is the most current, flashy, faddy look at the time. Again, that's not necessarily a bad thing, and those identities can sometimes be their most enduring and iconic look.
  7. Life has been crazy and pulled me away, and I didn't have the time to untangle this trophy stuff. And, admittedly, whenever I've thought back to getting back to this I've kinda chuckled at your suggestion I put the Caps on before the playoffs started. Hopefully my return hasn't cursed anyone.
  8. Silent Wind of Doom

    MLB changes 2018?

    You're right in that dated is usually used as an insult, but it doesn't have to be, and a lot of teams and fans show their dated throwback pride frequently. The Yankees uniform lacks a lot of signifiers for time and place. The design and colors are so simple that it's hard to attribute to a certain time. That's why I listed it as timeless. It's like a t-shirt and jeans. The away jersey looks a bit dated with its thick sleeve piping that clues you in to when it was created, but that probably slips by people that don't pay as much attention as we do. Of course, it's a look that originated a long time ago. Perhaps it's that the basic design stuck around for a long time and became a template for uniforms today that makes it feel less old. The Red Sox are in the same boat. The look of their home uniforms (I'm assuming you're calling the look of pinstripes and chest insignia logo) were worn by the Cubs, White Sox, Phillies, Rockies, Marlins, and Diamondbacks decades after the Yankees put it on. I don't know why you don't think it would be worn by an expansion team today The Astros also went for a very basic look, but the big chunky serifs evoke a certain time, especially the huge ones on the cap logo. Yeah, but the specific tweaks that were made to fit the aesthetic of the time, so it feels like the aesthetic of that time. Think of the darkening of bright logos that took place in the 90's and 2000's. Don't those now feel of that era rather than the era of the original logo?
  9. Silent Wind of Doom

    MLB changes 2018?

    I don't know if cream and yellow can look good anywhere. I wouldn't want to see any of the teams with yellow/gold to go with a cream base, but then again I think of cream as more of a throwback that should be used with pre-expansion teams. That is, save for the Padres and Brewers, who I think can make it fit their identities. That being said, still not with yellow. I'd like to see the Brewers try cream with their 90's color scheme. I don't know what it is. Might just be a personal issue. I think it might be that it feels like mixing the two colors makes each look like an inferior version of the other. The cream makes the gold look sickly and pissy and the bright gold makes the cream look dingy and tarnished. But that's just me feeling something in my gut and trying to find a mental reason for it. Decades aren't hard and fast stops. There's always bleeding in. The googie-esque designs I associate with the Twins started in the 50's and has roots in the 40's. And if something started in one decade, but became famous in another, you're going to associate it with when it became famous. Especially since its high point is going to be when it may affect other aesthetics or when its aesthetics may be in fashion. Again, not a bad thing at all. I think the Cubs look amazing and never want them to change their home uniforms. But the incredible thickness of their primary logo, which sits on their chest screams 70's and 80's to me. Thick lettering with little negative space and letters that are nearly as tall as they are wide feels of this era in my mind. The simple color scheme and shape with no outlines or shadows too. I'd compare it to these: Same thing with the Astros' thick serifs, the Blue Jay's retro-futuristic font, and the Twins' outline-less, multi-color, thinly serifed cap logo. The Tigers really threw me for a loop. Simple design in the uniform and chest insignia, but that logo is meant to reflect the look of a past era, so I have no idea whether to consider it dated or timeless.
  10. Silent Wind of Doom

    MLB changes 2018?

    Forgot this earlier. On the Le Batard Show, they were discussing Len Barker, which made me look him up. Saw all the pictures of him wearing this cap. Man, that C needs an outline. Look at how much better this looks than what they have now. It's the same as the people complaining that white and navy or red, white, and navy/blue is too prevalent and makes teams look alike. Just because you use the same or similar colors doesn't mean you look anything alike. The Marlins' white all-caps wordmark stands in stark contrast to the Mets' orange/blue cursive wordmark. "Dated" just means of a certain era. It's the opposite of "timeless". And "classic" just means whether or not you subjectively consider it good. Dated isn't a bad thing. Teams that have heydays during certain eras may want to celebrate those times by building their identity around it, while fans buy and proudly wear their throwbacks from that time. Dated looks: Timeless looks: Dangit... KGee beat me to it. The old look was good, but it's a bit drab. The navy and dark teal bled together, especially under the roof of Safeco Field. The change made it legible and brightened up an aging set, infusing some life into it.
  11. Silent Wind of Doom

    MLB changes 2018?

    Wow... It's been, what? Two months? I suppose there's a number of regional and situational factors. With the earlier comment about fanciness, I think DeFrank's comment on describing DC in political terms captures what I meant. What with my post being at 3am and featuring a point that I completely left unfinished and had to go back and fix, I couldn't think of a better term, but I suppose "poetic" might be more fitting. Or "trying to make themselves sound important". Imagine the difference between talking about driving to Myrtle Beach and worrying about what time of day we'll go around Washington and a deep voice in NFL films referring to a crisp autumn wind blowing through the white monuments of DC. Then again, we're a fair distance away, so we don't say it constantly. I can see a local that constantly has to talk about the local area (I know this is old, but I'd written it over a month ago and it's been sitting in the field, so might as well send it. Now onto "new" business.) The new shade you propose is also super cool as it's closer to the flag of the City of Phoenix. My uncle, who is a lifelong Mets fan and Yankees hater, once owned a black-on-black Yankees cap with orange accents that he didn't realize was a Yankees cap until I pointed out the logo was different. And I've gone cross-eyed. In an odd twist, this looks like Braves merchandise to me. I've often thought the original version of the Marlins' looks to be a little... rough. But seeing all these images of it now, it looks like a much better shade of teal than those old cards and programs I've seen made it look. Might be a thing of lighting and these will still look sickly pale if they hit sunlight. In fact, I'm finding with throwbacks that we're seeing high-res pictures of they look so much better than I'd ever thought they were, including that Padres throwback. Funnily enough, I did that last year, putting the old Marlin and new M together and running through a few combinations of the current colors and old colors. Also to throw into the Nationals debate, I'd go with W on the cap, DC on the primary roundel which would be featured on the sleeves, and a similarly-angled wordmark on the home and away. The only thing that gives me pause is the fact that I find their version of the two-line plack piping to be the only one that's worked for me. I'd be interested in an alt with DC on the chest and the W on the cap. Primary/Sleeve Logo Home cap and jersey Road cap and jersey
  12. Silent Wind of Doom

    MLB changes 2018?

    Whew. What a few weeks. Still extremely busy, but catching up on the thread can now be crossed off the list. Look like good TATC uniforms. Which I suppose means they have no place in the promotion. Might be a regional things. I've only heard people trying to be fancy or people from not the East Coast refer to it as "DC". Then again, I also often hear the an additional direction added to differentiate. It's either "down in Washington" or "up in Washington". One of my favorite images on here was someone making their avatar a black roundel with orange text for the Tampa Bay Rays, Ray Romano's picture in the center. I know I'd saved it, but I can't for the life of me find it right now. I don't know if it's the most overrated. I think the Philly maroon and powders, the White Sox winning ugly, and almost anything the Angels wore prior to the 90's are more overrated. The problem is that the home uniforms all have multiple plack piping, a look that makes them unique and is pretty... well... pretty. This uniform drops all the piping, making it look more like a t-shirt or a knockoff. New York might support the current, but yeah. They're somehow still getting screwed from the ownership grave by Loria. Was going through the Getty images while updating the Wikipedia uniform images, and was shocked to find out that I'd somehow completely missed that the Diamondback's have had weird Caucasian flesh-colored numbers on the front of their away grays. Was it always like that? It looks hideous. Well, they were never officially the elephants, but the mascot comes from an insult by John McGraw (who always seems to be an integral part of stories from these days) towards the team and given their ballpark situation and performance I think they just might be secure in both identities right now. Problem is this was a quiet year because everyone was going to wait a year to rebrand. Every year we continue waiting is a year the Padres and Rays remain the same or somehow tweak things to make them worse like San Diego did last time.
  13. Hey all y'all. Thanks for the patience. @Crabcake47, thanks for the information. I guess the last trophy I'd posted is the MISLIII trophy and they're in the MASL? I don't know. I honestly get incredibly lost as teams play in both and switch from one to the other. In that respect, have the two trophies below I'd had marked as MISL II and III, but I don't know if I might be mistaken and they're the correct ones for you. Lemme know. I also redid the Cap's eagle logo to make it far more legible. You can see the difference in comparing it to your fantasy logo which I just realized I didn't fix. @DiePerske, you asked for the Orioles looking like Crabcake's, which excludes Wild Card wins. I copied that over and kept the same rule for the Pirates, Sabres, and Bills. Lemme know if you do want those and I'll amend it. Also, lemme know if you don't want Toronto's Canadian Championships. @Capt. America, I could have fit the Dynamo but I've noticed that you seem to prefer both rows be the same length, and dropping them made it perfectly square. I don't know what it is you always do to put it in your sig, but it somehow severely lowers the quality of the image. You can just copy the URL for the image and insert it into your sig. I don't delete these images. The page is right here.
  14. Hey, guys. I haven't forgotten about you. Sorry. Had a very deep and involved project I'd been working on for Thursday along with a number of other things on my shoulders (including the Wikipedia baseball uniforms kind of sneaking up on me as I was busy with stuff. I'll make sure everything's taken care of in the coming days. Thank you for your patience.