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  1. I'm so upset I didn't think until just now to look for this thread. Holy crap.
  2. Oh, snap. Did we lose the 10 image limit in the board update? If so, that's awesome, and is gonna make some of my work a heckuva lot easier.
  3. This is an extremely cool concept. I'd love to see a larger, more visible cap logo so that we can see better your designs. The Falcon being the stand-in for an A was an incredible stroke of genius, but I feel it gets lost on the uniform at such small size.
  4. Logos I'd like to see switched back to...
  5. Wow. I absolutely love this. After the complaints about the SD on the chest from local fans, though, I kind of have trouble liking it. I can't argue that the detractors are wrong. I'd like to see them in a white home and tan road, like they used to have. Looking at the maps, all Cactus and Citrus League teams aren't on the interstate system. In fact, half the Citrus League teams are on a highway using that shield on the West Coast of Florida. So they pulled a reverse Indians?
  6. Hey, guys. Congrats on the championships, especially the newly christened Redblacks! I've not only been upgrading the MLB logos and trophies, but I've also started going through Colorwerx and upgrading the colors. Here's the new look... I'm surprised about you wanting the Pittsburgh addition so soon, Josiah. Usually, people look to add when their team is out. I hope you don't go out too early... although I may because they might be going up against my team first round.
  7. While, yes, there is technically no change in the road uniform, the Wahoo cap usage with the navy jersey went from being done home and on the road to only being a road thing. It gains the distinction of now being road, and it seems odd that when they had a choice to make a home/road split between Wahoo/block C, they went the opposite of their way of handling the home whites and away grays, which seemed to make sense. When they went block C on the road, it felt like a purposeful effort towards not wearing Wahoo as much in other teams' houses.
  8. Wow, I've been busy. Just now seeing the first timestamp on my quotes. Time to catch up. At least we can kind of hold out hope that's not true until red front numbers appear. Under Armor feels like one of the least offensive ones that could be put on. It's two strokes of uniform color which will be colored to fit the uniform. The only simpler one would be nike. It's not Bimbo, or Chevy, or, or... I'm gonna stop listing them, but the Premier League is rough. Ask the boys in Anaheim. Waitaminute. Now that I think of it, this is a super weird move. The Indians went with the block C on the road gray seemingly to minimize the amount of Wahoo seen on the road. Now they're changing the navy alt to have Wahoo on the road and the block C at home? Crazy. The Spiders were, literally, the worst team in baseball. They had half the wins and were 23.5 games further behind than the friggin' 1962 Mets. I don't know why people would WANT them to return to the Spiders name. The name isn't going anywhere, especially since Wahoo gives them enough of a target for most people to focus on that almost no one notices the name. The Padres screwed it all up... Manufacturer logos are coming to the chest of uniforms... The Nats are bringing Stars and Stripes caps into a weekly rotation... The Indians are doing... whatever the crap THAT is... But there is a silver lining in the world of baseball... Loria is rumored to be putting out feelers to sell the Marlins. EDIT: Oh! I forgot something I wanted to comment on. This uniform concept is okay. The font is a bit too Giantsy for my taste, but I gotta say, something about that SD monogram (biogram?) really appeals to me. I don't know what it is, but I really like the look of it. Dunno if it would work, but I really dig it. Also, on the subject of someone asking about the break in the current cap insignia, it's a design choice that I think is the right thing to do. The original S and D had overlapping corners and were really simple to make out. The update made the two letters larger and more intertwined. This made it look more like a jumbled, tangled mess. It's a different story when the S and D have different colors. However, when it's all one color, that break, sort of evoking a drop shadow from the S, breaks things up and keeps the letters more distinguishable. Otherwise, it kinda just becomes a tangle of lines. It's a simple change, but it makes a different. A lot of people complained when they made the D yellow, since the break isn't necessary. If they go to a two-color insignia, it would be nice to see it closed.
  9. From his cry for vibrancy, I'm guessing Diamondbacks fan. So, by the architecture... this is a logo for Busch Stadium? Huh. I thought it was a stock phrase used often, but I definitely had this on VHS when I was a kid and watched a lot of it. I honestly saw someone post about the Tuscon Padres and thought "That actually looks like a pretty good color scheme". Then they release it and... jeez. They even reveal it with a POORLY LIT PHOTO THAT MAKES BOTH JERSEYS LOOK ALMOST IDENTICAL!!! It's like they wanted this to look bad.
  10. Huh. That's one of those current-at-the-time references made by Warner Brothers that nowadays to the younger generations are known as being Looney Tunes references. I'd read that in Bugs Bunny's voice.
  11. Ooooh. It's that time again! The time second only to NOB vs. NNOB. You could argue just as well that Green Bay, Portland, and Columbus don't deserve teams. It's not as though Los Angeles doesn't have a team in the sport, although for the longest time football didn't and most people outside of that metro area didn't complain.
  12. The examples you posted were indeed wholely unfair and wrong. While those that people are supposed to look to as leaders brought down the bar of what should be acceptible and mature public discourse doesn't mean that people should lower their standards and stoop to such a level of childishness and name-calling. What I don't see, however, in those examples you seemed outraged about is you saying anything. Yes, you may have been afraid of mod reprisal, but it's been made quite clear now that the mods aren't going to punish you for speaking your mind. You have that, and you can take it with you as you go from here. The "trouble maker" tag is very different from the "rabble rouser" tag. A rabble rouser doesn't stay quiet and go with the flow. They do what must be done, make some noise, and challenge things. If something's unjust, you can say something, but you have to realize that the packaging you put it in has to be appealing. Sourness spoils words. Numerous people didn't argue about your message, but rather the package it was put in, the claim to be a victim. Basically, don't complain months later about stuff you didn't speak up for in the moment, and when you speak up, don't do it in a way that's inflammatory or uncivil. That should get you much farther, and hopefully find you a nice place in discussion if discourse were to return to our hands.
  13. They'd be "The The Angels Angels". Currently they're The Graceful Home Angels of The Angels.
  14. OHMYGOODNESS!!! I just realized why the gold on their new uniform numbers look so familiar.
  15. Huh. I actually like it. It feels relatively tasteful and not overdone. I prefer the royal-gold combination, because it isn't something we've seen often. The Brewers have driven the drab navy-gold combination into the ground. Most attention-catching for me, is that a metallic-gold squatchee?