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  1. If TV's at the time had better resolution, fans in Brooklyn might not have been taken as much by surprise when the team left.
  2. That... wordmark... is so... beautiful. In one image, the Cardinals make me question all previous claims I've made in my head about the current uniform being untouchably perfect. With the introduction of the St. Louis wordmark, that's twice in a couple years.
  3. I guess it's just a world I'm not accustomed to, given my team.
  4. Huh. They went with throwbacks that were the same colors as their opponent. I suppose this happens extremely often, but when it's such a unique color scheme it really stands out as weird. Really? I could understand the couple of years difference that some teams featured this last Wednesday, but more than a decades difference? I'd think unless one team is throwing back and the other isn't, people would plan it out so that they're less than the 30-year difference the Reds and Braves featured.
  5. Huh. Looking back at the article about all the throwbacks worn, and it didn't really click until this moment that the Reds and Braves threw back to two wildly different eras. That's weird. Have any teams done that in the past?
  6. But we can all agree there's a president about this.
  7. Nah. No drop shadow. Full outline. I'd done this a while back, but can't find it, so I had to whip another one up quickly. Hmm... That's true. A couple years ago I'd started putting together a system of organizing hockey uniforms for the Winter Classic, avoiding fauxbacks by seperating the league's history into eras and having each team have a specific throwback for that era, with whatever two teams meeting going as far back as the youngest team goes. The Rangers would go to the Original Six against the Habs, the 70's against the Canucks, and the 90's against the Ducks. Putting a system of that in place in baseball would be nice.
  8. Do they still do rivalry hookups for the teams that technically don't have rivalries? If so, those would be fun, mostly because I think those rivalries provide good matchups that are possible. The Yankees would just have to put on some stirrups against the Mets' racing stripes. The Braves and Sox can go back to the 20's. The Rainbow Rays can go up against the Teal Marlins. The Jays, Phils, Royals, Cardinals, Giants, and Athletics can all throwback to their World Series matchups. No need for fauxbacks to go back to possible matchups.
  9. Ehh... I don't know. The Diamondbacks wore them during their height, but just for three years. Their sleeved version of that jersey also looks good. It was an away and alt situation, with the home jersey having sleeves. The two "should" teams wore them across the board, and admittedly I had some time finding the right word for those, because as has just been brought up about the Reds, they both have sleeved jerseys that are just as good/iconic as the vests. I guess it's just that the Red and Pirates could go to vests and I'd feel like it should have been the case always. The Diamondbacks could and I'd say "That WAS a good look, and should have it now. Let's see if they stick with it and make it a bigger part of their history. Hmm... I wonder if anyone ever did a concept of the current (or at least last) color scheme on the classic sleeveless. That would be interesting. Mm... I really wish the Rangers would move to their current cap insignia in red with a white outline around it like this logo. That would look beautiful. Hah. That was fun. Also, it was the second time. It originally came around somewhere in 60-80. Is his last name "Boston"? It's really weird to me, especially with the uniforms really looking like it could have been something the Sox wore during the 70's (minus the sleeve patch). I just kinda looked at that photo confused for a moment.
  10. Should: Reds, Pirates Could: Orioles (Alt), White Sox (Alt), A's, Mariners (Was gonna put them under "Never", but saw pictures and they actually look pretty good), Marlins Never Again: Rays, Blue Jays, Indians, Royals, Twins, Angels, Rangers, Cubs, Rockies
  11. Could be much, much worse. If they'd said they were going to honor the Army by wearing he Navy print, both branches would riot.
  12. I remember seeing them at least once for a special occasion. Can't remember exactly why they went with that specifically over the Navy print.
  13. On a side note, there was a very conspicuous absence from the Home Run Derby. No WWE Championship belt was awarded to the winner. Anyone know the story behind why it's missing?
  14. Ugh. That's rough, especially given the team actually went the extra length of going with pullovers.
  15. Going back to watch the game one last time before deleting it. I didn't notice until now the plastic sheen on the patches. They look like stickers.