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  1. I guess it would be the throwback homes 162 games, even on the road.
  2. Huh. People often talk about Orioles-Giants or Mets-Astros in terms of which color was more prominent for each team. I never understood that, given that usually I think of what one wears on their hat/shirt/socks to be their primary color. However, as I look at the two teams in that picture, I can't help but feel that the matchup should be more the opposite. Two good looking teams wearing a good looking and underused color combination.
  3. They'd look a lot better overall if that was the teal they went with. That's a nice, darker, saturated hue rather than the light, washed out one they wear on the uniforms now. You don't know how happy I am the Yankees and Mets went for real baseball venues and not for these monstrosities:
  4. Hehehe. That is the one argument we've had more than NOB vs. NNOB. I'm in. Anaheim Angels, definitely.
  5. The primary example I gave (and the one I'm sure of since I can't remember for sure if Minute Maid Park does this) is in ARIZONA. I know Florida is rough, but you're not beating the heat or sun of Arizona. If they can do it, Miami should be fine. And the Loria comment was mostly joking, although given the history, the first instinct is always to blame a deficiency on him. You deserve it after long enough. I'm preparing for the fire sale next year after this year's run. (I'm rooting for the Marlins to get in and continue their playoff-to-championship ratio for the same reason I rooted for the Dodgers to win it all for the last however many years. I want Donny to get his ring and his managerial career to edge him over the cusp into a veteran's committee entry into the Hall.) As for the Cubs and uniforms, they've already gone the colored alt route. As for the one-day alts, it's the same argument I argue with the Yankees. If the league mandates that you must wear this on these holidays, I don't consider it a mark on the franchise. I don't know how much choice they have in the manner. Did they opt for pinstripes on the panels, though? If not, that's definitely a demerit.
  6. Welcome to Florida! If there was a chance of rain, with how quick the weather changes down there, by the time they finally got the roof closed, the rain would have been over. Seriously, if that's the case... why? Aren't Chase Field and Minute Maid Park already famous for being able to (and needing to) pump air in even when the roofs open? Is Loria, after having Miami pay for the ballpark, now too cheap to blast the air? Or was the park just not designed well enough for it?
  7. If TV's at the time had better resolution, fans in Brooklyn might not have been taken as much by surprise when the team left.
  8. That... wordmark... is so... beautiful. In one image, the Cardinals make me question all previous claims I've made in my head about the current uniform being untouchably perfect. With the introduction of the St. Louis wordmark, that's twice in a couple years.
  9. I guess it's just a world I'm not accustomed to, given my team.
  10. Huh. They went with throwbacks that were the same colors as their opponent. I suppose this happens extremely often, but when it's such a unique color scheme it really stands out as weird. Really? I could understand the couple of years difference that some teams featured this last Wednesday, but more than a decades difference? I'd think unless one team is throwing back and the other isn't, people would plan it out so that they're less than the 30-year difference the Reds and Braves featured.
  11. Huh. Looking back at the article about all the throwbacks worn, and it didn't really click until this moment that the Reds and Braves threw back to two wildly different eras. That's weird. Have any teams done that in the past?
  12. But we can all agree there's a president about this.
  13. Nah. No drop shadow. Full outline. I'd done this a while back, but can't find it, so I had to whip another one up quickly. Hmm... That's true. A couple years ago I'd started putting together a system of organizing hockey uniforms for the Winter Classic, avoiding fauxbacks by seperating the league's history into eras and having each team have a specific throwback for that era, with whatever two teams meeting going as far back as the youngest team goes. The Rangers would go to the Original Six against the Habs, the 70's against the Canucks, and the 90's against the Ducks. Putting a system of that in place in baseball would be nice.
  14. Do they still do rivalry hookups for the teams that technically don't have rivalries? If so, those would be fun, mostly because I think those rivalries provide good matchups that are possible. The Yankees would just have to put on some stirrups against the Mets' racing stripes. The Braves and Sox can go back to the 20's. The Rainbow Rays can go up against the Teal Marlins. The Jays, Phils, Royals, Cardinals, Giants, and Athletics can all throwback to their World Series matchups. No need for fauxbacks to go back to possible matchups.