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  1. I didn't notice until after Game 3 between the Blue Jays and Rangers, but TBS seems to have specialty seal/token logos for each team. Has TBS been doing this for all of their baseball coverage, or just the playoffs? I wouldn't mind seeing a gallery of the entire league.
  2. Long Island past Brooklyn and Queens is not part of New York City, and therefore has it's own separate local government. Long Island has one of the highest tax rates in the country, and therefore ANYTHING proposed that will raise taxes is immediately rejected by the population. A publically-funded arena is an impossibility in their original location. Hence every project for revitalizing failing.
  3. I think it's good looking in a vacuum. The thing that brought it down was the great mishandling of the application, it joining a road alternate that was worn at home. At this point, it's just hopefully a view at a nice rebrand for next year. And basically everything I just said is applicable for both Milwaukee and San Diego.
  4. You can't blame an entire fanbase for a segment, no matter how large, wearing something like that. Fashion jerseys and crappy knockoffs are rife everywhere. It just so happens that the Yankees have a specific feature to their authentic jerseys that stand out among others. And most kids first start out with a navy t-shirt, of which I've almost never seen without a name on them. We're the kind of guys that are gonna know the difference between the Mets home with and without black drop shadow. A lot of people aren't really gonna notice the difference, no matter how big a part of the team's uniform culture it is, especially when the team has so much other culture the fanbase focuses on.
  5. I didn't think too much of this, but now that the Cubs clinched... Hey! There it goes. A little bit plainer than I would like, but at least this way they can't put the wrong ballpark on it.
  6. Eh. I don't think red and Navy contrast enough to look good. That little sliver of white makes both colors pop so much more. I'd like to see if I'm alone on this, but I find this a major fault in all these caps (yes, I understand with the throwback it was more important to be historically accurate, but seeing it just reinforced the point in my head.) I didn't want to elevate the throwback. I think the throwback print is too outdated and awkward, while the modern version is balances and beautiful. I just want to see them keep the current jersey but make it a pinstripe one. I just posted the picture to show that red "Twins" over pinstripe is distinctly Metrodome, but navy "Twins" over pinstripe dates back to their origins. I'd like to see them put something together like this. I made a bunch of little tweaks that can go either way as I kept looking at it, but I like it. I think the home sets them apart from the rest of their division, the red alt looks less pajama-like than the current one, more like a major league uniform, while including the gold accents (I kept the drop shadow from the home and made the outline on the sleeve patch metallic gold across the board). With the current home emulating the throwback, there's no need for it, and the more unique and bright red throwback can come back once or twice a month, along with the Pucket/Metrodome throwback. You can make a special night with retro graphics around it. Hmm... Interesting idea. I wouldn't mind seeing a concept of that either to see if it works.
  7. That's better. The other version is really hard to judge. My immediate reaction is twofold: 1) I see old Angels with a missing halo. 2) It seems a bit goofy and childish for the Cardinals. Neither of these are necessarily fair or based on any kind of reason. It's just immediate gut feeling. It's especially weird since the original full navy one has a red squatchee.
  8. In one of these threads (don't remember which), I'd talked about the Yankees and their merchandising colors. I don't want red anywhere on the uniform (unless their primary logo were to appear somewhere for some reason). I just prefer in merchandising they use the Navy-White-Red color scheme as opposed to the Navy-White-Gray scheme. Are either red or gray in their uniforms? No. When we talk about color schemes, I think we can all agree that we don't count he white and gray of the home and road. But at least the red appears in their primary logo. They got away from using red, instead using a dark gray in marketing about the same time they started focusing on their print logo instead of their primary. It's just kind of drab. I'm glad they haven't completely expunged their primary, and that we're seeing a little splash of red even if it's in a small way. I hope they accentuate it more. It just looks darn good. I was worried when we moved across the street we'd lose the primary from all signage. I was glad to see the awnings outside all around.
  9. The Sox should be wearing those socks with their whites and grays.
  10. They didn't. If we're working off the premise that this is the reason for the gold, then I think this would definitely work. It was said that the pinstripe look is distinctly Thunderdome, and... that's true. The last set of uniforms and the dome kinda go hand in hand, and they don't jive as much with Target Field. However, that's the set with the pinstripes and red lettering. However, if they brought the pinstripes back now, it would be under the new navy lettering with red background. This has a much more classic look to it that fits their new home. After all, that's what they wore in their inaugural year, long predating the dome. Of course, I think the gold was brought in not to differentiate themselves, but to bring in some color from Target Field, mimicking the limestone. I don't think the jerseys are bad at all, but I agree with the earlier comment that they look better in the sun. I never realized that, but it's true. In sunlight, the gold is brighter and disappears somewhat. Under the lights, it doesn't shine, instead becoming a thick, hanging mustard akin to when the Brewers' gold goes wrong. Then again, maybe that says something about my feelings on the gold where I like the version where you can't see it as much better. My biggest problem with the identity is the cap. The idea that the home cap is an alt has confused and upset me since the inception, but they took one of the simplest, cleanest, most beautiful caps and thickened it unnecessarily. It's a shame. Those are nice. I like them too. I think that if they were brought back in this current alt-crazy climate, they'd be much more well received. I disagree with the premise that the Cards' navy hat lacks color. Due to the nature of their cap insignia, there's a lot of color here. The linework for the lettering is thicker than Atlanta, Washington, and even some parts of Oakland. The insignia itself is more densely packed, with more lines intertwining. Then, you have the additional white outline, which not only provides more color than that Braves cap, but avoids the trap of the Nationals and new Athletics cap by using white as an outline rather than a color. Those color outlines just don't contrast well against the crown (in the case of Washington) or the lettering (in the case of Oakland). This all leads to a huge splash of color on the cap. Adding a red bill to that feels like it would just be overkill. I'd love to see someone more talented photoshop a photo of this cap to see how it comes out. Now, you'll notice that I didn't mention the old A's road cap. That's because I love that cap, and wish they'd stayed with it. The new cap is a mess. The outline blurs with the lettering, and it makes a big smudge. When it was originally revealed, people discussed that white lettering doesn't fit well with their away uniform because it contains no white, and it does look weird. The Cards with red on the road have never looked right to me. From one standpoint, it is because of what I'm used to my entire life. Everyone has those biases. I see them and think they just look like the Reds or Phillies now, and I'm usually the guy who argues that people complaining that there are too many red-white-blue teams is stupid because anyone with half a brain will never mix them up. On the other hand, I think I just figured out one of the other major problems I have with it. Except for the gray, the Cardinals look 100% the same at home and away. I don't remember if it was in this thread or last year's where we'd discussed the St. Louis wordmark and discussed how terrible sales must be for the away given how pointless buying them would be. Their gray doesn't even feel as blue as it used to be. Maybe that's a matter of perception due to the different cap. Maybe it's an actual change in fabrics. Either way, the gray looks really warm, and I've actually seen pictures and highlights where I couldn't tell if they were home or away. I like it. The color scheme looks real darn good. I hope they continue getting away from using gray as their third color. That's too drab. This pops more. Just ask Atlanta, Minnesota, Cleveland, and the old road Cardinals.
  11. They did. They saw one of the most horrifying events play out before them in gory detail and many responded by going to war, a war that dragged on, repeatedly denying soldiers the option to go home within a month of it finally being over. It was filled with atrocities, against an enemy that often felt unbeatable. Oh, and there were two of them ongoing at the same time. This generation has gone through hard times. Man... I'm a very traditional person, I love white vs. gray and want it to be the standard, and I want alternate colored jerseys to stay far away from my team, but I can't agree on an objective level that these don't look really good. Curse you, sir. One of those days that I had to catch up for ten pages, had a point planned to make, and someone beat me to it. Much like my answer to people who complain about the Red/Blue teams being confusing on the field, the two of them are going to look like this when they meet: That being said, given their ownership of the color as a primary, the Rockies really should bring more purple to the party. One can only hope. I really miss that look, and every time I see it, I feel they look right, finally.
  12. I guess it would be the throwback homes 162 games, even on the road.
  13. Huh. People often talk about Orioles-Giants or Mets-Astros in terms of which color was more prominent for each team. I never understood that, given that usually I think of what one wears on their hat/shirt/socks to be their primary color. However, as I look at the two teams in that picture, I can't help but feel that the matchup should be more the opposite. Two good looking teams wearing a good looking and underused color combination.
  14. They'd look a lot better overall if that was the teal they went with. That's a nice, darker, saturated hue rather than the light, washed out one they wear on the uniforms now. You don't know how happy I am the Yankees and Mets went for real baseball venues and not for these monstrosities: