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  1. From his cry for vibrancy, I'm guessing Diamondbacks fan. So, by the architecture... this is a logo for Busch Stadium? Huh. I thought it was a stock phrase used often, but I definitely had this on VHS when I was a kid and watched a lot of it. I honestly saw someone post about the Tuscon Padres and thought "That actually looks like a pretty good color scheme". Then they release it and... jeez. They even reveal it with a POORLY LIT PHOTO THAT MAKES BOTH JERSEYS LOOK ALMOST IDENTICAL!!! It's like they wanted this to look bad.
  2. Huh. That's one of those current-at-the-time references made by Warner Brothers that nowadays to the younger generations are known as being Looney Tunes references. I'd read that in Bugs Bunny's voice.
  3. Ooooh. It's that time again! The time second only to NOB vs. NNOB. You could argue just as well that Green Bay, Portland, and Columbus don't deserve teams. It's not as though Los Angeles doesn't have a team in the sport, although for the longest time football didn't and most people outside of that metro area didn't complain.
  4. The examples you posted were indeed wholely unfair and wrong. While those that people are supposed to look to as leaders brought down the bar of what should be acceptible and mature public discourse doesn't mean that people should lower their standards and stoop to such a level of childishness and name-calling. What I don't see, however, in those examples you seemed outraged about is you saying anything. Yes, you may have been afraid of mod reprisal, but it's been made quite clear now that the mods aren't going to punish you for speaking your mind. You have that, and you can take it with you as you go from here. The "trouble maker" tag is very different from the "rabble rouser" tag. A rabble rouser doesn't stay quiet and go with the flow. They do what must be done, make some noise, and challenge things. If something's unjust, you can say something, but you have to realize that the packaging you put it in has to be appealing. Sourness spoils words. Numerous people didn't argue about your message, but rather the package it was put in, the claim to be a victim. Basically, don't complain months later about stuff you didn't speak up for in the moment, and when you speak up, don't do it in a way that's inflammatory or uncivil. That should get you much farther, and hopefully find you a nice place in discussion if discourse were to return to our hands.
  5. They'd be "The The Angels Angels". Currently they're The Graceful Home Angels of The Angels.
  6. OHMYGOODNESS!!! I just realized why the gold on their new uniform numbers look so familiar.
  7. Huh. I actually like it. It feels relatively tasteful and not overdone. I prefer the royal-gold combination, because it isn't something we've seen often. The Brewers have driven the drab navy-gold combination into the ground. Most attention-catching for me, is that a metallic-gold squatchee?
  8. They've had, like, six purple days through a season or something, but last year was the first time they became a regular rotation alt. I put it into the Wikipedia image this year because of it. I put regular rotation stuff in, but not random special days unis.
  9. Isn't the WBC next year? Who's gonna be playing those games? And I'm guessing that the Brewers are gonna be wearing their navy/yellow alts, or some new alt with that same color scheme as their Spring Training uniform, so maybe having the ST schedule be that color makes sense from that standpoint. EDIT: Also, are the Diamondbacks keeping the 2001 throwback, or were they only a 15th anniversary thing?
  10. I was sad to see it go, and after reading about some of the bannings in this thread was afraid to mention the whole thing anywhere else even jokingly. Glad to see how many other people involved in the discussion wish it would have continued as well. What went wrong? I can point to two things. One person came into the thread in the closing few pages, someone who I actually agreed with on many points, and used some inflammatory and unhelpful hyperbole, which caused things to flare up. On the other side, another user came into the discussion about five pages previous and got shouted down. Both of these times, things got personal. Rather than having a respectful discourse on what was happening on an overall scale, the word "you" started getting thrown around a lot. I assume this is what was being referred to as the thread "taking a turn" (unless it was the discussions on feminist icons). However, things seemed to get back on their feet after the latest incident, with it becoming mostly ignored as the conversation continued. Did things flare up a little bit? Yes. But overall, I must say I found it admirable how mature and reasoned this board was in its discussion. A board that angrily screams about whether or not powder blue is part of the Phillies' 80's color scheme discussed politics like a champ. When I revealed that I didn't vote, I expected the thread to break out the torches and pitchforks, but there was no such attack. Things are going crazy out there in our first seven days, and having a place of discourse as reasoned as this was was is comforting. At the same time as this, I was watching several threads on another website discussing various people's reactions to the results, and every single thread devolved into a shouting match. I agree that temp closes if things flare up too much would be welcome. I'd like to see some outlet. Being such a latecomer to the thread, I doubt I'd make the top ten to get into a group PM, but someone let me know if a new thread pops up. P.S. - The thread also kept these things from leaking into everyday threads, like this one and the 2016 Postseason thread, which flared up soon after the thread was closed with political discourse.
  11. This is why I don't want to impose a 5-year commitment to uniforms. We'd be stuck with the originals for half a decade. I'm not. I screamed about this for half of last year's mega-sized thread, but, seriously, can we darken the teal so that it actually looks like the team's old teal instead of soap? Even in the renderings it looks darker than it actually looks in the photos.
  12. Huh. I guess that's what a decade and repressed trauma will do to your memory. Never mind. XD
  13. Seeing this post again a couple days later made me think of something. I've often gone with a sun-based nickname, but there's also the citrus industry, with the Citrus Bowl being right there. The Orlando Squeeze sounds like it could work for basketball or football.
  14. Oh. Duh. I first saw the statement and got confused by the even year.
  15. Oh. I wasn't arguing against you. Agreeing with you. Yes, there are more than thought, and perhaps in different places than we expected it, but not all. I'd like to believe not even close to a majority. Curse you. Do not tempt me to post Cartman videos in such a serious topic. XD