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  1. MLB changes 2018?

    Whew. What a few weeks. Still extremely busy, but catching up on the thread can now be crossed off the list. Look like good TATC uniforms. Which I suppose means they have no place in the promotion. Might be a regional things. I've only heard people trying to be fancy or people from not the East Coast refer to it as "DC". Then again, I also often hear the an additional direction added to differentiate. It's either "down in Washington" or "up in Washington". One of my favorite images on here was someone making their avatar a black roundel with orange text for the Tampa Bay Rays, Ray Romano's picture in the center. I know I'd saved it, but I can't for the life of me find it right now. I don't know if it's the most overrated. I think the Philly maroon and powders, the White Sox winning ugly, and almost anything the Angels wore prior to the 90's are more overrated. The problem is that the home uniforms all have multiple plack piping, a look that makes them unique and is pretty... well... pretty. This uniform drops all the piping, making it look more like a t-shirt or a knockoff. New York might support the current, but yeah. They're somehow still getting screwed from the ownership grave by Loria. Was going through the Getty images while updating the Wikipedia uniform images, and was shocked to find out that I'd somehow completely missed that the Diamondback's have had weird Caucasian flesh-colored numbers on the front of their away grays. Was it always like that? It looks hideous. Well, they were never officially the elephants, but the mascot comes from an insult by John McGraw (who always seems to be an integral part of stories from these days) towards the team and given their ballpark situation and performance I think they just might be secure in both identities right now. Problem is this was a quiet year because everyone was going to wait a year to rebrand. Every year we continue waiting is a year the Padres and Rays remain the same or somehow tweak things to make them worse like San Diego did last time.
  2. Hey all y'all. Thanks for the patience. @Crabcake47, thanks for the information. I guess the last trophy I'd posted is the MISLIII trophy and they're in the MASL? I don't know. I honestly get incredibly lost as teams play in both and switch from one to the other. In that respect, have the two trophies below I'd had marked as MISL II and III, but I don't know if I might be mistaken and they're the correct ones for you. Lemme know. I also redid the Cap's eagle logo to make it far more legible. You can see the difference in comparing it to your fantasy logo which I just realized I didn't fix. @DiePerske, you asked for the Orioles looking like Crabcake's, which excludes Wild Card wins. I copied that over and kept the same rule for the Pirates, Sabres, and Bills. Lemme know if you do want those and I'll amend it. Also, lemme know if you don't want Toronto's Canadian Championships. @Capt. America, I could have fit the Dynamo but I've noticed that you seem to prefer both rows be the same length, and dropping them made it perfectly square. I don't know what it is you always do to put it in your sig, but it somehow severely lowers the quality of the image. You can just copy the URL for the image and insert it into your sig. I don't delete these images. The page is right here.
  3. Hey, guys. I haven't forgotten about you. Sorry. Had a very deep and involved project I'd been working on for Thursday along with a number of other things on my shoulders (including the Wikipedia baseball uniforms kind of sneaking up on me as I was busy with stuff. I'll make sure everything's taken care of in the coming days. Thank you for your patience.
  4. Actually, I already have the MISL II and III trophies. I'd love to complete the set. Would you happen to know the original MISL trophy or the trophies for the MASL? In researching to try to find it out myself I've so far found the Sockers winning this trophy in the 80's, Baltimore winning this trophy a few times, and this trophy being displayed in an article about whether or not they'll repeat. If you know the dates of when these trophies were awarded, lemme know.
  5. MLB changes 2018?

    Nope. And I can't for the life of me remember why. It was 2007. The place was mostly empty. Maybe they had security enforcing it. I dunno.
  6. MLB changes 2018?

    They've got natural grass. They can't have natural grass without keeping the roof open for significant time while the team is away and during the day when there are night games. On the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz last week they were laughing while recounting a 30-minute rain delay at a game because David Sampson's app said it wasn't going to rain despite dark clouds surrounding them. It takes a lot of time to close it, so they can't just keep opening and closing it. They can only to it once a game and everyone has to sit on their hands for thirty minutes. Because of that I know a number of retractable-roof parks close if there's even a risk of rain. I'm sure the Marlins were playing it doubly safe after that embarrassment. It's not a matter of money because if they have natural grass they're already opening and closing it. Especially since the paintings have two greens and the one they picked isn't even really the color of the walls. The one Marlins game I took in was in the right field stands and we stared into the sun. It was unbearable. I can see that sucking.
  7. MLB changes 2018?

    Hah! Yeah, I'm a Yankees fan, but the Fenway comments weren't coming from a place of bias. I actually put Fenway in my top 4 as well. But I overly weigh history and uniqueness in my rankings. SunTrust Park is second or third from the bottom (with Oakland Coliseum being at the bottom) on my list. Not only does it have little reason for existence, but it feels completely soulless and bland. Honestly, the new Rangers' ballpark in the works feels much the same. I've never been there, and I really, really would love to go. But I've heard a lot of stories from non-locals visiting and having a horrible time with the infrastructure. Most prominent in my head as I try to remember at the moment is the Chris "Mad Dog" Russo story, but I don't think anyone else would take him as a legitimate source. XD That being said, I have some biases, of course. But I don't think most average fans can get through ranking parks without having some difficulty when it comes to their own. Yankee Stadium is a large drop from its predecessor in history and acoustics. Many would say in dimensions too, but I gotta admit the dunks are a whole lot of fun and the original park was built right field over 100' shorter to give them an advantage with Ruth. It's kind of like how I can't honestly throw my full support behind replay because inside I'll always giggle deliciously at the Jeffrey Maier "home run". Anyway, it's still the activity I've enjoyed since 1995. It's still the same fans, the same rendition of "New York, New York" on the organ pre-game, the same subway race, the same Kalinka, Zorbas, and Mexican Hat Dance tunes played between pitches, the same roll call, the same lineup intro themes since I was 8. It's home. We had someone just say Veterans Park was the best. I've heard Mets fans swear by Shea. It's hard to rank another park above home. (Also, the new bleachers have incredible views, the expanded food options are cool, and it's beautiful to see the frieze back on the roof.) But, I also grew up without mascots and what most people would consider entertainment, so I can see Miller Park getting the bump if the game experience is fun. That's actually why I brought up your method to begin with. I can see the appeal from the times I've gone to Queens. It's a fun time.
  8. MLB changes 2018?

    Heh. I didn't mean the list, but the criteria. The "how" you rank them. Because the list of places you ranked lower confused me a bit. Do you just go on the aesthetics? The history? The amenities and convenience. Because I could see you slamming Yankee Stadium for replacing a jewel box, but you also ranked classic Tiger Stadium that low (which actually confuses me more with you saying it's beloved to you. And then how does Fenway top the list when it somehow manages to both sell its soul to modernity and be an inconvenient dump. XD But, different strokes for different folks. Like I said, I wanted to hear your criteria. Maybe you're a mascot/entertainment guy, which would severely help Miller Park. Maybe you're a food guy. Maybe you're a value (price-wise) guy. Maybe you take into account the scenery and dislike Great American's dark hills across the river. Maybe you measure all these things against each other to get to a score so that even if a park excels at one of these things if it's lacking in others the score gets dragged down. Or maybe you just had better experiences at one and had an extremely bad time at another. I don't know, but this kind of thing interests me so I'd love to hear.
  9. MLB changes 2018?

    Palm fronds go through a lot of different colors between green and yellow, but none quite like those walls, and if so, not large enough to be prominent. It's a shame about Loria hating teal, but... who knows what will come with the new ownership?
  10. MLB changes 2018?

    Forest green would be dull, but the current green looks like a green screen they were planning on putting a real outfield wall over in post. And are they really calling that "palm tree green", because I've never seen that color occur in nature let alone on a palm tree. They had two much better alternatives. They could have gone with the team's iconic aqua that was the color of their old home's walls. The team isn't using that color, but they're not using the green either and the aqua has a link to their ocean-side location. They could also use their current blue. Both would be very bright and interesting without being obnoxious. Okay. Gotta hear how you rank the parks in a way that ends up with Miller above those three. Well, giving fans the open-air experience isn't the only use of a retractable-roof park. Even if you never open the roof for games (and some, such as Astros fans, prefer it that way for intimidation purposes), having the ability to leave the roof open all day gives you the ability to have natural grass. The only one that doesn't is Rogers Centre, presumably because of how many different things are done on that field. It might save enough money for the team to be able to afford the new home, but getting rid of that turf would be a boon. It's so much easier on players' bodies and plays less havoc with the bounce of the ball. I remember hearing Reyes was going to the Blue Jays and thinking it was the stupidest idea I've ever heard. Sure enough, after putting the guy with leg problems on turf he barely lasted a month before getting injured.
  11. MLB changes 2018?

    I know Miller Park is one of the more unique of the retractable roof parks, but I was seriously surprised when I looked at pictures and found how dismal the night-time closed-roof shot was. The thing that doubles this air is the dark color palette. The Metrodome looks a bit more lively because of all of the white and blue as well as half the outfield having fans on them. Tropicana also has a brighter palette, but the lighting just seems to be dimmer for some reason. I've never personally been in an indoor park, so I'm just going off of images and video. But I just can't imagine not feeling the wind run through the seats at a game. Of course, when you're in handicapped seats in the upper deck of Citi Field and you have a stiff, frigid wind coming off the water and into your back the entire game, a roof sounds pretty good. XD Hmm... It's tough. I'd think that outfield coverage would be better, because while it's looming in view, you don't feel it looming over you. When it's over the outfield, the rest of it looks more like a regular park. It also keeps the shadows from becoming too troubling if the park is oriented to keep the sun out of the eyes of the fans in the richer seats. I honestly think the one that does it best is the first (that worked). Although as was mentioned earlier, Marlins Park looks beautiful thanks to a really bright material and all of that (openable) glass. Of course, that may be a camera trick and the roof may feel more oppressive than it seems. The walls are crap, though. Thank goodness for that Budweiser ad that made that whole wall red. What are all of your opinions of most successful retractable roof park? We've been crapping on them for several pages, why not be interesting? EDIT: Was writing this at 5AM, and didn't finish all my thoughts apparently.
  12. MLB changes 2018?

    It's not just you, but I don't think it died with the Kingdome. At least Minute Maid Park has some sandstone to lighten things up. I'm really glad we didn't go with the interior concepts that were proposed for the Bronx and Queens. Wow... I never thought of that, but now that you said it it will be hard not to think of. But the tresses and curves kinda remind me more of Safeco.
  13. MLB changes 2018?

    I... have no idea what you're referring to but I immediately want to know all about it.
  14. The New XFL

    I'm unsure of those are meant to be missiles or three guns firing. If they're meant to be missiles, perhaps the solution to this is to take them minus the D, increasing their size to better fit the helmet, and having them face forward on both sides of the helmet. It's the oak and laurel wreath that surrounds the coat of arms of Mexico on the country's seal and flag.
  15. MLB changes 2018?

    Sounds like an interesting list: the uniforms that look best in the sun. My suggestions... Although I often hear that on the West Coast the Sun does different things to uniforms. It's the exact fault in the New Era logo that causes it to be a major aesthetic issue.