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  1. MLB Changes 2017

    Really looks like it. Has anyone picked up any of these, or at least gotten photos. I haven't even seen a photo of these outside of these graphics.
  2. MLB Changes 2017

    Probably an unpopular opinion, but I think the oversized lettering looks cheap and tacky. Like a Chinese knock-off. It's a good thing Saltalamacchia wasn't kicking around back then. They barely fit "Driessen". That being said, it's a part of the team's history, and it would be fine for them to bring it back. It's a quirk like the multiple NY's or D's, or the Cowboy's color schemes. I wouldn't want it across the league, but it works in one place. You don't need to make money. Those two weekends are for cancer awareness, so it's all PR. You can take the hit if it looks like you care for a cause. Last time this was announced, I jumped the gun. I think it's safe this time. As for the actual Player's Weekend uniforms... The concept is well-intentioned, but silly and in execution incredibly stupid. You're going to restrict the jersey's to a certain amount of colors, but then make the jerseys wildly different colors? Here's a few random thoughts. -People have been lamenting the way the Yankees have rolled over in recent years, but it's interesting to note that it seems they still have some fight left in them. They seem to have dug their heels in the sand and refused to switch out their team colors for Little League colors. The Twins and Rockies seem to have done the same. Kudos. I'm unsure if green is a part of the Little League color scheme, so I can't tell if Oakland did as well. -I've been thinking that the basic design (ignoring the often terrible color choices) actually looks pretty good. It harkens back to the pullover era, and if the cycle repeats and we hit a time when button-downs feel old and passe to the masses and pullovers become retro-cool again, I could see some of these being the new wave of pullover. That being said, I just realized that I think the reason these appeal to me is because in my head, I'm imagining them looking like t-shirts, including being cut like them. I'm imagining a tighter, cleaner cut as opposed to the blousey way a lot of guys wear uniforms today. But now I'm realizing that there's just as much chance that players are going to wear them in whatever ill-fitting size they want. That's going to make these look absolutely terrible. It's the difference between the Cubs blues on Zambrano and on Chapman. One looks like a soccer coach and the other looks like a professional ball player. -People have been comparing these to TATC. I agree, but don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. The oversized logos throw tradition to the wind, but don't really look too bad as a one-off (or rather three-off) look. I especially like the Reds in this respect. It's not the full covering of the front of the jersey with the logo and weird vertical name on the back. It's a happy medium. TATC was such an insane experiment that it's beloved by fans. It's kind of neat in a novel way to see a better version of it show up. -Okay... seriously... the colors. What the heck? The most glaring misstep in this respect is the intrusion of a strange bright blue in some uniforms. The Cubs, Dodgers, Astros, Royals, Mariners, and Blue Jays are what I'm talking about here. And it's not like they are doing this to match the Little League colors, because the blue for the caps is completely different. These teams should all look so much better than this. They all have great home looks. Imagine the Dodgers with white sleeves and Dodger blue piping instead of this. How much better would that be? The amount of gray that's everywhere is odd, but I assume that this is for teams that are away during the event. While I can respect this for the Tigers for eschewing being pushed into a colored alt, this seems strange for the Rockies, Giants, and Orioles, who all wear colored alts. Most egregious, though, is the outlining for the Giants. A white outline seperating two light colors... It actually causes more confusion and makes the wordmark stand out less than if there was no outline at all. Speaking of outlines, it's not the only hindering outline. The Pirates are similarly made incredibly fuzzy by their wordmark outline. It's terrible. Same for the A's. The Dodgers and Royals got away with no outline. Why couldn't these teams? The Marlins went for a black outline, but black isn't present anywhere else, despite it being one of their colors. The powder blue, orange, and white don't contrast enough, and a little black to break things up on the sleeves would be nice. I often see color schemes that similarly are all too light put forth for the Marlins or Rays, and it comes out looking too pastel for my tastes. That might just be me, though. Why are the Nationals in black? Why are the Rangers in powder blue? They wore that in the pullover era with an older identity. It's strange for them to bring that back now for this event. Are teams being forced to do something as far away from any current uniforms? -The nicknames... are actually incredibly fun. I've been loving the guessing games, and a lot of them are really funny. In the end, my top ones would be the Cardinals, Twins, Reds, and Yankees. My bottom three would be the Giants, Cubs, and Rangers. Jeez. That actually turned into a lot more than I expected to write.
  3. @Fishplatter, sure! If you'd like me to add other teams as well, just let me know.
  4. MLB Changes 2017

    Don't forget Detroit.
  5. MLB Changes 2017

    That's true. That could work. I like the look of text between lines, that Star Wars prequel/Lion King look. This is the behind the ribbon look, which has the added benefit of the interplay between the ribbon and the S. That necessitates stretching things out a little bit. Here's with the bottom line up enough to keep the S in front of the ribbon and with the line the same distance as the current line, with an added bit of the bottom half of the circle added to fill the empty space. One thing screwing around with this has showed me is that there's a lot of small imperfections in the current logo. The line is not equal on both sides of the circle, and it doesn't go to or past the end of either side of the text, but doesn't even go as far on either side in relation to the text. Plus, there's the odd way that the space between the text and the ribbon fluctuates, at no point really being the same as the distance between the top of the text and the line.
  6. MLB Changes 2017

    Wow. That looks... a thousand times better with the flat navy background. There's so many teams with this color scheme because it looks this good.
  7. MLB Changes 2017

    The problem is the line is there to resolve the bottom of the capital dome. It would be awkward to have it full stop, or hard to render in different materials as it fades. It would be better with a line below as well, though, one that's broken up by the ribbon.
  8. MLB Changes 2017

    Can't help play the Devil's Advocate. This reasoning with anything makes sense, but given the constant procession, what's even better will come after that. In the end, you end up without a hat. It's best to just buy what you like and screw whatever's new. Or do what I do and buy the same old snap-backs I've worn since I was a kid. Fitted caps never feel as snug and safe.
  9. MLB Changes 2017

    I can't take credit for that one. I was just making reference to one of the most legendary improvisations of all time. EDIT: Side note, Tim Conway appears to be wearing one of the Little League World Series commemorative caps.
  10. MLB Changes 2017

    "Innesot" sounds like the sound it would make when two conjoined twin elephants connected at the trunk try to trumpet.
  11. MLB Changes 2017

    Wow... How have I never known until just this moment that there was any difference whatsoever? The team has taken a step out of the shade, playing at home in the sunlight for the first time in decades. The Homerdome set has become so attached to that place (so much so that I refer to it by the venue's nickname) that it just kind of feels like it belongs to that. It's like the Cardinals' and Phillies' powder blues fitting their cookie-cutter homes more than their current ones. I like the evolution that the uniforms have taken when stepping out of the light. At least, I like the idea of it. I don't fully agree with the execution, as I'd said earlier. The gold works well with the limestone aesthetic of Target Field. I like the switch to a navy wordmark. The team was wearing the Killebrew throwbacks more and more, especially with the loss of him. I absolutely hate the wordmark on those. It's so lopsided and awkward. I love the current wordmark because I think it's a perfect mix between these two looks, a modernization of both while paying homage to the classic look. The only thing that's missing is the pinstripes. Out of the team's 55 years in Minnesota, 38 were spent in pinstripes. You can say that it's mixing these two identities with the 70's set. I'd just like to see it, though. It would help them stand out. Coming next year: a set of colorful, flavored, latex caps for the entire league.
  12. MLB Changes 2017

    I think the gold is a nice touch. It works as a light touch. But it muddles the cap. Keep it as a drop shadow on the wordmark, the outline of the sleeve patch, and accents on the primary logo.
  13. MLB Changes 2017

    The Twins' current look is a good start. It brings the Homerdome look into modern day while honoring the past. The alternate gold cap with primary home is stupid, though. Wear the regular TC cap. Add pinstripes. That's all you need. Side note, am I the only one who occasionally falls into ranting about Wiz Khalifa's debut single getting his city's colors wrong?
  14. MLB Changes 2017

    It sounds terrible, but it's an honest truth. The best part was the end. He'd become too ill to deal with day-to-day and interfere, selling out the youth for old broken down stars, but he was still around so the team would do things "to respect the boss's wishes". Kinda the best of both worlds. Woof. The Celtics? I mean, the Sixers and Pelicans is one thing, but... At least it's the best way you could do it. It's a simple logo that's done in the team's colors. No. The world is a garbage fire, there's hate everywhere, and there are starving kids in Africa. We have to finish our meals and stop all this silly sports logos talk. Shut it all down, and let's go focus on what's important. Save the whales. Also, Communism is just a red herring. Now looking closer, egad. They not only made the caps these colors, but made those colors (and black/white) the only available pallet. So we're not getting a D'Backs throwback, per se, because the snake head is the color of the blue caps. I'm not sure how accurate these are, but they really miss the mark. Earlier there was discussion about white on yellow/yellow on white. I think the Padres/A's work so well because they're putting gold on white as opposed to yellow. Athletic gold is a darker tone, so it stands out well enough, as opposed to a lighter, more pastel yellow. The shade in these caps, though, are just straight up yellow. Looking at the Brewers' cap, I don't know how good that's gonna come out looking. The A's cap looks really weird, but I think that's just an error in the drawing of it. It's one of the things that makes me... unsure that this is anywhere near accurate. Do we have images of the LLWS uniforms for this year?
  15. MLB Changes 2017

    Just noticed another cool custom work. The AL manager has a star with no number in it, since he's a fill-in for Francona. Or is this a thing for all the coaches? It seems a cool touch if it's just because he's the Gerald Ford of the All-Star Game.