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  1. MLB 2016 Changes

    *sigh* Well, that's just great.
  2. MLB 2016 Changes

    After my last post, I went to the main page to look for something and saw Fearless Leader had written an article about the new socks. Yup. Looks like they'll be wearing those during the All-Star Game. People have been unhappy with the All-Star caps of the last few years, but at least those were personalized and featured each team's colors, at least. This isn't right, especially for Boston. Hopefully though, this deal will result in standardized interesting socks for everyone: the A's finally settling on one cool striped pattern, Liberty Bells on the outside for the Phillies, NY's on the back for the Yankees, 70's stripes at the top for the Red Sox, and maybe even a black top/white bottom white sock for Chicago. One can dream. EDIT: Oooh! Tequila Sunrise socks for Houston would be awesome too. Maybe I should just do a series of MLB socks on the concept board.
  3. MLB 2016 Changes

    Going back and looking at this, I suddenly have a realization. As the middle sock goes with the American and National uniforms, will the ones on the outside be worn by the teams with their regular unis during the actual game? If so, are they really going to do something so sacrilegious as making Boston wear navy and gold socks during the crown jewel showcase of the majors? I guess the Bosox-themed socks they show underneath give more than enough answer to that. Of course, it could just be that these socks will be worn with the American and National unis with the Padres themselves getting the special orange/brown/yellow socks. Any insiders know anything on this front? On the Brewers front, I think their best wordmark was the 90's one. It was unique, legible, easily drawn, and fits any color scheme in their history.
  4. MLB 2016 Changes

    Not gonna lie. One of the things I've often thought of when seeing the Brewers wordmark (which especially came strong when you said that) was this: Of course, considering the beer theme of the team, it's hard to say it's necessarily ill-fitting.
  5. MLB 2016 Changes Further investigation and it seems to be a reaction to the lights at Kauffman. Maybe they're just cooler than elsewhere, or they're usually playing during the day on Saturdays and this was just a rare night game? They didn't look like that under the evening sun earlier in the game.
  6. MLB 2016 Changes

    Psst. That's to compare to the orange over the away grays. The picture below those words is them in Kansas City. If they're gonna go off the deep end with colored pants, I'd like to see them wear black pants with the orange. I think that would look great.
  7. MLB 2016 Changes

    That would explain it. They've had three away games on Saturday so far. For the first one, the 16th of April, they wore their away grays against the Rangers red alts. I don't know if they worried a bright warm color blend and just happen to be one of the smarter teams that think about that sort of thing instead of going red vs. red. Looking at the photo galleries, though, I do agree that they don't matchup too well with the gray pants. Although it doesn't help that one of the games was under the catwalk lights at the Trop and they come out a sickly yellowish. The color of the pants effects the perception of the shade of orange. It's just one of those optical illusion things that screw with the mind. It looks the perfect shade with white, but brightens with gray and looks a slight bit off. Wait... Looking back, that first game was in KC. What the heck was going on with the unis? Are the lights at Kauffman just this off?
  8. MLB 2016 Changes

    Hard to deny, that is a pretty sharp-looking jersey. It's just that it's a scheme that doesn't fit the team and their history as well, not to mention that they fell into the same trap as the Brewers, using a slew of drab alts in a warehouse instead of their nice whites.
  9. MLB 2016 Changes

    Quick sloppy mockup. I don't know how well the scheme works with the logo, but I don't know if that's a matter of me being used to the current one, or just that it works better with navy. It's been covered fairly well in this thread that the metallic gold on the cap does look good closeup. The problem is that the shade of gold they used is a bit too dark. Most of the time, especially when it's stretched out to cover more surface, and ESPECIALLY when you're living in a bland warehouse, the luster in the above pic is lost. I don't know why, when there's more of it, the fabric doesn't look the same. Do they just use a different fabric, or does the cap logo have enough texture to it that the light can catch it at the right angles to shine? And even then, this would be all good and fine if they wore their standard home and road uniforms, but they mostly chose to wear their alternates. Instead of bright white, we end up with navy and blah dark tannish.
  10. MLB 2016 Changes

    I feel like a comment at the expense of the Padres/Diamondbacks is necessary here. Yeah. Pretty much. Looks clear. Maybe it's just that the Phillies also employed a simplistic baseball design that it looks pretty obvious.
  11. MLB 2016 Changes

    Even though it was when I was young, it STILL doesn't feel that long ago. Maybe it's because despite generally not knowing where my keys and wallet are I still vividly remember so many things as 4D pictures in my brain. I don't think this whole "New Millenium"/"21st Century" thing will ever stop feeling new/recent to me.The 90's/1900's always feel like yesterday. Maybe I was just the perfect age that those sixteen years occurred as I was realizing how fast sixteen years really go. Eh. It really screws with your perception. Like getting the first free taste of a drug.
  12. MLB 2016 Changes

    Well, my comments on the Angels taking the Red Sox identity isn't that they use similar texts, but they used the exact same font, color, and outline for their wordmark across the chest and number, along with the same crown and insignia color. Those elements have been in use in various places, but not all at the exact same time. Compared to what the Red Sox were wearing at the same time, the only real difference in the jersey is the piping. The Rays and Rockies get a lot of guff for ripping off other people's looks, but they're nowhere near as close as this.
  13. MLB 2016 Changes

    On a non-cartoon note, I was doing some research for a hopeful future revival of an old project I never completed on these boards and really should. While I was looking at the Angels' original identity, I took a close look at their inaugural uniform. Wow. Did the Angels really just totally rip off the Red Sox for their original identity? It feels like an odd move.
  14. MLB 2016 Changes

    Too many posts on cartoons to quote them all, so I'll just weigh in. I actually don't hate Spongebob, although I haven't watched an episode in probably ten years. I enjoyed what I saw back then, though. Sketch comedy is subjective, and kids' sketch comedy isn't going to hold up to adults as well. However, I think we can all agree All That was much better than the Amanda Show, which was MUCH more hit and miss, even to me when I was younger. I feel bad saying this, but Admiral might be a few years older than me. September 11th happened during my Freshman Year, so I guess that puts me in fifth grade in... 1997? I remember moving to our current home and having a new channel called Cartoon Network. While I was always a Nickelodeon fanatic, when Nick started trying to sell itself as trendy and current, I lost interest and focused on the timeless Hannah Barbara of CN, eventually getting caught up in the Cartoon Cartoons and one of the most influential things on my youth, Toonami. But one cannot argue that the deep, emotional, and sometimes melancholy Hey Arnold, the adult satire of Rocko's Modern Life, and the dark surrealism of Ren and Stimpy were more mature and deep than what came after. Of course, we're in a bit of a new generation time now as people my age are making shows similar to those (albeit wrapping it up in a fluffy picture so it's easier to get out there). In that respect, I disagree with the idea of CN being just for stoners nowadays... although no doubt they enjoy a lot of the dada/surrealism on Adult Swim. Sir, I just want you to know that you have the best name on the boards.
  15. "Purple Rain" Minnesota Twins Concept

    Huh. You saying that made me realize something. I don't mean to hijack, but I don't think it would go anywhere else, and I don't think it warrants it's own thread. Coco's more than welcome to throw it into his concept.