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  1. MLB 2016 Changes

    Yeah. The mandate from above that says they must wear the BP caps every season makes this more and more a possibility every day. We shall see... I hope they don't shutter them forever because of this. They've got enough wins that they could spare a loss or two.
  2. MLB 2016 Changes

    I think the main reason for the color shift is that the red goes better with royal and white, but when mixing it with the navy, you end up with merchandise the same scheme as the Red Sox. It's a shame, though. Although the Navy with white text and primary logo does look really good. Are they planning on wearing those throwbacks against the Pirates' Family unis? I didn't know they ever wore pillboxes.
  3. MLB 2016 Changes

    Bah. It's fine. No personal offense. I've just personally seen the hard work people put into it, dwarfing even my small contribution. I'd say the vast majority of active users fall under that scope. Eh, back to baseball. Sadly, yes, Thomas. T'is so.
  4. MLB 2016 Changes

    That was taken down for being considered "original research". Gimme a few professional articles describing the meaning of the song that I can use as sources, and I can fix that in a giffy. Purely a merchandising and fashion thing. The team's on-field persona has been the same since the 50's/60's. Fortunately, we seem to have gotten beyond the navy/dark red/dark gray and now are focused on clean navy and bright white, with red limited to the primary logo and light grey used whenever a third color is needed.
  5. MLB 2016 Changes

    Bwahahahaha. You hold true to your sig. I love it. Actually, I've used the same name for nearly twenty years, and it was originally a reference to my favorite Angry Beavers episode. It wasn't until Fraser Agar made a joke about my name about 4-5 years ago during a Minecraft show that I realized it was probably meant to be making that joke. Nevertheless, yes, I've done much work editing on Wikipedia, working primarily on the baseball project. I haven't been doing it as much lately, but I know how much work people put into this, and it disappoints me when people discount it as nothing but a breeding ground for misinformation. Your method of going back to the sources that the article... sourced to please people who harp on it, but if you want to know something at the moment, it's always the first place I go to. As for my comments about darker sides, I don't want to get into specifics for fear of setting off a social/political argument, but one controversial figure's article doesn't contain reference to any criticism because of the media's bias and almost all detractors not being considered neutral and reliable under the guidelines. Then again I don't always agree with guidelines on notability and sourcing, but it's understandable and for the greater good.
  6. MLB 2016 Changes

    We just spent a page arguing the meaning of "team colors" without coming to any kind of consensus. Unless we've got an infographic that people do nowadays to explain the meaning behind each color, then really where do we draw the line on what is and what isn't an official color? We can take the official pantones off the color guide, but we've already had over a dozen examples crop up on the stupidity of including yellow, "flesh", and green/sand for the Braves, Vikes, and O's. The listed colors are the colors most used in the teams' identities, on their uniforms and in their merchandising, so yes, I'd refer to that as de facto. It's unsourced, and it's not something you can prove or disprove, so I'm going with "de facto". I consider the nicknames in a similar boat. They exist, everyone knows they exist, but they're not always able to be found in sources that are considered compliant with Wikipedia's sources. The old Stadium was "The House that Ruth Built", and over the last eight years it's become clear that the primary nickname for the new Stadium is a carryover from their old home. It's "The Big Ballpark in the Bronx". It's been said nearly daily on TV broadcasts, radio broadcasts, and ESPN coverage. However, I've found it nigh impossible to find one reliable source that refers to the current park as such. It's de facto information. Meanwhile, the name history, league/division history, retired numbers, ballpark history, and honors are all unsourced in almost if not every team's infobox. This is why I referred to the infoboxes as a blindspot. This information is still mostly correct. It just so happens that the information that was copied over in this instance was the one thing that is... I suppose a matter of opinion more than anything. This was a mistake, but it does not mean that everything is a wild lawless garbage heap. And I don't even know what "looking out to protect their own inaccuracies" means. Sabotage is corrected. Trolls are locked out. The veracity of information is discussed and consensus is reached to present the best information. Some may use this for evil, but the system works.
  7. MLB 2016 Changes

    Wikipedia is a perfectly cromulent source, exceedingly reliable and accurate. Myriads of people watch like hawks and ensure the accuracy and sourcing of the information. Sometimes, the tightness is almost a detriment. It's not the wild frontier it probably originally was, and it's definitely not the punchline it still seems to be in most people's minds. Unfortunately, this is a blind spot. The infoboxes are rife with de facto information, and this includes the colors.
  8. MLB 2016 Changes

    Huh. Is that the first time they've worn the D cap? I think they've only gone with the A so far. At least, this is the first time I've actually seen them wear it. I have to admit, though, I do miss the old version of the team's branding. It used to be that everything focused on the bright red/white/blue color scheme, like my old trash can. But in the new Millennium, the team focused on navy and brought gray in a LOT, portraying it as one of the team's primary colors. It's so dreary. I miss the brightness of the 90's. Well, then why the crap didn't they bring the plack piping over?!
  9. MLB 2016 Changes

    Well, yeah. I wasn't much arguing you. It's just that while it's a color that's used by the team and maybe copyrighted by the team, it's just not really a part of their identity or even associated with them outside of manufacturers. It's like how chicken pox is technically herpes. I guess what I'm trying to say is... And while we're talking about colors not really being what they're called, what the heck is the deal with "Forum Blue"?
  10. MLB 2016 Changes

    Amen, brutha. It's "old gold" as opposed to Pittsburgh's "athletic gold" or Milwaukee's "metallic gold". I don't know if the presence in the logo makes a color "official". I mean, I suppose it technically does, since it's used at an official capacity, but logos tend to include colors that are not anywhere else in the identity. If you were to ask me to sum up the Giant's color identity, I think I'd come up with cream before gold, and I've known it's there. And yes, I include the wordmark as a logo. I don't think the Rockies' silver gets a lot of attention, although admittedly I'm not in a position to be exposed to the Rockies as much as others.
  11. MLB 2016 Changes

    Jeez. I cannot believe the response to the Jackie Robinson Day uniforms, from someone claiming it only works with a certain number, to others actually saying squeezing the complex font into tiny letters that clash with the numbers and clutter the whole thing actually look better. Insane. Last year gives you all the evidence you need. In the closing days of the season, I saw the Giants playing with their patches on their sleeves. It looked really silly as they sat there eight games out of even sniffing the playoffs. But to each their own. At least they're not wearing the Giants' "World Champion" uniforms all year long (although that was a really awesome nod to history). I'd rather ditch the patch totally, leaving it to fashion merchandise. Honestly, the suggestion about a hundred pages back of each team wearing a league patch into the Series is much cooler. Seriously, though, the sniping is unnecessary. There's no need to drag the Yankees down into your little snit just because you have an inferiority complex. Oh, and throw me on the people who like that blue Dodger alt, but I was also so impressed with the Yankees' version that I was actually considering supporting it becoming a third. Pictures of it in use, though, seem to show that it has that same wrinkled, cheap, pajama look that causes me to hate the navy of the Red Sox and the blue of the Cubs half the time (the Cubs alt seems to look better on some than others). However, while the Dodgers do suffer from that a little bit, I think the amount of real estate taken up helps to keep it looking good and in place. Although... is it just me, or is the wordmark wildly off center? This was the same problem I have with the Braves' new wordmark, with it not spreading evenly on both sides and crawling into the armpit.
  12. MLB 2016 Changes

    Wow... That really depressed me for a day. Good dayto do it. Just now getting the wind back in my sails. It's also sad to hear that my brethren are such a point of distaste for you. And I can only imagine what you must think of the game now with the Astros move. Also as we continue, I must throw in that each post just seems to add a new level of interesting. I vote Ferdinand Cesarano for SL.N Most Interesting Man in the Boards. Eh. I'm kind of glad in a way, because if they want to market to the max, and make sure every special day has its own uniform, I'd prefer that they reserve this treatment for the day it's used now, September 11th. On another note, while I eschewed this argument earlier because it seemed to pass, Jackie Robinson Day has renewed my vigor on the NOB vs. NNOB debate. While, of course, the vertical location of the number isn't always in the right spot, it seems hard to argue the clean look of these numbers, with even cluttered looks looking so much better without the smaller lettering trying to keep up with the outlining and either giving a contrast that clashes or just skipping it outright.
  13. JToddJJL22, the Chase logo comes out really small at this scale, nearly indistinguishable from the regular Sprint Cup logo, so instead I went this route. If you'd rather do it somehow else, let me know... Axe, you can now show off your team's pride, although I'm surprised you went with the old versions of Germany and Columbus. I put together some higher quality ones earlier in this thread...
  14. Hey, everybody. Thank you for your patience and well wishes. Shuffles_34, here's all the things you've been missing... Htown, I didn't know if you wanted that in addition to your previous sig, or on its own, so I did both... Josiah, I've often added symbols to differentiate sports on the collegiate level (except for football since the trophies are much different from every other sport), and I'd planned on adding rifles, but I totally forgot to. I was able to finally fix this now. Let me know whether or not you like the change... JimmyLethal, I unfortunately found out that WWE has redone their title history pages, removing all the pictures, so it was harder to figure out the lineage of the Hardys look, so here's the best I could do. Lemme know if I can make any changes...
  15. MLB 2016 Changes

    Wow. I actually... really like that Marlins logo in those colors. Really looks better than what they have now.