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  1. Honestly, now that Cubsfan came back to get the Cubs' championship on, I can't think of anything. I've done so many that I really can't think of what I've done and what I haven't. Then again, I don't think I've ever done the Yankees for anyone but myself. On a side note, any reason you posted the pic in your post and don't have it in your sig? XD Sure! Do you have something for the center spot, or colors you want the pictures to be?
  2. They were. That's what I was trying to explain when talking about Union Station. There's no more room. If they didn't have to structurally support the track for the roof, they could pop the outfield and seating into where that diamond is, but they can't. Even if they didn't have to fully support that one area, they'd end up with an overhang that could cause issues, and be really awkward. In the end, I'd rather they have some unique look than the warehouses in other cities even if they screwed up the execution in places. It's an unfortunate necessity to allow vehicle access. I wish they'd put a bullpen in right and just put the vehicle access under the wall, but I don't know if they've got the clearance.
  3. Equally unpopular, I believe, but my favorite part of that set was the 70's red with the old navy hat. Looked beautiful. Actually, I'd say it helps keep the park from becoming too cheap. The corners are pretty cheap, and even though the wall's 21' in left, it's 15-20' in from Pittsburgh's similar height wall. In fact, the wall in left is only 5' deeper in the corner, and CLOSER in the power alley than Fenway's 37' Green Monster. Meanwhile, the right field wall is about 11' farther, but is only 7' high. Image courtesy of the amazing Andrew Clem's Baseball. Fenway's got a short left porch and right corner, so they put in a big wall and a huge right center and triangle in center. AT&T Park's got a short right corner, so they've got a Death Valley in right center. Walls all over the league compensate for short distances. You have to balance your ballpark, or else you end up with Yankee Stadium, where they pull the power aisles in and leave everything else the same, resulting in hundreds of cheap home runs. The hill in center compensated for the cheapness of the sides. You gotta pull, or your ball's gonna die. It was a feature, though, that the home team's center fielder could get used to and become a pro at dealing with while giving the visiting center fielder headaches. Do we know what's replacing it with? If they bring the center field fence in too much, Houston's production is going to go up... or maybe that's what they're looking for. (Also, on the subject of necessity, the closeness of the left field fence is a total necessity. Right beyond that wall is historic Union Station, and while an average park may have been able to work around this, the track to support the roof needs to go in a straight line. Meanwhile, in right field, they couldn't go much farther because the roof already overhangs significantly and the roof can't go any farther back. Admittedly, they could have popped the wall up some in right, but perhaps they just wanted to give their fans a normal-sized wall in the outfield after spending most of their history with the standard giant outfield fences of a multi-purpose stadium.)
  4. But how does silver get in but white not despite them being used the same amount? If this is an argument of the use and ubiquity dictating what is and isn't on the palette, then white should be in if silver was. We can't say that a color isn't in just because of the color it is. Precisely This might be an unpopular opinion, but... I actually wouldn't mind seeing the two on the same uniform, BiG used as a sleep patch to replace the M-Silhouette. The two logos on the White Sox uni are two different type fonts, but BiG is just a logo, so it's a lot more forgiveable to mix and match, akin to numerous times in the past logos from past eras have been used on the sleeves of teams. I'm very unhappy to see such a unique feature in baseball destroyed. Any specific reason given for this, besides just fitting in a party area? Minnesota Wild... get on it! I was just kidding, but thinking about it, they could probably replace the red with purple, make the yellow a bright white, and make a very good looking night-time version of their current primary. Also...
  5. Sorry to take so long. It was a long weekend. Same for you, about the long weekend and such. There's actually plenty of room for the new additions in addition to your current sig, so I also made a version with everything. I realized some time ago that the trophy I'd previously mistaken for the Pac-10 trophy was actually the Holiday Bowl trophy. I've been totally unable to find any photographical evidence of a Pac-10 trophy anywhere, so I just used the current one. I also updated to the new colors/trophies I have now. Coincidentally enough, the Raptors and old Astros use the exact same color red. No problem! And, @FlyingBuckeye7, welcome aboard! Enjoy your Ohiosity!
  6. The funny thing about this entire discussion is the inability to really prove either way. Hence the only possible consensus being to agree to disagree. I wonder if they style guides have anything to say about this, although if they're anything like Colorwerx, they include every imaginable color. White's on every team, including the ones I listed as not having white. In last year's thread, there was discussion about Wikipedia's team color graphics under each team, which is totally subjective given how little official sources there exactly are on the subject. The NFL's a horse of a different color... if you will. They don't have white homes and gray aways. They have white and color, and generally just switch the two colors when they go from one to the other. That doesn't exactly fit in baseball. You have to have a conscious design choice to add the white on the away. For the Indians, you'd listed silver on the list. Silver was replaced with white, and both had the exact same function. Does the place in the team's official color scheme change just because it's white? Some teams may throw in some white for emphasis, which helps with teams like the Red Sox. However, that's not the case for every team that uses white in their lettering and caps. The Rays could just as easily have a Columbia logo and white drop shadow. The Athletics already have a cap that shows how well gold pops on green. Same for Detroit. They're celebrating the city's first All-Star Game, showing off in their official photos. That doesn't necessarily mean that that's going to be a constant feature during the regular season... right? I'm sorry. Something about the position of his head and the playfulness in his eyes... all I can think of is a recent meme. "You can't be accused of stealing someone else's colors when you use all of them."
  7. Under "Account Settings", on the left, it says "Signature". Click that to edit your sig.
  8. @dfraven Here's the additions. I first did it so that the sports were grouped together. I decided, if that's the way you want it, I'd do one with the additions made in the order you wrote it out. How about this? Different website. There are instructions in the first page. In Chome, right click, copy image address, and once you paste it in your signature, it should immediately become an image. If not, there should be a button to add images. Also, nice avatar.
  9. Admittedly, the more accurate choice of words would have been that you "discounted" the cap insignia. Small outlines and such are one thing, but teams with lettering that is white are a different matter. The Rays, Tigers, Twins, Astros, Athletics, Rangers, Braves, Marlins, and Brewers all use white lettering on their primary caps. The Cubs' logo which features on their uniforms doesn't have pinstripes in the negative space because that isn't negative space. It's a feature. I consider the outline for the Red Sox B to be as important as the Cardinals' navy outline, a color which is only currently featured by the team as an outline, but which we both listed as their secondary color. You can argue the Orioles with their outlines. I'd say the home cap, but white is a traditional blank color for those. Honestly, looking solely at the uniforms, it's hard to argue. I've been intimately familiar with the team for years now, and thats the color scheme I've always thought of them as. People say when they compare the Giants and Orioles or the Astros and Mets, people on here talk about one being a primarily orange team and the other being primarily the other color. I've never seen that, but over the history or uniforms, merchandise, marketing, and fandom, it feels to me that the Orioles stand out as black/orange/white while the Giants are black/orange. Also, when taking into account the way teams marketed themselves, the list grew. Honestly, I'd consider the Yankees, Blue Jays, Royals, Dodgers, and Giants to be two-color teams based on their on-field identities. Once the Dodger's red came into question, the list grew unwieldy from there. Either way, I'm certainly good agreeing to disagree. I just enjoy discussing this out. Honestly, I probably shouldn't have put the last list out at 5AM because I was tired and just wanted to go to bed. Then again, I'm doing the same thing this time, and probably forgot some very important points in there somewhere. XD The picture I sent was definitely early season. This is what they looked like later: So... the Clemente throwbacks? Just wait for their black camo caps.
  10. I thought they already had three. Standard current M. Alternate navy and gold BiG. Throwback royal and gold BiG. What a difference an outline makes. The extra outline makes this look a lot better and more durable than the Dodgers' helmets. Could it be that there's an intermediate level of thickness, making the whole thing look less raised, since it gets to the same place in stages rather than just being a sheer drop off? Is it that the edges are rounded rather than sharp? Is it that this helmet looks a lot glossier than the Dodgers'? I don't know if the Dodgers were matte or not, but they never looked this shiny. There's a number of possibilities for why this looks better, but I definitely think it does.
  11. @dfraven Woo! Odd... Do you see it in my post? It's just not in your sig? What's weird is that I see it on my end. Can you see this...
  12. Hmm... I thought we fixed that. Well, I can give it another go. You know, you can just put the imgur link in your sig without having to save and reupload yourself. Whenever you do that, the quality ends up all screwed up for some reason. Huh. I'll give it a look. Reminds me of the fact that I've got something already done that I forgot to post. Thanks for reminding me. It's something I've had waiting for a while. Excellent! I'll take care of it! That's strange. I see it perfectly fine. You still having issues?
  13. Yeah, but the royals hit the powder blue on their alts. With the wordmarks, logos, and home whites and away grays columbia blue is used as a tertiary accent, a drop shadow on the white logo or a drop shadow around the white outline. It's akin to the Red's black... except used less.
  14. I wholeheartedly disagree on a few points. First of all, some teams... most teams have a third color. Secondly, while white may be slight on some uniforms like the Tigers' away and the Orioles' alt, I think a major point you're overlooking here is the cap insignia. The Tiger's home cap colors are navy and white. Here's my appraisal of the teams' colors. BAL - Black/Orange/White BOS - Red/Navy/White NYY - Navy/White/....Gray/....Red (It's just... weird. I know.) TB - Navy/White/Columbia/....Yellow (Columbia should be the team's secondary color, but instead is used to accent white on the cap and uniform) TOR - Royal/White/Red (Red really should barely qualify, but it is on the logo and they wear their national pride well.) CWS - Black/White/Silver CLE - Navy/Red/White (All silver got replaced with white in 2008) DET - Navy/Orange/White KC - Royal/White/....Powder/....Gold MIN - Navy/Red/White....Gold HOU - Navy/Orange/White LAA - Red/White/....Silver/....Navy OAK - Green/Gold/White SEA - Navy/Teal/White/Silver TEX - Royal/Red/White or Red/Royal/White (Depending on the day. Colors of the state flag.) ATL - Navy/Red/White NYM - Royal/Orange/White (Prominently featured in their blue alternates. Also meaningful as the colors of the city flag.) MIA - Black/Orange/White/Silver/...Blue/...Yellow PHI - Red/White/...Blue WAS - Red/Navy/White CHC - Royal/Red/White CIN - Red/White/Black MIL - Navy/Gold/White PIT - Black/Gold/White/....Red (Lessened, but still featured on the sleeve logo and their retired numbers.) STL - Red/Navy/White ARI - Black/Sedona/Sand/Teal COL - Black/Purple/Silver LAD - Royal/White/....Red SD - Navy/White/Silver SF - Black/Orange/Gold/Sand
  15. Oops. I was going to immediately just check the records, since it's easy enough to find out, but just wanted to theorize based on the evidence. That's true, though. Metrodome that light back then? Or maybe an exhibition in one of the NL cookie-cutters. Lemme actually go check now. ...and now I see that the records only go to Opening Day, and there doesn't seem to be any information on this.