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  1. I am a concept creating robot sent from the year 2 and I have failed in my duties. I think for the number 8 I found a picture from Grosjean's twitter page and used the trace tool in inkscape - it was a long time ago that I did it. It looks OK on here but zoomed in even a little bit it's really not that good quality. The bold part I have quoted about the customink I don't fully understand. Is that a custom t-shirt making company or something? If it is that then that's not something I have considered. It would be cool though, sure. Yeah, I agree about Manor. The smaller teams can play an important role in F1 as not only do many drivers but also many engineers and mechanics start their career at the "back" of the grid and work their way up. The new ownership has addressed the current financial issues so hopefully we will see some change with that. McLaren for sure will be interesting. As well as the massive hint they dropped on twitter, there have been a few significant personnel changes so a 'rebranding' kind of makes sense. I'm hoping for a few more surprises on the grid too. We'll soon find out.
  2. Neglected this... I will post what I did before the actual cars start to be presented next week. These were my original ideas. I did most of these in December/January so I am doing it to see how much my opinions change once we know what the real cars will look like. A few teams like McLaren have posted hints at some changes and we've even lost Manor from the grid after financial collapse. Most of what I have done is only subtle changes at most, so it's a bit of a waiting game before the livery releases start happening and I can come up with some updates. Also, like previous years I will do some bonus fantasy concepts once it's all done.
  3. I bought 10 of these off of eBay only to witness a box of 100 get delivered to the stationary cupboard behind my desk the very next day. Not the end of the world though, as they are good pens considering the low price. I have one of these (Parker Jotter) which I reserve for my signature only. No idea why I do that.
  4. A nice concept and very well presented. I always like seeing stadium concepts here and this hasn't disappointed. I like how it is a generic modern stadium, so will be good for holding in atmosphere/noise created by the crowd, but the 'incomplete' end adds some character and a unique feel. I also like stadiums where the field is below street level which this seems to be. Is this on the site of the current stadium or at a new site?
  5. I agree with what other people have kind of been touching on. The removal of the ship leaves an empty yellow band which feels like is incomplete/missing something. Have you tried it so that the outline is the same thickness all the way around the shield? Or as suggested with MUFC or 1878 for example. Personally, I like the ship. It makes it instantly recognisable as Manchester United to me, particularly in those colours, as well as the historic links to the cotton industry in Manchester (despite any negative connotations that brings). Maybe it's not as simplistic as you would like with the ship included, so I understand your thinking.
  6. Are we finally seeing the side effects of Klopp's high intensity style? Players burnt out from all that running?
  7. So here is Mercedes. I personally prefer the look of the circa 2010 cars that were all silver as opposed to the current ones with the black elements. I am a big fan of the prominent silver and teal combination brought by the partnership with Petronas though. As mentioned in the opening post, this concept combines what I think the cars will look like with some personal preferences. I have included the black on the front and rear wing end plates but removed the black patterns from the side of the fuel tank which I am not a fan of. Each concept will also be presented with a team polo and cap (template by @raysox). Imagine these as an idea of what the drivers could wear in their post quali/race interviews for example. C&C welcome.
  8. Merry February everyone. It''s almost that time when the F1 teams release their cars for the upcoming season. Just like in 2015 and 2016 I have made some F1 concepts to tie in with that, which I hope you will enjoy. This year will be slightly different though. I have already created a concept for each team based off a combination of what I think teams will look like - slightly modified to my taste. Once the actual cars have been released, I will modify my designs again based on them and also any C&C that has been given. There will also be some bonus concepts just for fun at the end - suggestions welcome. 2017 will be interesting because of some significant rule changes which affect the design and look of the cars. This has meant a slight change in the template I use. The .png is below for anybody to use. I have created my concepts using Inkscape from an .svg file. If you would like a copy of that .svg then PM me your email address.
  9. Yeah, I've played the game for over 40 hours now. I'm getting used to the controls but still picking some useful things up as I go along. It's good that it's the kind of game that doesn't require your full attention at all times. I can have the game "on" all day but be watching sports matches / TV at the same time and switch between the two. The Steam workshop is a fantastic resource. I've only built 4 custom coasters and a monorail in those 40 hours. Everything else I have taken from the workshop. Some of the uploaders also post videos on youtube of how they made them, so maybe that could inspire you. It's certainly taught me a few tricks.
  10. That's one of the things about The Last Jedi I'm looking forward to the most. The main job of The Force Awakens, in my eyes, was to introduce us to the trilogy and a new set of characters. Now that's been done there's a lot more room to create a new story line and endear us to the new characters a little more. We'll see, I guess. I do agree that I can't wait to watch Rogue One on blu ray though. Think I was a little awe-stricken watching it on the big screen at the cinema.
  11. I guess now we will find out whether Bernie was holding F1 back (as some suspect) or keeping it propped up. There's no doubting what he did for the sport. As you say though, he probably should have moved on a long time ago. What is encouraging for F1 fans is what Chase Carey has said (taken from BBC website): F1 is a "unique, iconic, global event that is a spectacle second to none" The sport has not grown in recent years as much as it needed to and Liberty could exploit new technologies to do that Liberty would protect historic races and sees Europe as the "foundation" of the sport It would expand, particularly with a view to new events in the US Liberty wanted to make much more of the promotion of F1 itself, its participants and individual events There will be a British Grand Prix despite speculation Silverstone could be dropped by 2019
  12. Just to bump this back up again because I finally bit the bullet on a new PC and got Planet Coaster. It has definitely lived up to my high expectations and is fun in multiple ways. Either playing the sandbox mode to just use my imagination to create rides and scenery I think are cool or playing the career mode and getting into the nitty gritty of the park management. It's by no means 100% perfect but I cannot recommend this game enough to anybody who enjoyed the old Roller Coaster Tycoon series. Here is the first coaster I created on the game:
  13. Yeah that's probably true for most countries. I was trying to be specific to the USA though which I believe already comfortably has the resources to host a 48 team World Cup tomorrow if it needed to. There are 22 MLS teams, 32 NFL teams and dozens of College campuses which have adequate training facilities - remember that not all teams have the budgets/requirements for a top class facility. There are easily 48 of these facilities with adequate hotels within comfortable travelling distance. Going back to what you just posted though, I do think that joint-bids will become more prevalent. They have worked in the past and there's no reason why they wouldn't work in the future. I guess it all comes down to who is the highest bidder really $$$. Euro 2020 is going to be held in 13 different countries. It will be interesting to see how that works out and if it is to remain a one-off special as originally intended.
  14. I don't think the increase in the number of teams will be as bad as I originally thought. Euro 2016 was generally quite exciting in the early stages with a lot of teams competing for the first time or first time in a generation. Granted, the latter stages were a bit of an anti-climax and the 'best' 3rd place teams going through wasn't ideal. What concerns me is the change in format. The current system pretty much guarantees you need to win a game to advance. This new system doesn't do that and could lead to some negative tactics. I'd also be interested to see how the seeding would work for the last 32 as I have some concerns about that too. It's pretty much standard practice that international teams operate from a single base during a tournament, travelling to each game when required. I don't think anything would need to change from that in your example.
  15. The Heisman Trophy pose is perfect for squeezing out a difficult fart.