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  1. Breese Stevens Stadium Concept-MAJOR UPDATE 4/27

    Well, that escalated quickly. I agree that the rendering and scaling of things has been much better the second time around. I feel like some of the charm has been lost from your original concept though and the balance of old and new is skewed too much to the new - this is ignoring the final concept you just posted as that is a long term thing.
  2. Rugby League coming to Toronto

    Rugby Union - the "posher" version in England. The game is built around sustained possession and territoy as players can be tackled an unlimited amount of times. Quite often kicking a drop goal / penalty (like a Field Goal) is favoured over going for a try. Scrums and mauls happen often and the play can be quite slow and played through the biggest guys on the teams (but not always). Rugby League - very popular in the north of England and/or working class backgrounds in the UK. Attacking teams can only be tackled 6 times before having to give the ball back to the other team and they quite often kick it away after 5 tackles (like Punting on 4th down). Because of this, do or die situations are created and this can lead to some explosive plays on offense. Scrums don't tend to happen and once making the tackle, the defenders have to roll away and let the attacking players start the next phase by rolling the ball backwards to another player behind them. There are some obvious logistical problems with this new team but they are supposedly going to foot the bill for when the teams travel to Canada and they will also be based in Yorkshire for several weeks and play 4 or 5 away games at a time to limit their travel. This will only be a success for as long as the money comes in from the Toronto side of things but the Catalan Dragons show that teams not on British soil can exist and bring through their own local talent.
  3. 2015/16 International Football

    Sure, I agreethat they are egomaniacs. Most football fans feel strongly about their team and when things aren't going well they will come out with strong opinions.I just think it's unfair that thesechannels have beenset up to exploit fansin the heat of the moment. Originally, these fan channels used to interview all kinds of people to get their honest opinions. The channels will say that they give fans a voice to an extent it was never possiblebutit's now just a gawping exercise where theyfind the biggesttrainwrecks ofegomaniacsand cash in on their demise.
  4. 1990's CART/ Indycar Fauxbacks

    It's great to see motorsport concepts on the boards. Admittedly I know nothing about Indycar or even allUS motorsportso can't comment on the actual concepts but I instantly recognised the Earnhardt design and think you did a great job on yourRed Bull concept. I'd maybe prefer a yellow nose but that's about it. I definitely agree about the "glory days" being associated with when the sport first captures your imagination. If you're looking for any more ideas, how about something mega retro like Jim Clark or Graham Hill from the 1960s?
  5. 2015/16 International Football

    Fan TV channelsneed to go away forever. There's just no benefit tothem existing. They just fuel the fire for rival clubs to take the piss. Ultimately though, they prey on people with clear mental issues*for the sake of entertainment and that can't be good. *or at least when it comes to dealing with football.
  6. Breese Stevens Stadium Concept-MAJOR UPDATE 4/27

    Great updates. Again, well done on getting the most use out of limited spaces.
  7. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    Judging by the length of the deal and the details involved, it seems likely that UA are building Southampton up to be their flagshippartnership... ...which (and this is only an assumption) suggests that they are not going to be renewing the contract with Tottenham when it expires.
  8. 2015/16 International Football

    Living on Merseyside as a neutral is unbearable sometimes.
  9. Breese Stevens Stadium Concept-MAJOR UPDATE 4/27

    I can't really fault this in any way. It's really well thought out and equally well executed. You've also maximised the potential capacity in such a small space. It's hard to believe that this is your first sketchup concept, so great job. A few questions... I'm guessing it's all seated? ...and do all seats follow the same bench style seats that are currently installed IRL? (obviously not including the beer garden sections) What are the local parking and transport links like? Would you make any changes or just use the current facilities as they are? Are all areas of the stadium open to everyone or do you plan to have any segregations in place. E.g. for away supporters or also for any dedicated student/ultra style sections? EDIT: Have you thought about trying to put your model into Google Earth at the exact location to see how it looks?
  10. Formula One 2016 - Full Grid & Bonus Added

    One final post before I close off this series. Thanks for the comments. All of the bonus/fantasy concepts can be found in animgur album here: F1 Fantasy Concepts
  11. 2015/16 International Football

    There's a good chance that Alex Iwobi is the reason that happens.
  12. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    I believe the reasoning behind the change is exactly this,as well as to helpdigital applications. I read that in a club statement somewhere.That's why it is only a small update and nothing major. I wish there was a bigger difference between the blue and the yellow though. It hurts my eyes to look at it for too long.
  13. 2015/16 International Football

    There'sa big difference between having a fiery and competitive edge to your gameand getting needlesslysent off in the knockout stages of a World Cup.
  14. Formula One 2016 - Full Grid & Bonus Added

    Full Grid
  15. Formula One 2016 - Full Grid & Bonus Added

    Haas F1 Last team for the 2016 grid now. The rumoured liveries and concepts for Haas varied from yellow, to red, to black. What they actually went with was a mainly silver scheme with red and black trim. As I said when posting McLaren, I thought it looked like a knock off old McLaren livery. Like what you would see in a video game that didn't own the licenses so had to create fake teams. In terms of Haas' potential, we've had two races and two good finishes. Their partnership with Ferrari has clearly set a solid foundation and has meant that a lot of time that would have been spent designing many components has not been necessary as they have just bought them from Ferrari. They have also recruited a lot of staff from other teams to work with them, so they are not strictly an entirely new team, but still their performances so far have been excellent given the circumstances. Personally, I thought their livery would be more similar to the Nascar designs of Haas-Stewart cars. This can be seen below. So with my concept, I based it heavily off the above image. This meant that red could be included as a nod to Ferrari. Black meant that Haas would have a unique look and not clash with other cars. I included some of the sponsors used in real lifeand also some 'typical' american ones. ...and with that we're done.