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  1. I can empathise with this after I had a pilar cyst (a hair follicle that didn't quite make it causing an infection) in the same area and affecting the same glands and hormones. It was a worrying time during all of the tests and uncertainty. I started feeling back to normal again after a few weeks of having the cyst removed though. From the sounds of things, it's going really well for you too. I hope that continues.
  2. I know you should be careful what you wish for but I will be glad to see Bernie step aside. There's no doubting his role in turning F1 into what it is today. I just feel like the last 10 years or so has been too money orientated and the competition and entertainment side has been affected. With a media group looking to take over, you would hope that they want to increase the popularity by making it a better spectacle. Although F1 is incredibly popular, it isn't really geared towards attracting new (and young) fans right now but I think it could be a perfect time to improve that.
  3. Great effort Bassketeers. Here's how they 'should' be said: Leicester - Lester Gloucestershire - Glosster shire (Mike was correct) Llanelli - Clan-eh-Clee (Yes, it is Welsh. listen to this) Ballymena - Bah-lee-meen-a Ponteland - pon-TEE-land. - (Mike correct again) Vauxhall - vocks hall Betws-y-Coed - Bettis-ee-co-eth (Welsh again) Meols - Mels (Mike is correct about the hard E rule. But this is an exception and only 4 miles away from where I live) Widecombe - Wid-uh-cum
  4. Just playing devil's advocate here... but I thought Aleve was pretty bad for you in terms of side effects in the long run? Only reason I chime in is because I had similar troubles with lower back pain and found that a memory foam mattress (the ones NASA developed. Not sure what they're known as in North America) and proper hydration did a lot more than painkillers ever did. My problems were muscular and may well be a completely different problem to yours altogether though.
  5. Reading*. Not Wigan.
  6. Without googling them, can you pronounce these British place names? Leicester, Gloucestershire, Llanelli, Ballymena, Ponteland, Vauxhall, Betws-y-Coed, Meols, Widecombe.
  7. If we're to take the Premier League as an example. I'd say 99% of corners involve some kind of shirt pulling, pushing the opposition or holding them - which should result in a penalty or free kick. Most of the time the goalkeeper holds onto the ball for more than 6 seconds and I can only remember the odd occasion a free kick has been awarded against one. Throw ins are sometimes taken 10+ yards further down the line from where they are meant to be taken. My point being that all of those are technically in the rule book and completely black and white rules with no grey area yet they are hardly ever enforced. I understand that the referee has to apply some common sense. In my (often outspoken) opinion on this though... it would only take a few weeks of enforcing these rules properly for teams to realise that they can't take the piss any more. I feel like the same would happen with what is currently unacceptable behaviour towards the officials. Lots of other sports have shown that a zero tolerance policy works.
  8. How long is it going to take to answer all of these questions?
  9. Whilst I fully endorse every single one of these rule changes, I have 0% confidence of them ever being enforced.
  10. The commute to my new job is a little more scenic. 7am 5pm
  11. Try this (from March):
  12. I have no issues feeling no emotion as I watched Ronaldo leave the field in tears...
  13. My local team Tranmere Rovers new Puma kit. Badges seem a little small.
  14. I don't think that was the reason but if it was, there was more to it than that. The chairman wasn't happy with the quality and delivery of their training kit. The PR around the kit launch wasn't up to his standards either. There were also rumours that he was unhappy that you could basically get an unbadged version of the shirt for £10 because it was a standard template but fans were charged £45+. Regardless of all this, it's still a weird looking shirt and doesn't feel right for Southampton to me.